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Promise for your Future Security and Prosperity TM

Headquartered at Kolkata, SUCCESS GROUP of companies is a worldwide endeavor of the 21st century. SUCCESS GROUP is born out with a strong desire to reach the pinnacle of corporate world. A simple and attentive vision to become one of the recognized performance leader in the corporate market of India and global as well, SUCCESS GROUP intended to explore the exceptional potential in the fields of Marketing & Distribution, Finance, Information Technology, Corporate Agencyship, Hotels & Tourism, Media & Entertainment, Education, Export & Import, Real Estate and many more. SUCCESS GROUP is with a forward thinking and a progressive group of companies that diversifies its business dimensions ranging from Marketing & Distribution to Finance, from Information Technology to Education, from Manufacturing to Export and Import, from Agriculture to Real Estate, from FMCG to Textile, from Amusement Parks to Shopping Malls and also from Beauty Products to Health Care Products. The Success Group at present having two well known companies under its flagship i.e. SUCCESS CAPITAL MARKETING LTD. (SCML), incorporated in April 2011 specialized in accepting deposits, making loans and advances, leasing, hire purchase, product booking, share brokerage etc. It has broadened and diversified the range of its products and services very progressively well accepted by its customers due to its customer-oriented services; simplified procedures; attractive products; flexibility and timeliness etc. SUCCESS VIEW MULTI SERVICES LTD. (SVMS), incorporated in March 2009 is a model of dynamism, youthful courage and breaking down of psychological and physical barriers to extend beyond familiar boundaries. A leading player in insurance and general utility services, SVMS is extending its footprint and exploring business avenues in high growth markets by generating direct employment opportunities to thousands. It has consistently tapped global opportunities by increasing service capacity, diversifying and leveraging core capabilities to venture into new geographies around the nation. SVMS is bringing far-reaching socio-economic differences in multiple cultures and communities across West Bengal, Assam, Orissa, Jharkhand, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and among others. As believing that quality prevails on so called traditional qualification, SVMS always admires the efficiency, performance, innovativeness and skill of its members. Considering this philosophy till date it has able to generate around 150 in-house and 50,000 on the field employment which is also a little contribution to crack-down the unemployment problem of the nation's economy. SVMS has grown from strength to strength. Today it is a image of both evolution and consistency. It honours values of passion for people, business excellence, integrity, sense of belongingness and social upliftment.

THE VISION STATEMENT To become one of the recognized performance leader in the corporate market of India and global as well within next 5 years by opening at least 500 offices with more than 25 Lakh members. THE MISSION STATEMENT To generate, deliver and distribute financial and general utility products in a safe, reliable and efficient manner. OUR FOCUS Security for our member’s future. Better client service. Timely payment to our members. OUR CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Free Ambulance Services for Poor Peoples. Organizing Free Blood Donation Camps. Scholarship Facilities for the Poor Meritorious Students. Helping hands to Handicaps, Orphans and Old-age poor peoples.



Dear Members,


I extend my heartiest pleasure to share the immense performance and triumph of our Success Family since its incorporation. With the grace of almighty and our member's un-flinched support the period of 2009-2011 also proved a period of excellence and achievements, during the period we experienced growth and development. We were very pleased to see a large number of new members joining the SVMS family. With this land mark performance we are proudly able to take various initiatives in different fields & very happy to broaden your horizons from Success View Multi Services Ltd. into a Group of Companies i.e. THE SUCCESS GROUP. Recently we have able to diversify our business from marketing & distribution segment to financial segment with an incorporation of another company as SUCCESS CAPITAL MARKETING LIMITED. and apart from this we have also taken the initiative of various projects in the field of Hotels & Resorts, Education sector, Tours & Travel Industry, IT sector, Amusement industry, Textile industry, FMCG sector, Malls & Restaurants, Media & Entertainment Industry, Health Care services, Tea industry, Leather industry, Iron & Steel industry, Bricks, Stone & Cement industry, Real Estate, Transportation business, Export & Import business, Fisheries industry, Beauty Products industry, Agro-based industries and many more. I am very hopeful that all these projects which have been taken will be bearing fruits. We are very confident to demonstrate the full potential of our assets, management capability, usage of latest technologies, manpower and access to Indian market for achieving record turnover, gross and net profit which will attribute to volume growth and better margin in our core business. Success Group is going to take several strategic initiatives during the next period of our business. We are planning to enter into various partnerships with major companies of the country for establishing ourselves as one of the leading corporate body. Our Joint Ventures are expected to accrue resources and make a meaningful contribution to to our earnings within the next few years. We are going to build new competencies which will be the basis for the larger footprint in the future. We have faced some difficulties in the recent past but have not compromised with our motto of service that “Your Dream and Our Efforts will Lead to Success”. I am full confident of your abilities, devotion and hard work and sure that you will make every effort to fulfill the goals and aspiration laid down by the society. Friends, all these are sweet trust of our sustained efforts and hard work. These glories on the one side inspire us but on the other side they bring more responsibilities, which I am sure we are capable of discharging. I am also taking this opportunity to express my gratitude to all our stakeholders, who reposed trust on us and buoyant that they will extend their constant support in future time also. I do wish to close with the words of Swami Vivekananda "Take up one idea. Make that one idea your life - think of it, dream of it, love it, live on it. Let the brain, muscles, nerves, tissues - let every part of your body be filled with that idea, and just leave every other idea alone. This is the way to SUCCESS.” With best wishes, Sincerely, MRITYUNJOY SAHOO Chairman cum Chief Managing Director


Managing Director’s Message

Promise for your Future Security and Prosperity


Dear Members, It is indeed my privilege to share with you the admirable performance of SUCCESS VIEW MULTI SERVICES LTD. (SVMS) in this Two Years of journey. The great Sir Winston Churchill was once invited to make a commencement speech at Harrow and there said only three words, “Never give up”. He paused and said again, “Never give up”. He paused further and said, “Never give up” and sat down. Keeping in mind these three words on 10th March 2009 we set up our company and since then SVMS continued to implement changes to strengthen customer satisfaction while tackling the challenge of achieving new growth under our business plan and since then we are able to get success in all aspect of our business. Thank you for those who have done for us these years. I would also want to share with you in particular my thoughts about the challenge ahead of us. Recently we have started various projects in the field of Marketing & Distribution, Information Technology, Travel & Tourism, Education, Tea Estate, Health Care, Films & Entertainment and also Real Estate, aimed at finding new areas to diversification. This reconstruction process which we started under the flagship of SUCCESS GROUP which that means is an immense enhancement of our effectiveness. These projects have to be accelerated as a result of the more and more diversification. I am fully confident that these projects which have been taken will be the result of immense success. Considering the creative achievements and future projects, wishing for a modest beginning by enhancing our services from our local offices to national horizon. The world is going digital at a pace that was not imagined a few years back. India is one of the most exciting markets in the word in terms of its consumer embracing new technology, experiences and the potential to connect a large part of its population with the rest of the world. I am more convinced that it is the right way to go administratively and strategically for the future of the company in a rapidly changing business environment in India. Our Success Group is about to undergo an important new phase of national development through the wide spread introduction of projects and the management of this emerging projects is very significant. We are firmly holding our position to recognize and utilize the latest technology for the diversification of our business in a larger perspective. Through our reconstruction, we are revealing our potential to engage in major structural transformation to achieve efficiencies by doing the right things in terms of effective management of our operations, manpower development in order to convey the maximum benefits and return to our stakeholders. These initiatives we have put forward will build our Group the Best and one day will come when whole globe will get the company called SUCCESS. To conclude I want to quote Peter Drucker “A difficult time can be more readily endured if we retain the conviction that our existence holds a purpose a cause to pursue, a person to love, a goal to achieve.” Thank you very much.





SUCCESS from the eyes

National Leaders

SHREE MITHUN CHAKRABORTY Renowned Actor & Social Activist

Heartiest wishes to all the member of Success View Multi Services Ltd. I was also present at SVMS's last year Annual Program and then the number of member were 12000, now it is raised to 48,000. The founder Mr. Mrityunjoy Sahoo & Mr. Snehasis Bhattacharyya are very well known to me. I have been observing them very closely. They are here from a very small place but making their destination with their own will, determination, ability, courage, I always admire those persons who proceed with those skills. “Yea log udhar ki jindagi nahi jite haii, apni himmat se apni karam se aage badte hai aur meri nazar me yea log bahat izzatdar hai.” When the flow of water approaches ahead then no one can stop that flow though there may be any rock, it ultimately reaches the ocean. Now success is towards SUCCESS and I do believe that no one can stop it. I use to say one thing very often that I got four National Awards not three. The three I have got because if my acting and the other one I have got because of my consistently five years (1994-99) Taxpaying record. Paying tax is not a big issue but the main thing is honesty , determination, loyalty. My father used to say one thing Son try to gain the reputation, the wealth will definitely approach towards you. This is true and today I can prove that he was right. I will tell the same thing to SUCCESS that try to gain your reputation honestly and then see all the citizen of India will follow you. And how long you will be with honesty this Mithun Chakarbarty will always be with you.

SWAMI TATTWASARANANDA MAHARAJ Principle; Ramkrishna Mission Sikshanmandira; Belur Math

At first I want to show my blessing towards the MD, Director, Executives and all the members of SVMS. The prime aim of S.V.M.S is to provide employment and to create self employment opportunities. This attention of S.V.M.S is a part of the vision of Swami Vivekanand. If each of us able to independent economically then a village will develop, a country will develop. S.V.M.S how it helping or donating various spiritual education institute, NGOs etc. it is a part of the speech of Bhagwat Gita “Debang Vabawata Nenha Te Deba Vabawanta Panha; Paraspara Vabawanta Yescha Parasparaya Owantaya” - which means Helping each other. S.V.M.S is not only a profit making organization, it pursuing those duties very well, which is a matter of appraisal.

TAPAN SIKDAR Former Minister; Government of India

First of all I want to appreciate the Success View Multi Services Ltd. and all its hard working members. Within a few time periods the success which S.V.M.S has got from that I am full confident that very recently it will touch the peak of success. The economical development, security of our wealth and providing employment opportunities to thousands of youths is really incredible. Through S.V.M.S you all are doing special task for the security of the society which is very rare to see. So my heartiest blessings to Success Family and all its members.

SHRI SUBHASH NASKAR Former Minister; Govt. of W.B.


Wishing you all warm and heartiest welcome. Here at S.V.M.S a large no. of youth boys and girls are working and they are doing it very well. I am full confident that those 15000 who are present here at this stadium and the rests are on their own feet earning their income with the help of S.V.M.S. Each and every human being and every organization has right to create a working organization for an organization. In our country the system is not available to create a working organization for every citizen of it, it is not mandatory for the government. That is why we are taking the helps of various NOGs, societies, organizations, bodies to create employment or whether it is creating on not. S.V.M.S is an organization which is growing very well for last two years and how it is organizing this program here today very well like our own culture which the MNCs fail to do. Here I can see that here the maximum attendance is from same age group and they are doing this job to live hence I am very much thanks full to this organization. I am very much delight to see Mr. Mirthunjoy, Mr. Snehasis & the other authorities who are engaged with this organization is very young. From this young generation our society has same expectation that they can do, can deliver and can show their abilities. Another things which I like must is the Blood Donation Camp. There are nos. Of MNCs in our country and in our state those do their business here but can't do anything for the upliftment of our society. Hence I am specially appraising the working of S.V.M.S and hoping god that S.V.M.S will grow reputation in upcoming years. It is my wish.

Managing Director’s Message


Since 2009, SVMS has designed its Financial and Insurance Services Business by conducting Annual General Conference, Prize D i st r i b u t i o n C e re m o ny, Development Meeting & Exhibition to be the premier assembly for the exchange of ideas, insights, and solutions regarding the insurance industry's most pressing issues.

Promise for your Future Security and Prosperity

These conferences are designed for senior organisers seeking to capitalize on new business opportunities, new relationships and new sourcing developments while maintaining compliance with new laws and regulations. Year after year, participants rate of SVMS conference content and relevance as "excellent."

2nd CENTRAL CONFERENCE, SUCCESS-11 January 13, 2011; Netaji Indoor Stadium; Kolkata v (W.B.) The Conference brings together more than 10,000 v senior organisers from all over India. The grand event opened with the blessings of SWAMI v TATTWASARANANDA JEE MAHARAJ, Principle of Ramkrishna Mission Sikshanmandira; Beluir Math. Thereafter SHREE SUBHAS NASKAR, Minister for Irrigation & Waterways; Govt. of W.B.; SHREE KSHITI GOSWAMI, Minister for P.W.D.; Govt. of W.B.; SHREE RANJIT KUNDU, Minister for Transport; Govt. of W.B.; SHREE TAPAN SIKDAR, Former Union Minister; Government of India; SHREE HARANATH CHAKRABORTY, Film Director and last but not the least SHREE MITHUN CHAKRABORTY, Renowned Actor & Social Activist.





January 31, 2010; Nazarul v Mancha; Kolkata (W.B.) The Conference brings v together more than 6,500 senior organisers from all over India



v September 26, 2010; Science City; Kolkata (W.B.) The Conference brings together more v than 4,000 Rank 05 and above organisers from all over India. 6

Promise for your Future Security and Prosperity






SUCCESS MISSION CLUB: This Success Mission Club has been introduced for the excellent achievers of the company. To get the membership eligibility of this club the desired person has to fulfill Mission Club Quota for the particular phase. The prime objective of this club is to distribute company's some portion of profit among its members on ESOP basis. Beyond this the Mission Club has also engaged itself in various social welfare activities i.e. donation of wheel chairs for physically challenged persons to Ramkrishna Mission, Belur Math is very latest of those. SUCCESS CHARITY TRUST: As a responsible Corporate Citizen, SVMS Ltd. pledges itself towards various CSR activities and to smoothen this initiative SVMS has introduced SUCCESS CHARITABLE TRUST. The prime objectives of this trust are Free Ambulance Services for Poor peoples, Organizing Free Blood Donation Camps, Scholarship Facilities for the Poor Meritorious Students, Helping hands to Handicaps, Orphans and Old-age poor peoples. 8

Promise for your Future Security and Prosperity

SUCCESS towards CSR BLOOD DONATION CAMP As a responsible Corporate Citizen, SVMS Ltd. pledges towards organizing blood donation camps as prior CSR activity at its various Conferences, development meetings etc. where its thousands of field staff voluntarily participate.

DONATING WHEEL CHAIRS In recent times SVMS Ltd. also taken the initiative to donate Wheel Chairs for physically challenged persons as one of its prime CSR activity.

DONATION TO VARIOUS NGOs SVMS has also started its participation in various welfare activities like donation for the Thalassemia patients, old age and orphan peoples etc. in this regard SVMS has donated 50,000/- & 25,000/- to NGOs like Aamra (which works for Thalassemia patients) & Mithun's Citizen Welfare Organisation (has 72 units across India with 1 lakh members involved in social work) respectively. In its 2nd Annual Central Conference SVMS has donated 30,000/- to Saradha Pith, Ramkrishna Mission, Belur Math for promoting literacy and higher education by providing grants or scholarships to the economically disadvantaged. PROMOTING SOCIAL AWARENESS PROGRAMMES Since its incorporation SVMS Ltd. has been involved in various community development programs like promoting literacy and higher education by providing grants or scholarships to the economically disadvantaged, donating money for the construction and renovation of schools, promoting healthcare by organizing medical camps, eye camps, through mobile dispensaries, etc... 9


EMU FARMING The first and foremost project that we the SUCCESS GROUP is going to undertake is EMU farming as SUCCESS EMU LIFE PVT. LTD. which will be specialized in rearing and producing the healthy and advance EMU breeds at Bankura and Medinipur district of West Bengal, India. Due to growing awareness of eating healthy, EMU meat is started getting in demand in India. With the increasing demand of alternate medicine, EMU oil which is removed from the fat deposited below the surface of the EMU skin contains the pain-relieving oleic acid, and is beneficial for arthritis and comforts stiff muscles and joints. Leather products from EMU skin are handbags, boots and other accessories like belts, wallets, purse, bags and watch bands. We will sell, supply and export EMU birds, EMU chicks, EMU fertilized eggs, EMU meat, EMU skin, EMU feathers, EMU empty eggs shells, EMU toenails, EMU body oil and other small articles. Besides that, we will also manufacture and supply an extensive range of Emu oil product like emu hair gel, emu skin toner, creamy hair gel, pain relief skin toner. We are eyeing to widen our spectrum exclusively in cosmetic, beauty and health care industry for its unique features like non greasy, non irritant, anti-oxidant and medicinal value etc Project Name


Farm Locations


Covered Area


Product Range

EMU Birds, EMU Chicks, EMU Fertilized Eggs, EMU Meat, EMU Skin, EMU Feathers, EMU Empty Eggs Shells, EMU Toenails, EMU Body Oil and other articles.

50 - 60 kgs

10 to 20 eggs in the first breeding season, gradually increases up to 20-30 eggs in subsequent breeding seasons


Promise for your Future Security and Prosperity


Delicious in taste Emu meat is 98% fat free rich in protein, irons, magnesium, potassium and other v minerals and also lower in cholesterol than chicken. It contains no hormones, steroids, or antibiotics and is raised in free-range environments. v It is also easy and fast to prepare. v v Emu meat gives red meat lovers what they want and health-conscious consumers what they need. It also provides better health benefits than all other meats. v

EMU birds normally have a life for 30 to 40 years of age and capable for reproduction v for at least 25 years. A single bird gives minimum twenty and maximum forty eggs every year. The EMU eggs are dark-green in color and each weighs 400 to 600 gms. In the starting period, the eggs should be used for the purpose of reproduction. v Eggs are also used in eating. v Infertile eggs are often blown out and sold to egg artists and crafters. There are three v main layers of color in an emu egg. Beneath the dark, avocado-like exterior of the egg lies a layer of teal or green. Beneath this is a layer of white. These three layers make the eggs much sought after by egg artists that specialize in carving.


Emu skin is thin, very durable, supple and breathable. v It perfectly fit for designer apparels, handbags, boots and other accessories like belts, v wallets, purse, bags and watch bands. v The thinness and softness make it suitable for lightweight clothing and accessories. EMU SKIN

The leg skin is highly suitable for making watch straps and belts, features of wallets due v to its attractive scale pattern.

Emu Feathers are long and beautiful. These are used to clean computers, audio, video, v electronic equipments, automobiles, glass products. The feathers are used for earrings, pencil buddies, hair picks, doll hats. v Feathers vused in crafts, clothing accents, jewelry, and even pillows these feathers have a variety of uses.


Emu Nails are used for decoration. v Emu Nails are also used for Jewelry Designs. v EMU NAILS

Emu oil has been used as a pain relieving treatment of muscle strains and joints. v Emu oil has various beneficial anti-inflammatory properties and has ability to penetrate the v skin. It also provides protection from solar UV rays. The skin penetration effect shows to be related to its non-phosphorous composition. Researchers have found that compound present in EMU oil is supposed to be a collagen. v However, the test performed on EMU birds shows that this molecule is present in an extremely concentrated form. Emu Oil used in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals is increasingly undergoing in more research v processes to obtain more products. Emu oil with various properties are using for Anti-inflammatory, Moisturizing, Cholesterol v reducer, Bacteriostatic, Penetration enhancer, Significant epidermal proliferative activity, No窶田omedogenic, Significant wound healing agent, Significantly reduces recent keloid scarring, Appears to promote faster healing of burns with less pain and scarring, Anti-arthritic activity, Excellent emulsifier. Emu Oil is also used in skin ointments, cosmetic products and excellent medicine for arthritis. v It gets easily absorbed in human skin. v It is also used as a pain killer. v The medicinal value of this oil encourages various countries to capture international markets in v producing new cosmetics creams by using EMU oil. It is considered as a great business to enter in to international market.




HOSPITALITY SECTOR SECCESS HOTELS & RESORTS PVT. LTD., another subsidiary unit of SUCCESS GROUP INDIA LIMITED going to open numbers of Hotels, Restaurants & Banquet Halls in different parts of Kolkata and other cities with its prime focus on good quality of food and service.


Summerset RESORTS

Manali I Nainital I Kalimpong I Corbett Park I Udaypur

Key Features • Welcome Drink • Air Conditioned Rooms • • • • • • • • • •

Multi Cuisine Restaurant with Bar Lush Green Landscaping for outdoor party & picnic Swimming Pool surrounded by bar - be - cue garden Car facilities for sightseeing and forest tours Cyber Café Jogger’s Track Cable TV and Channel Music Foreign Currency Exchange WI-FI A central courtyard with facilities for open air party dining, rain dance party etc. • 24 hours Room Service

HOTELS • • • • • • • • • • • •

Lodging Facilities for Tourist Restaurant / Cafeteria / Bar Conference Room Coffee Shop Swimming Pool Car Parking Facility Landscaped Garden Spa & Aroma Therapy Massage Therapy Bar-be-cue Billiard ATM



SouthWind Haridwar I Darjeeling I Gangtok I Digha I Puri I Ooty




So u th Wi nd

Managing Director’s Message

Promise for your Future Security and Prosperity


REAL ESTATE INFRASTRUCTURE SUCCESS INFRASTRUCTURE LTD. the subsidiary unit of SUCCESS GROUP in real estate sector is planning its first real estate project in Kolkata. The township project named as “Success Nagar”. This township project will be implemented in three to four phases. Phase-I is planned to be completed in eight to 12 months. The delivery of apartments will be completed in three years. This township will Apartments with Landscaped lawn with courts and gardens, Community Hall, Sports Club, Play Ground, Jogging track, Daily needs store, Temple, Natural lake, Pump, Lift and Generator, Parking Zone etc.


BANGLOW • • • • • •

Library Swimming pool Lake beautification Joggers path and Temple Drinking water supply Solid waste disposal management system • Roads- Black Top • Street Lights Project Name


Property Type





3 Bedroom + 1 Hall + 1 Kitchen with a Poojaghar

Area Range

2500 Sq. Ft. to 3600 Sq. Ft.


APARTMENT • Drainage system • Garden • Landscaped lawns – courts – gardens • Jogger’s track • Community Hall • Multi Gym • Play ground • Sports hall • Sports club • Car parking facility • Meditation hall • Swimming pool • Indoor sports hall • Round the clock security

May 2012 Onwards




The educational arm of Success Group, Success Education Pvt. Ltd. At par with global standards that believes in innovative teaching methodology. The prime objectives are to offer equitable access to & providing of basic education in deprived & meritorious students and also to cater quality teaching & learning.


• Video Delivery Enabled Classroom

E v e r y s u b - d i v i s i o n o f W. B .

• Well Equipped Computer Lab

• Laboratories

• Student Cafeteria

• Art & Design

• Communication Centre

• Language Room

• 500 Capacities Auditorium

• Computer Room

• Seminars

• Geography & History Room

• Tennis Court

• Seminar Hall

• Volley Ball Court

• Library

• Regular Health Check Up

• Music Room • Pantry

• 100% Back – Up Power • Round the Clock RO Water

• Indoor Games


• Playground

Burdwan – Haldia – Kalyani – Siliguri – Bhubeneswar – Dibrughar – Silchar – Agartala – Kanpur – Indore

SUCCESS INSTITUTE OF PROFESSIONAL STUDIES Kolkata – Guwahati – Noida – Lucknow – Nagpur – Hydrabad


Promise for your Future Security and Prosperity


SUCCESS TOURS & TRAVELS PVT. LTD. for providing group of tour packages, luxury package tours for domestic & international Online Air / Train / Bus ticket booking and Car / Coach Rentals. We will fully committed in maintaining the highest ethical standards in the travel industry with a prime aim in attaining confidence in the hearts of our customers through our dedication and quality. It will offer a complete travel management, in other words everything from planning to execution of tours. The hospitality of SUCCESS TOURS & TRAVELS PVT. LTD. extends from picking you up from point of arrival to arranging all the amenities in all class till your tour completes. Our aim is to constantly develop and provide innovative services based on a proactive approach to travel requirements for an affordable price with high quality services to our esteemed travelers while retaining a reasonable profit margin.

Focused Services ?

Corporate Tours


Group Escorted Tours




Travel assistance


International Package Tour


Foreign Exchange


Travel Insurance


Airline Tickets


Car Rental


Rail Ticket




Visa, Passport

Targeted Tourist Destinations Andaman Island – Bhutan – Darjeeling – Himachal – Kashmir – Kerala – Nepal – North East – Rajastan – Uttarakhand – West Bengal 15


Information Information & Technology & Sector Technology Sector Picking up after being adversely hit by the global slowdown, India’s IT sector is performing well and would experience an annual growth of 25-26 percent, to grave this opportunity SUCCESS GROUP also diversify its business in booming IT sector as SUCCESS BRIGHT INFOTECH PVT. LTD.

Web Technology Solutions Enterprise Mobility Open Source Software Business Process Management Enterprise Integration Enterprise Application Solutions Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing CIS & BPO IT Consulting IT Governance Cloud Computing Embedded Systems Development Engineering Design Services Custom Learning 16

Managing Director’s Message

Promise for your Future Security and Prosperity

AMUSEMENT INDUSTRY SUCCESS FUN WOLRD the latest amusement and water park with several rides – ground & water in the park will be located in the outskirts of the city of Kolkata, Chandigarh & Bhopal with excellent rides, trained operators, well maintained equipment, decent food in restaurants, fun water rides, rain dance and fire crackers/laser lights in the evening which will keep you busy all the time.

Kiddy’s Playland is a clean and safe indoor playground for toddlers and children and a great place for parents to let their children have fun while they shop in the mall. SFW focuses to maintain its status as the preferred entertainment destination by adding new fun facilities and attractions that provide a truly memorable fun experience for everyone with a affordable hourly rates & play all you can deal.

Project Name Locations





SUCCESS TEXTILE PVT. LTD. a subsidiary unit of SUCCESS GROUP with a view to produce world class textiles, made up and home textiles for national and international m a r ke t w i t h a s t r e n g t h o f exceptional management team, trained and dedicated work force with continuously upgrading human resources skill. At initial stage SUCCESS TEXTILE’s product range will include Saree, Bed Sheets, Dress Materials, Shirting , Scar ves, Curtains etc




Promise for your Future Security and Prosperity

FMCG s e c t o r Factory Locations

The SUCCESS SPICES, a brand of spices, seasonings is set to launch its new modern manufacturing unit at Kalna, Burdwan District of West Bengal. The proposed factory will spread over fifteen bighas with a built-up area of 60,000 sq ft. and warehousing capacity to hold more than 700 tonnes of raw material & processed goods separately. The factory is being constructed with modern building technology. When fully functional, the plant will have the capacity to produce 150 tonnes of masala and curry powder.


1 Product Range


Shopping MALLS

Departmental Stores

Project Name Locations


Covered Area


Key Features

Departmental Stores, Showrooms, Retail Outlets, Small Kiosks, Food Courts, Rooftop Restaurant, Promotional Event Hall, Conference Hall, Multiplexes, Well Designed Landscape Plaza, Elevator & escalator & Ample Car Parking Space at Basement.

Malls have become the latest trend of shopping in cities, where people don’t have much time to go to different places for buying various things. SUCCESS MEGA SHOP, the emerging shopping mall that offers the ultimate shopping experience, which actually specialized ones deal in sports items, wedding, jewelry, clothes, shoes, things of daily need, restaurants, designer watches & purses, games court, electronics, music galleries, beauty salons to lounge. The main purpose of SUCCESS MEGA SHOP is to ensure comfortable shopping to the people, where they can park their car, leave children in their favorite game court, shopping to their heart’s content from various outlets and finally, munch at the best restaurant.




HOSPITAL SUCCESS GROUP is going to diversify its business into healthcare sector as SUCCESS HEALTHCARE PVT. LTD. by setting up a 100-bed multi-speciality hospital at Kolkata The proposed facility will have high end CCU, Cath Lab, OT, Non Invasive Diagnostic Lab and ICU for surgery etc. and are expected to be operational by the end of 2012. Another hospital with 105 bed multi-speciality intending to provide Orthopedic facilities planning to be opened at Jamshedpur. We aim to provide 'Golden Hour' treatment facility for accidents and trauma patients.

Proposed Facilities •

Accident and Trauma Unit

Joint Replacement & Arthroscopy

Spine Surgery

Pediatric Orthopedic

Emergency Cell

Medicine and ICU


CHEMICAL FACTORY SUCCESS HEALTHCARE PVT. LTD. is also planning to invest for setting up a plant at Haldia region for the production of healthcare medicines. This plant will also expand capacities for other market specific products like Capsules, Tablets, Ointments, I n j e c ta b l e P re p a rat i o n s a n d o t h e r Pharmaceuticals products. 20

Managing Director’s Message

Promise for your Future Security and Prosperity


AYURVEDIC HERBAL RESEARCH INSTITUTIONS Kollam (Kerala) – Vasai (Maharastra) - (Dehradun) Uttarakhand –Tamil Nadu –North East

Success Ayurvedic & Herbal Research Institution will be a dynamic organisation engaged in researching and manufacturing of Unani & Ayurvedic formulations, both classic and patent. The organization wants to draw its strength from its team of experienced manufacturing and practicing Researchers, Hakims and Vaids. It not only aims to cure the diseased but at the same time aims at maintaining the health of the healthy individual. At

Project Name

initial stage with 3 manufacturing centers under its wings and spread in different climatic regions of India, will offer various Ayurvedic & Herbal Health Care products, Diet Supplements are waging a relentless war against all diseases afflicting humanity. The products will not just focusing to prevent but also emphasis a healthful & enlightened lifestyle for every individual.


Factory Locations

Kollam (Kerala) – Vasai (Maharastra) - (Dehradun) Uttarakhand –Tamil Nadu –North East

Products for the Target Diseases

Angina Pectoris, Anxiety, Diabetes Mellitus, Eye Disorders, Diet Supplements, Gynaecological Diseases, Hair Problems, Respiratory System Disorders, Skin Diseases, Urinary System Disorders etc.

ELECTRICITY GENERATION REASEARCHES SUCCESS GROUP of Companies going to invest one of its capitals for the generation of Hush Power from the hush of wheat. The targeted location for the plant will be at Jalandhar district of Punjab and Jhansi of Uttar Pradesh. All the research works is going on for this project. The power generation capacity has been estimated 60 to 80 MWT for 7 to 8 villages with an investment of Rs. 80 Lakh for each plant. Project Name


Plant Locations

Jalandhar (Punjab) – Jhansi (Uttar Pradesh)

Estimated Capacity

60 to 80 MWT

Estimated Capital Covered Villages

Rs. 80 Lakh 7 to 8

SUCCESS GROUP has dedicated towards offering technically superior electrical insulated products and thermal insulated products made from fiber such as Fiberglass Sheets, Fiberglass Ceiling Board, Fiberglass Helmet, Fiber Doors, Fiber Toys, Fiberglass Pool, Fiber Boats, Fiber Ladders, Fiber Table, Fiber Chair, Fiberglass Woven Roving, Fiberglass Roofing Sheet, Electrical Insulating Products and many more. Hope unmatchable quality, high durability, and extraordinary efficiency range of products will able to satisfy our future clients through quality products and reliable services. Project Name Factory Location Product Range

SUCCESS FIBER DUM DUM (KOLKATA) Fiberglass Sheets, Fiberglass Ceiling Board, Fiberglass Helmet, Fiber Doors, Fiber Toys, Fiberglass Pool, Fiber Boats, Fiber Ladders, Fiber Table, Fiber Chair, Fiberglass Woven Roving, Fiber Water Tank, Fiberglass Roofing Sheets, Fiber Poles, Fiber Bars and many more.



Leather industry Project Name Factory Locations Covered Area Product Range

SUCCESS LEATHERS Kanpur (U.P.) 470 ACRES (APPROX) Jacket, Footwear, Bags, Wallet, Cabin Luggage, Belt, Interior Items etc.

SUCCESS LEATHERS PVT. LTD. a subsidiary unit of SUCCESS GROUP focusing on manufacturing and exporting top quality finished leather jacket, cabin luggage, ladies bags, laptop bags, wallet, shoe uppers and s h o e s e tc . Wo r l d c l a s s i n t e g ra t e d manufacturing facilities for all manufacturing operations from raw skin to finished product involving latest imported machines from foreign nations.


Very strongly focused on innovation, R & D and Quality Control having devised a unique system of on-line quality control in which the entire workforce from the Worker to Senior Managers participate in 100% quality checks. R & D efforts will help to develop soft leathers in Cow Calf and Buff Calf that are matched by few in the industry.

Promise for your Future Security and Prosperity


SUCCESS GROUP as Success Ispat Ltd. is planning to set up an integrated steel plant at Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh. The project involves setting up of .56 mtpa integrated steel plant and a captive power generation unit of 30 MW, a sinter plant, blast furnace, pig iron casting machine, billet caster and rolling mill. The total project cost is estimated at Rs. 7600 million. The unit will manufacture steel bars, rods and pig iron. Land required is 35 acres. Project Name Locations


Covered Area


Product Range





BRICKS, STONES CEMENT INDUSTRY SUCCESS BRICKS, STONES & CEMENTS PVT. LTD. specializes in design, fabrication and installation of ultra high productive brick making & tunnel kiln system for heavy clay industry. Our specialty area will include utilizing solid fuels such as coal, sawdust and various industrial agricultural wastes as fuels for direct firing of bricks. The kiln is monitored and regulated by centralized controlled fully automatic systems which will very effective to reduce your energy cost.

SUCCESS GROUP has also consolidated its diversification towards cement business with a stake in the under construction grey and white cement plant at Kanari in Bokaro district of Jharkhand with a capacity of 0.3 mtpa (grey cement) and .12 mtpa (white cement). The total project cost is estimated at Rs. 1362 million.

The company is also planning to instal a well equipped modern factory in Asansol of W.B. for cutting, polishing, calibrating, chemphering & finishing with a multiproduct range that includes Blocks, Slabs, Tiles, Vanity Products & Articles of marbles & other Natural Stones. Project Name Locations



Estimated Cost

Rs. 1362 Million (Approx)

Product Range

Grey Cement, White Cement, Blocks, Slabs, Tiles, Vanity Products & Other Natural Stones.

Managing Director’s Message

Promise for your Future Security and Prosperity



SUCCESS TEA ESTATES a subsidiary unit of SUCCESS GROUP in tea industry sector by planning to acquire a plant in Assam. The plant is situated on the north-eastern banks of the Brahmaputra River, in Assam, produces approximately 1.2 million kgs of fine quality CTC and Orthodox teas. The Estate is located within the 26 48' 25" degree North latitude and 92 42' 45" degree East longitudes with an elevation of 92.45 meters above sea level and covers an area of 415.00 hectares under cultivation.

Currently the production yield is approximately 2100 Kgs / hectare. The appropriate selection of high yielding as well as quality clones, at the time of plantation, has ensured us the essential balance between, achieving good production yields and also manufacturing superior quality teas. With the continual process of renewal through uprooting and replanting, the maximum utilization of the available land areas and efficient plantation practices, we have targeted to achieve a production level of 1.2 million Kgs by the year 2012.



TRANSPORTATION Business SUCCESS TRANSPORTATION PVT. LTD. with its top priorities to keep the traveling public and goods safe and secure, increase their mobility, and have its transportation system contribute to the nation's economic growth. The company is aiming to have a strong transportation fleet comprising of over 50 Trucks, Carriers, Container Vehicles, Trailers, Stainless Steel Tankers, Specialised Bottle Carriers and Volvos. Project Name


Service Range

Volvo, Trucks, Carriers, Container Vehicles, Trailers, Stainless Steel Tankers etc.

Service Routs

Kolkata To Siliguri, Cuttack, Digha, Patna Siliguri To Guwahati, Gangtok Chandighar To Shimla Indore To Mumbai Agra To Jodhpur


SUCCESS GROUP also wants to diversify its business in the area of export and import with the name of SUCCESS EXIM SERVICES PVT. LTD. The prime products for exporting will be Flowers, Handicraft Items, Mangoes, Orannges, Tea, Sugar, Bambo Products, Garments, Wooden Furnatures, Brass & Bell Metal Crafts etc.

SUCCESS LOGISTICS PVT. LTD. with a complete focus of being first class service providers in Carried & Forward business with mission to provide one stop shopping for Indian logistics solutions is the best possible service at the lowest possible cost along with the comprehensive range of services like Goods Clearance Services, Goods Transport Services, Packing Services, Warehousing & Storage Services at our Godowns. Project Name



Service Range

Organising & Leasing Godowns, Providing Cold Storage Godowns, Organising Open Space for Container Storage / Container Yard, Private Custom Bonded Warehouse near Haldia Port etc.

Proposed Spots

Jorabhat (NH 37, Near Guwahati); Eastern Bypass (Near Siliguri); English Bazar (NH 34, Near Malda); Goda (NH 2B, Near Burdwan); Howrah NH 117; Haldia Port; Baharagora (NH 33 Near Jamshedpur); Urali (NH 5 Near Cuttack); Fatwa NH 30A.

Managing Director’s Message

Promise for your Future Security and Prosperity


With a vision to generate inclusive growth and prosperity for farmers, vendor partners, small shopkeepers and consumers, SUCCESS GREENER, a subsidiary of SUCCESS AGRO INDIA PVT. LTD. is set to take SUCCESS GROUP is going to foray into organized retail. It is going to caters to millions of customers, thousands of farmers and vendors through an entire value chain starting from the farmers to the end consumers. SUCCESS GREENER operates several ‘value’ & ‘specialty’ formats. The ‘value’ formats will be a neighborhood concept, an all under one roof supermarket concept & ‘SUCCESS SUPER GAINER ’, a mini-mart concept.

Project Name Locations Product Range

SUCCESS AGRO MALDA, NAGPUR, VALSAD, NORTH EAST Rice, Wheat, Sugar, Vegetables, Fruits, Seeds, Animal Feed etc.



FISHERIES INDUSTRY SUCCESS FISHERIES PVT. LTD. is a diversified segment of SUCCESS GROUP for the production and exportation of varieties of fishes. The target area for this fisheries will be at Medinipur & South 24 Pg districts of West Bengal.



SUCCESS GROUP’S another diversified venture will be in the area of manufacturing different types cosmatic and beauty products like Beauty creams, Body lotions, Shampoo, Conditioner, Toner, Talc, Hair cream, Sunscreen lotion, Oral care, Hair care, Sprays, Deodorants, Tooth pest, Face wash etc. 28

Managing Director’s Message

Promise for your Future Security and Prosperity

Plastics Processing


Taking independent R&D as foundation and the absorption of the sophisticated technology of the world as a secondary resort for the adjustment of special plastic formula and technology SUCCESS GROUP desires to venture its above stated strength into the name of SUCCESS PLASTIC PROCESSING PVT. LTD., with the commitment to the research, production and application of eco-friendly piping systems. The products will be divided into 5 categories and 13 subcategories. The main products are Hot water & cold water supply pipes, Gas supply pipes, Antiflaming pipes and fittings; PVC- U pipes, Drainpipes and Under floor heating pipes. These products will be used for hot and cold water distribution in buildings, floor and central heating and airconditioning systems, same floor drainage pipe systems, ground source heat pump systems, municipal water supply systems, municipal drainage systems, Garden greenhouse systems, agriculture irrigation systems, coal mine ventilation systems, gas pipe network systems and chemical pipe network systems.

Electrical Equipment Manufacturing Industry

Manufacture and supply of isolator, electric fuses, electronic conductor, hot dipped galvanized structures, lightning arrestors, galvanized pole line hardware, galvanized pole line hardware fittings, heat shrinkable cable jointing kits & accessories, fuses, conductor, hot dipped galvanized structures towers, hot dipped galvanized substation, pole line hardware fittings, heat shrinkable cable jointing kits, heat shrinkable cable accessories etc. SUCCESS GROUP going to acquire this sector of market as SUCCESS ELECTRICAL & POWER DISTRIBUTION EQUIPMENT PVT. LTD. ( SEPDEL).






The Media & Entertainment industry is uniquely characterized by the growth of immense variety of infotainment delivery channels, each having different characteristics, market requirements and customer preferences. SUCCESS GROUP also wants to grab this area of business as Success Media House Pvt. Ltd. which prime function will be producing for movies and daily soaps, opening up print and audio visual media channels etc. Apart from these offering updated technological solutions for cross-leverage the assets, enable innovative business process and enhance the transparency of revenue streams to various media conglomerates


? Digital Media Delivery Platform ? Media Asset Management ? IP Rights Management ? Ad Sales Analysis & Management ? Video Capture & Recognition ? Programme Scheduling ? Customer Support & Content Management ? Promo Management ? Content Management ? Archival Systems ? Editing, Capture & Encoding ? Press Releases


Promise for your Future Security and Prosperity





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