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Easy, healthy meals Safe weight loss based on health and wellness - this is nefragenix.


Nefragenix is a enables you to lose weight quickly and naturally. Nefragenix is a three phase

“lose weight by harnessing

The secret of nefragenix’s success is based

restoring your metabolism to work

the power of your

ported by extensive research -

effectively within phase one – phase


including nutrition, metabolic processes and

program allowing you to burn fat by

on a scientific approach to weight loss, sup-

two re-introduces you to the foods

hormone regulation. Simply put,

that you love by still allowing you to

nefragenix corrects your metabolism so you

lose weight and phase three works to maintain

lose weight quickly and are able to keep it off

weight loss through an ongoing health and wellness



Nefragenix offers you a natural and stress free way to lose weight safely, without food cravings

nefragenix was founded as a healthy eating program after its founder, Zelda Delgado struggled for years to lose weight through fad diets, which left her with a very sluggish metabolism, double weight gain and cellulite.

and hunger pangs.





A Program, based on international metabolic research which demonstrates that it could be your metabolism that is making you fat. A eating program that is easy to follow, easy to prepare and easy to eat out. It helps you to rapidly reduce fat and overall weight in a safe and healthy way, while it firms the muscles, tones and shapes the body! It is not a calorie based, neither a high protein diet. It is a

Lose up to 20 kilograms per month (the average monthly weight loss on the program could be between 7 to 15 kilograms).




balanced Eating Plan and you do not have to starve yourself on the program! No exotic foods are needed. You may eat all types of food on the program, including various types of red/white meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, dairy products such as cheese and yoghurt and even enjoy a glass of wine with your main meal. No "injections" or "tonics" or "pills" are involved... Only real food and natural supplementation The whol program is

No loss of muscle (rather increased firmness and muscle tone).


Reduced cellulite Lowering Cholesterol Improving skin appearance Increased energy levels No hunger pangs or cravings

Nefragenix - your answer to permanent fat loss!! Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ

The program runs over 3 phases Its easy to follow Easy recipes to prepare Not many ingredients are required to make scrumptious meals Eating out has never been easier YES, you can enjoy your wine too!!!

No more feeling: Ÿ Sluggish Ÿ Overweight Ÿ Bloated Ÿ Tired Instead you will feel: Ÿ More energetic Ÿ More alive Ÿ More healthy Say Goodbye to: Ÿ Blemished skin Ÿ Cellulite Ÿ Oversized tummy Say hello to: Ÿ A toned body Ÿ Healthy skin Ÿ Healthy hair Ÿ Healthy nails Ÿ Healthy bowels

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Nefragenix is a, safe weight loss program that enables you to lose weight quickly and naturally. Nefragenix is a three phase program allowin...