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Success at School 7 Portable Hot Lunch Ideas It is no secret that the typical school is unhealthy. In fact, school lunches deliver about the same nutritional quality as a fast food meal. No child should have to eat nutritionally-inferior lunches day after day. Poor diets contribute to childhood obesity, lack of energy and unclear thinking. The demands placed on children at school are intense—from academic expectations to surviving peer pressure. One of the best things we can do for our kids is to equip them to deal well with the stresses that they are under at school. Ensuring that they eat healthy food is a smart way to do this. But transporting food to school does not have to be difficult. With a little planning, sending your kids off to school with energy-giving and health-building foods is easy. You will need to purchase a couple of good quality food jars. These thermoses can keep food hot or cold for many hours and will be perfect for slipping into your child’s backpack. Buy the best quality you can afford, preferably stainless steel. You may also want to stock up on plastic utensils so your child does not have to keep up with your flatware at school. Use this guide for delicious, hot lunch ideas for your children: 1. Alfredo meal. Combine hot, steamed vegetables (broccoli, carrots and cauliflower), Alfredo sauce, chicken and whole wheat pasta in a food jar. Pair with a cold salad in another food jar. 2. Stir fry. Small pieces of beef, mixed vegetables and brown rice combined with a little soy sauce, garlic and ginger makes a very tasty and nutritious meal.

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3. Chili. Top some chili beans, diced tomatoes, ground beef and mixed Mexican spices (cumin, chili powder and garlic powder) with shredded cheese. Pair with cold, mixed fruit in another food jar. 4. Bean dip. Warm bean dip is delicious with crisp tortilla chips. Slow cook pinto beans, then mash with salt, garlic powder, onion powder, cumin and chili powder. Top with cheese and sour cream. 5. Vegetable soup. You can hide a lot of veggies in soup. Make a tasty soup with lots of mixed veggies and legumes such as split peas and lentils. 6. Fajita wraps. Pack hot, sautĂŠed chicken, cheese and vegetables into a food jar. Send along some whole grain tortillas in lunch bag. Your child can build quick fajitas during lunch period. 7. Macaroni and cheese. As long as you use whole wheat noodles and real cheese, packing a hot lunch of mac and cheese will probably delight your child. Related Articles: Tips To Study Math Homework Skills How To Reduce the Cost of College Tuition Homeschooling For Working Parents GMAT vs. GRE - Which One Should You Take?

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10 Portable Hot Lunch Ideas  

Back to school with 10 rtable hot lunch ideas.

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