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We’re all looking forward to hosting you at our upcoming Millionaire Mind Intensive! We’ve been busy getting everything together so that you can experience a change in your money blueprint, uproot those unhealthy beliefs, and move towards a bright financially free future. You must be wondering, “Yes I know ‘theoretically’ what’s going to happen during the weekend but can you give me something tangible? Some preview of the tools I will learn?” The Difference that Makes the Difference One of the key differences between how the rich and the poor play the money game is how they manage their money. Rich people are excellent money managers. They have a plan they stick to when they receive their income. The poor and middle class people don’t. If you asked them where their money went every month, they would be hardpressed to tell you (probably because they have no clue themselves).

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T. Harv Eker came up with a system to manage his money as he journeyed from being a poor person to a very rich person. He had to learn and apply this same system to how he managed his finances, right down to the dollar. It’s actually a pretty simple concept called the Money Jar System. The Money Jars

Anyone can start managing their money even if they don’t think they have a lot of money to manage. The key is to develop a HABIT of managing your money, the amount doesn’t matter. Whenever you receive an income, from salary, rentals, commissions, whatever, divide the amount into the following “jars,” just like you would a tray of yummy cookies: Financial Freedom Account

You must NEVER, NEVER spend the money that you put inside this account. Any money inside can only be used to acquire passive income streams to grow your money. This is your “Golden Goose” that lays “Golden Eggs”. If you spend money in this account, for whatever reason, you’re killing your goose! This is probably the most

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important part of your money management and the key to building wealth. Never spend the CAPITAL amount in your FFA, and spend only the EARNINGS whenever you choose to retire. Long Term Savings

The money inside this account can be used for major expenditure. Savings for your children’s education, buying a house for yourself, or contingencies like hospital bills. Education

This account is used for your continuing education. Books, seminars, events, courses, anything that will benefit your learning. Everyone needs to learn, if you are not growing, you are dying!

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This account is used to pay your essential bills and expenses. Phone bills, utilities, clothing, food, transport, groceries, all come under this account. If you cannot survive on what you apportion here, simplify your lifestyle. Instead of driving a car, you could take public transport. Instead of eating in restaurants all the time, go to the food court. Play

Finally! Something fun! You get to spend this money on pampering yourself. Blow this Play money away every month so that you will feel good about having money and spending it! You should feel guilt-free when you spend this money. Massages, movies, that latest tech gadget, champagne, manicures, anything outrageous that makes you feel really good. If you need to save up for holidays or that new massage chair that requires a little more money, you can accumulate this account over a few months before you use it up.

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You can use the money for donations to charities, use it to help someone in need. Giving is important. When you give to serve other people, the eternal principle is it always comes back to reward you in some way. You can choose to give more if you wish. Just take a percentage from your Necessities account. That’s it! Sounds simple enough that everyone can apply it doesn’t it? The real challenge is having the discipline to see it thorough. The most difficult journeys begin with taking the first step but once you do, you’ll be well on your way to financial freedom and a life of wealth. If you want to know the EXACT percentage of your income to put into each of these accounts, you’re just going to have to come down and hear Rob Riopel explain the system in complete detail Live at the Millionaire Mind Intensive. See you there!

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Handle your money the way the rich and wealthy do