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==== ==== The Metal Detector: Metal Detectors Treasure Hunting ==== ==== How to Score Great Metal Detecting Finds

The key to scoring great metal detecting finds is patience, persistence, and knowledge. When you first start metal detecting, you rely mostly on luck. However, youll quickly learn that luck will only take you so far. As a hobby, metal detecting is growing by leaps and bounds. More and more people are out at local areas, trying to find something of value hidden deep in the earth. Its up to you to get to it first. To do this, try detecting in the cold-weather and winter months. Often, people who are more relaxed about their metal detecting just dont have the drive to battle the winter weather at the beach. But with the wind and storms moving the sand around, you can really score great finds and at the same time, eliminate the competition. Some people prefer relic hunting. They mainly look for old relics which might be iron items from the colonial days. In order to search for items this specific, youll need to spend a lot of time doing research before you go hunting. To find relics, you can go detecting in the woods. Look for old foundations or stone walls. Look for deep impressions in the ground that may have been dug for a bottle dump or a cellar hole. You should also check out paths in the woods. Most paths are not new and have been walked for centuries. Also keep a look out for overgrown paths and old wagon roads. These roads usually have stones imbedded in them so that the wagons wouldnt sink into the mud. You can also go metal detecting along riverbanks. Many detectorists have great success in these areas. Waterways used to be the main way that people got around in olden days. You can check out old marinas and fishing spots. Old swimming holes are good, too, because when it was really hot, people would simply shed their clothes and jump in. In colonial days, rivers were an essential part of life. Colonists had to wash their clothes in the rivers and creeks, as well as bathe and drink in them. Many people have found things such as old buttons with their metal detectors. Make sure that you check around old bridges and train stops, too. You might be lucky enough to find an old token. Another great location for good finds is in fields. There are a lot of old farm fields around, but youll need to get permission first in order to detect in these areas. Fields are even better to go detecting in right after a hard rainfall. Some fields were even used as encampments during wars. But you have to be sure that youre not breaking any laws by detecting on known battlefields. Although it takes some metal detecting skill to locate a really good find, with the right knowledge about the location where youre detecting, enough patience to keep going, and the right amount of persistence to get the job done, theres no telling what you might find.

==== ==== The Metal Detector: Metal Detectors Treasure Hunting ==== ====

How to Score Great Metal Detecting Finds  

A guide to the basics of metal detecting including the best places to go and how to find valuable treasures. ==)

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