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September/October 2015

New York’s -Bravest -Boldest -Finest -Strongest Football FDNY vs NYPD Gaelic Football

GayleFORCE® Metro NY Natural BodyBuilding & Physique Championships

Longwood Youth Football Tackles MetLife Stadium


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September/October 2015

Features 4 GayleFORCE® Metro NY Bodybuilding & Physique Championships NYC’s OCB-Sanctioned Natural Bodybuilding and Physique Competition 22 Bravest, Boldest, Finest & Strongest Football NYC’s Public Service Professionals Compete in a National Football League 34 NYPD/FDNY Gaelic Football New York’s Finest and New York’s Bravest Compete on the Pitch to Honor a Fallen Comrade 44 6th Annual Sean Tallon Memorial G.A.A. Youth Gaelic Football 46

Longwood Youth Football The LYF 8-year Old Team takes the Field at MetLife Stadium


20 Athlete of the Month 49 Sports Photo Tip

(C) Clark Thompson,

Action Photography by Clark Thompson

MetroSports Magazine | 1

Train Like a Champion. Train with a Champion. MetroSports Magazine’s former Athlete of the Month and cover of our May-June 2015 issue, Keisher “Fire” McLeod, a former NY Golden Gloves Champion, current NYS Flyweight Champion and current WIBA World Flyweight Champion can now be your personal boxing trainer at the world famous Gleason’s Gym.

2 |September-October 2015

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Metro Area Bodybuilding

GayleFORCE® Metro NY Bodybuilding & Physique Championships is a competitive sport which, in the U.S., Bodybuilding is governed by several sanctioning bodies, including

the Organization of Competition Bodies (OCB), one of the sanctioning bodies which oversees amateur drugfree, natural competitions. The OCB is affiliated with the IFPA (International Federation of Physique Athletes) which oversees professional level events. MetroSports Magazine was on hand to cover the August 22nd New York City GayleFORCE® Metro NY Bodybuilding & Physique Championships. This event, sanctioned by the OCB and promoted by IFPA pro, Sharon Gayle, featured 14 participants competing in five different categories; bodybuilding, men’s physique, figure, women’s physique, and bikini. OCB promotes its sanctioned events as “Natural” and has a set of strict regulations including a pre-competition polygraph test and a post-competition urine test for those earning pro qualification. Promoter and competitor Sharon Gayle, a native of Birmingham, England and now living in New York who, after excelling in many sports found her passion in bodybuilding. In 2009 she earned a first place finish in the NPC Grand Prix Figure competition and shortly after was crowned the INBF World Figure Champion. She repeated her NPC championship finish in the 2012 NPC Grand Prix event. Today, Sharon is owner and operator of GayleFORCE® Fitness and Lifestyle Enhancement located in NYC. 4 | September-October 2015

(C) Warren Rosenberg,

(C) Warren Rosenberg,

Daniel Boxman performing the Crab Most Muscular Pose on his way to a 2nd place finish in Men’s Bodybuilding.

Opposite: Sarivahn Luanevinakho, winner in two c ategories, posing during the bikini competition. MetroSports Magazine | 5

Not only was the 2015 GayleFORCE® Metro NY Bodybuilding & Physique Championships the inaugural event for Sharon Gayle as a promoter, it was also the first time that several of the participants had competed at this level. Among the first-time competitors were category winners Shawn Soso, Josue Mondesir and Cheryl Debow along with competitors Felicia Hug and Dough Schur. As is common in bodybuilding and physique competitions, the GayleFORCE Metro NY was conducted in two stages, with a pre-judging session taking place in the morning and the finals held later in the day. Scoring for the competition was performed by a five to seven judge panel and typically takes place in group comparisions and in an individual presentation. In the bodybuilding categories, judges compare the competitors on four major elements, overall muscularity, muscular definition, symmetry and balance among muscle groups, and presentation or posing effectiveness. During the group comparison, competitors stand together and actively flex their muscles in a variety of standard poses such as the front double bicep, front lat spread, the side chest and the overhead abdominal and double calf raise.

Judges may move the competitors around; asking them to stand next to various other competitors, to better compare their physiques. It is during the prejudging comparison rounds that the competitors are officially judged and scored. During the individual routine, competitors demonstrate their physiques and highlight their strong points through individually choreographed routines. In some competitions, this may be choreographed to music. The physique and figure categories are also judged through both group comparisons and individual presentations. In each category, competitors are scored against each other so that the best physique is judged as number one, and in a group of six for example, the least well-developed is judged as six (or last among the group). For each competitor, the lowest and highest judge’s scores are thrown out and the remainder are averaged together. The competitor with the overall lowest score wins. When competing, it is best to have a deeply tanned and lightly oiled body so that, under the bright lighting of the arena, the competitor’s muscular definition will be highlighted and easy for the judges to see.

“Bodybuilding is a great metaphor for life in general. Namely, when things get hard you just keep going. And eventually if you work long and hard enough you’ll find some form of success. These skills that I’ve learned in bodybuilding have only further enriched my life in a quest for personal fulliment.” Josue Mondesir 6 | September-October 2015

All Photos (c) Warren Rosenberg,

GayleFORCE® Metro NY Championships

Shawn Soso Men’s Physique Novice 1st Place

Josue Mondesir Men’s Bodybuilding Novice 1st Place

Men’s Physique Open 1st Place

Men’s Bodybuilding Open 1st Place

“From the time I decided I was going to enter the GayleFORCE Metro to the actual show, I calculated a total of 622 hours in the gym in preparation for this show. Although I won first place, for me the biggest reward for me was that I set a plan in my mind and just got it done. At times I felt discouraged, but I kept going. I used my will to want to win to push me. Not only did I push myself physically but I was able to push past the mental barriers.” which I believe is the

“Bodybuilding for me has and will continue to be a journey of self improvement and enlightenment.(not to get too philosophical). But there’s just something in the nature of the sport that forces us to look at ourselves in a critical and objective manner that allows for continued growth to occur. And that’s in many facets, physically, emotionally and psychologically.”toughest part. MetroSports Magazine | 7

GayleFORCE® Metro NY Championships

Sarivahn Luanevinakho Bikini Novice 1st Place Bikini Open 1st Place

8 | September-October 2015

Dawn Lynch Women’s Physique Age 40+ 1st Place “It was only my second competition, and in preparing for each competition, I am able to see my physique change almost daily and know that it is the result of good, old-fashioned hard work and commitment. The best part is knowing I did not cheat or use performance or physique enhancing drugs or banned supplements to get where I am and that by continuing to work hard in and out of the gym, I can only improve.”

GayleFORCE® Metro NY Championships

Taria Carrington Women’s Figure 40+ 1st Place

Cheryl Debow Women’s Physique Age 50+ 1st Place

Women’s Figure Novice 2nd Place

Women’s Figure Novice 1st Place

“The moment I stepped on that stage I accomplished my goal,everything else was an unexpected bonus. It feels so great to be able to be in control of your body and your health and to be in the company of the amazing athletes I meet. Can’t wait for next time, Aroooooo!!!” MetroSports Magazine | 9

GayleFORCE® Metro NY Championships

Steve Tazumi Men’s Bodybuilding Age 50+ 1st Place Men’s Bodybuilding Open 3rd Place

10 | September-October 2015

Rose Carbonell Women’s Figure Age 40+ 2nd Place Women’s Figure Age 50+ 2nd Place

GayleFORCE® Metro NY Championships

Felicia Hug Women’s Bikini Novice 2nd Place

Women’s Bikini Open 2nd Place

Matthew Poletto Men’s Physique Novice 2nd Place Men’s Physique Open 2nd Place

“The personal gain I received from this event is knowing that I can be very disciplined and know I can do anything I put my mind to. I want to set a good example for the younger generation to show them that they can do and be anything they want to.” MetroSports Magazine | 11

GayleFORCE® Metro NY Championships

Daniel Boxman Men’s Bodybuilding Novice 2nd Place

Mike Turino Men’s Physique Novice 3rd Place

Men’s Bodybuilding Open 2nd Place

12 | September-October 2015

GayleFORCE® Metro NY Championships

Jeffrey Masino Men’s Bodybuilding Novice 3rd Place

Douglas Schur Men’s Physique Novice 4th Place

As an OCB-sanctioned event, the GayleFORCE® Metro New York Bodybuilding and Physique Championships operated as a Naural, drug free competion under strict drug testing guidelines which preclude the use of over 40 anabolic agents during a peried extending seven years prior to the competition date along with an equally comprehensive list of antiestrogens, growth hormones, stimulants, diuretics. Compliance is assured through the use of polygraph testing and, at the discretion of event promoters, additional analysis of urine, saliva, hair and blood. If competitors are found to have used any banned substances; they are banned from competition with the OCB or any of its Affiliate Federations for 7-Years.

According to promoter Sharon Gayle, “The GayleFORCE® Metro New York Bodybuilding & Physique Championships (GFM™) was special in so many ways, but also groundbreaking as it was the very first OCB Sanctioned Competition to be held in the Metropolitan New York area. The GFM™ will also be held annually. Thus, we are essentially laying the foundation, upon which I hope to make the GFM™ the leading “Natural” Bodybuilding Competition in the New York.” As Ms. Gayle went on to add, “It took 9-months of hard work and energy to get to Saturday, but it was well worth it! ...I am so happy to have been able to provide a positive environment and platform for our competitors to showcase their “All Natural Drug-Free Physiques”. I have received a tremendous amount of positive feedback from everyone! And the consensus is KEEP GOING this is just the beginning!” I would like to say that the event was a great first time experience. Gayle is very educated and is a role model for all fitness competitors. Also all the competitors were welcoming and had great advice! I have never been in a room with so many like minded positive individuals. Felicia Hug

It was a great show. As a first time competitor I had apprehensions about stepping on stage, but the minute I met Ms Sharon Gayle at the check ins, I felt at ease. She has a welcoming, gracious and professional persona that made the entire competitive experience enjoyable. in my first show ensured I will be back on the stage again. Josue Mondesir 14 | September-October

The GayleFORCE Metro NY event was an intimate competition that enabled all competitors to get individualized attention as well as feedback on how to improve their physiques, conditioning and stage presence. It was exactly what an amateur bodybuilding show should be: an opportunity for competitors to showcase all of their hard work as well as to obtain valuable insight and wisdom from seasoned pros on how to become better at their sport. Dawn Lynch The GayleFORCE Metro was my first figure show and am thankful I choose this particular show among the many others because of the care and consideration Sharon has for her competitors. It was a real sense of family at the show and the people I met and the experience I had in my first show ensured I will be back on the stage again. Cheryl DeBow MetroSports Magazine | 15

Above: Judging Panel during the competition. Below: Pre-competition preparation

“In my eyes, bodybuilding is the most gratifying sport because you literally get out what you put in.�

Dawn Lynch

16 | September-October 2015

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MetroSports Athletes of the Month September/October 2015 MetroSports Magazine selects as its Athlete of the Month for September 2015, bodybuilder and physique competitor Robyn Mays of Worcester, Massachussetts. While not a resident of the NY Metro area, Robyn was one of the most prominent competitors and a multiple category winner at the NPC Summer Classic held in White Plains, NY, capturing 1st place in the Women’s Physique Open and 35+ divisions and in the 40+ and Open Figure divisions. Mays credits her success, in part, to patience and resilience and states that, “I never give up. The tougher a situation gets, the stronger I become.” MetroSports Magazine has selected as its October 2015 Athlete of the Month one of New York’s Finest, a member of the NYPD Gaelic Football Club and multiple sport athlete, Police Officer Danny McNulty. Working out of the South Bronx 41st Precinct, also known as Fort Apache, McNulty primarily plays the halfback line, although he competes allout wherever he’s needed. According to NYPD Gaelic Football Club president, P.J. Doherty, “the man is an athletic freak of nature.” We agree. He’s been with the Club since 2002. 20 | September- October 2015

MSM Interviews Athlete of the Month, Robyn Mays  MSM: What was it that initially attract-

ed you to bodybuilding as the sport to which you’ve dedicated yourself? Robyn: My journey to the stage actually got started because of a visit to the doctor’s office. It was January 2010 after an annual physical I learned that I had high cholesterol, was pre-diabetic and weighed over 200lbs. Faced with the possibility of being dependent on medications; I decided to make a complete lifestyle change. Once I stopped eating fast food and started eating clean I became healthy which was the most important thing to me. I realized that being healthy would allow me to be around for my family & friends a lot longer and that was more important than eating junk food. Many people take their health for granted not believing that a healthy lifestyle will make a difference, but I understood and this was the point where I started looking at food as fuel for my body. The weight came off slow but steady and was hard work but within a few months I had reached my first weight goal, down 44lbs with normal cholesterol and sugar levels. After maintaining my weight loss for over a year I decided as a celebration of my transformation to a healthy lifestyle I would

become a fitness competitor and it was then that I fell in love with the sport of bodybuilding. The ability to lift as much or more than the men in the gym is very liberating! MSM: What can you tell us about your regimen for dropping 15 pounds of bodyweight to get into competition shape? Robyn: During my building season I don’t do a lot of cardio so my focus is on lifting heavy weight with lots of volume. When I’m about 12 weeks out I will increase how long and how many days I do cardio and add in sprints 1-2 days a week. I also incorporate carb cycling into my diet program. MSM: Finally, are there any ties that you have to the NY Metropolitan area? Robyn: One of my favorite competition memories is when I competed at the WNBF Naturalmania @ The Murry Bergtraum High School in New York, NY (which I will be competing again September 19th). I always remember the stares I got walking around NY with fake eyelashes and silk pajamas in the middle of September.

MetroSports Magazine | 21

Bravest - Boldest - Finest - Strongest (C) Clark Thompson,

ew York City, one of the major capiNtals of the world, home to over 8.4 mil-

lion residents and hosting over 54 million visitors each year is kept safe and clean by the professionals working for the various New York City uniformed services including the New York Police Department (NYPD), the Fire Department of New York (FDNY), the Department of Corrections (DOC) and the Department of Sanitation (DSNY). To help cope with the stresses of the job, keep these professionals in top physical form, facilitate a sense of comradery, help raise funds for charity and simply to have fun, each of these public service agencies participates in a number of sporting events throughout the year in 22 | September-October 2015

which they compete against each other within the City and with uniformed service members from other cities across the United States and throughout the world. The National Law Enforcement Football League, founded in 1996, launched its inaugural season in the fall of 1997 and in 1998 was expanded to include other public service branches and renamed the National Public Safety Football League (NPSFL). The NPSFL’s ranks include police, firefighters, EMTs and other first responders who compete against each other with a dual mission – to raise funds and awareness for charities and to foster comradery among first responders within cities and across the country.

MetroSports Magazine | 23

In the 18 years since the NPSFL was founded, New York City’s NYPD team, New York’s Finest, has won nine of the NPSFL’s Division I Championships, more than any other of the league’s 20 teams, most recently winning the 2014 Division I Championship in a game against the 2012 champion San Diego Enforcers. NY’s Finest finished the 2015 NPSFL season with a 2-2 record having defeated the FDNY and a team from Texas but dropping contests against the Division I Champion San Diego Enforcers and the Division II Champion NY’s Boldest. The NYPD also fields teams in Gaelic Football (see page 40), baseball, boxing, cricket, soccer, and skiing.

24 | September-October 2015

(C) Clark Thompson,

(C) Clark Thompson,

MetroSports Magazine | 25

The FDNY team, New York’s Bravest, also competes in Division I and won the NPSFL National Championship title in 2011, 2008 and 2003. The Bravest finished the 2015 season with a 2-2 overall record, defeating teams from Texas and Florida but dropping games against NYC rivals from the NYPD and NYCD.

(C) Clark Thompson,

26 | September-October 2015

This September marks 14 years since the September 11th terrorist attack on New York’s World Trade Center in which 22 members of the FDNY Football team lost their lives in the line of duty along with 321 of their FDNY colleagues, 23 members of the NYPD, 37 officers of the PAPD and 8 EMTs and paramedics. To honor the lives of these heroic NPSFL members and other NPSFL members who have lost their lives in the line of duty, the NPSFL has established a Hall of Honor. Included in the NPSFL’s Hall of Honor are the following members of the New York Bravest team. Firefighter Mike Cawley - FDNY - New York Bravest - EOW 9/11/01 Firefighter Tarel Coleman - FDNY - New York Bravest - EOW 9/11/01 Firefighter Thomas Cullen III - FDNY - New York Bravest - EOW 9/11/01 Firefighter Tom Foley - FDNY - New York Bravest - EOW 9/11/01 Firefighter Keith Glascoe - FDNY - New York Bravest - EOW 9/11/01 Firefighter Billy Johnston - FDNY - New York Bravest - EOW 9/11/01 Lieutenant Patrick Lyons - FDNY - New York Bravest - EOW 9/11/01 Firefighter Durrell Pearsall - FDNY - New York Bravest - EOW 9/11/01 Firefighter Steve Belson - FDNY- New York Bravest - EOW 9/11/01 Firefighter John Bergin - FDNY- New York Bravest - EOW 9/11/01 Firefighter Peter Bielfeld - FDNY - New York’s Bravest - EOW 9/11/01 Firefighter Brian Bilcher - FDNY - New York Bravest - EOW 9/11/01 Firefighter Sal Calabro - FDNY - New York Bravest - EOW 9/11/01 Firefighter Andre Fletcher - FDNY - New York Bravest - EOW 9/11/01 Firefighter John Florio - FDNY - New York Bravest - EOW 9/11/01 Battalion Chief Timothy Haskell - FDNY - New York Bravest - EOW 9/11/01 Lieutenant Charles Margiotta - FDNY - New York Bravest - EOW 9/11/01 Firefighter Thomas Mingione - FDNY - New York Bravest - EOW 9/11/01 Lieutenant D. O’Callaghan - FDNY - New York Bravest - EOW 9/11/01 Captain Timothy Stackpole - FDNY - New York Bravest - EOW 9/11/01 Firefighter Daniel Suhr - FDNY- New York Bravest - EOW 9/11/01 Lieutenant Christopher Sullivan - FDNY - New York Bravest - EOW 9/11/01 EOW = End of Watch Under the auspices of the Uniformed Fire Fighters Association of Greater New York, the FDNY – New York’s Bravest - fields teams in baseball, boxing, hockey, football, Gaelic football and auto racing. Yes, that’s NASCAR auto racing. Listed as one of the FDNY’s sports, FDNY Racing competes in NASCAR’s Camping World Truck Series and has the NYPD as a secondary sponsor. Although not supported by the FDNY or NYPD, proceeds from the FDNY Racing team help support both the FDNY and NYPD Widows and Children’s Fund. FDNY Racing is operated out of Mamaroneck, NY, and Concord, NC, and is owned by Jim Rosenblum. MetroSports Magazine | 27

New York’s Boldest Football had an extraordinary 2015 season capturing the 2015 NPSFL Division II Championship with an overall 6-1 record. They defeated their NYC rivals from the NYPD, FDNY and DSNY as well as teams from Ohio, Virginia and Maryland.

(C) Clark Thompson,

28 | September-October 2015

(C) Clark Thompson,

MetroSports Magazine | 29

New York City’s Department of Sanitation Football team, New York’s Strongest, finished their 2015 NPSFL season with a 2-3 overall record. The Strongest prevailed in competition against rival teams from Virginia and Georgia but dropped their contest against the hometown Division I Champion NY’s Boldest and against teams from Pennsylvania and California.

(C) Clark Thompson,

30 | September-October 2015

(C) Clark Thompson,

(C) Clark Thompson,

MetroSports Magazine | 33

NYPD vs FDNY Gaelic Football On June 12, 2015, members of the NYPD and FDNY Gaelic Football teams gathered in New York’s Gaelic Park for their annual inter-service match. This year’s charity event was dedicated to helping raise funds to support the families of Police Officers Andrew Dossi and Aliro Pellerano of the 46th Precinct Anti-Crime Team who were shot in the line of duty on January 5th. Below: NYPD and FDNY Emerald Society Pipes and Drums were on hand at Gaelic Park

34 | September-October 2015

MetroSports Magazine | 35

(C) Clark Thompson,

36 | September-October 2015

(C) Warren Rosenberg,

(C) Warren Rosenberg,

MetroSports Magazine | 37

38 | September-October 2015

(C) Warren Rosenberg,

(C) Warren Rosenberg, (C) Warren Rosenberg,

MetroSports Magazine | 39

40 | September-October 2015

All Photos (c) Warren Rosenberg,

The NYPD and FDNY, New York’s Finest and Bravest, respectively, provide essential services that help keep the City safe for all who live, work and visit. While these two essential services work hand-in-hand in many emergency and crisis situations, they’ve had a healthy rivalry between them for over 35 years which they’ve been working out on the green pitch of the Gaelic Football field. The NYPD Gaelic Football Club was founded in the 1970’s and is made up of men and women who serve as police officers with the NYPD. The 2015 team roster has 36 player members and an administrative staff. In addition to the fundraising purpose of this event, the NYPD Gaelic Football Club, a registered 501.c.3 charitable organization, also raises funds to support organizations such the Ronald McDonald House, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, and the PBA Widows and Childrens Fund. Contributions can be made through the Club’s website at: html

The FDNY Gaelic Football Club also began in the 1970’s with sponsorship by the FDNY Emerald Society. As noted on the FDNY Gaelic Football Club’s website, the rivalry between the FDNY and NYPD Clubs is a rivalry “formed out of respect and love” and “since the tragic disaster of 9/11, there has been a universal bond between Firefighters and friendships have evolved, and our sport has become a link to further those friendships.” As does the NYPD Club, the FDNY Gaelic Football Club is active in international competitions beginning with the 2002 visit of the Dublin Fire Brigade GFC to New York’s Gaelic Park and expanded in 2005 to include contests against the Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue GFC.

The team is scheduled to travel to London this October to compete in the 2015 International Police GAA Tournament.

MetroSports Magazine | 41

MetroSports Magazine | 43

Firefighter Sean Tallon Memorial

ver 200 young athletes and their famiO lies gathered to commemorate the life of fallen FDNY firefighter, Sean Tallon, at the 6th Annual Sean Tallon Memorial Gaelic Sports Tournament. Conducted under the jurisdiction of the GAA Minor Board and cosponsored by the AOH Bronx County Board, the AOH New York County Board, the AOH Queens County Board, the AOH Westchester County Board, AOH Division #18 of Peekskill, and the AOH Myles Scully Division #1 of Yonkers, NY, over 30 youth teams from Westchester, Rockland, Connecticut, New Jersey and the 5 boroughs of NYC came out to historic Gaelic Park in the Bronx for a day of Gaelic Games and to commemorate the life of Firefighter Tallon. 44 | September-October 2015

Sean Patrick Tallon was a 26 year old probationary fighter assigned to Ladder Company 10 and a U.S. Marine Corps reservist who gave his life on September 11, 2001 protecting the citizens of NYC and his fellow firefighters. With Ladder 10 located right across the street from the World Trade Center, Sean was one of the first firefighters to rush into Tower One.

All Photos (c) Warren Rosenberg,

MetroSports Magazine | 45

Longwood Youth Football at MetLife Stadium

Longwood Youth Football’s 8-year old team, coached by Tim Asbell, was the featured half-time event at the August 2015 NY Jets vs Atlanta Falcons perseason game. These young competitors from Middle Island, NY, showed the same grit and determination as the 2013 Superbowl champion Seattle Seahawks did on this same field.

46 | September-October 2015

All Photos (C) Clark Thompson,

E. Anderson L. Asbell C. Banegas J. Bennett M. Brescia, III C. Chichester D. Cologrande M. Dent R. Earl J. Gibbs S. Hammel T. Kaleb N. Laino R. Mandaro R. Mitchell R. Morrissey B. Rattmer L. Rizzi S. Samuels-Robinson K. Simmons A. Stearns E. Wesche

MetroSports Magazine | 47

Sports Photo Tip Sponsored by Hunts Photo & Video

48 | September-October 2015

Sports Photo Tip of the Month Ten Tips from MSM Photographer Clark Thompson

1. Arrive early- Scout out a location. How flexible is movement and how close can you be to playing field? 2. Light- Know the direction, intensity, color (is flash allowed). You can stop or show motion. 3, Camera- Know settings that will capture action in your lighting environment (may need two cameras with different focal length lenses). 4. Lens- One that compliments your situation. Frame it tight. (may need more than one lens). 5. Know the sport- You can anticipate where the money shots live. 6. Respect- The players, coaches, referees, and fans. 7. Gear- Filters, gray card, light meter, monopod; (bring what you need, (I never thought I should have bought…with me) This can be a big list so plan accordingly. 8. RAW/JPEG- This depends on speed to clients. Sometimes I have to upload to their FTP site during half time- jpegs are best. SOOC-(Straight Out Of Camera) Learn camera settings to achieve exposure during capture don’t rely on post-production. I prefer RAW. 9. Capture Emotions- Faces of the players during the game as well as players on the bench, coaches, referees and fans. Put a referee in a few shots. 10. Eliminate backgrounds- The term is “bokeh” The more blurry the background the better. The subject should be sharp and jumps off the page.

Bonus section- There’s a lot of “Auto” on cameras and an autofocus (AF) on most lenses. Know what “autos” to leave on and which ones to turn off. You will not be in control if your camera settings are all in automatic. Some you can have on/off simultaneously and others should be avoided. The below is my take when shooting sports. On the lens keep the AF on for sports. Auto White Balance (AWB) you can leave it on, but I do a custom white balance (WB). Don’t use single shot mode, change mode to something that assists in shooting/tracking moving subjects, maybe even continuous mode. S or TV (Shutter or Time Value) Will automatically set the camera’s aperture. A or AV (Aperture or Aperture Value) Will automatically set the camera’s shutter speed. M (Manual) You NEED to set the aperture and shutter speed. Auto ISO - Some newer cameras have this, I don’t use it, I input the value I need and adjust it if necessary. Don’t use any camera icon button for action (running man) or the automatic (square for Canon). I prefer you use AV or A but if you’re not ready use P (program) you can Practice, practice, practice!

MetroSports Magazine | 49

MetroSports Magazine Sept/Oct 2015 FH cover  

MetroSports Magazine Sept/Oct 2015 Natural Bodybuilding