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Commission Crusher: A Cash-Cow for Affiliate Marketers? This is a new product that combines courses that teach beginner-level affiliate marketers how to maximize earnings and includes software that can locate highly profitable traffic sources without having to rely on Google. The program is the latest offering from Facebook and MySpace marketing "guru" and selfproclaimed 24-year-old millionaire Steve Isler. His website, which contains supposed documented proof of payments, pictures of exotic locales, private jets, pretty women, expensive cars and reassurance of huge monthly payouts written in huge bold lettering repeatedly tells potential Commission Crusher buyers that it is entirely possible to make $284,000.00 per month with this new product. The promotion for Commission Crusher definitely brings to mind the phrase, "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is." However, Commission Crusher is receiving positive feedback from some reviewers. praises its ease of use and recommends this program to those with no experience or background in affiliate marketing and says that more seasoned affiliate marketers can learn a thing or two from it. goes on to say that with Commission Crusher's automated feature all that's left to the next affiliate marketing millionaire is to come up an idea or a product to sell. The package consists of three videos that cover a general introduction to the product, the second video goes over how to use different types of networks and how to "reverse engineer" and the third video is about research techniques and contains more of Steve Isler's "secrets". In addition to the videos, the Commission Crusher customer also receives the software that helps locate traffic sources and a page containing valuable affiliate marketing resources. There is no readily available information on the price of This program, or whether or not it comes with a money back guarantee, although one can guess the program probably does not come cheap. With all of the claims behind this program, customers would be wise to give this product careful consideration. Despite's claim that Commission Crusher basically does all the work for you, it is a well-known fact that no one makes a huge income without working for it. Commission Crusher may well be the answer to a budding affiliate marketer's dream or it may not. There are both written and video reviews available online regarding Commission Crusher and any potential buyers would be well advised to utilize these resources and make an informed decision

before deciding to hand over their hard earned cash in exchange for this program.

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==== ==== The Killer Software That Makes Gets Me 256,987 Visitors Per Month On Complete Auto Pilot Visit ==== ====

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The Killer Software That Makes Gets Me 256,987 Visitors Per Month On Complete Auto Pilot Visit