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(Part 1: Learn About The Latest GMAIL Update)

If you’re a Gmail user then you’re probably already be aware of their latest update. Gmail has taken it upon themselves to sort our inboxes and automatically filter every message we receive. WITHOUT OUR PERMISSION.

We realize that they’re only trying to help and improve user experience. But to implement it as the default option for EVERYONE is bad for your business.

If you receive hundreds of emails a day using Gmail as your platform of choice, likely have everything organized into folders and labels so you can find everything easily. What this new “feature” does is it automatically sorts your emails into different categories that include: • • • • •

Primary Social Promotions Updates Forums

There are so many things about this that should annoy you. For one, certain emails that would show up under a label wouldn’t show up where you would expect them to be.

The reason is these new categories only includes mail from your inbox and not mail that you’ve already archived.

Meaning that you actually have more emails in the label than in the category. Or more emails that you can actually see because some go straight to the label you archived them under while others go to the tab. I mean category. Or is it called a tab?

But what really annoys me about the new Gmail update is that ANY mail we send out, including this Newsletter that we’ve received very positive feedback about gets sent automatically into the “Promotions” category.

That’s true for the emails you send out from YOUR company when you want to connect with your customers or inform them about business opportunities or share a special deal that you worked out for them.

If you’re like us, you’re a real person doing business, not some computer program that spams people repeatedly with meaningless content and only coughs up discounts and deals.

We believe in delivering value, like this Newsletter that we spend a lot of time and effort writing so you can learn something to help you in your personal life, your business or your investments. This has and always will be, our priority.

We actually didn’t realize our mails and Newsletter was going into “Promotions” until we were informed by our friends why we stopped sending it out. We didn’t.

Well the good news about this new feature is, Google made it easy to fix the problem and get your inbox back the way you want it. (Continuation: Part 2)

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If you’re a Gmail user then you’re probably already be aware of their latest update.