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Quarterly newsletter 2 I June 2015

What is a Bid? A BID (Business Improvement District) is a business-led and funded partnership created to deliver additional services to businesses within a defined commercial area. In our case, the BID operates in Sutton High Street. Once a BID has been established by a majority vote, companies are legally bound to pay a surcharge on their business rates each year.

Levy Payer Benefits

The levy is used to develop projects that will directly benefit businesses from street cleaning, providing security, making capital improvements, events and marketing.

Rapid Response clean-up service

In Sutton, the levy is currently 1.05% on all businesses within the BID area that have a rateable value above £10,000. Businesses below that threshold can pay a voluntary annual levy of £100. Successful Sutton was established in October 2012 and runs until October 2017. As a BID we invest money in activities and services to promote and improve Sutton, and we strive to secure best value for you, our levy payers. Our responsibilities are divided into four themes or sub-groups: Enhancing Sutton, Delivering Value, Protecting Sutton and Brighter Sutton.

discover experience enjoy

What is Enjoy Sutton? Enjoy Sutton is our promotions brand for the town centre. We actively promote Sutton by running regular marketing and social media campaigns, competitions, high street events and community initiatives. As a destination brand, we are committed to raising Sutton’s profile as a great place to shop, dine, work and live. All Enjoy Sutton events and activities are exclusive to the town centre and are funded by Successful Sutton.

BID members can directly benefit from our business support services, which are provided free of charge or subsidised by Successful Sutton. Have any ideas of how we can further improve our services to you? We’d love to hear your feedback. Email

We have introduced a ‘Rapid Response’ clean-up service to deal with urgent cleaning requests on the high street. Our Street Operations team is ready to tackle reported problems in the town centre such as spillages, overflowing bins and can be on-site within an hour.

Mixed recycling scheme

All BID levy payers have access to this free service, which is available from Tuesday to Friday between 9am and 12 noon. To contact the Rapid Response team, please call during service operating hours, tel 020 8770 3173.

We are encouraging all retailers in Sutton to join Shop Watch, our new ‘retail information network’ organised in conjunction with Sutton Metropolitan Police.

Have you signed up to our free mixed recycling and cardboard collection service? The kerbside scheme is available to all our BID levy payers in partnership with recycling company First Mile and can help save your business money. To sign up, drop us an email at with the subject line ‘mixed recycling’.

Bulk waste We can also remove any bulky waste, including furniture and white goods free of charge, thanks to a partnership with the Vine Project. To arrange a free collection, call the office on 020 8770 3170.

Shop Watch: the crime prevention scheme

Footfall data All BID levy payers have access to weekly visitor traffic data from our three high street footfall cameras, provided by Springboard. To receive our free weekly footfall reports, we just need your email address. Please send the details to info@successfulsutton. with ‘footfall’ in the email subject heading.

Under the new scheme retailers in the BID area and the police meet monthly to share information, intelligence and best practice in areas such as retail crime and anti-social behaviour. They are also an opportunity for you to raise any crime and safety concerns. Shop Watch ties in with the existing Radio Scheme, which provides BID area retailers and the local police with a direct radio link. Meetings are held on the last Thursday of each month at the Successful Sutton offices. Retailers joining this free scheme are being given window stickers bearing the Shop Watch logo to use in retail unit windows as a crime deterrent. To receive a Shop Watch welcome pack, or register your interest in attending a meeting, email

Pub Watch: creating a safe drinking environment

Radio Scheme: a crime deterrent

A voluntary scheme, Pub Watch aims to reduce alcohol-related crime and disorder and create a safe drinking environment in all licensed premises in the town centre.

A large percentage of pubs and shops in the town centre have signed up to the scheme, which in conjunction with Shop Watch and Pub Watch, is proving to be a successful crime deterrent.

Members are linked to each other and the police by radio, allowing them to share information quickly and effectively. Pub Watch runs in tandem with Sutton Business Crime Reduction Partnership and the Behave or Be Banned Scheme. Individuals known to have committed an offence in a licensed premises could be banned from other venues. Regular meetings are held to inform members of the latest developments and discuss areas of concern. If you are interested in joining the scheme, email

The Radio Scheme provides a direct link between businesses and the police on Sutton High Street day and night.

The radios can be used to convey information to other businesses and the police instantly. Successful Sutton subsidises the hire of the radios to ensure the scheme is affordable for all levy payers. To find out more about the scheme, email

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BID Matters Newsletter Edition 2 June 2015  

All the latest news from Successful Sutton including the launch of our new customer loyalty programme.

BID Matters Newsletter Edition 2 June 2015  

All the latest news from Successful Sutton including the launch of our new customer loyalty programme.