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As children, we had the ability to concentrate on a specific task without all of the messiness and distractions in our subconscious that we have today. Think about it - we all agree that we get smarter as we age but a baby that is less then a year old can learn complicated actions like walking, talking, eating with a spoon, etc. For the poor souls that have to relearn such actions after a serious accident when they are older, it takes them much longer. As we age, we learn things like when you fall, you get hurt, and it is difficult to ignore such ingrained beliefs. By using self-hypnosis to clear our subconscious, you can give yourself a different way to train your brain and learn a new action that you once thought impossible. It is the subconscious that is responsible for shaping a persons personality and emotional drive. The technique of hypnosis has been around for a while. We all remember the pocket watch dangling in front of someones eyes slowly swaying back and forth. But the real goal is to use selfhypnosis as a therapeutic technique to cure ourselves of whatever might be holding us back in our well-being. This might be any number of things like smoking, being overweight, a fear of public speaking, being overly shy, etc. By using hypnosis, you are able to concentrate on a specific thought in order to change your habits. Anyone can be hypnotized but its effectiveness depends on how much you will allow yourself to accept the hypnosis process. Regardless, the process of hypnotizing oneself is fairly simple. The hypnosis process centers around several basic steps. It is the way that these steps are achieved that differs from technique to technique. The first step in the hypnosis process is to achieve complete relaxation. The mind is capable of many different levels of sleep. The state of sleep that you are in when you hear your alarm clock in the morning is much different than when you are under anesthesia and are undergoing an operation. The level of relaxation that is required for hypnosis is somewhere between being awake and being asleep. The second step in the hypnosis process is to concentrate on a phrase, an idea, or a suggestion. This is a more heightened state of concentration than you practice on a normal day. Once these steps are achieved, you will become immobile during hypnosis. You will also experience a heightening of all five of your senses. It is called hyperawareness and it happens naturally when a person is able to increase their concentration during complete relaxation. You will also experience REM, or rapid eye movement. This does not mean that you are technically asleep. Under self-hypnosis you are able to wake yourself up at any given time, which is not the case when you are normally sleeping. The key to using self-hypnosis to change your bad habits or struggles is to allow your willpower to push you into submission. Your subconscious provides the initial momentum to do something but it is your consciousness that provides the willpower. Without willpower big changes in your thinking would not be possible. Hypnosis itself would not be possible without the willpower and commitment to try it until you are successful.

==== ==== What Is Self-Hypnosis: How Does Hypnosis Work ==== ====

How Self Hypnosis Works  

A guide to using self hypnosis to gain control of your habits in order to change to be a better you. ==)

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