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Our goal at NuLifestyle Magazine is to become the voice of wellness in Central Ohio through our online publication. Our website focuses on health, diet, food, mind, fitness and beauty presented in an inviting, informative manner that engages our audience to expand their knowledge and transition to a healthier lifestyle … improving personal wellness, quality of life and longevity of life. We aim to maintain content that is free of health gimmicks and unappealing medical journal writing.

MISSION STATEMENT A ‗nu‘ approach to maintaining a healthy lifestyle through health, diet, fitness and beauty. Our goal is to be the leading local resource in Central Ohio for all things related to wellness.




OUR COLUMNS Be Your Best A monthly column highlighting a local individual who is living their life at their ―best.‖

Join Me on My Journey This column follows our contributors on their own personal health and wellness journey. They will give you motivation, inspiration, and new outlooks on getting to and/or maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Myths Debunked A weekly column focused on debunking myths that have been written or sold as the truth.

Nu Lo_Cal Eats A monthly column focused on how you can maintain a healthy diet at local dining establishments. Each month, we feature a local restaurant and provide examples of how we maintained our healthy diets through minor menu adjustments that still boast delicious entrees.

2011-12 EDITORIAL CALENDAR AUGUST 2011 CONTENT DEADLINE: Aug. 12, 2011 PUBLISH DATE: Aug. 15, 2011 SEPTEMBER 2011 CONTENT DEADLINE: Sept. 2, 2011 PUBLISH DATE: Sept. 5, 2011 OCTOBER 2011 CONTENT DEADLINE: Sept. 30, 2011 PUBLISH DATE: Oct. 3, 2011 NOVEMBER 2011 CONTENT DEADLINE: Oct. 28, 2011 PUBLISH DATE: Nov. 1, 2011 DECEMBER 2011 CONTENT DEADLINE: Nov. 25, 2011 PUBLISH DATE: Dec. 1, 2011 JANUARY 2012 CONTENT DEADLINE: Dec. 30, 2011 PUBLISH DATE: Jan. 2, 2012 FEBRUARY 2012 CONTENT DEADLINE: Jan. 27, 2012 PUBLISH DATE: Feb. 1, 2012 MARCH 2012 CONTENT DEADLINE: Feb. 24, 2012 PUBLISH DATE: March 1, 2012 APRIL 2012 CONTENT DEADLINE: March 30, 2012 PUBLISH DATE: April 2, 2012 MAY 2012 CONTENT DEADLINE: April 27, 2012 PUBLISH DATE: May 1, 2012 JUNE 2012 CONTENT DEADLINE: May 25, 2012 PUBLISH DATE: June 1, 2012 JULY 2012 CONTENT DEADLINE: June 29, 2012 PUBLISH DATE: July 2, 2012

-National Smile Week -Dentist/Oral Diseases of the Mouth -Immunization Awareness Month Fall Issue -Fall allergies -Fall Backwards Into Fitness -Better Breakfast Month Pink Issue -Halloween Health -Alternative Food Lifestyles/Vegan Education -Breast Cancer Awareness Month -Thanksgiving Calorie Watch -Healthy Skin Month -Jingle Bell Run/Walk for Arthritis Winter Issue -How to Stay Healthy in the Winter -Christmas New Year’s Resolutions Issue -How to Fulfill Your New Year‘s Resolution -National Blood Donor Month Red Issue -Valentine‘s Day -American Heart Month -National Donor Day Spring Issue -Spring Allergies -National Nutrition Month -Easter -Public Health Week -World Health Day -Melanoma/Skin Cancer Prevention Month -National Arthritis Month -Mother‘s Day Summer Issue -Outdoor Fitness Ideas/Pool Fitness -Father‘s Day/Men‘s Health Week/Month -Blood Donor Day -UV Safety Month -4th of July Safety Dental Awareness Day

OUR DEMOGRAPHICS Our goal at NuLifestyle Magazine is to reach out to all areas in Central Ohio. Our target age market is people between the ages of 26-55, with a 28-42-year-old streamline focus.

Union County: Total Population: 52,300 Race Population: 93.2% white, 7.6% minority Median Population Age: 36 Median Household Income: $69,079

Delaware County: Total Population: 174,214 Race Population: 90% white, 11.2% minority Median Population Age: 36.2 Median Household Income: $85,054

Union County: Total Population: 52,300 Race Population: 93.2% white, 7.6% minority Median Population Age: 36 Median Household Income: $69,079

Licking County: Total Population: 166,492 Race Population: 94.5% white, 6.2% minority Median Population Age: 38.5 Median Household Income: $53,200

Franklin County: Total Population: 1,163,414 Race Population: 73.3% white, 29.2% minority Median Population Age: 33.1 Median Household Income: $49,041

Madison County: Total Population: 43,435 Race Population: 90.9% white, 9.6% minority Median Population Age: 38.1 Median Household Income: $53,041

Fairfield County: Total Population: 146,156 Race Population: 90.9% white, 9.9% minority Median Population Age: 37.1 Median Household Income: $56,955

Pickaway County: Total Population: 55,698 Race Population: 92.5% white, 8% minority Median Population Age: 37.9 Median Household Income: $48,985

OUR CONTRIBUTORS The people who contribute articles for us aren‘t just writers— they are experts in the health and wellness community. This way, when you go to, you are assured to get the best, most credible wellness articles in the community. These writing contributors include:

Registered nurses Pediatric nurse practitioners Clinical psychologists sport psychology consultants Certified strength and conditioning coaches Food enthusiasts Food educators Certified personal fitness trainers Licensed massage therapists Medical lab scientists

OUR CO-FOUNDERS MICHELLE GREENLEE, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Michelle M. Greenlee, co-founder or NuLifestyle, LLP, and owner of Greenlee Personal Fitness, is a NETA Certified Personal Trainer. Her ultimate motivation is helping individuals realize their full wellness potential, which will allow for improved health and quality of life. She holds a BS in fashion merchandising from Kent State University, and has more than a decade of progressive merchant experience in the retail industry. When not driving home the importance of a healthy lifestyle, Michelle spends quality time with family, friends and her adorable lab mix, Cherry.

SHAWNDA SCHWARTZ, EDITOR Shawnda Drennen-Schwartz is editor and co-founder of NuLifestyle, LLP and owner and founder of R&S Marketing Consultants, LLC, and independent PR/marketing consulting company. She is an accomplished marketing, public relations and communications professional with more than 14 years of experience. She is a graduate of The Ohio State University, with a BA in communications/public relations. Drennen-Schwartz is also the marketing and communications director at Hondros College, and she and her husband just had their first child in June. Follow her on Twitter @srdrennen, and her company @RandSMarketing.

A LETTER FROM OUR EDITORS: JUNE 2011 Dear NuLifestyle Readers, Welcome! This is an amazing time; the Summer season is upon us, and we are excited to introduce you to the launch of our publication and first issue of NuLifestyle – Central Ohio‘s First Online Wellness Publication. Our goal is to provide you with topics, issues, and events that are instrumental in helping you to create, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. What You Can Expect Contributors that are Experts in their field Relevant, targeted and actionable Content Strong Partner to the Community that will support all local wellness efforts Our June 2011 Issue Bye-bye SNOW… It‘s official Summer is here in Central Ohio, and we‘ve got some great summer months ahead of us. It‘s time to get OUT and enjoy what the outdoors has to offer us, and we want to help you with that. The toughest obstacle to a healthier lifestyle is getting start, so we‘ve allowed this month‘s features to complement one another: Motivation, Delicious Eats, Outdoor Fitness, and Navigating the Farmer‘s Market like a pro. June is Men’s Health Month, nationally celebrated through health awareness, screenings, education and activities. The best gift you can give your father this Father‘s Day is good health. Make an effort to get out to local activities, health fairs, or provide a supportive shoulder at his next doctor‘s appointment. As we continue to grow and our publication evolves, we want to hear from you. Let us know how we‘re doing and what you want us cover. We want you to think of Nu Lifestyle as your resource for wellness awareness in Central Ohio. Again, we thank you for allowing us the opportunity to be your First online wellness publication for Central Ohio, and we look forward to taking this healthy journey with all of you! Be well! Michelle M. Greenlee & Shawnda Drennen-Schwartz Co-Editors/Co-Founders

CONNECT WITH US! @NuLifestyle @NuLifestyle NuLifestyle

phone: 614.465.6557 email:


Nu Lifestyle, the First Online Health and Wellness Publication for Central Ohio Local fitness enthusiasts and consulting firm introduce online publication focusing on health and wellness i Central Ohio COLUMBUS, Ohio- June 13, 2011– Greenlee Personal Fitness, a program headed by certified personal trainer Michelle Greenlee, and R&S Marketing Consultants, LLC, a n and communications consulting firm owned by Shawnda Drennen-Schwartz, marketing have now launched an online health and wellness publication for all of Central Ohio, titled Nu Lifestyle – Central Ohio Wellness Publication. The publication, which can be viewed at, is released seasonally, with weekly and monthly articles and updates made regularly on the website. The focus of the publication is placed on local wellness events, healthy cooking, fitness trends and health issues/preventions. Greenlee and R&S Marketing have reached out to experts in the health and wellness community to get the best, most credible stories published for the online publication. These writing contributors include licensed dietitians, certified personal trainers, athletes, psychiatrists, organic cooks, gardeners and doctors. Some of the regular topics that have been written and will be written on in the future include: seasonal and local foods, fitness and safety, a focus on men‘s and women‘s health, healthy eating, fitness trends, ways to achieve a wellness lifestyle and more. Other features include a calendar of Central Ohio events, a feature that debunks health myths and a feature about eating healthy at local Columbus restaurants. ―We created the publication to help fill a void that hasn‘t been met,‖ said Michelle Greenlee, owner of Greenlee Personal Fitness and co-founder of Nu Lifestyle. ―We first realized there wasn‘t a local outlet that focused on wellness and prevention in Central Ohio when I was trying to promote an event at my fitness studio. It was astonishing to find that there wasn‘t a local publication that covered this area, but an amazing opportunity to build a dynamic presence for the Central Ohio community,‖ Greenlee said. was officially launched on June 9, 2011.

OUR MEDIA COVERAGE: COLUMBUS BUSINESS FIRST (Taken from June 17, 2011‘s edition)

Health and wellness pub started for Central Ohioans An online publication focused on health and wellness has launched in Columbus. Nu Lifestyle is the brainchild of marketing consultant Shawnda Schwartz and personal trainer Michelle Greenlee. They said they began working on the site after deciding they couldn‘t find a good local source of information on wellness and disease and injury prevention. ―We first realized there wasn‘t a local outlet that centered around wellness locally for Central Ohio when I was promoting an event at my studio last fall,‖ Greenlee said in a statement. They have recruited volunteer contributors from the ranks of area fitness experts, dieticians, cooks, medical technicians, runners, bikers and others. Greenlee, who owns Greenlee Personal Fitness, and Schwartz, owner of R&S Marketing Consultants LLC, are paying expenses out of their pockets while they look for advertisers. ―It is a grassroots effort on our part right now, to say the least,‖ Schwartz said in an email. The site, at, debuted June 9. They‘re also on Twitter under the user name @NuLifestyle. - Doug Buchanan

ADVERTISING SIZES AND LOCATIONS: Header- 468x60px Homepage- 728x90px Archive- 728x90px Sidebar/footer- 300px wide

TERMS OF AGREEMENT: All ads will be prominently displayed on all pages of the online publication for one month. Ads are in color and should be saved as a JPEG when submitted, 300 resolution preferred. Advertise in six publications and receive a 15 percent discount. NuLifestyle reserves the right to reject any advertisement. Sole responsibility for the content of an advertisement lies with the advertiser who unconditionally guarantees to hold the online publication harmless should a claim arise, and to pay for any and all expenses incurred as a result of publication of an advertisement. Should an advertisement not be published as ordered, NuLifestyle cannot be responsible for any losses or damages caused as a result. Should there be an error in an advertisement, the paper‘s liability is limited to the amount paid for the portion of the advertisement containing the error. NuLifestyle is not responsible for more than one incorrect insertion of any ad, if the fault of the publication. The publication must be notified before the second appearance of the ad. The advertiser allows NuLifestyle to make his /her name available upon request as purchaser of said advertisement. Blind ads are not accepted. Deadline for advertising material submissions is as follows for August 2011-July 2012: August 2011- August 12, 2011 September 2011- Sept. 2, 2011 October 2011- Sept. 30, 2011 November 2011- Oct. 28, 2011 December 2011- Nov. 25, 2011 January 2012- Dec. 30, 2011 February 2012- Jan. 27, 2012 March 2012- Feb. 24, 2012 April 2012- March 30, 2012 May 2012- April 27, 2012 June 2012- May 25, 2012 July 2012- June 29, 2012 . Payments should be made out to NuLifestyle, LLP and mailed to: PO Box 141215 Columbus, OH 43214. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at: 614.465.6557 or

All information is subject to change at any time.


NuLifestyle PDF Media Kit  

NuLifestyle PDF Media Kit, inlcuding: Company overview, press releases, contact information, advertising.

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