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Sometimes when life gets boring and we want a change of scene, we like to do something different to break the monotony. There are various ways of introducing a variant in the things that we normally do. For instance, if your relationship is reaching a plateau, you can, with your partner's permission, spice up your sex life by following some kinky sex tips that may bring in some freshness to your relationship If you have been with the same lover for a while, you may secretly suspect that she has some hidden quirks. She may drop hints or express a desire to try out something different. Encourage her to discuss her idea with you and show a lot of interest. Let her see your eagerness to try it out and encourage her by telling her you would do anything for her. You can download kinky sex tips online from several sites. She may express a desire to watch a porn movie in bed with you. There are many which show women sprawled on the bed with her hands and feet tied to the posts or women walking around with leather tongs and whipping the air with black whooshes. Ask her if she would like to try out one of these positions and you may be amazed when she says yes. There are several games that you can play in the bedroom which will give you a great turn on. You can even try strip poker or one of those board games that lead to punishments whenever you make a wrong move. If you cannot go out and buy them, you can discreetly order them online and have it shipped to your door. Do whatever it takes to make your love life interesting and provide you both with maximum enjoyment. You can read books which may give you interesting kinky sex tips to tickle those taste buds. Read the testimonials of various books. Books written by sex gurus are freely available online. You should be able to hone in on the right one. Try to get your partner to read material that may encourage her to play games in the bedroom with abandon.

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==== ==== Love Expert Reveals 500 Tips To Have More Amazing Sex In Your Relationship‌ Starting Tonight! ==== ====

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