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==== ==== Australian Shepherd Dog: All about Australian Shepherds ==== ==== Possibly most known as the best herding dogs in the canine world, Australian Shepherds are also highly intelligent and easily trained. Due to their inherent breeding traits as a herder, which include a well-developed protective instinct, Aussies make good watch dogs. They will certainly bark warnings if they suspect danger, but they are not excessive noise makers. They are generally loyal, playful, and affectionate dogs that love to cuddle and make terrific companions. Australian Shepherds make wonderful family pets, provided the family has plenty of time for them. Just like many intelligent dogs, Aussies can become bored easily, especially if theyre left alone for extended periods of time. They will chew up virtually anything if they get restless, and are notorious hole diggers and escape artists. An Aussie that receives plenty of exercise will have very few of these problems. As you can imagine, a dog that renown for its herding skills needs plenty of vigorous exercise. Exercise can be given to Aussies in a variety of ways. Running free in a field such as a dog park is ideal. You can also give your Aussie some real work to do, such as carrying a pack on a walk. You can also play games of catch with a ball or a Frisbee, and/or take them for long runs. They thrive in being part of the action and are willing company on outings such as fishing or hunting trips. Or theyd simply love to be with you while you did a little yard work at home. People interested in raising the type of dog that needs certain requirements should consider acquiring it as a puppy. In this way, your Aussie puppy can be properly trained and will also become comfortable with the people it will be living with. It is a good idea to give a new puppy his own area such as a kennel or crate when you bring him home. You can include toys and a blanket inside the crate so that he has something to occupy his time if he wakes up during the night. This will keep puppies off of the furniture at night and in their own established area. Aussie puppies must receive training right away to curb their desire to take the dominate role in the family.

The Australian Shepherd is a dog that exudes a tremendous amount of energy and drive. With their extreme intelligence and eagerness to please, they are capable and excel at a number of endeavors. They are used as search-and-rescue dogs, guide dogs for the blind, hearing dogs for the deaf, therapy dogs, drug detectors, and show dogs. In addition, Aussies are used to drive livestock like cattle and sheep on working ranches, and are highly competitive in obedience, agility, utility, and other performance disciplines. They are happiest when they have a job to do. Of course, Australian Shepherds make wonderful family companions, too -- provided the family that adopts the Aussie has ample time and abundant space for their new friend.

==== ==== Australian Shepherd Dog: All about Australian Shepherds ==== ====

Australian Shepherds Information  
Australian Shepherds Information  

Information on teacup Australian Shepherds and why they are truly unique.