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It is possible to cure leaky gut syndrome naturally, without the use of harsh prescription drugs. One way to do this is through the use of certain herbs. Herbs have been used for centuries to cure a huge array of ailments, and they can do the same for you today. One great herb to use is slippery elm. Slippery elm has been used as a balm to cure ailments such as burns, boils, skin inflammation, and wounds. However, it is just as effective taken internally. Because slippery elm possesses mucilage, a substance that turns into gel when mixed with water, it is able to form a coating to sooth irritated throats, stomachs, and intestines. This does wonders for leaky gut syndrome since the irritation of the intestinal lining is what causes the condition. Plus, slippery elm also contains antioxidants which help to alleviate this syndrome by reducing free radicals and relieving infections. Peppermint tea is also another herb that is used to alleviate a variety of stomach problems including leaky gut syndrome. This tea calms the stomach and promotes the flow of bile. Plus, peppermint tea kills certain kinds of bacteria. When irritation of the bowels occurs with leaky gut, bacteria and toxins are able to escape from the intestines and enter the bloodstream. A reduction in bacteria results in a reduction of the possibility of infection. In addition to peppermint tea, chamomile tea does wonders in treating stomach issues. It is an effective remedy for relieving leaky gut symptoms such as excessive gas and bloating plus, cramping, and pain. Drinking tea is also a natural way to relax. Many times the symptoms of leaky gut syndrome worsen with stress or anxiety. Many people know that worrying and stomach issues go hand in hand. One very effective and natural treatment for aiding the reduction of leaky gut is to simply control the stress in your life. Another helpful herb to reduce the symptoms of leaky gut syndrome is marshmallow root. This herb soothes the irritated mucous membranes of your digestive tract. It can be found at your local health food store or online and has been used for thousands of years to relieve just about all problems related to the inflammation of the digestion tract. For many herbalists, the first choice for treating a huge range of problems is Echinacea. This herb is so powerful that it has been used in treating scarlet fever, malaria, blood poisoning, and diphtheria. This herb helps to strengthen the immune system, reduce inflammation, and it also possesses antioxidant qualities. Another favorite of herbalists is goldenseal. Like Echinacea, it is a powerful herb used to treat many different ailments and works quickly on digestive issues. This herb is so popular that it is being over harvested and is in danger of becoming an endangered species.

When suffering from leaky gut syndrome, natural cures are a valuable option. Many times it is the overuse of antibiotics that aggravates this syndrome. Antibiotics do not discriminate when killing off bacteria. Many times the good, beneficial bacteria that are naturally found within the intestines are affected and cannot do their job breaking up toxins. This can further agitate the condition creating a harsh cycle of symptoms.

==== ==== Leaky Gut Syndrome: What Is Leaky Gut Syndrome ==== ====

How to Treat Leaky Gut Syndrome Naturally  

Facts about how the body and the immune system is affected by leaky gut syndrome. ==)

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