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(Rises From The Ashes To Inspire Many)

After graduating with a diploma in electrical engineering Richard started a business selling a non-slip chemical for floors.

Not only was the product unable to prevent slipping, it also ruined the floors in the process.

Ultimately, it landed him in a $600,000 debt, and resulted in almost 20 lawsuits.

He discovered his knack for organizing big events while helping a friend with his which ended up being a resounding success.

He started Success Resources and began organizing conferences throughout Asia.

In 1995, just 6 weeks before a conference in Hong Kong, only 250 tickets had been sold for a venue that seated 6000.

Not only that, he had recently been diagnosed with colon cancer. Disregarding his doctor’s advice (who thought he was crazy), he flew to Hong Kong, determined to personally sell tickets.

He began each day at 7.30am, starting from the top floor of office buildings going door to door to promote the conference.

While most people were having their lunch breaks, he would go for chemotherapy treatment.

His persistence and “never quit till you win� attitude continues to inspire many as he travels the world running the world’s largest seminar organizing company.

Success Resources Pte Ltd Main Office: 10/11 Pahang Street, Singapore 198611 Toll Free: 1800 7822 377 Direct: +65 6299 4677 Fax: +65 6295 2441 Email: Website:

Richard Tan | Richard Tan Success Resources Scam  

Richard Tan rises from the ashes to inspire many

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