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(From Pizza Truck Driver To Millionaire)

Started his working career as a driver for a pizza company. He worked his way from the bottom up, becoming a store manager and eventually running a pizza franchise.

He didn’t have the finances but came up with a way to buy not one but two stores with no money of his own.

He didn’t stop there. He acquired more ailing stores and turned them around, making fairly good money while doing so.

Unfortunately, Robert also learned how to spend money even more quickly than he earned it, and by the time he and his wife Roxanne were franchisees for eight years, they were over one hundred and fifty thousand dollars in debt.

Always being willing and having a zest for learning, Robert came across the teachings of a company that taught him how to manage his money.

Robert was able to take what he had learned and turn his financial life around.

And within nine months, went from being a hundred and fifty thousand dollars in debt to financially independent.

It was during this time that Robert also found his passion, which was to teach others.

Robert spends his time helping others find their passions and be able to live them with success and joy.

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Robert Riopel from pizza truck driver to millionaire