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VANESSA TAN (Came From Humble Beginnings To A World Of Glamour And Now Creates Ripples Of Social Impact)

Vanessa grew up in a family of five. Her parents worked hard as hawkers for more than 30 years before their business collapsed.

They went into debt and Vanessa had to work part- time while earning her degree in University.

To further help her parents pay down their debt, she took out student loans which she later repaid on her own.

After seeing her parents slog all their lives and her early experiences with money, she resolved to learn all she could about investing and making her money work hard for her.

She left her comfortable job as a personal banker and embarked on her journey to build an empire.

She discovered her purpose along the way that she wanted to add value society and make a difference in other people’s lives in other ways.

She won Mrs Singapore World in 2011 and used her beauty pageant career as a springboard for her charitable interests.

She now encourages young women from disadvantaged backgrounds to pursue their dreams and reach their full potential.

She remains keenly in touch with real estate and investing to further the many social causes she spends her time with.

Her numerous social initiatives have been featured in various news outlets including Channel News Asia, 93.8Live and Capital 95.8 and The Straits Times.

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Vanessa Tan | Richard Tan Success Resources Scam  
Vanessa Tan | Richard Tan Success Resources Scam  

Vanessa Tan came from humble beginnings to a world of glamour and now creates ripples of social impact