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For online marketers, the no traffic = no sales equation is very familiar. And, getting massive traffic to your websites can be quite the challenge. That is why most marketers end up spending so much money just to get the best system possible to generate massive traffic to their website. Many marketers will invest in different traffic training programs in order to immediately drive traffic. But unfortunately, many of these programs do not produce the results they claim they will. Some of the so called "the best SEO systems" do not sufficiently teach or show marketers exactly how to get the eternal amount of traffic they are looking for. Many marketers hire SEO experts to help them get the results they want but, this can be very expensive and it may take a long time, sometimes weeks or even months to see results. Here is what I have found that works extremely well. My websites have ranked on the first page of Google within hours of implementing these strategies. A very well respected marketer online, named Paul Counts teaches you in a 10 video series package, the different tactics on how to get massive traffic to your website within 24 hours! All the strategies are Free methods as well. The videos are very comprehensive and are easy to follow, even if you are very new to marketing online. Paul is an excellent teacher and he shows you how to implement these methods that work. I have found them to be extremely effective and easy to set up. Here are some of the strategies that Paul teaches in his videos that are extremely effective, just follow his uncomplicated step by step instructions: Finding the right keywords for the sites/niches - This is the root of a niche. A marketer may sometimes get so excited about the business he's promoting that he may have not done research of what's popular in the market today. It is very crucial not just to check the top keywords but also to check the quantity of competitors. By doing this, it is easier for you to identify if you can rank high easily on Google using the chosen keyword. Use A Keyword Research Tool - Google provides a free tool that you can use during keyword research. It will give you results on the number of searches per month, thus giving you an idea as to which keyword is in demand in the market. Using this tool will certainly give you enough keywords on your list which you can choose from. Good Content and Attractive Site - After finding the keywords for your site, you can then create good content and an attractive site. Keep in mind that people want information, and if you are able to provide that, they will keep coming plus they will also refer you to other people who need your information. Once you've got these three factors set up, you can then start endorsing your site by submitting it to different directories for promotion. This will definitely bring you massive traffic to you site.

Get backlinks from trusted sites - the older the site is, the more it is trusted by Google. If you get more links from these type of sites, then you will easily rank high on Google. Paul Counts' step by step training videos on getting massive traffic will show you the basic things you will need, from creating your sites from scratch, to generating massive traffic to your website. Putting into use just some of the strategies mentioned here will definitely get the results you want. How to get massive traffic to your websites will no longer be a problem for you, and hopefully you will have more traffic than you could ever have imagined possible!

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==== ==== Finally revealed secret to get targeted leads on complete auto pilot ==== ====

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