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Sudden Utopia

Rochelle Campbell-Bermudez

Midtown Detroit E. Canfield St.

(between Woodward and John R)

Mon-Fri 11a-6p 313-833-7795

model: Sabrina Nichole

SUMAG (Volume 1, Issue 4) May 2012 Is published by Sudden UtopiaŠ Advertising Design and Photography, 640 W. Willis St. Apt. 213 Detroit, Mi. 48201. Robert D. Williams Jr., President. ISSN 2167-681X (print) ISSN 2167-6798 (online) Editor in chief Rob Will Creative Director Chiquita Williams Managing Editor Shawn Moore Contributors Paige Ryan Renee Estella Frank Rochelle The Black Dress Boutique Miya Jones Published by: Sudden Utopia 313-918-7171

Wow! Issue 4! Can you believe it? I must first say thanks to GOD for making this issue possible. These past months have been quite a journey. Sudden Utopia has reached all throughout Detroit, Metro Detroit, and will be heading to Indianapolis!!! I’ve met soo many amazing people this time around, from hairstylists to clothing store owners and fashion designers. I even had a chance to venture out to Washington D.C. to speak with representatives of Hansen Clarke, Debbie Stabenow, and Carl Levin about certain issues! This is truly a season of hard work and dedication. If you’re not willing to put in, don’t expect to get something out. Stay motivated, and keep pushing through the negativity. You’ll be suprised of what will happen. I must also give a special thanks to Photographer MIYA JONES for taking the time out of her busy schedule to take such an awesome pic of me at The Bronx Bar on 2nd Street in Midtown. Well, back to work! Rob Will Publisher, SUMAG

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PG 18 ig The B Homie of hip hop




Looks to love this Spring and Summer

{enter sassy caption here...} :)


Model: Ellyn | Hair by: Renee Estella | Makeup by: Vanae


Model: Janay | Hair by: Paige Ryan | Make up by: Rochelle

Hair by: Meet | Mahogany Brown Salon, Detroit

Model: Sabrina Nicole | Hair and Make up by Rochelle



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GOODWELLS O RG A N I C F O O D M A R K E T 418 W. Willis St. (2 blks west of Woodward Ave.) detroit, mi. 48201 (313)831-2130 mon-thu 9am-7pm, fri-sat 9am-9pm, sun 10am-6pm


Juice Bar

Fresh Carrots Beets Oranges Green Drinks Wheat Grass

WHOLE FRUIT ORGANIC SMOOTHIES Power Drinks Herbal Teas Green Tea Coolers Black Tea Coolers

NATIONAL THEATRICAL PRODUCTIONS Marline Massasoit Artistic Director/Actress/Poet/Writer/Manager

N.T.P National Theatrical Production is a National renowned company that has been around since 2005. The owners of this company include Johnathan Haggan, Stephanie Chin, Julie Harbee, George Ortiz, Michael Lee, Jose Ferrera, Libra Jones, Tiffany Devasher. I Marline Massasoit am the Artistic Director of this company and work in the marketing area as well. Other individuals throughout the company that I work alongside with are Director Sean Allen, Director Sol Owyns, Marketing Director Keyonia Williamson, and Marketing Director Karen Cadell. N.T.P has produced educational stage production for the past 7 years, and some of these plays include “ T h e

Melting Pot”, A Man With Benefits, The Hidden Books, Babies Having Babies, The Butterfly Story, Sue Wang’s Other Family, Child Support Court, When It Rains, It Pours, “Ain’t I A Woman” , Maria Crossed Over, “Battle 4 My Soul”, “Saggina’s Christmas”, “He’s My Father, But Who’s My Daddy”, “College Above, High School Love”, Resurrected”, Black Jack, God’s Grits and Peoples Spit’s, “Hear My Cry”- An Outcry From the children of Addicts, The Story of Ruth, I know why the colored girl Sings, Behind this Skin, and Mannequin The Musical. N.T.P has several divisions of it’s company, one division is it’s traveling performing arts center, by name N.T.P P.A.C (National Theatrical Productions Performing Arts Center). This is a performing arts center that will travel to wherever individuals are located sign people up, and teach them acting classes, within the local area. Another part of the company is T.E.C.P (Theatrical Enhancement Challenge Program) this is a program that goes out to different schools and teach students how to act, within a 6 month contract. This is a full fledge theatre program that will come to any school with professional teachers who can not only teach theatre, but can also help the students put on a production at the end of the duration of the class. The next part of N.T.P is Comedy @ The Crib, this is the Comedy division of the theatrical company. This Comedy portion deals with National Comedians, and will be aired on

T.V. as a sitcom. This production goes to different homes, and performs unique comedy sketches. Over the coarse of 7 years, N.T.P has written 22 productions, but has performed the following in 2005/2006 “Ain’t I A Woman”, 2007 Battle 4 My Soul, Saggina’s Christmas, and 2008 Moving Forward, T.E.C.P 2009 “He’s My Father, But Who’s My Daddy?”, 2010 “College Above, High School Love”, 2011“College Above, High School Love”. N.T.P has went on a 48 City Tour to promote the DVD of “He’s My Father, But Who’s My Daddy?” and Hear My Cry. The states that were toured were

Jackson, Mi, Kalamazoo, Mi, Saginaw, Mi, Flint, Mi, Ypsilanti, Mi, Detroit, Mi, Lake Orion, Mi E. Lansing, Mi (Oak Park, Southfield, Pontiac, Auburn Hills, E. Lansing, Saginaw, Fort Wayne, Grand Rapids, Muskegon, Cleveland, Oh, E. Chicago, WI, Milwaukee, Gary, Indiana, South Bend, Dayton, Ohio, Pittsburg, PA, Harrisburg, PA, Indianapolis, In, St. Louis, Missouri, Buffalo N.Y, Rochester N.Y, Brooklyn N.Y, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Baltimore, Md, Washington, D.C., Memphis, Tennessee, Huntsville, Al, Birmingham, Al, Atlanta, Georgia, California, San Francisco, L.A, Oakland, Winston, N.C, Salem N.C, Orlando, Florida, Miami, Florida, Tampa, Florida, Tallahassee, Florida, Toledo, Ohio, and Chicago. Some of the most recent events within the last year include March 30 Winans Academy Career Day, College Tour with Detroit to Texas in April, April 26 assisted in Reality Show Straight Date with Solomon Bonner, June 17 stage play “College Above, High School Love”, June 18th Pool Party in Southfield, Hunted House Oct of 2010. “Comedy @ The Crib” performed at the following event dates Motor City bar and grill in Warren, Mi Skeeter Murray So Stupid Sat Every Third Sat From Aug till Dec of 2011, October 22 Mentor Day 2011, at UAW Local 600, Dearborn, Oct 28, Tapestry, Oct 29 Gary Williams Birthday @ Prive’ Deux, Nov 6 @ Will Phelps 1st Annual “CUSTOMER FIRST” Appreciation Party @ L.A.X Club Hanger, Nov 12 @ Wooden Hangers at 414 S. Washington, Royal Oak, Nov 27 @ Citadel of Faith Covenant Church “AWARDS SHOW”- 1419 W. Warren Ave, In Nov @ Ambiance Ultra Lounge. In 2012 Jan 1st in Gary, Indiana @ Anniversary Party, Jan 14th Birthday Party @ Soap Box in Detroit,

Mi, Jan 21st Hosted a Birthday Party @ Casino in Southfield, Feb 11th hosted Wedding @ Marriot, Southfield, Mi, March 21 @ 4 Brother’s in Pontiac, Mi, March 24th inside Hockey Town @ The City Theatre, Detroit, Mi, March 31st “I’m Every Woman” Conference @ Shiners in Southfield, Mi, April 1st @ Pi, in Southfield, Mi GTurners- Dolls N’Gents, April 14th Pink Awareness. More events to come.

Renee Estella LLC Hairstylist/ Mua

Spring has arrived (sort of....this is Michigan after all). A time most associated with refreshing and renewal. It can also be a great opporitunity to assess where you are with any goals you may have set at the beginning of the year. Have resolutions been chucked to the wayside months ago? This is a good time to figure out why and whether those goals were worthwhile to begin with. In most cases these goals have something to do with breaking bad habits in conjunction with developing good ones. This is where nature (and the nature of this season) can teach us a few lessons. Spring does not happen overnight. It is a gradual process. It takes approximately 9 months for spring to come every year. Think of this time as 9 months of preparation. This should also be your way of thinking when it comes to accomplishing your goals. It will probably take some time to get there and various processes should and must happen along the way in order for your goal to finally be realized. Those various processes translate into work on your part. Breaking bad habits (as well as developing good habits) are simply a matter of a daily, hourly, and sometimes even a minute to minute renewal of reminding yourself of what you want and recommiting yourself to that end. Don’t forget the principle that before spring there is the “dying off” of winter. That daily grind of slowly dying to self, of essentially putting yourself to death is about as easy as it sounds. If a tree could talk, it could teach you a few things about this rule. In order to bear fruit every year, it must shed unused and useless leaves and twigs (and overly ripe, rotting fruit) to make room for the new fruit to come. Trees are not particularly “pretty” during this process. From an external viewpoint, it doesn’t seem to be very productive during this phase in it’s life cycle. But as we all know when the time is right the process once gain bears fruit literally and figuratively that please all who behold and partake of it. Getting rid of bad habits can feel like an exercise in prolonged suffering and trying to cultivate good habits can feel the same way. The key to success is in the daily grind of it. Are there things or people in your life that at one time bore good fruit for you but now weigh you down and stop you from becoming a bigger, better

person? It’s time to do some winter shedding. Are there habits that you need to shed and others you needs practice in order to grow? Then start with right now in this moment. Then make it to the next. And keep going. For about 2 months (according to studies this is how long it takes to form a habit). After 9 months you may not recognize yourself, you may not even look so pretty from the outside, but you’ll feel the difference internally and before you know it, summer will have arrived and the results of all of your hard work will benefit both you and all who are priviledged to know you.

There are tons of ways to incorporate healthy nutritious super foods into your diet this summer and Recipe4Living can show you how! This summer, stock your fridge these seven must-have foods. Rich in a variety of nutrients, these all-star foods have a lot in common. They taste best in the warmer months, they’re as healthy as can be and they’re very, very good for you.

1. Lemons – One lemon contains more than 100

percent of your daily vitamin C intake, which can strengthen bones. Lemon juice is also a natural antiseptic that can destroy harmful bacteria found in cuts.

2. Beets – These pretty vegetables are a good source

for vitamin C, fiber, Foliate and potassium. Load up your salads with beets every couple a days to start to feel their nutritious effects.

3. Blueberries – Even if you only eat one cup of blueberries a day, you’ll still be getting plenty of antioxidants, vitamin C, and fiber. Fresh throughout the summer, stock up on these super fruits.

4. Bell Peppers – Vitamin A can be found in these mild peppers that go great with dips or in a freshly cut salad. Eat them raw or roast them on the grill, and make sure to try all the different varieties.

5. Watermelon – Often called the perfect sum-

mer fruit, the health benefits of watermelon are still often overlooked. The truth is that it contains vitamins, minerals and amino acids plus the antioxidant lycopene.

6. Iced Tea – Most summer drinks are made to

cool you off. Those soft drinks and fruit juices are loaded with wasted calories, but instead of sipping on H20 all summer, stick to some fresh iced tea. It will provide you with loads of antioxidants.

7. Corn – Grilling up some sweet corn is healthier than you think. One ear of sweet corn contains three grams of fiber, plus folate, vitamin C, magnesium and potassium. Plus it tastes fantastic! About The Author Kathryn Steed is a writer and editor for, an ever-growing recipe sharing website. For more articles like this, or for a large collection of recipes, visit the site as

21700 Greenfield Suite 108 Oak Park , Mi 48237 248-565-8989

SHirt: Armani Exchange Glasses: Mont Blanc Watch: Invicta

What Are You Wearing? Interview and Photo Shoot with

Ru The Big Homie

by Rob Will

The sun is shining and I’m down at the Riverwalk snapping a few shots since I showed up early for my shoot. I’ve been following him since about 2008. Before I had a magazine. When I heard his mixtape was coming out soon so I had to give him a call. He was able to squeeze me in, I guess you can say this interview was meant to happen. I meet up with RU THE BIG HOMIE and the first thing I notice is this dude’s been in the gym! His persona definitely fits his appearance, Straight shooter, no nonsense and true to himself. As we travel location to location, I’ve managed to get a few answers out of this guy. Check it out . What’s some of your main influences? What gives you inspiration? I’m influenced by anyone that comes from nothing and can turn that negative into a positive. Because that’s where I came from and that’s something that should influence us all. I’m inspired by success & determination. Growing up, what artists did you look up to? I didn’t necessarily look to any artist but I did favor artists who had swag, confidence & integrity. Such as LL Cool J, Heavy D and if course 2pac (basically the ones that catered to the ladies.

Who’s your favorite artist and Why? Past, I would have to say LL (because he had a strong combination of swagger and lyrics.) Present, I would say T.I.P., for the same reasons (although Rick Ross deserves and honorable mention (because all of there songs have a beginning, a middle & an end) and their music makes sense to me. I try to make sure my music has the same qualities. What’s your all time favorite album? My favorite album is “Urban Legend” because I feel I am one.

Jacket, Shirt and Hat: Armani Exchange Jeans: True Religion Shoes: christian louboutin

Shot at The Chap Lofts 2843 E. Grand Blvd. Detroit

Where do you see yourself taking the music world? I don’t neccesarily see myself taking it anywhere, I feel like I’m going to more so bring it back to where it all started, and that’s the Motor City. What do you feel you could give the hip hop world versus other hip hop artists? I feel like I ‘m going to bring that Detroit slang & style back to the forefront. What made you pursue hip hop? I’m here to represent for Blade Icewood, WhipeOut, Street Lord Juan & Rock Bottom. There are people who have died, been incarcerated and put in alot of hard work trying to make Detroit’s undeground hip-hop scene relavent ( I also want to represent the North End section of Detroit because I feel like the world needs to know that we’re neccesary. 7) Have you collaborated with any other artists? Yes I have. All my beats were produced by Killa Smoove, I got guest apperances by Ruger Racks, Pillsbury Doe, Bobby Seals, Bookie, Stretch Money & Rod Dae from Rock Bottom and vocals by Zania Alake & TJ Do you plan on collaborating with other artists? Well that depends on the success of this project, hopefully other artists will want to collaborate with , you feel me? (laughing)

Would you like to know more about Ru The Big Homie? Go to : twitter@ruthebighomie

model: Janee

model: Rachel

model: Aili

model: Rebekah

models: Cam Fan, Brianna Junae

model: Lakeesha Sanders


Hey Everybody! This time with Out and About with SUMAG. I had a chance to travel to WASHINGTON D.C.!!! I only had an ahour or so to sight see but had an awesome time taking pictures! Here, you see, is as part of the SMITHSONIAN. This museum is called The National Museum of African Art. There are alot of beautiful pieces in this museum, If you ever get a chance please visit here in D.C. Rob Will


Photographer MIYA JONES, was in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica, located on the pacific coast- about a 3 hour drive from San Jose (the capital that you fly into) “Affordable Paradise� as it was pretty cheap there. Ticket, about $360, you can find a room for $60/ night (bungalow shared with 2 other people). Currency is colones, but the value is pretty much the same, maybe a tad bit less than US dollars.

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Sudden Utopia Magazine Issue 4 spotlights creative indiviuals and focuses on hair and fashion.

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