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CRITICAL SKILLS FOR SUCCESSFUL SALES (Part 2: Tips For Effective Marketing)

Good marketing, such as ads or links on websites, a well-placed headline, a best-selling book that refers to your services, will sell more than you ever could by just knocking on doors

By using media that are seen by hundreds or thousands, you are in essence knocking on the door of everyone who sees them.

In addition to other media, you can use other speakers, other businesses, other organizations and any entity that is exposed to those who could be potential clients of yours to get your message out effectively.

Start by making a list of potential avenues you can use to get the word out about you and your product. Spend time on developing those avenues and sales will happen automatically.

Second, be sure that whatever you send out for public exposure offers a compelling reason for someone to call you or to show interest.

It should not be a billboard of your service. It must be an offer for a reward to them if they contact you.

It can be a special offer for service, a fantastic guarantee, an irresistible yet truthful claim or simply a unique proposition.

A simple example could be to advertise a free consultation service or a limited-time discount or a “special free report� on competitive equipment if they call, fax, email or inquire.

Now keep it in mind that this is completely separate from the global marketing that your company is already doing for you.

This is a much more personalized and direct marketing effort that will not only draw them to your product or service, but direct them to you.

Marketing is simply getting your prospects excited and educated about you and your service before you ever make a sales call. Because their interest is piqued, you are that far ahead of the game.

This was adapted from “SalesDogs: You Do Not Have to Be an Attack Dog to Explode your Income!” by Blair Singer, top sales and leadership coach.

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