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Universities and personal branding IT is unfortunate when the development of talented human resources in a college or university tends to be ignored. The intangible asset seems to be paid less attention, especially in the organization with no view of the human capital cultivation strategy. The people with the best performance and the fame recognized by world public tend to get frustrated because of being badly-managed. We hope that it can never happen in a college or university in the global era. If so, it is really a nightmare. Colleges or universities need to be recognized worldwide in the global era. The more the college or universities are wellknown—both nationally and internationally—the more people pay attention to them. In the global era, information technology is the key factor to having the organizations globally well-known. However, so far, not all the managements have admitted the great effect of information and the global era on the organizations’ global image. Yet, the informa-

CRIS DIAZ Executive Editor

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Dr. Djuwari

tion era has long time been predicted by Alvin Toffler (1974) when he envisioned the three eras of human life: agriculture, industries, and information. The latest era is today with its virtual world. Today is the era of information. Human capitals owned by any organization should be cultivated in order they can be the real assets intangibly. Even in a wider sense, a country that has a lot of qualified human capital can be beneficial. They can unitize the people potential to create the pride of the nation. In more specific scale, an organization with many qualified human resources can increase the image of the organization. For example,

Why do bad things happen to good people?

THINK a minute. Why do bad things happen to good people? Why does that kind, honest perCHENG ORDOÑEZ URIEL C. QUILINGUING son who does the right thing Associate Editor Contributing Editor get fired from his job? And MARK FRANCISCO Arjay Felicilda why does that evil crook Lifestyle Editor Assistant Editor become rich and get away with lying and cheating? GILBERT Y. CHAO gerry lee gorit Motoring Editor Photo Journalist Maybe you’ve asked yourself: “If God is so good, felix santillan ROEL CATOTO then why doesn’t He do EDSEL BANTOL Provincial Editor-Surigao something?” Layout Artists We feel like the little PAT SAMONTE irene dayo CHRIS PANGANIBAN girl who wanted a big new Reporter-NorthMin Regional Editors-Caraga bicycle. But her father told her no because she had to JOE PALABAO MARLON GAYOG wait until she was bigger. Rene Michael BaÑos Regional Editor-Davao The girl got angry and said, Regional Editors-Northmin “Then I want a new Daddy!” AL JACINTO JOE FELICILDA Sometimes when we Regional Editor-WestMin Editorial Consultant don’t agree with God, we act like that little girl who ATTY. MARIO T. JUNI NOTARY PUBLIC- JUNI LAW OFFICE can’t trust her father, even CELL NO: 09352379999/ (088) 8573595 though He knows much CRUZ TAAL ST., CAG. DE ORO CITY more than her. Legal Counsel He understands that she’s --------------------------------------------------------------not ready for a big bicycle. bureau and mktg staff candy macabale - 09161326483 But she just thinks her faRIZA O. ARES - 0915-9753277/0920-9600223 ther’s not fair or doesn’t MISOR - LOLONG NABONG - 0906-875-8650 GINGOOG CITY-MANNY ANSIHAGAN-0936-287-7788 really love her. North Buk. - DAHLIA S. BENEMERITO-0936-303-0410 Our problem sometimes VALENCIA CITY - PHILIP PHIL CALUMBA-0905-652-5407 MARAMAG - TITA FINA CUALES - 0926-336-1585 is that we’re looking for the Iligan City - JEFFREY OPONDA-0936-1174378 wrong answer. We don’t bobby mag usara-tangub city believe what God is doing OROQUIETA CITY - PJ TREMEDAL-0919-3452375 ARMM - Sony Sudaria-0947-4810371 is for our happiness, or that cotabato - ANALISA ESPAÑOLA-0916-9351714 He’s even isn’t listening to davao - MARLON GAYOG-09276314995 ruel pelone Managing Editor

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when Steve Jobs was still alive, people always recognized his fame (even up to now). Indirectly, people think or imagine about the trademark of Apple. Indirectly, such image drags the people in the name of Technology Company called Apple. In general, personal branding of Steve Jobs can penetrate even the world public image toward Apple, both as the trademark and the name of an organization or company. This is finally the so-called personal branding. More specifically, as defined in Wikipedia, personal branding is the practice of people marketing themselves and their careers as brands. People can make their company recognized also due to their personal branding. Most importantly, the people themselves must be able to cultivate their potentials and create their personal brandings. The organization should create a good condition that makes their people able to cultivate their potentials. People should shape up See BRANDING, page A11

Think A Minute

Our problem sometimes is that we’re looking for the wrong answer.

Jhan Tiafau Hurst

us. But He is. In fact, He’s answering needs in your life you don’t even know about! As one wise person prayed: “God, don’t punish me by giving me everything I ask for.” You see, many times we simply don’t know what will make us happy for the rest of our lives. We just want to be comfortable and happy for the moment right now. But God is trying to help us and make sure we are happy forever. So He’s trying to fix the bigger problem of our heart and relationship with Him our Maker. Does that mean Jesus doesn’t care about our suffering now? No, it’s just the opposite. Jesus cares very much! He knows exactly what it feels like to be hurt and suffer unfairly for something you didn’t do.

When God the Son Himself, Who was completely innocent, took all the pain and penalty for our wrongs and sins, He cried out to God the Father: “Why have you left me?” Even Jesus Himself, after He became a human being, did not get the answer He wanted right away. Was it fair? No. But it was God’s mercy and love for us and our only hope, since God the Son’s death was the only way He could forgive you and me to give us a new life. So why not put your life in the hands of your Maker Who loves you that much? Decide today to start living for Him His way, knowing that everything He does in your life is for your permanent happiness and success. Just Think a Minute.

For the chosen few? I HAVE been reading stories and reports in the newspapers on the struggles and sufferings of Lumads. The murder of Lumad leaders and p o l i t i - From the mail cians. The closure of schools and tagging of teachers as members of the New Peoples’ Army. I have also read opinions, dissenting or favorable, and have respected it as a manifestation of our freedom and uniqueness. I agree that we, all Filipinos should be united and in solidarity with the Lumads in their struggles, suffering and fight against abuses and their oppressors. However, I also believe that we should also remain optimistic, justified and equal in giving our opinions and in appreciating the information that may come our way. The effort of our fellow brothers and sisters who stand as support groups of the families of the murdered Lumads and the oppressed are beyond compare, like what nongovernmental organizations have been doing. The determination of the people who continued to fight for the Lumads, like the Manilakbayan is worthy of our salute for their unending support. If all our hearts are like them, full of burning desire to help the poor, then this country will continue to live and will be progressive in time. But as I acknowledge, recognize and appreciate what they have been doing, they are also points that I want to raise and begged to be clarified. I believe that while we are emotional to what our Lumads have become, we should remain logical and calm. It is obvious that what moved these organizations to pity the Lumads was the murder of Samarca, Campos and Sinzo in Surigao del Sur. What made these organizations furious about was the reason why the Lumads fled from their homes—militarization. What these organizations have been nagging about, the closure of schools like Salugpungan. But have these organizations considered other information that led to the situation they been frantic? See chosen, page A11

Daily Inspiration

Happy spirit

Juvy Sarraga

A person that has a “happy spirit” heart. doesn’t easily get tired and is always Carry a heart that never hates. disposed to do GOOD. Carry a smile that never fades. We’ve been created for greater Carry a touch that never hurts. purpose. Be humble and always carry a Don’t let yourself fall in things LOVE that always gives. that remove the “beauty” of your Let all u do all be done in LOVE.

Mindanao Daily Northmin (October 29, 2015)  

Mindanao Daily Northmin (October 29, 2015)

Mindanao Daily Northmin (October 29, 2015)  

Mindanao Daily Northmin (October 29, 2015)