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Sučany Grammar School – The best school in Slovakia It was not all that long ago when with every breath I wanted to discover what was going to happen. Born to a great generation whose lives have been irreversibly altered by Harry Potter, my fascination has not changed over the time. Although I believed every word of the book, I never expected an owl to deliver a Hogwards application form. Instead, I dreamed of a similar school, as perfect as a child could have imagined, but designed for people like me. I sincerely hoped my high school would be the best; I wanted it to come soon. And yet, the future ahead was something I could not have imagined. If anyone says their high school bored the hell out of them, tell them it was a bad choice. Also, conclude the same if they have not been taught by the best or missed any opportunity. My high school is anything but boring. Sometimes we find it difficult to incorporate leisure into our daily schedule. On the other hand, I have very defined abdominal muscles as a result of extensive, never-ending laughing. Even though we have to work three times harder to thrive than on any other high school, there are no regrets. Working with GBAS students makes it worthwhile. If I were to make an order of the best decisions in my life, choosing GBAS would be in the top five, right after the choice of persuasion technique I used before Christmas when Harry Potter arrived. Great minds think alike and so, on the second September 2006, I have met eighty-three lovely, friendly, very intelligent first-years. Together we struggled hard to do things before deadlines and to write solutions to many math identities (there is an infinite number of solutions to such problems... but we tried.) GBAS teaching processes lead to serious, often radical modification of personalities. We all hate pop(s) whereas presentations of any subject with various percentage of improvisation input we seem to love. Actually, in that we are half-pros already. Among all those “chosen ones” you have to be very motivated if you aim high. Because it happens that our students have so many ingenious ideas to share that they just cannot wait and block the stairway. Then, it is only up to you to present such idea which would move them. An idea that would make them let you pass without a problem and once you have reached the desired floor, make them hear you talking about it. By continuous observation and after a few failures you will comprehend the process of organizing chaos, a power which will be highly valued by any future employer. Schoolmates from Sučany are not only very talented, but also demanding, and if you can meet their expectations you are better of than everyone else. What is more, no one expects you to be able to write six tests in five lessons, which we managed without any additional stress. Our preparation often involved group discussions that usually deviated from the subject we had to prepare. Nevertheless, they were composed of strong beliefs and opinions that formed our outlook on the world and helped us to become who we are now. And that is? We are the year which has made its mark right on the top of Maturita results among other things. That is tremendous, because part of our potential was successfully turned into an achievement we can be delighted about. In fact, our skills are universally accepted, which is why our students get wherever they want. Without hesitating we can say our effort in argumentation, olympiads and other competitions transformed into medals. In both individual and team competitions we win. Plus, students have a chance to do what they like. We try to exploit everything we are offered, learn the most, which does not go unnoticed by the leading institutions. High standard is what we start with, developing into excellence. No one would object to that.

Being the best makes life easier. Not only our results represent the quality, but also, as the school is twenty years old, it has built its reputation. Our graduates are highly valued for their skills and sought after by world-renowned companies. Even in international debates you will find people nodding approvingly when you mention Milan Hodža’s Bilingual Grammar School. In fact, it is very likely that in few years more people will have heard of Sučany than of Bratislava. There is nothing bad about this, just a lot to be proud of. Sučany is the best school, 2006-2011 is the best year (there are many best years on GBAS:). What more do you want? Ok, no quidditch practise, but the atmosphere is even better. We have a castle, where many ghost-like nocturnal creatures (so called students) have a problem to find their class as the doors and numbers seem to have their own mind, acting more mischievously than the thirteenth chamber. GBAS is a middle name for everyone who has devoted their heart to it. This GBAS family, linked by a very strong web, will support you wherever you are. Without wands the school predestines us to create great things. And it is charming in its own way.

Martina Matrtajová, 5th year

Sucany Grammar School - The Best School in Slovakia, 3rd place  

Essay awarded a 3rd place in the 2nd year of the Sucany Alumni Essay Writing Competition