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“Help lead the power of youth discovery” International Youth Fellowship The International Youth Fellowship (IYF) has been established to cultivate leaders of the next generation, individuals that possess broadened views of the world and a heart of self-sacrifice. The International Youth Fellowship accomplishes this objective by creating opportunities for individuals to go overseas and directly engage in major aspects of foreign culture: language, cuisine, music, architecture, sports, and traditional performance. Through this interaction, volunteers adopt global perspectives and forge a genuine heart for volunteer service. We also aim to improve host countries by advancing collaboration and international exchange, as well as provide indispensable service towards the improvement of living, educational, and spiritual conditions of each participating nation. IYF is a youth based organization that is in over 80 countries with 20,000 active members and it is doing volunteer work in its respective regions all over the world. POWER OF YOUTH  Young people have infinite potential.  But, many still need wisdom and foresight that is maintained through faith and hope. 

The power of youth lies in understanding that one must bend, break, and change their heart in order to serve others in an ever-evolving world.

“It’s important to share one’s heart just the way it is.”

Purpose The purpose of the organization is to provide leadership training to youth. We offer a number of programs, including speaking contests, volunteer opportunities, and international camps that bring together youth from various countries to prepare for future international encounters and leadership roles. IYF provides a global mind through volunteer activities, special guest lectures, character building, and cultural exchange. As these efforts are being publicized in the Korean society, our achievement has been recognized as contributors for the betterment of a more mature, advanced society, and we have been awarded in the 2005 Korean Publishers Forum the 'Korean Society Contributors' Grand Prize' for International Exchange. The IYF will become one of the umbrella youth organizations of the UN, which will lead other youth organizations with actual results, sharing information with others broadly, strengthening ties with other youth organizations to form Networks. “The thing that changes society is not power but the heart… I believe volunteering is not helping the poor but understanding each other and trying to learn.” -

Chris Chu, IYF volunteer to Kenya, Africa

Conclusion These programs are not for the purposes of piling up knowledge, but for the 'Fellowship of the heart'. Just as how the air and water must continually circulate for the atmosphere of the ocean and land to allow life to exist in the present situation, just as even within the body, the blood and energy must flow in order for one person to live a normal life, the heart flows from heart to heart, allowing a clean heart, with a positive mind, living a life, progressing into a highly motivated person. As we've seen many youths changing through these cultural exchanges with students from foreign countries, as the years of the IYF add on, the acceleration of the guidance of the youths are growing evermore stronger. IYF In More Than 80 Countries


The IYF has branches and volunteer opportunities in every continent for all interested Good News Corps members.

The IYF has several ongoing programs that focus on developing youth across the world.

“Don’t focus on who you are today. Have hope in what you can become tomorrow.” “Faith gives us the peace and rest we need to overcome fear and sadness. In other words, we need faith to live.” Pastor Ock Soo Park- Founder, IYF

Several Programs of International Youth Fellowship IYF University Clubs The IYF has continuous club activities at several universities across the world including • • • • • • • • •

University of Michigan-Flint – Michigan, USA San José State University – San José, USA University of Washington – Washington, USA Stony Brook University – New York, USA Rutgers University – New Jersey, USA University of Sydney Union – Sydney, Australia York University – Ontario, Canada University of Technology – Kingston, Jamaica University of the West Indies (confirmation pending) – Kingston, Jamaica, and many more…

Good News Corps The Good News Corps, our overseas volunteer program is a heart-changing experience. Students who once lived only for themselves change from within. Our proven training program not only provides volunteers with the skills and knowledge necessary for the work that lies ahead, but also addresses the issues of the heart and mind which cause despair and sadness. Good News Corps volunteers are transformed into people who overcome challenges and sacrifice themselves for others. We provide an authentic opportunity to help others through diverse programs in an actual environment deeply in need of help, love, and hope. Everyone suffers from some manner of limitation, whether it’s physical or mental, educational or linguistic. Our limitations often go unnoticed, but when we are confronted with them, they may seem insurmountable and hinder us from realizing our true potential. Living inside our limitations, we become accustomed to avoiding challenges. Good News Corps places volunteers in the midst of challenge.

IYF Membership Training Workshops Regular weekend workshops focused on educating volunteers. The sessions focus on fun activities specially aimed at opening the hearts of the young people that they can freely co-exist and become valuable members of society.

IYF World Camps IYF World Camps take place every year in several countries worldwide throughout the summer period and attracts participation from thousands of students and youth. "The World Camp is a place of diverse cultural fellowship and union among students from all over the world, going beyond the barriers of culture and language by providing seminars, community services, performances, sports, crafts, and other activities."

IYF World Camps: Our Mission The IYF World Camp is an event that provides the foundations for:  Sound leadership by guiding young people, primarily college students  to break free from their limitations and standards  To experience possibilities that exists beyond their scope of understanding. To achieve this goal, the IYF World Camp implements a dynamic offering of programs specifically designed to promote and enhance spiritual and mental growth, global awareness, and leadership. IYF World Camp also places emphasis on education, performing arts, team building, and international affairs.

The IYF World Camp: The Power of Youth DISCOVERY Young people need to learn that breaking their hearts can give them the depth and breadth to live for others and lead the world. The IYF World Camp uses a 3-step process; programs that help young people discover the power of their youth and effectively apply it for causes greater than themselves. The IYF World Camp 3-step programs PLANTING FAITH      

Spiritual Development Sessions Leadership Symposium Fellowship & Life Counseling World Culture Experience World Culture Convention World Class Music Experience


IYF Academy Inter-group Activities Short-distance Marathon Touring


Good News Corps Overseas Volunteers Good News Medical Volunteers Campus Club Initiatives Internship Opportunities

Spiritual Development Sessions IYF World Camp gathers prominent spiritual leaders from around the globe to come and share their experiences from living in faith. They speak about their internal and external struggles, the words of God they’ve received, and the outlooks they now have on life, all which stem from a newfound heart to trust in God and the people around them. Listening to sermons and lectures that deal with real issues involving the heart and mind strengthens participants with faith. These lectures help participants discover a world unseen with the eyes, a realm that exists within the heart. The IYF World Camp believes that once young people realize how important spiritual fortitude is and how far a firm spiritual foundation can take them; they will have what it takes to pursue real success and genuine happiness Leadership Symposium The IYF World Camp invites highly esteemed individuals from the public and private sector to speak to participants in a large group setting. Through its years of serving the interests of young people and creating innovative youth development program, these guest lecturers at the IYF World Camp Leadership Symposium speak on everything from personal histories and their secret ingredients to success, to experiences that have paved the way for them to become leaders. One thing that unites all of IYF World Camp’s lecturers is not their success or their stature, but that they blazed trails instead of going down the same beaten path. This mindset and mental fortitude are things that can further plant the seeds of faith and courage. World Cultural Experience The strength of the IYF is its global reach and ability to instill a global mindset. At the IYF World Camp, participants enjoy a world cultural experience that sheds light on the enormity of our global community and how insignificant our personal desires are in the grand scheme of things. This lets us practice humility and focus on dreaming bigger. They present everything from authentic African dances and a cappella, to traditional songs from South America and unique instruments from places like Australia. These special performances bring the world and the spirit of IYF together on one stage. Despite our differences in language or tradition, we can be connected through one common thread: our hearts. Fellowship & Life Counseling IYF World Camp breaks participants out into smaller groups with a counselor who guides them through the program and facilitates interaction with other group members. Some IYF World Camp participants bring problems that range from uncertainty about their futures to a need for escape from a life of substance abuse and/or criminal behavior. Group life also provides an environment that encourages mental and spiritual growth from being around peers of diverse backgrounds and lifestyles. Fellowship and life counseling sessions, conducted by experienced camp counselors, help these teens and young adults discover their full potential. The counselors walk that path together with the participants by engaging with them on an intimate, case-by-case basis. The group fellowship is an opportunity to meet new people, create strong friendships, and learn from one another. Individual sessions are for those who need to deal with issues on a more personal level .

World Culture Convention World Culture Convention is an IYF World Camp event organized by college students affiliated with the Good News Corps overseas volunteering program. Past volunteers showcase key findings from their term of service abroad, creating an exciting exchange of culture and diversity. IYF World Camp participants, who are given full access to the entire convention, can explore opportunities as short or long term volunteers. World Culture Convention programs include:  Engaging booth activities  Cultural performances  Good News Corps information sessions  Welcoming messages from Good News Corps alumni

World-class Music Experience Music is a universal language. It has the power to touch the heart. And it provides common ground for everyone, regardless of language, culture, or ethnic background. IYF World Camp embraces these special qualities by utilizing beautiful music to remedy the tension many young people carry in their hearts. With every performance, it reaches into their souls to express a heart of true thankfulness and joy to every audience member with impeccable technique and artistic expression. These concerts become an unforgettable IYF World Camp experience.

Academy Hour Each morning during the IYF World Camp, a variety of engaging academies are set up throughout the venue to accommodate the diverse interests of the participants. These academies are hosted by knowledgeable and experienced professionals who have devoted their time, money, and energy to teaching young people and possibly sparking their interest in that specific field.

Inter-group Activities Team building is one way to nurture and grow hope. Activities and life at the IYF World Camp are organized around large and small group settings. Rarely do participants do anything on their own. Counselors and camp administrators are constantly implementing different teambuilding activities for individual groups, ranging from physical challenges to sit-down sessions where students share their hearts. Fun, structured inter-group activities like the sports competition and group photo contest strengthen teamwork and camaraderie, as well as set clear goals for all IYF World Camp participants. The closer the group becomes, the more the members trust each other. And as a result, they become willing to live for one another Touring & Sightseeing IYF World Camp is all about seeing the world and understanding different cultures through meaningful tours. IYF World Camp participants also get an inside look at famous companies and corporations so they can grasp the commitment and sacrifices needed to not just survive in the world, but to flourish as a leader of tomorrow.

Short-distance Marathon One of the main highlights at the IYF World Camp is the short-distance marathon. Every student, counselor, and participant runs this event. With every gasp of air, the runners feel their limitations and desire to give up. However, once they overcome this wall and reach their second wind, they experience a totally different race. By the time they reach the finish line, they feel an unprecedented sense of accomplishment and a freedom from one’s limitations in their hearts. The short-distance marathon is a great metaphor for life and the possibilities that come with it.

Internship Opportunities The IYF World Camp provides participants with avenues to valuable internship experiences through partnerships with non-profit organizations, secondary and post-secondary schools, global medical research companies, and world mission work. Internships through the IYF World Camp instill wholesome values and place people in an environment where they can discover the path to a different form of wealth: one that involves gaining the hearts of others. It may not be measurable, but it is real. Campus Club Leadership The IYF World Camp provides workable models for cultural and enrichment programs that college students can implement on campus. IYF World Camp participants are encouraged to take their experiences and start their own IYF or Good News Corps clubs to promote volunteering, cultural awareness, and spiritual growth. By assuming leadership roles in IYF campus clubs, young people can explore the parameters of leadership and the best methods to create and execute complex projects. Past IYF World Camp participants have also engaged in student government and higher education administration Good News Medical Volunteers The Good News Medical Volunteer Program (GNMV) is a humanitarian volunteer organization that provides medical treatment and relief to underserved individuals across the globe, suffering from either untreated diseases or the effects of devastating natural disasters. GNMV currently concentrates its relief efforts toward select countries in Africa, as well as Central and South America. The health care professionals who join GNMV embark with a heart to serve the ailing natives of their designated countries, but return with an understanding of what a professional career in medicine is really about: happiness, fulfillment, and the delivery of hope and care to those in need.

Good News Corps Overseas Volunteering The Good News Corps is a meaningful, once-in-a-lifetime international experience. Through this program, volunteers serve overseas and directly engage in major aspects of foreign culture: language, cuisine, music, architecture, sports, and traditional performances. Volunteers adopt global perspectives and forge a genuine heart for service. Good News Corps volunteers return from their term of service having gained so much more than they gave. Good News Corps strives to improve its host countries by advancing collaboration and international exchange, as well as improve the quality of life, education, and spiritual conditions of those residing in each participating nation.

IYF World Camps in 2011

1. Asia


| 24 ~ 31. January

2. South America


| 8 ~ 11. February

3. South America


| 12 ~ 14. February

4. South America


| 15 ~ 17. February

5. South America


| 17 ~ 19. February

6. Africa


| 11 ~ 21. April

7. Asia


| 2 ~ 5. May

8. Europe


| 9 ~ 12. May

9. Asia


| 16 ~ 19. May

10. Africa


| 16 ~ 20. May

11. Asia


| 23 ~ 26. May

12. North America


| 31. May ~ 5. June

13. Asia


| 13 ~ 16. June

14. Africa


| 20 ~ 24. June

15. Asia

South Korea

| 5 ~ 15. July

16. Europe

Germany - Koeln

| 19 ~ 23. July

17. Africa


| 21 ~ 28. July

18. Africa


| 26. July ~ 1. August

19. Africa


| 26. July ~ 1. August

20. Africa


| 26. July ~ 1. August

21. Africa

Cote D'ivoire

| 30. July ~ 4. August

22. Africa


| 3 ~ 8. August

23. Africa


| 3 ~ 8. August

24. Africa


| 5 ~ 8. August

25. Africa


| 9 ~ 11. August

26. Africa


| 12 ~ 14. August

27. Africa


| 15 ~ 18. August

28. Africa


| 20 ~ 23. August

29. Africa


| 23 ~ 26. August

30. North America

United States - LA

| 21 ~ 24. August

31. Central America


| 25 ~ 28. August

32. North America

United States - NY

| 29. Aug ~ 1. Sep

33. Asia


| 24 ~ 28. October

34. Asia


| October

35. Asia


| 12 ~ 15. November

36. Oceania


| 21 ~ 25. November

37. Asia


| 28. Nov ~ 1. Dec

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