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LONGINES PACKAGING D.O.B Studio + Mo22 Design Studio Designed in 2009 Summer

LONGINES PACKAGING A collaborative project executed with DOB Studio, the brief for this conceptual project was to design a special edition watch for Longines. Based on the seasonal trend ‘Riviera,’ the style is targeted towards a younger, fashion-forward market. The palm leaf motifs and colour planning were applied over several touchpoints including product, POSM and printed material.

這個系列是針對浪琴錶所設計的限量錶 款。我們加入了比較活潑熱情的南洋渡 假風格,使得浪琴能夠展現不同以往的 新活力,藉此打入更年輕、更流行的市 場。 我們以棕櫚葉和明亮活潑的黃綠色設計 全新的底圖,並且應用在所有的包裝、 錶面以及各種細節上。

ANONYMOUS MAIL G.L.O Design Studio + Mo22 Design Studio Designed in 2009 Autumn

ANONYMOUS MAIL Kids are always afraid of something! “Anonymous Mail” is an audio story book for children between 4 to 6 years of age. It’s aim? Through humour, to teach ‘naughty’ children manners and etiquette through funny scenarios based on real life.Good communication

between a parent and a child can be a challenge, yet Anonymous Mail cuts through the difficulties with its humorous and creative stories to act as an educational tool. Each thematic envelope contains a new ‘threat,’ perhaps the fear of becoming a couch potato or maybe the prospect of becoming toothless – all issues parents are familiar with.

“Anonymous Mail” 是為四到六歲的兒 童所設計的學齡前教學有聲書。 利用 兒童懼怕權威以及怪物的天性,透過 詼諧幽默的”恐嚇”方式導正兒童的 不良習性以及教導正確合宜的禮貌。 在七封不同的信裡有著虛構的人物去 讓小孩知道包括飲食、學習、交通規 則等不同議題應有的態度和禮貌。 除此之外,以信件溝通的方式也可以 讓家長與小朋友能夠說出自己心裡的 話,加強親子之間的溝通。

It was never my dream to study design but nowadays I’m obsessed I strongly believe in the proverb “You are what you eat.”

DIOR HOMME SPORT CONCEPT PERFUME COMMERCIAL Mo22 Design Studio + y/FOURTEEN Studio + Blax Marae Designed in 2009 Autumn

DIOR HOMME SPORT A traveler takes a photo in the sparkling light. Excitement is in his soul, and music and travel his passion. This short film embeds the vitality and charm of the fragrance that is Dior Homme Sport - the substance of the soul.

隨著照片的閃爍交替,就像旅人按下 快門的瞬間,記錄著在世界各地每一 段精彩的故事雅痞,是他唯一的信仰 藉由象徵熱情的嫣紅色和奔放的音樂 ,帶出了Dior Homme蘊含的魅力與 無限活力,旅遊,就像是一種悠閒的 紳士運動。

THE HOUSE INSTALLATION ART Mo22 Design Studio Designed in 2010 Winter

THE HOUSE INSTALLATION ART Based on the cultural movement that began in Switzerland, during World War I, “The House” invites viewers to open its door: perhaps to their dreams. It also suggests that you might not like what you find!

由第一次世界大戰後瑞士的達達主義思 維出發,”THE HOUSE”目的是讓觀眾能 打開他們的夢想之門。而門後面所期待 的是什麼?或許找到的通常並不是那麼 如人所願。

REBRITH OF FLOWERS FASHION EDITORIAL S/S 2010 Mo22 Design Studio Designed in 2010 Sprint

REBIRTH OF FLOWERS FASHION EDITORIAL S/S 2010 Taiwanese floral prints were first manufactured in the 1960's by Far Eastern Textiles, Taiwan. Applying a Japanese-style painting technique to interpret the elegant Chinese peony, this genre of textile design quickly became associated with weddings and dowries and the birth of children.

Nowadays, these types of textile patterns have evolved to embody the spirit of Taiwan, and even when rendered in more dramatic monochromatic tones still retain an elegance, style and charm that represent the modern Taiwanese woman. The Re-birth of Flowers SS 2010 Fashion Editorial depicts a woman's strong heart with an unwavering personality, but one that is also gentle and soft.

台灣傳統花布是起源於1960年的遠東紡 織,以日本繪圖風格詮釋中國牡丹圖樣 並且被大量用於婚禮嫁妝或是生子祝賀 上。 而到了現在,這種花布已經普遍象 徵了台灣的在地精神。 我重新描繪了花布的圖案,並將它以強 烈且戲劇化的黑白風格應用在服裝上; 藉此來重新詮釋台灣新實代女性的堅忍 性格,但是同時也保持著她們溫柔文靜 的內心。

Rebirth of Flowers

ROOT ON PRINTMAKING Mo22 Design Studio Designed in 2009 Autumn

ROOT ON PRINTMAKING Tyvek® is a unique material. It is waterproof and almost unbreakable. Mo22 Design Studio teamed up with Ometry and several other freelance designers to create an ‘incredible’ product in just three days. “Root On” is a shower curtain with a difference. It keeps the water off and ‘in’. Integrated pockets work on two levels, firstly as shower organizers, that is places to keep your toothbrush, and as seed portals where you can germinate seedlings to add a bio-inspired element to your bathroom décor. Original illustrations were silkscreen printed onto the Tyvek® panels, then lasercut elements added for extra effect. Taking a shower has never been so much fun!


們利用了它特有的材質特性去設計概 念形的防水浴簾。浴簾上有著許多的 小口袋,使用者可以在上面放置牙刷 等浴室用品,甚至可以放種子讓它隨 處橫生。 利用自己手邊的東西,讓洗澡更有趣 味,也讓生活更添一層情趣。