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Lower your utility bill How would you like to save money on your energy bill ? Several of us go through our day-to-day lives making use of energy in our homes and offices without a thought with regard to conservation. Up until the start of each month when we check our utility bills. It's at this specific moment each month when we all have that same thought "Wow, I wonder what I could do to lower this". Since most homeowners like you and I would like to know how to get those electric bills in an acceptable and manageable ballpark, there are a variety of systems designed to specifically address this issue. Systems that are guaranteed to make your electric bills low. The most effective way to keep your body warm is by wearing not only just thick clothes, but also clothes which will trap the body heat inside. The very same principle applies to keeping your house warm during winter season. Keeping tight and good insulation around wall enclosures is the very best way to accomplish this. But it is not always the simplest. Any spaces at any point around the wall enclosure will most definitely degrade the quality of the insulation that is installed. Openings might be in the form of electrical boxes, water pipes, and wires; areas where insulation may be difficult to install even for experienced professionals. As an alternative, you might wish to use building materials such as cellulose insulation for maximum area coverage. The cellulose insulation reduces gap and voids, making your walls 100 % insulated. After insulating your house, you might think you have done enough. Even though it holds true that insulating your house well will keep cold air from entering the home and lowering the performance of your heating system. Your home is still not 100 % guaranteed that it would be 100 % insulated. There actually is another important thing you should be aware of in order to control your energy bill. Leaks around the house are accounted for as much as 40 % of your heating and cooling consumption. This means that regardless of how good your insulation is, if your house has leakages, you still can not assure total savings Air sealing your house is the next critical factor you really should bear in mind to perform if you want to maximize the use of your heating system and reduced your utilities. Leaks from the front doors can be sealed off by weather stripping. Doors leading to garage and attic, and doors to individual rooms can also be sealed. Sealants should be applied on windows, sills and joints. Walls with leaks can also degrade the quality of air in addition to the efficiency of your heating system. Leaks from floors can make your heating system work harder as well. All of these should be sealed so as to make your property leak-free. This by itself will surely equate to savings. Now that you have taken moves to ensure your home is properly insulated and air-sealed, it

is time for you to eliminate minor problems that accumulate and end up costing a substantial amount of money on your energy bill Maintaining your air filter will provide you a couple advantages:. 1. A clean air filter minimizes your heating system's need to work extra. 2. A clean air filter will provide clean recycled air around your house.

Ensuring the ducts are leak free will also deliver you as much as 30 % on energy savings from your heating system. If you will use them, you should also try to only turn on your appliances. Never leave them on while you were away. Lights should be turned off if not used. Lowering your thermostat wile you are away or sleeping will make a drastic improvement. Set your washing machine to cold. When using tap water, a Washing machine consumes as much as 90 % more power on heating the water than. When cooking will give you better savings than using large burner, using a small electric burner. You can also lower the thermostat of your refrigerator. Many people have it on the original settings from when they bought it. Using your fireplace to warm a house is much cheaper than using the heating system. Keeping your home well maintained will give you a lot of savings. Invest on energy saving devices that will keep your home warm at the same time, this enables your heating system to work as efficient as possible. A Regular check on the leaks of the duct and periodical cleaning of the air filter will certainly make your heating system work more efficiently. You will enjoy a lower energy bill if you employ even some of these simple methods. You will also feel better knowing that you are doing your part to conserve energy on a larger scale. Save money on your utility bill, Control your energy bill

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