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Are you experiencing some pain in your jaw? Do you get migraine headaches more frequently now than before? Do you feel a ringing in your ear? These symptoms are typical of TMJ or temporomandibular joint disorders, or pain problems related to the muscles used for chewing. If you suspect that you may be suffering from this discover, its time to find a specialist for TMJ and get yourself treated. Here are some things you can do to find treatment for your TMJ pain. See your dentist. A dentist will give you a thorough exam and review your history of jaw symptoms. Dentists who have trained in a specialist program for TMJ can help in finding out the real reason behind the symptoms youre experiencing. Get a referral for a board-certified maxillofacial surgeon. There is really no one specialist for TMJ. However, some dentists, surgeons, and ear, nose, and throat specialists, may have some experience in treating TMJ. Ask your primary care provider to refer you to a maxillofacial surgeon. This is the kind of dentist who can treat the mouth and the jaw. Also consider consulting a surgeon, as it is sometimes necessary to correct jaw imbalance through surgery in some cases of TMJ disorders. Ask a TMJ patient to refer you to a specialist for TMJ. While this will not take the place of medical advice, a TMJ patient who has undergone treatment can tell you about his or her experiences and maybe suggest the same specialist for TMJ or clinic that he or she sought out. Get support. Its always much better to have someone who knows what youre going through. Consider reaching out to a TMJ support group. Not only will you make new friends and maybe get a lead on a good doctor, but youll also get good advice and suggestions on how other patients with TMJ are coping. Get a second opinion. This is not to dismiss your doctors capability, but if you are hesitant about what your specialist for TMJ is suggesting as a course of treatment, it is wise to get a second opinionor even a third, a fourth, or a fifth opinion. Remember that surgery isnt always the best course to correct your TMJ disorder. Alternative treatments that are less expensive are available. Check with your insurance. Before you even start treatment for your TMJ, call your health insurance provider. Not all insurance companies cover TMJ treatment, so its always good to check. If your health insurance does not cover it, find out how much the treatment would cost you. Do your homework. Understand your condition better by reading up on it. Treat the World Wide Web as your library and you will find a range of materials. Visit message boards for informative comments or posts that may point to a specialist for TMJ. Be proactive in finding treatment for your TMJ disorder. It is your body, after all. Take good care of it.

==== ==== What Is TMJ: Treatment For TMJ ==== ====

Seeking a Specialist for TMJ  
Seeking a Specialist for TMJ ... The reasons why some people are affected by TMJ and how using simple exercises can relieve their pain and discomfort.