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URBAN SPECIFIC resilient cities in the mak

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resilient cities in the making

2012, September 26, Great Exhibitio



ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL PETER SIÖSTRÖM - Conference opening CONFERENCE PANEL Ass. Professor,and Director of DISCUSSION SUDes, Lund Univers

2012, September 26, Great Exhibition Hall, A LTH


LAURA LEE - Introduction for Urban Specifics Professor of Architecture, Carnegie Mellon Unive SPEAKERS Pittsburgh, USA

PETER SIÖSTRÖM - Conference opening LINA of DAHLSTRÖM - PRESENTATION Ass. Professor, Director SUDes, Lund University, Sweden TITLE

Architect, Sydväst, Malmö, Sweden

LAURA LEE - Introduction for Urban Specifics SUSTAINABLEURBANDESIGN Professor of Architecture, Carnegie University,– PRESENTATION NICHOLAS DEMellon MONCHAUX



Pittsburgh, USA Assistant Professor of Architecture and Urban D

University of California, LINA DAHLSTRÖM - PRESENTATION TITLE Berkeley, USA Architect, Sydväst, Malmö, Sweden HAN XILI - PRESENTATION TITLE

NICHOLAS DE MONCHAUX – PRESENTATION Assistant Professor, PekingTITLE University, Beijing, C Assistant Professor of Architecture and Urban Design , University of California, USA EWA Berkeley, WESTERMARK - PRESENTATION TITLE

Architect,TITLE Gehl Architects, Copenhagen, Denma HAN XILI - PRESENTATION Assistant Professor, Peking University, Beijing, China BRIAN MACKAY-LYONS - PRESENTATION TITLE

EWA WESTERMARK - PRESENTATION TITLE Dalhousie University, H Professor of Architecture, Architect, Gehl Architects, Copenhagen, Denmark Scotia, Canada

BRIAN MACKAY-LYONS - PRESENTATION TITLE KELLY Dalhousie SHANNON Professor of Architecture, University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada Professor of Urbanism and Landscape Architect

school of Architecture and Design, Norway

KELLY SHANNON Professor of Urbanism Landscape Architecture, Oslo DANand STUBBEGAARD school of Architecture and Design, Norway Architect, director and founder of COBE, Copen

mark DAN STUBBEGAARD Architect, director and founder of COBE, Copenhagen DenWALTER HOOD – PRESENTATION TITLE mark

Professor of Landscape Architecture, University

WALTER HOOD –Berkeley,USA PRESENTATION TITLE Professor of Landscape Architecture, University of California, Berkeley,USA TIME TABLE 8:45 Coffee TIME TABLE 9:00 Peter Siöström Coffee Peter Siöström 9:05 Laura Lee Laura Lee Lina Dahlström 9:15 Sustainable Sustainable Urban Design Design Lina Dahlström 10:00 Nicholas de Urban Monchaux Nicholas de Monchaux Programme Programme 10:45 Coffee Coffee 11:00 Han Xili Han Xili 11:45 Lunch


DONLYN LYNDON - Comments and Summary

Eva Li professor Emeritus of Architecture and Ur DONLYN LYNDON - Comments and Summary CollegeofofArchitecture Environmental Design, Berkeley USA Eva Li professor Emeritus and Urban design, College of Environmental Design, Berkeley USA




The Sustainable Urban Design Programme

Accelerating urban migration is one of the great challenges of our time and unchecked haphazard urbanization is a serious threat both to the environment and to social and economic balance. To meet global sustainability targets, rapid urban growth must be channelled into environmentally friendly, inclusive and livable urban environments. High quality urban design plays a key role in creating these sustainable cities. Creating sustainable urban design beyond and above the expected, means carefully examining and utilizing the case-specific, time-specific and place-specific in every project. Peter Siรถstrรถm Catharina Sternudd Andreas Olsson Founders of SUDes


Urban Specifics SUDes conference

Urban designers are re-thinking the search for urban form: probing for deeper meanings, exploring different narratives, searching for hidden dimensions and representing the ephemeral flows of daily life, all in an effort to create a more enriching, meaningful and sustainable urban existence. The search has been enhanced by new tools and new knowledge, creating an expanded field of enquiry, both confirming and challenging old assumptions and sensibilities. SUDes-12 will explore emerging processes, probe new dimensions, reveal latent potential. It will be about the qualities of nearness and immediacy, the specifics that distinguish and differentiate the world:

The Crafting and attending to the use of small things and intimate spaces. Exploring the multiple flows which shape experience. Listening to the multiple stories of what the place has been and might be. Finding the poetic in the ordinary and bringing fresh imagination into play. Discovering unrealized potential within present structures. Searching for hidden dimensions and provocative connections. Re-conceptualizing what already exists and constructing narratives of possibility. it’s about being careful


Schedule September 26th, 2012 Great Hall, A-House Sรถlvegatan 24 Lund, Sweden

Moderator : Laura Lee 8.40 Coffee 9:00 Peter Siรถstrรถm Welcome and Introduction to SUDes 9:05 Laura Lee Introduction for Urban Specifics 9:15 Lina Dahlstrรถm The Lucid and the Unexpected 10:00 Nicholas de Monchaux Local Code / Real Estates : urban resilience, underutilized territory, and new paradigms for digital design 10:45 Coffee 11:05 Ewa Westermark Re-imaging city life - The Broadway pilot project 11:50 Lunch


Urban Specifics SUDes conference

12:50 Brian MacKay-Lyons Hidden Dimensions of Urban Specifics 13:35 Kelly Shannon (re)Structuring Urban Resilience - Hoog Kortrijk (BE) & Cantho (VN) 14:20 Dan Stubbergaard Assignment Specific Design 15:05 Coffee 15:25 Donlyn Lyndon Comments and Summary 15:35 Panel Discussion Lina Dahlstrรถm, Nicholas De Monchaux, Ewa Westermark, Brian Mackay-Lyons, Kelly Shanon, Dan Stubbergaard 16:10 Mingle/Alumni reception 17:00 Alumni presentations room A:3015, open to all SUDes students


Speakers Laura Lee Professor of Architecture, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, USA Laura Lee is an international leading voice for integrated design education, practice and research in architecture. Her work focuses on the development and implementation of integrated design strategies and collaborative programs between the academy, government, industry and the profession. Laura has conducted interdisciplinary urban design programs in Adelaide, Antwerp, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Doha, Gdansk, Rome, Zurich and cities in North America.

Lina Dahlström Architect, Sydväst, Malmö, Sweden Lina Dahlström is one of the founding members of the Sydväst architecture and landscape architecture practice based in Malmö. Her work places the site as the centre of design and seeks to find integrated solutions between architecture and landscape.

Nicholas De Monchaux Assistant Professor of Architecture and Urban Design , University of California, Berkeley, USA Nicholas de Monchaux is an architect, urbanist, writer, and Assistant Professor of Architecture & Urban Design at UC Berkeley. His work examines the intersections of nature, technology, and the city.


Urban Specifics SUDes conference Ewa Westermark Architect, Gehl Architects, Copenhagen, Denmark Ewa Westmark has many years of national and international experience working with urban design, urban planning and teaching. Her main area of work in the office is public life and public space strategies for major international cities. Ewa has a strategic approach when developing urban realm framework plans and design guidelines.

Brian Mackay-Lyons Professor of Architecture, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada Brian MacKay-Lyons has achieved national and international prominence for designs that transmute vernacular forms and traditions into striking but livable contemporary buildings. Brian’s work has been recognized by 175 monographs, books and journal publications international.

Kelly Shannon Professor of Landscape Architecture, Institute of Urbanism & Landscape, Oslo School of Architecture & Design. Shannon’s design research work takes place in RUA (Research Urbanism and Architecture) and is at the intersection of urban analysis, mapping and new cartographies, design, and landscape urbanism. Most of her work has focused on the evolving relation of landscape, infrastructure, and urbanization in Southeast Asia and northern Europe. A particular interested has focused development of innovative landscape urbanism strategies that work with water and topography that respond to contemporary challenges, while critically evaluating the performance and capacity of existing contexts. 7


Dan Stubbergaard Director and founder of COBE Copenhagen Dan Stubbergaard founded COBE Architects in 2005 and is the creative driving force in the daily work at COBE’s Copenhagen office. Within his practice, Dan seeks to develop specific, innovative solutions for each assignment, with competences that include the physical realization of architecture, strategic urban planning, landscape design and research. Alongside his architectural practice, Dan has been teaching at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen.

Donlyn Lyndon Eva Li professor Emeritus of Architecture and Urban design, College of Environmental Design, Berkeley USA Donlyn Lyndon’s architectural and urban design practice has included a continuing series of works at the Sea Ranch CA, where, with MLTW (Moore Lyndon Turnbull Whitaker), he received the distinguished 25 year Award from the AIA. At Lund University, Professor Lyndon’s lectures revolve around the daily life aspects of urban design, encouraging students to recognize the simple qualities which enhance urban social life. His work connects especially in the Sustainable Urban Recycling course, where the focus is strategies for implementing appropriate and satisfying places into difficult urban situations.



SUDes Hosts the 2nd Annual Alumni Gathering September 26th, 2012 A:3015, A-House Sรถlvegatan 24 Lund, Sweden

All SUDes alumni are invited to a social gathering in Lund to share old memories and catch up on your professional pursuits.



SUDes Thesis Students Present Their Work September 24th-25th and 27th, 2012 Great Hall, A-House SĂślvegatan 24 Lund, Sweden

SUDes master’s students presented their thesis works to an international jury. Each student will present their project on a personal research interest through their vision for an implementable design on a project site of their choice. Each students design project was the result of a semester’s work in which they lead the design process, developed their research into a thesis manual, and worked with a design tutor to develop a site specific design proposal.




SUDes 2012 Conference  

SUDes 2012 Conference

SUDes 2012 Conference  

SUDes 2012 Conference