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When bad things happen to us, our natural tendency is to ask ourselves, “What did I do to deserve this?” Sometimes we are hit by a series of challenges in life. Some challenges may even seem so mountainous that we get floored by the complexity and intensity of the situation. And if we’re honest with ourselves, however briefly, that’s the first thing that pops into our minds.

But do we find ourselves asking the same question when good things happen? In my experience working with people, very often not. People who deem themselves unworthy accept anything they receive and silently settleregardless of the outcome of a situation or reward. (Or worse… think that they aren’t even deserving of any rewards!) It’s plain to see that our mindset plays a colossal role in the way we feel, the way we think and in what we believe is true. And what’s true is that because our mindset affects how we respond to different situations. It directly relates to the level of success we achieve in life.

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Some people may think that they deserve it and wallow in their next stage of giving up hope. While the ones who believe that they deserve better, proactively take steps to fix the problem, arriving their next stage of resolution and progress. People who believe that they deserve better, naturally seek out the better deals or fight for the rewards they believe that they deserve. And it’s really a matter of our PERSPECTIVE which determines where we end up after that.

After all, situations that happen in life don’t have any meaning in and of themselves. Situations only take on the meaning we assign to them. That’s what determines how WE want it to develop, guides us to the next stage of its development and ultimately the outcome we see. And when it comes to success, it is about moving forward, overcoming obstacles and then moving forward again. Having a good mindset is like having a blueprint for success in your mind. And believing that you deserve success and are worthy in every right is the driving force behind every progressive step you take in the right direction to success.

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But changing your mindset is not as simple as switching out the batteries of the TV remote. It takes constant effort, discipline and guidance to finally change the old habits and outdated beliefs you have acquired over the years. Many people may think that their mindset is good and positive enough. But a clearer indicator of how well your mindset is doing is the health of your balance sheet.

You need to be re-educated and re-define your financial destiny. If you want a place to start making some changes, why not begin by increasing your financial standing. And if you need a reason why‌ It’s because you deserve it. Is your mindset doing what it should do? Is it led you to financial freedom? Anywhere close to where you envision?

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When it comes to success, it is about moving forward, overcoming obstacles and then moving forward again.

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