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February 11, 2014


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Amante, Amb. Goldberg ink MOA for cold storage project By PAT SAMONTE Regional Editor-Caraga

TAX UPDATE. City Treasurer Dr. Glenn C. Bañez gives update on taxation’s best practices of the local government units (LGUs) and Cagayan de Oro’s own strategy on fiscal policy and management during an activity organized by the Rotary Club of Cagayan de Oro (RC-CDO) where Bañez was the guest speaker. At left is RC-CDO President Ferdie Bernasor. Photos courtesy of Mike Mendoza

BUTUAN City––Mayor Ferdinand Amante, Jr. and US Ambassador Philip Goldberg, on behalf of the US Department of AgricultureWinrock International signed a memorandum of agreement for the establishment of a Philippine Cold Chain (PCC) project at the Claire Philips Conference Room of the US Embassy in Manila on Friday. See FULL STORY, page 4

Any fool can complain

You would think that people complain only when they have problems or they are miserable. But even happy, wealthy people complain. It’s as common as scratching your head, even if you don’t have dandruff. When we slipped out of our mother’s womb, we brought nothing with us. We were naked, hungry and screaming. We had nothing that was not given to us. And yet we have the gall to complain, when by right we deserve nothing. All of us have absolutely have no reason to complain. Compared to the

The business of happiness Girlie Gualberto-Suan

“We can complain because roses have thorns, or we can be thankful because thorns have roses.” impoverished majority, our life looks like a sojourn in paradise. But in spite of that, we’re still a grouchy, whiny, discontented mass

--Abraham Lincoln of irritation. Why can’t we have more? Why were we not given this? Why should we do that? See complain, page 11

George Tower opens in Pangantucan George Tower is the first building in Southern Bukidnon with elevator and wide parking space for their customers. It is easier to the people of Banisilan North Cotabato, Wao, Bumbaran Lanao der Sur and Southern Bukidnon to shop. The multi-million investment of Garces family will add more revenue to the local government of said municipality,job opportunity and attracting tourists because of its modern facilities. From the ground floor up to the 5th storey the shoppers can purchase their choice. George Tower also of-

The George Tower of Pangantucan,Bukidnon owned by Mr.and Mrs. George M. Garces was innaugurated last February 9,2014. photo by rosemary allo - genon , bukidnon correspondent

fered free aircon room at wedding if it will be held at the 5th floor to the newly their function hall.

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Galario honors retirees By MERLITA R. DELIN

VALENCIA City—Mayor Jose M. Galario Jr. awarded some retired city hall employees for their dedication and fruitful years during their stints as public servants. Galario awarded some of the retirees with a plaque of recognitions and cash during this month’s first Monday convocation held at the city hall ground on February 3. On one hand, the mayor called on city hall employees to render genuine public service amid volatile fund hounding the city hall. This as he urged job orders and casuals for their understanding as the city hall is experiencing lack of fundings. Galario is optimistic that it will not be taken as against him.

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Oro lawmakers call for CARP extension By CRIS DIAZ Executive Editor

Project turnover in Balubal. Rep.Rufus Rodriguez, 2nd District, Cagayan de Oro City, (on the podium), delivers his inspirational message to teachers and the students during his visit to Balubal National High School last Nov. 28 for the turnover ceremony of the Balubal National High School fence project that cost P1 million. The right photo shows Rodriguez joined by the outgoing barangay chair Pablo Bactong, and incoming barangay chairwoman Vivian Malingin and DPWH employees headed by DE Anastacio G. Marundan and ADE Mabel Saa. Photo courtesy of KENDISCHAVES

CAGAYAN de Oro City-Two lawmakers had filed a bill for the extension of the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP) for another five years after June 14, 2014 with an annual appropriation of P 5 trillion. Rep. Rufus Rodriguez, 2nd District of Cagayan de Oro City, and his brother Party List Rep. Maximo Rodriguez, Jr. of Abante Mindanao (Abamin) said on Monday that House Bill No. 3305 was filed during See call, page 11

CDO needs more intelligence fund to ward off security threat CAGAYAN de Oro City––The city government needs more intelligence funds to fight and counter possible security threat here, an administration city councilor said on Monday. City Councilor Bong Lao echoed the concern as the majority bloc of the City Council approved the proposed P 2.3 billion 2014 budget with only P 10 million See threat, page 11

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CDONHS Increased MOOE Funds in the lead to Increased QUALITY EDUCATION By LAVERNE L. MERCADO

The Department of Education boosted its allocation for school Maintenance and other Operating Expenses (MOOE) by 46 percent in 2013. With this the Cagayan de Oro National High School receives 4.24 percent increase in the allocated MOOE budget from its funds of 2, 587, 000.00 PhP in 2012 to surging 2, 816, 000.00 Php in 2013. This increase of MOOE funds contributed as one of the factors in increasing our National Achievement Test. Thus the new formula is more responsive to the demands for improved condition of our school in upgrading the quality of education. The magnitude of allocated funds is on the Administration and Supervision which consist of the following: Travelling Expenses, Training Expenses, Office supplies, Electricity Expenses, Water Expenses, Postage and Deliveries, Telephone Expenses, Internet Expenses, Subscription Expenses, General Services, Security Expenses, Repair and Maintenance, Fidelity Bonds Premium and other MOOE Expenditures. It clearly shows that the increase also in Physical Plant Facilities,

Student assessment, Textbooks, School Innovation, and In-Set Training is very beneficial in increasing the PERFORMANCE of the school. DepEd Sec. Armin A. Luistro noted a significant increase of budget for the MOOE in 2013, while reiterating the guidelines to ensure that the budget really goes to schools in critical and priority areas that would help their conditions and improve quality of learning in our schools. The DepEd management is best seen in how schools are managed on a daily basis, thus principals are given funds to empower them to maintain the schools well. By increasing the MOOE, our schools can be well maintained so that it can become the proud center of the locality. Principals are enjoined to monitor and demand from Division Offices the release of the MOOE funds to their school. The MOOE per school will be published in the Department of Education’s website. Parents, Communities and other stakeholders are urged to monitor how these funds used to help ensure if the MOOE funds are addressed in critical priorities of the school.

EO 366: A Review By HIMAYA Q. CU, Ph.D., Principal I

The year 2013 marks another milestone and as well challenge for Department of Education as in this year, Executive Order 366 or the Rationalization Program for government agencies was approved. This Rat Plan was issued in October 2004 directing a strategic review of the operations and organizations of the executive branch. It is an order that pushes

for result-oriented and efficient delivery of government services through focusing government efforts and resources on its core services. Rat Plan is a process-oriented idea that requires each government offices to provide specific functions to its subordinates, preventing duplication and overlapping of roles. The Rat Plan is also identified as a tool improving

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CHILD FUND DONATES NAT REVIEWERS By CORAZON Z. BARTOCES, HT III Midkiwan Elementary School Southwest District II Division of Cagayan de Oro City

Atty. Josephus B. Jimenez, People Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP) President and Dr. Wilma G. Magdale - 2014 PMAP CDO Chapter President (and STEAG State Power, Inc. HR Officer) discuss the intricacies of the ASEAN Integration in a recent press conference at the Mallberry Suites, February 7, this city.

As one of our stakeholders, Child Fund has been our partner in delivering goods and services to the pupils. In their support to the upcoming National Achievement Test for Grade III and Grade VI pupils, Child Fund through its representatives: Aljhun Abdurahman, Kukui Tubac, Carmen Oblimar, El Riambonanza and Kwen Janubas delivered and donated last February 6, 2014 five Grade III NAT Reveiwers 2014 Edition and one Grade VI NAT Reviewer 2014 Edition to their beneficiaries – pupils

of Midkiwan Elementary School, Midkiwan, Bayanga , Cagayan de Oro City. These said reviewers are beneficial not only to the recipients but as well as to their classmates since these materials can be utilized during the NAT review classes of the said school. The teaching force of Midkiwan Elementary School is very much thankful to Child Fund for their support in achieving the goals and targets of the school in improving NAT results.

Military secures industrial firms in Misamis Oriental

agency performance through rationalization of service delivery, support systems, organization of structure and as well as staffing. For Department of Education, Central offices, Regional offices and Schools Division offices were ones affected, causing sorts of reorganization of staff. The contractual and casual employees funded by General Appropriations Act Personal Services (GAA-PS) were affected as the same. There are also sections in DepEd that were not included. These are

Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao, attached agencies, GAA-MOOE-funded Contract of Service (COS) employees and foreign-funded COS employees. Rat Plan further provides options and incentives for government employees who may be affected by the rationalization. They could choose to remain to government service by expressing intent to be placed in a comparable position and go through the placement process and convert item toCo-Terminus with the Incumbent (CTI) status.

Otherwise, they could also opt for retirement / separation under EO 366. People placed in plantilla positions, no one will lose their rank or position level, none will be forced to retire for it is voluntary. In addition, no one will be forced out or retrenched from the organization. In their website, DepEd stated that no affected employees who opted for retirement/separation shall receive less than an aggregate of Fifty Thousand pesos (P50,000.00) as his retirement/

photo by shaun alejadnrae yap uy

CAMP EVANGELISTA, to secure various industries Cagayan de Oro City– The and companies that could military has deployed forces be a target of a in Misamis Oriental (MisOr) See firms, page 11 separation gratuity benefits from both the National Government and the GSIS. The country leaders want either better or best delivery of government services. This is the reason behind this Rationalization Plan. Certainly, discussions have been made before its implementation and even after. It is not without challenges along the way. Let us just be hopeful that in the years to come, many people would see how it really works and as well how it has been a beneficial one.

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tuesday | february 11, 2014

Agusan del Norte • Agusan del Sur • Surigao del Norte • Surigao del Sur • Dinagat Islands • ARMM

Amante, Amb. Goldberg ink MOA for cold storage project By PAT SAMONTE, Regional Editor-Caraga


UTUAN City––Mayor Ferdinand Amante, Jr. and US Ambassador Philip Goldberg, on behalf of the US Department of Agriculture-Winrock International signed a memorandum of agreement for the establishment of a Philippine Cold Chain (PCC) project at the Claire Philips Conference Room of the US Embassy in Manila on Friday.

Dianah Generalao of the City Mayor’s Public Information Office said that according to the MOA, Winrock International will put up cold chain storage facilities in 300 barangays in Caraga and make the region a center for the project. The facilities will serve as cold storage for fish, crabs, shrimps, and other marine products for export to the Middle East. Generalao said that the MOA signing finalizes last month’s meeting between Amante and the Middle East Consular Attache where the plan to make Butuan City as main supplier of marine products in Caraga in the wake of rising prices in the Middle East was discussed. The Palarong-ARMAA 2014 has formally opened on February 10-15, 2014 at MSU-Sports Complex with Marawi City The establishment of the storage facilities is exMayor Fahad “Pre” U. Salic welcoming the guests, coaches, athletes and delegates. The Palarong-ARMAA carries pected to generate additional income for the city and the theme “Bridging Gaps: Towards Unity Through Sports.” Mayor Salic has expressed his gratitude for choosing provide livelihood to residents. Marawi City as the host of the sports events. Photos by Sonny Sudaria of MDN-ARMM Bureau.

Republic of the Philippines REGIONAL AUTONOMOUS GOVERNMENT Region XII PROVINCE OF LANAO DEL NORTE MUNICIPALITY OF TUBOD Office of the Sangguniang Bayan EXCEPT FROM THE MINUTES OF THE SIXTEENTH REGULAR SESSION OF THE SANGGUNIANG BAYAN, TUBOD, LANAO DEL NORTE, HELD AT THE SB-SESSION HALL, ON AUGUST 20, 1984. PRESENT: Hon. Romana de la Cruz Ner Hon. Trifon A. Tabuco Hon. Marcelino P. Noval, Jr. Hon. Alfredo C. Bihag Hon. Gerundio Quimada Hon. Fabian Manoop Hon. Javier Espra Hon. Patricio Estrada Hon. Margarito Cabrera Hon. Diosdado Buale Hon. Isidro Luzano Hon. Uldarico Cuizon

- Municipal Mayor, Presiding Officer, - Municipal Vice-Mayor, – Kagawad, - Kagawad, - Kagawad, - Kagawad, - Kagawad, - Kagawad, - Kagawad, - Kagawad, - Kagawad, ABC President, - Kagawad, Fed. Mun. KB Chairman.


By virtue of its Powers and Duties under Section 149 of the Batas Pambansa Blg. 337 otherwise known as the Local Government Code, be it ordained by the Sangguniang Bayan of Tubod, Lanao del Norte, that; Section 1 – Any person or group of persons is prohibited to loiter or roam around any place within the territorial jurisdiction of this municipality from ten o’clock in the evening (10:00 P.M.) through four o’clock in the morning (4:00 A.M.) except on conditions prescribed in the succeeding section. Section 2 – Any person or group of persons may loiter or roam around in any place within the territorial jurisdiction of this municipality when using torch, gas powered lanterns, or similar lamps, illumination of which can clearly identify the person or group of persons concerned. Section 3 – Battery powered Lamps usage is prohibited as this paraphernalia is commonly used by bad elements in the commission of crimes, except when said battery powered lamps are lighted continuously, not to be flickered, in order to produce sustained illumination. Section 4 – Any person or group of persons found violation the provisions of this Ordinance shall suffer a penalty of imprisonment of not less than one month but not exceeding six months or a fine of not less than Two Hundred Pesos but not exceeding One Thousand Pesos, or both such fine and imprisonment at the discretion of the court. Section 5 – All the municipal laws and/or ordinances or parts thereof, which are inconsistent with the preceding are hereby repealed or amended accordingly.

RESOLUTION NO. 84, S. 1984

Section 6 – This Ordinance shall take effect immediately.

WHEREAS, the municipality of Tubod is now facing problems on hooliganism, petty thieveries, outlawries and most seriously, subversion movements committed at times when the inhabitants are at rest during the night time:

Carried unanimously all members present.

I HEREBY CERTIFY to the correctness of the above-qouted resolution ordinance.

WHEREAS, the law enforcing agents of this municipality are relatively impotent the fact that they are very much deplated, thus strength of the INP force is not sufficient to effectively cope with the situation; NOW, THEREFORE, on motion of Kagawad Alfredo C. Bihag, duly seconded by kagawad Gerundio Quimada, be it resolved, as it is hereby resolved, to promulgate and adopt the following Municipal Ordinance;

(SGD.) AGUSTIN T. ORELLANO, JR. Municipal Secretary


APPROVED: (SGD.) ROMANA DE LA CRUZ NERI Municipal Mayor MDN: Feb. 11, 2014

NorthMin News Mindanao Daily 5 New PNP RD Visits Misamis Occidental

tuesday | february 11, 2014


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By PJTremedal, Correspondent

Camp Naranjo, Oroquieta City -- Newly installed Regional PNP Chief Superintendent Isagani F. Genabe Jr. of Northern Mindanao Police Office visited the province of Misamis Occidental to pronounce his order and directives to the police of Misamisnons. Security and One Time Policy and the nation’s police rules and regulations pursuant to the Police Act will be focused in all Cities and Municipal PNP Office to thwart any possible attacks and harassments by the enemy of the state, particularly the Communists Terrorists, the Southern Philippines Groups and eventual achieved its goal for peace and order to save lives and properties of the communities they are in. Chief Superintendent Genabe Jr. who had served the City of Golden Friendship in 2008 has comeback to be the region’s PNP Director is a PMAyeer and wanted to serve Misamisnons before he retires in the police service. Newly installed Misamis Occidental Police Provincial Director Senior Superintendent Archival D Macala met and joined the Region’s top officer in the town of Don Victoriano and Concepcion of the province. It may be recalled that Don Victoriano town was

PNP 10 Regional Director P/Chief Superintendent Isagani F. Genabe Jr. arrives at the town of Concepcion to visit and met his police force and promise in finding means in order to rehabilitate the supposed LGU PNP Building (photo below) in one of the remote towns of MisOcc. poto by mae patrecio eduque

harassed by the CNN’s operating in the hinterlands of Mt. Malindang and carted high powered firearms from the town’s police station and the augmented Provincial Police Public Safety Company Team and now under investigation. While the town of Concepcion which is known to be another target of the communist terrorists of Western Mindanao harassment is the next to be visited by the Regional Director who for the first time acknowledge the problem of his police office and will try to do his responsibilities to help and

support it. In Concepcion town, the Regional Director promise to find means to augment the financial needs especially in rehabilitating Concepcion PNP Office after, Vice Mayor Ruben Omandam who joined the local police in meeting the Regional Director, and showed him an unfinished police building. In his message to both towns p olice force is strengthen its capabilities to secure the station at all cost and the One Strike Policy of the Philippine National Police and to do what the police has to do to


To acknowledge the wonderful and useful stimulating environment as well as the development of the hinterland schools which significantly promote learning and understanding of the locale in which we work, the Southwest District II In Charge and School Administrators initiated and conducted the inter-school visitation and evaluation last January 13-15,

2014. The schools visited and evaluated were: Besigan Elementary School, Cadayonan Primary School, Man-ai Elementary School, Upper Tignapoloan Elementary School and Tignapoloan Elementary School for January 13, 2014 (Monday). The following day, the team went to Dunggoan Elementary School, Magayad Elementary School, Dansolihon Elementary School and Mangalay Elementary School. On the third and final day, the schools

visited & evaluated were: Balongkot Elementary School, Iba Elementary School, Midkiwan Elementary School, Bayanga Elementary School and Mambuaya Elementary School. Indeed, the endeavor provided the District In Charge and the school heads with feedback on different learning opportunities and outcomes to better shape our direction towards the achievement of the goals and targets of the Department of Education – Division of Cagayan de Oro City.


According to the survey hunger is one of common factor why pupils are prone to absenteeism, tardiness and even dropping out from the school. 90% of our populace in school are son and daughters of small scale farming of which they cannot sustain their family in terms of food that is why pupils were opted not to go to school instead to help their parents for survival. To addressed the problem our district school nurse Amor Ledon with the help of the DALSC and schools administrator in our district we were

able to source out and linkage to the religious sector the “HA- PAGASA” with leadership of Mr & Mrs Cuevas of which they gave all schools in the entire municipality of Talakag vita meal for feeding purposes. The feeding program lasted for 1 year and that of great helped to every school especially our school to lift up the nutritional status of our school children from severely wasted to normal. Another benefactor “ TITA WILL” from Germany, shares her blessing to our school started last year

through her sister a teacher from this school initiated feeding program which caters the whole populace in our school including parents. Her generosity helped so much in our school especially to addressed the above mentioned problems. Now we the school council and the teachers are pushing hard to continue and institutionalized our feeding program. To TITA WILL and HA PAGASA thank you very much for your kindness and generosity congratulations for the good job you have done.

maintain peace and order. Together with the PNP regional staff, R-5, R-2, R-3, R-4 and R-6, Deputy Regional Director for Administration Chief Superintendent Lyndel Desquitado and Senior Superintendent Archival Macala went back to Misamis Occidental PNP Provincial Office to met the men and women of the provincial office in a command conference and on the next day attended the 2nd District National Consultative Summit hosted by 2nd Congressional District Congressman Henry S. Oaminal.


Since time immemorial, the attainment of quality education was a problem of our country. Concerned agencies were throwing potatoes, on the low achievement of our children, particularly in the public schools. To compete and cope up with the global demand of quality education, President Noynoy Aquino together with an Athenian Priest and professor initiated to bring about the new K – 12 Curriculum for a gradual change of our educational system in both elementary and secondary levels of education. At first it, took patience to convince some of our doubtful parents unwilling to support the new curriculum. Many complained that it would be more costly to send their children for an additional kindergarten in the elementary and two years in the high school (grades 11 and 12) especially in these hard

times of economic crisis. The gradual change was nevertheless embraced by all parents, after they had fully understand the urgency and need of our agency and government in preparing our school children not only on the academic aspect but also on the development and enhancement of the skills they have for the vocational aspect, so that whether or not they will continue their studies in the higher education, rest assured they can easily find a means of living to support their needs and that upon leaving the portals of their Alma Matter, the graduates would be ready enough to face life challenges. As for now, while the K – 12 Curriculum is on the go, lets all support it with the fervent prayers and high hopes for its grand success. Let’s wait and see!

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BOC insiders protecting Mindanao Daily NEWS client-smugglers and racketeers? northmin . westmin . caraga . davao Your Mindanao-wide Community Newspaper

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An immediate congressional investigation into the delay or non-implementation of the GPS-Enable Cargo Monitoring System of the Bureau of Customs to prevent smuggling and hijacking has been urged. The reason? -to verify reports that some corrupt elements in the customs bureau are intentionally delaying the project to protect their clientsmugglers and racketeers. A lawmaker revealed that some news reports indicate that it is the Department of Finance which is causing the delay in the implementation through its directive to the BoC on the bidding process. The directive for the submission of a service level agreement (SLA) allowing several service providers to participate so that firms, such as SGS, would not be able to monopolize or corner

EXPOSE’ the project. It is laudable for congresswoman Lucy Torres of Leyte to call for a probe to ferret out the truth in the said imputations and to streamline the systems and procedures in the BoC, the second largest revenue-generating arm of the government next to the Bureau of Internal Revenue. It can be recalled that in 2011, nearly 2,000 container vans went missing as these were being transported from the Port of Manila and the Manila International Container Port to the Port of Batangas, resulting in an estimated P3billion government losses in terms of duties and taxes. To address the situation, it was proposed that the BoC should implement a GPS tracking system on container vans, espe-

cially those coming from international ports. Torres noted that an “Enhanced Customs Transit System” (ECTS), partly funded from the European Union Trade Related Technical Assistance program, was put in the pipeline in 2012 with the submission of a service level agreement (SLA) to the Department of Finance for approval. Her measure states that the BoC, in line with the ECTS, initially tapped the SGS to provide the GPSequipped seal for a fee ranging from P750P2,000. Despite the laudable objectives of the project to prevent smuggling and hijacking which result to billions of pesos in losses to the government, the ECTS, which was supposed to be rolledout by the end of 2013, has been snagged by bureaucratic or political delays.

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Hotels: Keeps tradition for natural food ingredients FAMOUS cuisines known all over the world are prepared with natural food ingredients that make use of edible plants and herbs and other organic sources for food materials. It has not departed in the advent of multinational thrust to manufacture ingredients and other seasoning. A culinary scene from real life stories in fiction tells of legend, King Arthur hosting dinner and banquets for the Knights of the Round Table with abundant natural food ingredients. Red potatoes, which were once a staple at the farmland of rebellious Lord Cromwell of England were the garnishing for roasted Turkeys marinated with grape wine and berries. The delta of River Nile in Egypt, where a medieval battle between the soldiers of the Pharaohs and the Roman invaders took place has once grown a variety of watercress regularly harvested for the breakfast diet of Princess Cleopatra. Tales of men’s virility in the orient were often associated with drinking snake blood or eating the brains of the monkeys to produce hormones and increase the levels of men’s testosterones. It has been stopped of course, since modern civilization has come up with legislations on animal rights and protection of the diversity of nature and the environment. Food supplements now widely used for the libido are formulated from a chemical concoction of compounds and substances as modern alternative so that snakes and monkeys and other reptiles may no longer be hunted. Not that it is unlawful to kill these animals, but through scientific discoveries by a Swiss drug company of the successful market brand known today as Viagra and Cialis, it has made life after 60’s more invigorating.

Traversing the Tourism Hi-way Ped T. Quiamjot What do you think of the take of Sen. Miriam Santiago on the life and sexuality of her arch enemy Sen. Johnny Enrile? How old is JPE? France, which is known as the world capital of gastronomy is considering today legislation of Fait Maison for more consumer protection that would require restaurant and hotels to designate fresh dishes as home made. Fait Maison means fresh and organic. Meaning no chemical fertilizers or insecticides were used in growing the harvested product. In the Philippines, a restaurant in Tagaytay City owned by a company called Gourmet produces fresh salad harvested only from the farm lots nearby once orders are punched in the POS. They are pioneering enterprise, making headway in organic food. While in Davao City, Philip Dizon who owns Dizon Farms sells salad vegetables and exotic fruits to Metro Manila’s high end supermarket. His endeavor has continually expanded his plantation to as far as Tagum and Mt. Apo to fill the growing demand. Philip owns also the Crocodile farm along the Diversion Road (C. P. Garcia Avenue) which is offering to the public the rare young crocodile meat touted as cure for various skin and internal infections. His farm which doubles as a zoo has also other attractions that every Davao visitor should include in their itineraries. Healthier options are becoming multimillion industries in the Asian

Tel.No. (088) 880-1474

countries. The benefit of natural food ingredients must be distinguished with commercial concoctions passed on as organics. Advertising labels safely tags “no therapeutic claims” but brazenly discuss its benefits. In the Philippines, the Food and Drug Administration is helpless in stamping out the pseudo and the genuine. It has also succumbed to the pressure of multinational companies to stamp approval of their products, citing trade liberalization where our country is a signatory. Corporate influence and well funded advertising campaigns sometimes are misleading. Is there a truth in advertising? How many times did we hear of pull out products from supermarket counters? Late discoveries of pollutants or chemical toxics were lately discovered long after the product was out in the market. Like France, will the Philippines which is a fast growing economy in Asia, distinguish its natural products from its imported chemically concocted ingredients mostly coming from China and Taiwan. Many Filipinos are dying young from cancer disease as a result of the synthetic dose of chemically processed foods. Are there stringent laws to protect the Filipino consumers? Legislation is easy, but the scientific prevention is more complex. The easiest solution, perhaps is go organics.

Bastard Special Gospel of th e day: Mark10:112(February12, 2014-Wednesday)Mark 10:1-12- And the Pharisees came to him, and asked him, Is it lawful for a man to put away [his] wife? Tempting him. And he answered and said unto them, what did Moses command you? And they said, Moses suffered to write a bill of divorcement, and to put [her] away: This is the mentality of some Pharisees that divorce was acceptable to their times and you know what, this is the mentality of many people especially in foreign countries that “divorce is a law already.”Remember, “Matrimony” is one of the 7. This means that “marriage life is a very sacred commitment” of both husband and wife. In fact, Jesus proved

Word on fire Bro. Edcel L. Closas it in our gospel for today. And Jesus answered and said unto them, For the “hardness of your heart” he wrote you this precept. But from the beginning of the creation God made them male and female. For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and cleave to his wife; And they twain shall be one flesh: so then they are no more twain, but one flesh. What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder. Take note, civil marriage is not a divine union and in fact, they are encouraged to “receive the holy matrimony.” Deuter-

onomy 23:2-A bastard shall not enter into the congregation of the LORD; even to his tenth generation shall he not enter into the congregation of the LORD. Therefore, sanctify your marriage life: Printing paid by: Neneth - Bobong Balino- Dr. Edith, PhD- Tony Jordan CDO. St. Peter Calungsod, pray for us! Listen: Radio Ultra AM-1188-3:30 PM - Sunday: #0928414949009266607505: Question – Prayer request: Please follow me “WORD ON FIRE” on CCTN channel 12-CDO @ 10 PM- Mondays and Tuesday @ 3:30 PM. God loves you!!!

INREMP Orientation for Lake Lanao Basin

Community Environment and Natural Resources Officer (CENRO) Mamacaya Lucman, Al Haj, the interim Protected Area Superintendent (PaSu) of Lake Lanao Watershed Reservation (inset) welcomes participants of the regional orientation of Integrated Natural Resources and Environmental Management Project (INREMP) for Lake Lanao Basin at Marawi Resort Hotel, Mindanao State University (MSU) Campus, Marawi City on January 23, 2014. Participants include selected DENR National officials, Protected Area Management Board (PAMB) members, DENR-ARMM officials, Local Executives (LGU’s) and other stakeholders. (RPAO # 02-026-2014)

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tuesDAY | FEBRuary 11, 2014

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Zamboanga del Norte | Zamboanga del Sur | Zamboanga Sibugay | Dipolog City | Dapitan City | Pagadian City | Isabela City | Zamboanga City



Van carrying athletes rolls down Zambo cliff


AMBOANGA CITY – A van carrying mostly athletes flee in a cliff in the town of Buug in the southern Philippine province of Zamboanga Sibugay and killing its driver and injuring 14 passengers, police said Monday.

Notice is hereby given that the intestate estate of the Late EUSEBIO PULMANO, the first being the widow of the same and the last six (6) are his children who died on March 16, 1992, during his lifetime owns a parcel of Agricultural land situated at Tawagan Norte, Labangan, Zamboanga del Sur, Philippines, registered in his name and which is particularly described as follows; “A parcel of land (Lot 837-B of the subd. plan (LRC) Psd-117819 being a portion of Lot 837, Pls-119 LRC Rec. No.) situated in the Barrio of Tawagan Norte, Municipality of Labangan, Province of Zamboanga del Sur, containing an area of SIXTY THOUSAND AND FOUR (60,004) SQUARE METERS, more or less, covered by Transfer Certificate of Title No. T-10 090, is the subject of EXTRAJUDICIAL PARTITION AMONG HEIRS WITH WAIVER, made and entered into by and among; ROSARIO ABENES PULMANO, of legal age, Filipino, widow, with residence and post-office address at Tawagan Norte, Labangan, Zamboanga del Sur, Philippines, 6/12 share of the above described property; ABELARDO A. PULMANO, of legal age, Filipino, married to Conchita S. Pulmano, with residence and postal address at Tantangan, South Cotabato, Philippines, 1/12 share of the above described property; BONIFACIO A. PULMANO, of legal age, Filipino, single, with residence and postal address at Tantangan, South Cotabato, Philippines, 1/12 share of the above described property; TIMOTEO A. PULMANO, of legal age, Filipino, married to Lydia M. Pulmano with residence and postal address at Tawagan, South Cotabato, Philippines, 1/12 share of the above described property; EDUARDO A. PULMANO, of legal age, Filipino, married to Elena M. Pulmano with residence and postal address at Tantangan, South Cotabato, Philippines, 1/12 share of the above described property; JOB A. PULMANO, of legal age, Filipino, married to Mila C. Pulmano, with residence and postal address at Tawagan Norte, Labangan, ZDS, Philippines, 1/12 share of the above described property; and NENA A. PULMANO, of legal age, Filipino, married to Arnold Rillera, with residence and postal address at Tawagan Norte, Labangan, Zamboanga del Sur, Philippines, 1/12 share of the above described property. That I ROSARIO A. PULMANO, for and in consideration of my love and affection to my sons TIMOTEO A. PULMANO and JOB A. PULMANO, do hereby waive my rights and participation forever of my 6/12 share of the property described above to TIMOTEO A. PULMANO 3/12 shares and JOB A. PULMANO 3/12 share to their heirs, successors and assigns; that the above named parties are the only legitimate and surviving heirs. As per Doc. No. 866; Page No. 174; Book No. II; Series of 2005; under Notary Public of ATTY. FRANKLIN B. ORGANO.

Notice is hereby given that the intestate estate of the deceased spouses JUAN C. GALENDEZ, who died in November 4, 2007 and GERARDA P. GALENDEZ, who died on April 30, 2009 and was buried at Maramag Cemetery, Bukidnon; the deceased spouses left real properties, covered by the Original Certificate of Title (OCT) Nos. P-15083, P-47270, V-37 & Cadastral maps more particularly described as follows; 1. Parcel of land, Lot No. 528, PLS-98 Ext., covered by Original Certificate of Title No. 15083, located at Barangay Camp 1, Municipality of Maramag, Province of Bukidnon. Containing an area of TWENTY FOUR THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED THIRTY TWO (24,532) square meters or 2.45 hectares; 2. Lot No. 60, Csd-10-012415, Identical to Lot No. 7862, Pls-98 Ext., covered by Original Certificate of Title No. P-47270. Containing an area of TWO HUNDRED FIFTY SEVEN (257) square meters with a residential house on the above-described property identified with Tax Declaration No. 020690, located at Barangay Camp 1, Maramag, Bukidnon. 3. Lot No. 791, PLS-800, covered by V-37 and Cadastral Map. Containing an area of ONE HUNDRED NINETY EIGHT AND THREE (198.3) square meters, located at Barangay No. 7, Malaybalay City. This lot is subject for land titling application by Mrs. Merlie Galendez Lebosada, is the subject of EXTRAJUDICIAL PARTITON AND WITH SPECIAL POWER OF ATTORNEY, made and executed by and between; MERLIE G. LEBOSADA, Filipino of legal age, married and a resident of Block 1, Lot 5, Andrew Street, Kisanlu Pag-ibig Subdivision, Barangay Iponan, Cagayan de Oro City, hereinafter called an Heir-Principal; CRISTINA G. BALINGKIT, Filipino of legal age, married and a resident of Barangay Camp 1, Maramag, Bukidnon, hereinafter called an HeirPrincipal; RICARDO P. GALENDEZ, Filipino of legal age, married and a resident of Barangay Camp 1, Maramag, Bukidnon, hereinafter called an Heir-Principal; BRIGIDA G. YARE, Filipino of legal age, married and a resident of Barangay Baloy, Cagayan de Oro City, hereinafter called an Heir-Principal; CESAR P. GALENDEZ, Filipino of legal age, married and a resident of Barangay Camp 1, Maramag, Bukidnon, hereinafter called an Heir-Principal; and Late ARSENIO P. GALENDEZ, represented by his son Mr. JOENNAREL S. GALENDEZ, Filipino of legal age, married and a resident of Barangay Camp 1, Maramag, Bukidnon, hereinafter called an Heir-Secondary, are the legitimate sons/daughters heirs of deceased spouses. As per Doc. No. 129; Page No. 26; Book No. I; Series of 2013; under Notary Public of ATTY. MARCO R. HINLO.

MDN: FEB. 4, 11 & 18, 2014

MDN: FEB. 4, 11 & 18, 2014


R.A 9048 / 10172 Form No. 10.1 (LCRO) (Revised 15 August 2001) Republic of the Phillipines Local Civil Registry Office PROVINCE OF MISAMIS ORIENTAL Municipality of Tagoloan

Police said the van was on its way to Marawi City in Lanao del Sur province to bring the athletes to the venue of the annual sports competition of the

Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao Athletic Association. The athletes were part of a delegation from Sulu prov ince, p olice s aid, adding the driver Abdulajid Lukman, a resident of Zamboanga City, lost control of the wheel on a curve road and fell into a cliff. “Initial investigation revealed that the driver had lost his control of the vehicle on the curve road and rolled down the cliff.

The driver was instantly killed and his passengers were also injured in the accident,” Chief Inspector Ariel Huesca, a regional police spokesman, told The Manila Times. The wounded, including teachers and a school nurse, were rushed to hospital. They were identified as Ayub Ramsani, Kuril Taludjud, Nurhaima Ramsani, Ramsani Mahmud – all teachers; and Andan Tammang, a sports assistant;

school nurse Nur Aina Ramsani, and the student athletes Ferdiliza Ainul, Alhaina Banbon, Marhama Sarri, Ummal Nabri, Rasma Mahmud, Gerry Hamin, Arjaida Atiulla and Alhaina Bando. The regional sports competition is a project of t he D ep ar t ment of Education of the autonomous government which is participated by Basilan, Sulu, Tawi-Tawi, Lanao del Sur and Maguindanao. (E. Dumabo)

DILG implements P25-M road project in Zamboanga del Sur PAGADIAN CITY, Zamboanga del Sur – The Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) through the PAyapa and EXTRA-JUDICIAL PARTITION OF ESTATE AMONG HEIRS WITH DEED OF ABSOLUTE SALE Notice is hereby given that the intestate estate of the Late PRISCA NANALE, who died on July 21, 2001 at Bugo, Cagayan de Oro City. That at the time of her death she left certain parcel of land located at Patrocenio, Claveria, Misamis Oriental covered under Tax Declaration No. 0812001806673 particularly described as follows: “A parcel of land under Tax Declaration No. 0812001806673 with Survey 3555, Pls 805, Lot No. 003, Blk. No. 14, containing an area of TEN THOUSAND NINE HUNDRED FORTY NINE (10,949) square meters more or less, is the subject of EXTRA-JUDICIAL PARTITION OF ESTATE AMONG HEIRS WITH DEED OF ABSOLUTE SALE, made and entered namely; GAUDENCIO N. PADAY (deceased) Represented by EFREN O. PADAY, LEONCITO N. PADAY (deceased) Represented by GILBERTO C. PADAY, BERNANDITA P. TABIO (deceased) Represented by VILMA T. SALIMBAGAT, PEDRO N. PADAY, LECENIA P. ZARATE and ALEJANDRO JR. N. AYUDTOD (deceased) Represented by ALVIE A. PAGULAYAN, all of legal ages, Filipino and residing at Patrocinio, Claveria, Misamis Oriental. That the above-mentioned persons are the legitimate children. That for and in consideration of the sum of EIGHTY THOUSAND PESOS (PhP 80,000.00), Philippine Currency to the HEIRS/ VENDORS in hand counted by the HEIRS OF PRISCA NANALE and paid by REYNANTE C. SETIAR and JEANEVIC M. SETIAR, of legal age, married and residing at Tagoloan, Misamis Oriental, their heirs, assigns and successors in interest, the above-described parcel of land. As per Doc. No. 373; Page No. 75; Book No. XXIV; Series of 2014; under Notary Public of ATTY. JOHN REY A. TOMINES. MDN: JAN. 28, FEB. 4, & 11, 2014

MAsaganang PamayaNAn (PAMANA) has started the implementation of a P25-million road project linking the town of Dumalinao to this city through the coastal area. DILG Regional Director Paisal Abutazil led the recent groundbreaking that signaled the start in the implementation of the fivekilometer road project. Mayor Romeo Pulmones and Vice Mayor Divina Grace Yu as well as some city councilors and barangay officials joined Abutazil in the groundbreaking ceremony.

The road project will be from the boundary of Barangays B omba and Poloyogan, this city, to Matab-ang and Rebokon in the municipality of Dumalinao. Abutazil said the road project is set to be completed within 240 calendar days. Pulmones said the completion of the road project will boost the livelihood of farmers and fishermen in Dumalinao municipality. Dumalinao, which comprises 30 barangays, is a third class municipality of this province with a

population of 30,691 in 6,369 households as the 2010 census. The town of Dumalinao is known to be a major source of aqua-marine products of this province. Pulmones said the completion of the road project will also lessen the travel time from two hours to 30 minutes from Barangay Rebokon, Dumalinao to this city. He expressed his appreciation and heartfelt gratitude to Abutazil for favorably endorsing the project through PAMANA. (PNA)

Zamboanga del Sur 1st district representative Victor J. Yu (standing) urges farmers to organize themselves in one group and to report in his office any problem that they will encounter regarding their livelihood project. (gcc/ Pia Zamboanga Peninsula)

Publication Notice RA 10172

R.A 9048 / 10172 Form No. 10.1 (LCRO) (Revised 15 August 2001) NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC

Date: February 3, 2014

Republic of the Phillipines Local Civil Registry Office PROVINCE OF MISAMIS ORIENTAL Municipality of Tagoloan

In compliance with Section 2 of R.A. 10172, a notice is hereby served to the public that JOHN LLOYD C. LLIDO has filed with this office a Petition for Correction of Gender from “FEMALE” to “MALE” who has born on Dec. 23, 1981 at Baluarte, Tagolan, Mis. Or. Philippines from parents Florensio S. Llido and Juanita Coquilla. Any person adversely affected by the said petition may file written opposition within this office not later than 12 February 2014.

In compliance with the publication requirement and pursuant to OCRG Memorandum Circular No. 2013-1 Guidelines in the Implementation of the Administrative Order No. 1 Series of 2012 (IRR on R.A. 10172), Notice is hereby served to the public that AMOR LEA ABANG LAGUE has filed with this Office, a petition for correction of entry in sex from “MALE” to “FEMALE” in the certificate of live birth of AMOR LEA ABANG LAGUE at Catarman, Camiguin and whose parents are EMELIANO C. LAGUE and MILA ABANG. Any person adversely affected by said petition may file his written opposition with this Office not later than February 21, 2014

In compliance with Section 2 of R.A. 10172, a notice is hereby served to the public that CRIS OLAER MONTES has filed with this office a Petition for Correction of Gender from “FEMALE” to “MALE” who has born on 29 September 1986 at Sugbongcogon, Tagolan, Mis. Or. Philippines from parents Crispina Olaer and Corsino Montes. Any person adversely affected by the said petition may file written opposition within this office not later than 12 February 2014.

(Sgd.) MARINELA FACTURA FABELA Municipal Civil Registrar

(Sgd.) LUDIVINA T. LIBAGO Signature overprinted name of the C/MCR

(Sgd.) MARINELA FACTURA FABELA Municipal Civil Registrar


MDN: Feb. 4 & 11, 2014

MDN: Feb. 4 & 11, 2014


MDN: Feb. 4 & 11, 2014

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Duterte on becoming President:

“Stop it…. I do not want it”

D A scene during the opening of the Davao Regional Athletic Association Meet at the Davao del Norte Sports Complex in Tagum City on Sunday. Feb. 9. (MindaNews photo by GG Bueno)

DavNor is now ready to host Palarong Pambansa 2015 Tagum City: Davao del Norte is now ready to host the Palarong Pambansa 2015 after a recent visit by an official of the Department of Education on the main venue Davao del Norte Sports and Tourism Complex in Mankilam, Tagum City. DedEd Assistant Secretary Tonisito M.C. Umali said the province has the “world-class facilities and are very qualified to host the next Palarong Pambansa”. Umali inspected the venue and billeting quarters together with lawyer Roni Esguerra, of DepEd Office of ASEC for Legal and Legislative Affairs. Vice Gov. Victorio Suaybaguio Jr. (who represented Gov. Rodolfo del Rosario) and Tagum City Mayor Allan Rellon welcomed Umali and Esguerra at the Tahanan ng Gobernador at the Capitol Grounds and toured the two to the sports tourism complex and other

Talk of the town Marlon T. Gayog necessary facilities for the hosting of the said sporting event that will gather athletes, coaches and sports officials from 17 regions of the country. The government officials assured the DedEd officials that they would do their best in hosting the said event as Gov. del Rosario enjoys the support of all the provincial officials and the city and municipal mayors. Before the formal opening of the Davao Region Athletic Association (Davraa) meet yesterday, a presscon was held at the newly-built City Schools Superintendent Building

inside the Capitol Grounds . Gov. del Rosario assured DepEd and the media that they are very much ready to host. “We added two tennis courts and are about to complete also the additional football and baseball fields,” del Rosario said.

AVAO CITY — “I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. For the nth time, I will say it now here. I am not interested in becoming President. I am not qualified. And I do not want it,” Mayor Rodrigo Duterte said as he urged those who have been pushing for him to run for President to “stop it.”

Duterte issued this statement in his Sunday weekly television program, “Gikan sa Masa, Para sa Masa” (From the masses, for the masses). “I will not gain anything from that. I will stay in Davao City and be your mayor. If you do not want me to be your mayor and if my health can no longer take it, I will step down,” he said. Duterte appealed to supporters behind the calls for a Duterte presidency to “stop it.” “Why would I want to be President? I will work, and then you will send me to jail?” Duterte said, referring to both jailed ex-presidents Joseph Ejercito Estrada and

Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. But he also warned those who want him to be President: “You will all regret it,” the mayor said. Duterte has been in a verbal spat with several national agencies for the past weeks because of the issue of rice smuggling, in which a certain David Tan or David Bangayan was named to be allegedly operating in Davao City. Bangayan has since been arrested for charges of pilferage by the Department of Justice (DOJ) the same day of Duterte’s visit to the Senate at the invitation of


Titled Lot at Grand Europa, Buena Vida near SM Lot 22, Blk. 22 Lot Area -----------278 sq.m. 4 x 4 Drive Multicab (pick-up) Very Good running condition Contact No. 0916-1960276 Direct Buyer Only

MDN: Jan. 27-Feb. 26, 2014

the Senate committee on agriculture and food, chaired by Senator Grace Poe. Duterte has been repeatedly critical of agencies such as the DOJ and the Commission on Human rights. “It took a mayor from Davao City for them (the DOJ) to do their jobs,” Duterte said in an earlier interview. “Before I spoke, there were no arrests made.” (MindaNews)


Poodle Pekingese 2 month old

With complete immunization Price: 3,000.00/puppy

Contact: 09066723045/GEMMA Tel. (088) 857-7857 MDN: Dec. 20, 2013-Jan. 24, 2014

An industry leader for providing quality and affordable homes for the Filipino families, has recently established its Mindanao Operations and has opportunities for a COMPETENT Individual to lead and manage its new projects. JOB OPENING: PROJECT


MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: • LICENSED CIVIL ENGINEER • An output-oriented Team worker with a good positive attitude, organized, reliable, and trustworthy • At least 3 years intensive experience in building construction (preferably housing construction) holding supervisory (or higher) position. • Must be very good in details and bears proficient/competent skills in Construction Planning/Scheduling, estimating (quantity take-off and costing), MS Office, and software applications related to engineering/construction and development. Interested and qualified applicants may email their application and complete resume addressed to: The HR Manager MCDC - Ecoverde Homes, CDO Email: For inquiries, please call (08822) 745-755/732-345.


Kimberlite Pawnshop will be having an AUCTION SALE on all items that expired on December 2013 AUCTION DATE: February 20, 2014 Estrada Bldg., Fortich-Don Carlos Sts., Malaybalay City, Bukidnon

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Toni Gonzaga claims Starting Over Again opened her eyes about love

According to Toni Gonzaga, during an interview on Buzz ng Bayan on Sunday, her first big-screen team up with Piolo Pascual ranks as her “most important film” to date simply because her real personality is quite different to that of her character on the film Ginny. “Ang hirap nung struggle ng character ni Ginny kasi hindi ako ganun. Sabi ko kay Inang (director Olivia Lamasan), Inang, hindi ko kayang gawin ‘yung ibang eksenang pinapagawa mo kasi hindi naman ako ganun kadesperada sa totoong buhay,” she shared her inhibition. The host-comedienne even

shared that there were several times that she had to question her Inang as to whether “May babae ba talagang ganito? May babae bang gagawa nito, maghahabol, magmamakaawa?” she said even adding that the acclaimed director often responded to her questions with a solid yes. Apart from “de-virginizing” her onscreen, she added that Starting Over Again has also opened her eyes to the true and more extreme aspects of love. “Kapag mahal mo pala ang isang tao, ipaglalaban mo pala talaga kasi magsisisi ka sa huli,” said the Home Sweetie Home star.


shared that while she has made funny love scenes in the past, her intimate scenes on Starting Over Again were really delicate and that she

Mindanao Daily News’

Daily HOROSCOPE AQUARIUS (January 20 – February 18) - Your emotional side is a little shaky now, but that doesn’t mean that you’re in peril or facing a breakdown. If anything, it could be a great time to reconnect with your sweetie or your family. PISCES (February 19 – March 20) - Your life is shining today! You may find that energy is perfect for speed dating -- or your sweetheart is perfectly in tune with mindset. Things are definitely looking up!

In previous interviews, Toni confessed that this film made her embark on a lot of firsts as far as her being an actress is concerned. She

love your that your

ARIES (March 21 – April 19) - Your emotional side is making short work of whatever situation you’re facing today -- so feel free to let fly! It may be hard to explain to others why you’re huffing and puffing, but then again, you don’t have to. TAURUS (April 20 – May 20) - Try to speak from the heart today -- as hard as that may seem at first. Your energy is better for emotional stuff than it is for practical business, and you could find that things start looking up later on. GEMINI (May 21 – June 21) - Your mental energy is perfectly geared toward working with finances, so figure out retirement or investment options if you can. If not, then focus on more day-to-day stuff like your banking. CANCER (June 22 – July 22) - You may feel shadowed today -- but it’s just your spiritual energy busting out of your physical confines! That’s a good thing, and you should be able to gain amazing new insights into those around you.

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Far Cry Classic

Cry Classic is the ultimate Ffirstarconsole version of the very Far Cry game, bringing

you back to the roots of this franchise. The game begins under mysterious circumstances where main character John Carver finds himself tied to a chair in the empty, rusted belly of a decrepit cargo ship. Thanks to the help of an unseen stranger, John’s restraints are loosened and he sets out to escape his captors. From this point on you are in control of John’s destiny. Far Cry offers a variety of ways to approach each challenging situation, where players can choose to rely on firepower, strategy and stealth

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CIRCLE A WORD admiral airman army bosun captain colonel commander

how to do the love scenes “correctly.” But her leading man confessed that he was especially intimidated by how Toni has evolved as an actress despite her whining about the certain scenes. “What I noticed about Tin which scared me, intimidated me, because what she was giving, whenever Inang would give her instruction, she would say,”Paano to Inang?” Hindi niya maintindihan, hindi niya ma-comprehend because hindi nangyari sa kanya so wala siyang reference. But once nag-action niya, take one lahat” he said.


Social Section

-- Hi MDN..mwnN..gr8 lng nq aq loving beauTful grlfrnd..soOn 2 b my wifE..iloveyou so much

has actually given her all for it out of trust for her director. But she admitted, on her Sunday guesting that there were several times that she got so conscious about the said scenes that she ended up looking at the camera, which was a big no-no. “Maraming beses. ‘Yun ang sinasabi ko kay Inang. ‘Inang hindi ako marunong mag-love scene. Ano ba ang gagawin sa love scene?” She shared laughingly. She even added that she even sought her former costars on Four Sisters and a Wedding Bea Alonzo and Angel Locsin’s advice as

regiment sailor sea-lord soldier squad troops wraf wren

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CAPRICORN (December 22 – January 19) - You don’t have to guess -- there are no hidden problems today. That means you can make some serious progress on the projects you know need some attention. That makes it really easy!

Amazing Facts! Did you KNOW?? .. Bone cells are constantly renewed, so every ten years you have a “new” skeleton.


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tuesDAY | february 11, 2014 Advertising and Editorial E-mail : Contact nos. : 0917-7121424 • 0947-8935776

Complain... from page 1

Complaining is a poison that contaminates our life and relationships. The sad part is, we are not even aware that we are doing it. It has become second nature to us. It’s easier to complain than to find solutions to our frustrations. To complain is effortless. But it also reveals the size of our brain, which is as small as a mongo seed. The fool will find fault, but the wise will find solutions. All that ranting & complaining has left our world hurting. We are now suffering its bitter retribution of poverty, and even wars and climate change. The antidote to the plague of complaint is to develop a spirit of gratitude. It takes the same amount of energy to complain, as to be grateful. An attitude of gratitude makes you happier, healthier and more lovable. Isn’t that an advantageous exchange for our filthy rags of complaints? A grateful man is someone who, when he breaks his leg, he thanks God that he did not break both legs. Then if he breaks both legs, he thanks God that he did not break his neck! If truth be told, we have more to be thankful for, than to complain about. How can God answer our prayers if all He hears are complaints? Some of us can’t get to where we want to be, because we can’t stop complaining about where we are right now. If we can’t make the best of our present situation, we don’t deserve the reward of promotion. To complain is to remain. It’s possible that our problem is not the problem, but our attitude towards our problem is really the problem. In this world, we will never run out of things to complain about. But by the same token, we will never run out of things to be thankful for. So let’s praise God for what we have, because it could be worst. If we can’t change our difficult situation, we can at least change our attitude towards it. How about we shut up, buckle down to work, and bloom where we are planted? We might pleasantly discover, that what at first seemed disagreeable, is delightful after all. Happiness comes when we stop complaining about the problems we have, and give thanks for the problems we don’t have. Any fool can complain and criticize. But it takes a man of wisdom to be able to understand and forgive. Let’s stay in peace and accept the tribulations that God challenges us with. Eventually, what seems like problems will become opportunities, that leave us stronger and better off than before. “As you breathe right now, another person takes

his last. So stop complaining and learn to live with what you’ve got.” There is no value in life except what you choose to place upon it, and no happiness in any place except what you bring to it yourself.

Call... from page 2

the first regular session of the 16th Congress this year. HB 3305 also known as an “Act to further strengthen the CARP by further extending the acquisition and distribution of all agricultural lands, further amending for the purpose sections 7 and 63 of Republic Act. No. 6657 also known as the CARP law of 1988, as amended, and appropriating funds therefore.” In the explanatory note, the lawmakers noted that after enacting the CARP law 25 years ago, there were still numerous landless farmers all over the country and the goals for the land distribution remained have yet to be complied. For instance, the government intends to distribute 180,000 hectares of land in 2012 but the Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) was able to process only 32,403.90 hectares, the lawmakers said. The proposed bill also cited that only 7,724 hectares of land were processed under leasehold agreements in 2012 contrary to the 17,254 hectares that the DAR intended to accomplish. There were also 20,144 cases filed with the DAR but as of June 2012, the DAR’s legal assistance resolved only 7,903 cases. Rodriguez said that the data cited in the proposed bill were only part of the many a data that would show that the DAR has still much work to do which necessitates the extension of the CARP program for another five years. Agrarian Reform Secretary Virgilio de Los Reyes said that DAR welcomes the extension, although “it was not necessary.” However, de Los Reyes, admitted that the DAR has yet to issue notices of land reform coverage to about 500,000 to 600,000 landholdings in the country apart from completing 70 percent of all agricultural land covered by the CARP program.

Firms... from page 3

destabilization plot by rebel forces here. Capt. Christian Uy, spokesperson of the army’s Public Affairs Division here, said on Monday that the deployment of combined military and police operatives was ordered last week after the military overran the largest military camp of the Moro rebel’s Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF) in Cotabato. He said that the military

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was only cautious as some hardcore BIFF members were now an object of a military manhunt in Mindanao. “We are wary of possible effects of the Cotabato conflict which might spill over in some provinces in Northern Mindanao, especially in Misamis Oriental where there a concentration of large industries,” Maj. Gen. Ricardo Visaya, commander of the army’s 4th Infantry Division here said in a statement. Uy said that the communist rebels of the New People’s Army (NPA) might also exploit the situation prompting the military to map out precautionary measures. In response, the army’s 4th ID has deployed military personnel throughout Caraga and Northern Mindanao regions to secure specially the entry and exit point of these areas, Uy added.CD with ERCEL MAANDIG

Threat... from page 2

allocation for the city mayor’s intelligence fund. “The allocation is way, way below the needs of the local executive to support the local law enforcers especially that Cagayan de Oro City is now threatened by the possible entry of splinter groups of the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters(BIFF) who might hide in the city,” :Lao said. He said that he received reports that there’s a big possibility that some splinters of BIFF including their high ranking officials will identify the city as the hide out when the military demolished their camps in Maguindanao and Cotabato last week. The majority bloc, however, said that the issue of

Oro’s city council approves P37 million for reforestation


AGAYAN de Oro City–– The city council here has approved the allocation of P 37 million funds to reforest six upland villages involving 3,000 hectares.

Edwin Dael, head of the city, local environment and natural resources, said on Monday that the fund was part of the approved P 2.3 billion budget for 2014. He said that he has started organizing the “Bantay Gubat” where members were

resident farmers of the six upland villages identified as reforestation areas. Dael said that of the approved budget, P 1 million has been appropriated for “mangrove reforestation” although the city’s environment office was still identifying coastal villages where the mangrove reforestation project will take place. He said that there are 13 coastal areas in Cagayan de Oro City and the city’s environment office has to identify priority areas in order to wisely allocate the P 1 million budget. CD with ERCEL MAANDIG

Oro scholarship program THE proposed ordinance approving the Program of Works of the City College Scholarship Program for 2014 will be discussed by the City Council during its regular session this afternoon to be presided over by Vice Mayor Caesar Ian Acenas. Based on the program of works submitted to the legislative body, the amount of P25 million is allotted for the City College Scholarship Program and the funds necessary for the purpose chargeable against the item “Non-Office-General Public Services: Students Scholarship Program” in the 2014 General Appropriation Ordinance. The proposed ordinance was reviewed by the committees on education and on laws and rules chaired by Councilors Adrian Barba and Ramon Tabor, respectively. INCREASE IN ALLOWANCE It may be recalled that Councilor Barba, chair of the City Council committee on education and member of the City Scholarship Committee, proposed an increase in the monthly allowance of city scholars. If approved, scholars in urban barangays will receive an allowance of P1,000 instead of P500, while those in hinterland barangays will receive P1,500. The purpose of the increase is to help them in their educational needs and expenses. security and intelligence fund had been deliberated during the budget hearing prior to the approval of the proposed 2014 budget last week. City Councilor Prexy Elipe, chair of the city council’s Committee on

Finance, said that Lao’s report that Cagayan de Oro City is threatened by possible BIFF attack is baseless: “Otherwise, the issue would have been seriously taken during the budget deliberation.” CD with ERCEL MAANDIG

NOTICE OF LOSS NOTICE is hereby given that RAMON B. CAJUTOL, registered owner of a parcel of land covered by TCT No. RT49567 with an area of 176 square meters, situated at Ampayon, Butuan City, has lost in his possession unnoticed aforesaid land title owner’s duplicate certificate copy, and states that no deed or other instrument affecting the property has been presented for registration or if there is any, the nature hereof, the date of its presentation, as well as the name of the parties and the registration of such deed or instrument is still pending accomplishment; that the owner’s duplicate certificate or coowner’s duplicate is in due form without any intentional alteration or erasures; that the certificate of title is not the subject of litigation or investigation administrative or judicial, regarding the genuiness of due executive or issuance; that the certificate of title was in full force and effect at the time it was lost or destroyed; that the real estate taxes have been fully paid up to at least, two (2) years prior to filing for reconstitution; and that he has executed an affidavit in connection with his petition for administrative reconstitution of the owner’s duplicate certificate of TCT No. RT-49567, per Doc. No. 477; Page No. 48; Book No. CXXX; Series of 2014 of the Notarial Registry of Atty. Richard L. Lamigo, Notary Public per PTR No. 07L44659 01-02-2014, until December 31, 2015. MDN: Feb. 11, 18 & 27, 2014

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tuesDAY | february 11, 2014 Advertising and Editorial E-mail : Contact nos. : 0917-7121424 • 0947-8935776

Mindanao films to dominate 6th Cinema Rehiyon first day screening T

hese films mirror the various issues and stories from an island with diverse culture and religious beliefs but often portrayed with conflicts and social prejudices. Produced by filmmakers from all over Mindanao, their works of art will showcase the different sides of each region for the sixth installment of the independent film festival, Cinema Rehiyon. Nearly 40 films from Mindanao will dominate the silver screens on the first day of the festival, February 19 at Xavier University Little Theater and SM City Cagayan de Oro Cinema 3 and 4. Xavier University through its Xavier Center for Culture and the Arts (XCCA) is the host of the fiveday event running on Feb 18-22 with the theme, “Filming the Frontiers.” “Cinema Rehiyon 6 features filmmaking frontiers that could give positive impact and transform our lives for the better. These films will educate us about disaster risk reduction management, climate change, cultural solidarity and other societal issues,” said Hobart Savior, XCCA director. There are 8 programs exhibiting the Mindanao films, categorized according to regions. Northern Mindanao Under the Northern Mindanao

By Stephen J. Pedroza

Collective at SM Cinema 3, from 12 noon to 3p.m., are the films, “Ang Walay K a hu ma na ng Ad law” (Infinite Sun) by Glenmark Doromal, “Wa Ko Kakita” (I Haven’t Seen It) by Eastine Charles Taneo, “Lugdang” (Drowned) by Gray-em Erezo, “Unawa” (U n d e r s t a n d i n g) b y Krystel Hypa Magallanes, “Diskonek” by Samantha Solidum, “Kaon Ta” (Let’s Eat) by Richard Mars Caberte and “The Perfect Girl” by Janine Banday. “Wa Ko Kakita” was hailed as the Best Student Short Film during the recently concluded 6th Cinemagis Digital Short Film Festival in Northern Mindanao. “Ang Walay Kahumang Adlaw” is the award-winning film thesis of Doromal; it also reaped various recog n it ions du r i ng the 2013 Mindanao Film Festival in Davao City. Western Mindanao T he prog r a m , O rg u l lo de Mindanao houses 5 films from Zamboanga City and only one from Jolo, Sulu. The screening of these films will still be at SM Cinema 3, 3- 5p.m. From the place dubbed as “Asia’s Latin City,” the list includes “Iyo si Malik” and “Con Enfermeded Buen Salud” by Xeph Suarez, “No Ama Conmigo” by Ryanne Murcia, “Si El Curiosidad Mala El Gato” by Adrianne Araojo and “Timora Talli Apuera Ramil” by Roberto Oquias Jr.

by Genory Wanz Alfasin, “Baybayong Birhen” by Andrei Karoly Hernandez and “Hele ni Lorna” by Precy Regalado.

On the other hand, “Pattah Ko” by Kikko Kalabud is the sole entry from Sulu. Davao Region From 5- 7:30p.m., 5 films from Davao City and two from Compostela Valley will be shown at the same cinema. From the capital of Davao Region, the lineup comprises “Halin” by Ronald Gary Bautista, “Tunga” by Theo Lozada, “This Ring” by Jill Palarca, “Amog” by Atty. Raki Malaki III and “Panalipod Onlayn” by Glorypearl Dy. Meanwhile, “Badjang” by William Ranara and “Sepulturero” by Jimmy Abayon are from the Compostela Valley. Socsargen and Central Mindanao The fourth program, “Go South” offers films from Cotabato City, Maguindanao and General Santos City. The list includes “The Unveiling” by Josh Ephraim Nolasco from Cotabato City, “Allaisah” by Orvil Bantayan and Bong Aportadera, “Sanswe” by Ariel Lalisan, “Be”

The Night Stalker:

Valentine’s Day at Seda Centrio: When nothing less than the very best will do

For lovers to whom money is not an object of contention, only a day at Seda Centrio will do. For a mere P5,100 nett, a couple can enjoy an overnight stay in a Deluxe Room wth upgrade to the next room category (subject to availability). They will also enjoy buffer breakfast and dinner for two at Misto, in room massage for two persons, welcome amenity and late check out as late as 4PM. There’s also a choice of an in-room DVD movie. And wait, that ain’t all: couples can also enjoy 3 options of their meal for the romantic evening: Buffet at Misto with live music for only P750 nett per person; Set Menu at Sinamay on Feb 14-15 at only P999 nett per person with free screening of romantic movies) or a six-course menu at the exclusive Club Lounge at P1,200 nett per person with live music. Couples who elect to take the high choice at the 11th floor Club Lounge, an even more romantic ambience awaits with candle lights and an unparalleled view of the city lights by night. Only a maximum of ten (10) tables for 20 persons will be accommodated on a reservations only basis.

Full-length films I n the f i rst- d ay screening of Cinema Rehiyon 6, three fullle ng t h mov ie s f r om Mindanao will be screened at SM City Cinema 4, from 12 noon to 5p.m. The films in this program are “Riddles of My Homecoming” by Arnel Mardoquio, a veteran independent filmmaker, “Sugat” by March de Ramos and “Wig ni Happiness” by Albert Egot Jr. The three filmmakers are all from Davao City. Fresh films After being screened in the 6th Cinemagis festival, its top entries are going to be featured in a special program of Cinema Rehiyon 6, “Cinemagis Fresh.” The program houses the films, “Panamilit” (Farewell ) by Tat Soriano, “Binibining Cancer” by John Solomon Legara, “Hello” by Kevin Nico Surposa, “Ceasefire” by Jamela Bato and “Perla” by Angel Frances Borres. These aforementioned films will be shown at SM Cinema 4, 4-6p.m. Cinemulat Cinema Rehiyon 6 also features ‘controversial’ films from Mindanao

through Cinemulat. The 6th Cinemagis Best Short Film- Professional Category, “Ika-3 Putahi” (Recipe No. 3) by Joeromer Bacus and “Afterdark” by Aidx paredes comprise this particular part of the festival. These films with daring scenes will be aired at XULT on the same day, 4-6p.m. Environmental films Lastly, three films depicting environmental degradation and climate change will follow Cinemulat. The lineup includes “Backwash,” a Sendong aftermath documentary film by Jose Alfonso Sendaydiego, “Siete Pesos” by Oscar Floriendo and “Rising Up After Pablo” by Fe Maestre from Compostela Valley (one of the places badly hit by Typhoon Pablo in 2012). After each program, there will be an interaction between the audience and the filmmakers. Admission to the screening venues only requires personal care items such as soap, toothpaste and toothbrush, sanitary napkins and infant diapers, which will be donated to Yolandaravaged communities in the Visayas. Under the banner of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA), Cinema Rehiyon forms part of the National Arts Month (NAM) celebration. For more information about the 6th Cinema Rehiyon festival, you may visit

Mindanao Daily Caraga (February 11, 2014)  

Mindanao Daily Caraga (February 11, 2014)

Mindanao Daily Caraga (February 11, 2014)  

Mindanao Daily Caraga (February 11, 2014)