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At the launch of The Fat Rich Pig, I was curious enough to purchase a copy because the program came onto the market with a lot of controversy and mixed feelings. And if you are wondering whether or not to go for this program I am sure after reading this article you should be able to make that call or not. The question many have asked me is what exactly can The Fat Rich Pig do that has not been done or can not be done by the other programs out there? So for the benefit of people with such questions I will try to answer the question of what Fat Rich Pig can do. First the purchase of the Fat Rich Pig saw me with two materials, an e-book called Funnels2Wealth and a program called Affiliate Crusher. What can I do with the Funnels2Wealth Transcript? First I will state that there are lot more information in the transcript than what I will discuss here, and also I am touching those areas that affects me personally with respect to my level in affiliate marketing. So the transcript will make different meanings to an affiliate newbie and an experienced affiliate alike. oI learnt some AdWords skills that effectively helps me to market not just digital products but also used on some of my eBay sales successfully. oI was told the proper way to go about link cloaking and protect my sales because many affiliates and vendors out there know easily steal fellow commissions due other affiliates. oSome tricks used by middlemen were discussed in this transcript and the strategies that I should implement to maximise my profit. oHow to build my own website using top Seo secrets and how to use affiliate codes to get more out of my website. o Effective and proper link building techniques oAnd a lot more that I can not go into or this article will become a novel. What can I do with the Affiliate Crusher Program? oI used the affiliate crusher to research and find my competitors (I am a vendor as well as an affiliate) oFind the top affiliates making sales for my competitors

oFind their contact information and recruit them with custom made emails. oFind products with high conversion and who are the affiliates marketing while doing a general search of the top search engines. oReduces the number of hour I spend on product testing because the testing has already been done for me by the other affiliates and vendors. oYet again many more that we can not finish here... So generally, I do not feel I have been scammed in anyway for my purchase of the Fat Rich Pig program but rather I have been able to put the materials to very positive use. Also the purchase of the Fat Rich Pig got me some extra bonus materials that are indeed essential for my affiliate marketing business.

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==== ==== The Killer Software That Makes Gets Me 256,987 Visitors Per Month On Complete Auto Pilot Visit ==== ====

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The Killer Software That Makes Gets Me 256,987 Visitors Per Month On Complete Auto Pilot Visit

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