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==== ==== Persuasive Speaking: How To Be Persuasive In Speech ==== ==== What Is Persuasive Speaking?

Persuasive speaking is a skill that allows a person to change another persons thoughts and behavior. At its very core, persuasive speaking centers on the ability of one person to modify another person beliefs through simple communication. Persuasion allows a person to achieve different goals in whatever situation they may find themselves. So it doesnt matter what field you are in, persuasion will be able to help you accomplish your goals because it will facilitate your interaction with other people. Persuasion and behavior People frequently want to change other peoples behavior. Behavioral change is the biggest possible accomplishment when you are using persuasive speech. If a person exhibits behavioral change, that means you were able to alter both their thoughts and their emotions attached to the issue that you spoke about. How do we achieve behavioral change in the first place? Of course, we cant force people to change their behavior just because we want them to. People have their own sets of beliefs and value systems and they are going to hold on to what they believe in because that is how the human mind works. People are resistant to any form of change because the mind associates change with instability and chaos. From an evolutionary point of view, change is not good if you want to survive. And so humans have become naturally resistant to change because we like to stick to what we know and what we are comfortable with doing at the present. Now, although people are resistant to change, persuasion is still possible because we are able to utilize logic, rationalism, and emotional states to our advantage. For example, if Person B was trying to sell a new computer to Person A, he can say that his computer is 40% cheaper than another computer from a competing brand. The price point becomes a central point in the argument and the instant discount has an impact not only on the Person As thinking, but also on her emotions. Being able to save personal resources can stir strong emotions in a person and these emotions can help a person decide whether or not she should agree to the behavior change being suggested. Thoughts and emotions While it is true that humans are capable of complex computations and logical thinking, it still

remains that we are also emotional beings. Our emotions play an important part in our survival package. Our thoughts can influence our emotional state, and vice versa. Our emotional states can also affect the way we think about an issue, person, or situation. By focusing on the different aspects of a persons thinking process, we will be able to persuade people more easily because we can use different persuasion strategies to achieve the behavioral change that we want. No single approach to persuasion will work for every situation, and there is no real secret code that will allow you to persuade people within seconds. Persuasion is a communication process that you have to study before you can apply it effectively.

==== ==== Persuasive Speaking: How To Be Persuasive In Speech ==== ====

What is Persuasive Speaking  
What is Persuasive Speaking  

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