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the women’s health issue

Q & A with McKenna Grace,

kid genius in her latest film

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Guthrie Summer Success

Get started on the right foot! Many new camps feature a variety of learning opportunities for children of all ages. Camps Include: • Minecraft • Brain Science • 3D Art • Robo Lego

• It’s a Zoo Out There • Leadership, Organization & Critical Thinking Skills • And More 972-596-6929

Call us or visit website for more info.

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Happy Mother’s Day!


y youngest child somehow can remember all the gifts she, and everyone else in our home, has received. I’m not kidding, she remembers. Reflecting on Mother’s Days of the past that I have enjoyed with my family, I can’t truthfully say I remember every gift my children or my husband presented me, but I can say that I remember most of the gifts my kids made for me, especially those that were created by their own hands, in secret, behind closed doors. I also remember tiny hands coming into my room carrying my breakfast on a platter, and the spilt OJ when they hopped up to be with me. They apologized, I laughed. These are the gifts mom’s want. Memories of precious moments with their children. As kids get older, moms want something as simple as a thank you; and it would be truly fabulous if they followed with these words of pure, self-less love “This is what I am going to do for you today!” Ahhh, music to every mother’s ears. With all this being great, what I really want is for my children to continue to grow in their faith. I want their souls to be prepared for Heaven! This responsibility came when God handed over his creations to me. This is my vocation. For help with this I can always rely on our Blessed Mother, after all, Jesus gave his mother to us at the foot of the cross before he died. Through time she has been called upon as the Advocate for the People of God. Prayers to Mary for protection and aid have been recorded as early as AD 250. She will also graciously receive those (through prayer) who feel they cannot approach God directly. She loves us as a Mother and she has the ear of her son, Jesus! Mary’s role in salvation history was planned by God; He wants us to know her. And, to my Mom! Thank you for sharing your faith with your children; and thank you for praying to our Blessed Mother for my protection. I love you and this is what I am going to do for you today….


Mary Ellen Caldwell, RD, LD, CLT


Renée Higgins

COPY EDITOR Francie Morin

CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Pam Molnar Kathryn Streeter



AD DESIGNERS Alex Canales So Hee Lee Won

ADVERTISING EXECUTIVES Denise Miller Aida Rojas Julie Lesser Williams


Francie Morin


Carrie Vincent

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MEET OUR COVER KID... MCKENNA GRACE, 10 YEARS Photo Credit: Kenneth Dolin This month’s cover kid is Texas native, McKenna Grace, age 10. She graced our Suburban Parent cover in July 2011, at the age of 3 years. She is back to promote her most current movie, GIFTED. A must see! Check out her Q & A inside this issue.

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• Children study the classical art during the Art Encounter Class • Music • Natural outdoor learning environment • Neighborhood Setting • Science Curriculum in a well equipped Discovery Lab • An open Indoor Gymnasium/Activity Room • iPads in Primary Classrooms • Several extracurricular activities - Art, Computers, Dance, Soccer, Football, Basketball, Gymnastics, Private Piano Lessons etc.

OPEN HOUSE May 13, (Saturday), 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Does your child miss the public school birthday cut off? Come see our accelerated Pre-K & Private Kindergarten. Experience the true Montessori difference, a proven success with development for over 100 years.

11600 Teel Parkway Frisco, TX 75034

(972) 334-9444

Tour our Campus from 9-11 AM Daily


blue space


Need an excuse to take a trip to the beach this summer?

Scientists are now studying what we already knew. Spending time near blue space (water) is good for your brain. The sights and sounds of the water have a calming effect on our overloaded minds. Calm minds lead to lower depression and stress levels, and improved creativity and overall well-being. Can’t make it to the beach? Go to the lake, find a waterfall or just sit by the pool.

take a hike

The name of love

Relax moms; we’re not losing our minds! A recent study explains that mixing up our children’s names is not unusual and is not due to memory loss or old age. Whew! It’s actually due to the way our brains categorize information. Apparently, we “store” our loved ones names in the same place so it’s quite common to pull out the wrong one when we’re tired, frustrated or in a hurry. And, we only mix up the names of the people we love (in the same category). Aww. Since family is stored with family and friends are stored with friends, you probably won’t call your kid by your neighbor’s name, but you might call him by your dog’s name. That’s because the dog tends to be included in the family category. Yes, we sure do love our dogs!

No, really! The benefits of hiking go way beyond health. Like any aerobic exercise, hiking conditions the heart, tones muscles, maintains weight, and lowers the risk of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes and even some cancers. But, it also reduces stress, increases energy and is good for your brain. Simply spending time outdoors increases attention spans and creative problem-solving skills. Plus hikers are just happier because they connect with nature in a way that brings about peace and a sense of well-being.

We got this idea from happiness guru (and author and blogger) Gretchen Rubin. Spend one hour a week tackling the things on your to do list that you’ve been putting off. You know, those mildly unpleasant tasks like finishing a photo album, dropping off donations or cleaning out the fridge. Don’t do normal chores during that time though. This hour is for crossing off the to-do’s that aren’t pressing yet still weighing you down.

Hello mom... Loneliness has been associated with the decline of quality of life in older adults and may even lead to an earlier death, studies say. Feeling lonely is not the same as feeling depressed, although they can go hand in hand. And note, you don’t have to live alone to feel lonely. So, don’t forget to call your mom this Mother’s Day. Better yet, call her more often than just on Mother’s Day.


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Are you tired of your


learning different

child not Reaching their true


Great Lakes Academy, an accredited, non-profit private school in Plano offers 3rd-12th grade students with average to above average intelligence, diagnosed with various Learning Differences, ADHD or Asperger’s Syndrome, a positive school experience.

schedule a tour today!

6000 Custer Road • Building 7 • Plano 972-517-7498 ext. 103

g r e a t l a k e s a c a d e m y. . . w h e r e i n d i v i d u a l i t y a n d d i f f e r e n c e s a r e c e l e b r a t e d

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MAY 2017



q&a Vickie, mom Q. What are some things I can do to build good mental health in my pre-teen daughter?

A. This is a good question. In order to have a pre-adolescent daughter exercise good mental hygiene, she needs to be encouraged to communicate the good and the bad, preferably with you. Also, recognize that errors will occur. Every moment is an experience, and every error permits area for growth and learning. Similarly, allow for a healthy relationship to blossom between parent and pre-teen that ensures trust, understanding, and patience through the next foreseeable rough years that adolescence will bring. Having an open relationship is important. Do not merely be a friend to your daughter, but rather be many roles: parent, teacher, supporter, advocate, protector, and yes friend as well. Mentoring healthy habits and modeling appropriate behavior is vital for the healthy development of any child. Nora Choubkha, M.D. | Psychiatrist at Dallas Behavioral Healthcare Hospital

Angelica, mom Q. I’m a mom of three busy boys, and often eat what they eat. I wish I could know just what I need. Thanks.

A. Yes, you do! Simply put, I can share with you what you need daily: fruit, vegetables, whole grains and reduced-fat milk (or other sources of calcium), also include lean meats, poultry, fish, beans, eggs and nuts. Make sure your diet is low in saturated fats, trans fats, salt (sodium) and added sugars. Also, instead of thinking bad food vs. good food, look for nutrient rich foods – those packed with vitamins, minerals, fiber. Eat a variety of foods from each food group. Moderately active women need 1800 to 2200 calories a day. Check out our Wholesome Ending editorial each month. I often feature foods and their benefits! Mary Ellen | Editor and Registered Dietitian

Ali, daughter Q. My dad and I read your magazine; I like the Fun Stuff and We Love This pages. He said I should send a question I have for you to answer. I’m 9 yrs old and my mom is in heaven. What can I do for her on Mother’s Day?

A. Ali, thank you so much for asking me. It’s great that you want to do something special for remembering your mom. Missing a mom is hard, so it may be helpful to write about it; just like you are talking to your mom. Then you can attach the note on to a pretty helium balloon or a few balloons if it’s a long letter with drawings and several pages. Then release the balloons up into the sky. Oh, and you can also include seeds of flowers that were your mom’s favorite in the balloon. When the balloon explodes they will fall and possibly grow in a field. You can say a prayer too! I’ll be thinking of you on Mother’s Day and I’ll say a prayer for you too. Mary Ellen | Editor and Mom


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ASKS... Does mental health really affect women more than men? A. According to the American Psychological Association, women are more likely (two times more than men) to be diagnosed with anxiety disorders or mood disorders like depression or bipolar disorder. Men have a higher likelihood to be diagnosed with substance abuse disorders and schizophrenia. Differences in brain chemistry may account for at least part of these variances. This is why educating women about mental health is key for prevention. Symptoms of depression in women include: *Persistent sad, anxious, or “empty” mood. *Restlessness, irritability, or excessive crying. *Feelings of guilt, worthlessness, helplessness, hopelessness, pessimism. *Sleeping too much or too little, early-morning waking.

Discover the Highest Quality Early Childhood & Elementary Programs Small Class Sizes

So we can ensure maximum attention for each child.

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Finest In Academic Curriculum and Instruction

Developmentally-based programs teach phonics, manuscript handwriting, reading, hands-on math, as well as social studies and science. Proven Success

We pride ourselves in teaching reading, writing, and math skills at an advanced level - our graduates matriculate into the most prestigious preparatory private schools and public gifted and talented programs. Nurturing and Caring Environment

Call to schedule a tour today! 972-596-6929

We have experienced, qualified teachers who have a passion for teaching early childhood education. Special Classes

We provide classes in art, music, foreign language and PE. Class Programs and Plays

As well as year-end performances build confidence and self-esteem.

Limited Seats Available!

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welovethis 2 1


Enter for a chance to win these goodies @

1 Stackable Rings for Mom


LOVEBUDS Kids love to see their parents together. A kiss here and a playful hug there… So with LOVE BUDS - Mom and Dad can sit close and share their favorite movie or song with these couple’s earbuds. Available in his and hers colors (metallic gunmetal for him, and sophisticated pink for her) with individual volume control, natural noise-cancellation, ultra-lightweight and contour design. Great for couples on long flights, children to share on car trips, audio tour guides and any time you want to relax side by side! $25.49,


A huge trend right now. The sterling silver rings will be priced between $30.00 and $70.00, and feature Swarovski Pure Brilliance Zirconia, Swarovski Alpinite and Swarovski Spinel. Get mom one today at

2 You know Mom is Treasured

So give her a necklace from the Spoken By Chamilia Treasures Collection. The sentiments can be worn around her neck for all to see. The entire Chamilia line is made from sterling silver or 14 karat gold and features genuine Swarovski Crystals and Swarovski Zirconia. $60.00 and up,

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3 Something as Sweet as Mom

This is a simple something that everyone will enjoy along with mom. Nothing Bundt Cakes always has the cutest designs for special occasions like Mother’s Day. And their flavors are amazing. Can’t go wrong with this on the table. $30.00-$40.00,

4 Now that’s a Keeper

With so many photos to cherish, Moms would love to store them safely! No storage? No WiFi? No data? No problem! Picture Keeper Connect works anywhere and because the files aren’t stored online, Mom maintains control of the photos. Starting at $119.99.

4 3

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- A DV E R TO R I A L -

Increase Cancer Detection by 55%


outhwest Diagnostic Imaging Center is proud to be on the leading edge of breast care

by offering the Automated Breast Ultrasound System (ABUS), for breast cancer screening as an adjunct to mammography for asymptomatic women with dense breast tissue and no prior interventions. “We are excited to add the ABUS system to our comprehensive breast cancer screening program. By offering ABUS in addition to mammography for our patients with dense breast tissue, we anticipate improving detection for small cancers that cannot be seen on a mammogram alone in these women. We believe ABUS will become an integral part of our practice for the

detection of breast cancer,” said Dr.

shows that ABUS technology in addition

Katherine Hall, Radiologist.

to mammography has the potential

Dense breast tissue not only

that would not have been found with

4-6 times but also makes cancer more

mammography alone.”

difficult to detect using mammography.

Dr. Hall recommends that women

As breast density goes up, the accuracy

get regular mammograms as suggested

of mammograms goes down.

by their doctor, and if they have

“Mammography is an effective tool

been informed that they have dense

for the detection of breast cancer;

breast tissue, they should talk to their

however, it doesn’t work equally well in

doctor about their specific risk and

all women, particularly those with dense

additional screening tests that might

breast tissue,” added Dr. Hall. “Research

be appropriate.

Southwest Diagnostic Imaging Center Dallas 214-345-6905


to find 55 percent additional cancers

increases the risk of breast cancer up to

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h o w t o p ay f o r college without ta k i n g o u t



you merit scholarships without even having to apply for them. Many schools have charts and scholarship calculators where prospective students can plug in their scores to reveal their automatic breaks.


Many high schools offer college credit courses through a local community college. In addition, students taking AP classes in high school can test at the end of the school year and those who receive a C or higher on the test will get college credit for the class. The AP test is about $100.


apply, make a list of all your associations as well as those of your immediate family. There are scholarships available for left-handers, children and grandchildren of war veterans and

family of members of groups such as the Lions Club. Check out websites like or books like “The Ultimate Scholarship Book” by Gen and Kelly Tanabe for an unbelievable list of scholarships available to you.

LOCAL SCHOLARSHIPS. Check out your high school’s website for information on local businesses, churches and sports organizations offering scholarships. While none of them offer full rides, the generous $500 to $1000 scholarships add up quickly and cover things like books, housing and travel expenses that merit scholarships don’t cover. SPORT SCHOLARSHIPS. Only 2% of high school athletes are offered some form of athletic scholarships and the opportunity to compete in college. Some athletes seek less popular sports such as bowling or rugby hoping for a smaller pool of scholarship contenders. Be aware that D3 schools, which are often small, private colleges, do not offer athletic scholarships at all.

s i x s u r p r i s i n g c o l l e g e fa c t s






The average cost of a four year instate public college education is $98,440 according to Out of state college fees are often higher and don’t report cost of travel expenses. Private schools average $197,280 for a four year education.

National Center for Education Statistics reports the average time to complete a bachelor’s degree is 52 months or just over 6 years. Sadly, that is an additional cost that families often don’t budget for, especially for those with more than one child.

According to the National Student Clearinghouse, only 52.9 percent of students who enrolled in U.S. colleges and universities in the fall of 2009 completed school within six years. That number is declining.

According to Student Loan Hero, the average Class of 2016 graduate has $37,172 in student loan debt, up six percent from the previous year.

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GET A SUMMER AND ON CAMPUS JOB. If a student works 20 hours at $7.25 per hour, they will gross $145 week. Even after minimal taxes, that is more than $5000 per year. CONSIDER JOINING A PUBLIC SERVICE PROGRAM

like AmeriCorps, Peace Corp, National Health Service Corp or ROTC. They often offer college scholarships, reduced loans or deferred loans in exchange for service.


or evening so you can work full or part time. Because the school is local, students can live at home to save on room and board. The cost of classes, many of which transfer to a four year school, are much less per credit hour. Some community colleges even offer 3 and 1 programs allowing students to pay community college prices for three years and one year at a local four year institution.


are going to work while in college, consider working for a company who offers a tuition reimbursement program. UPS, Starbucks and Verizon are just a few of the companies that offer tuition reimbursement to full and part time employees. The average assistance is $5250 per year.


note, this is not available for a part time student position in the book store. This is for regular staff such as professors, the bursar office team and maintenance crew members. Full time employees and their children are usually offered a discount for tuition only, but since you most likely live within driving distance, you will also save on room and board.


mester to boost your credits and complete your requirements early. By graduating early you will save on room and board – an average of $10,000.

LOOK FOR BOOK OPTIONS. Books are crazy expensive. Don’t fall for the convenience of the college book store. Get your class syllabus and determine the best option for buying books. Look online at Amazon, consider used books, share with a roommate or rent the books for half the price. Try looking at local used book stores and Ebay to get the most bang for your buck. SP



The average monthly student loan payment is $351. Yikes!

The National Association of Colleges and Employers projected the Class of 2016 to have an average salary of $50,556. Those numbers are compiled from 10 broad range degree areas such as Business, Education, Communication, Engineering and Healthcare.

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look up and there is a bird across the street perched on the topmost point of the firehouse bell-tower. Why does she just sit there? What does she see? I need to follow the way of this mama bird, to get up high above the trees so I know where I’ve been and where I’m going. To get my perspective. The blessing of perspective allows painful truths to emerge. Too often, I picked at blades of grass instead of getting up high. I’ve regarded myself as a good mom, yet as I’ve gained distance from the early days of babies and toddlers, preschool and elementary school, I can finally see. Like that mama bird sitting up high in the tree, I stand now as a humble mom of 17 years, better able to discern where I’ve been and where I’m going.  My husband cautions me to take the long view as a mother of teens, but how I wish I had taken the long view from the beginning. When motherhood began long ago, the popular parenting manual among my friends having kids helped them bring order to their newborn’s schedule. Sleep. Eat. Play. But my baby refused to neatly follow the espoused principles. Instead of making adjustments, I persevered.  It wasn’t noble. It was stubborn. I refused to be defeated.  I wish now I had comforted my firstborn more when she was crying. In retrospect, I missed the season of straightforward consoling because comforting a teenager is more complex.  Today, I practice a more grace and less legalism approach. I am taking the long view. In no way do I want my kids to think that their behavior changes my love for them. Though my toddlers may have resisted naptime because they couldn’t settle down, they were enough. Though my teens may head directly to their room after school and shut their door to me, they are enough. Just as they are.  Deep down I’ve always known that motherhood is mostly shooting in the dark. I also knew intellectually that there wasn’t an equation for raising perfect kids, but sometimes I was flush with confidence in my particular way of doing things.  One day I had an epiphany that I wasn’t just a teacher in this mom-child relationship. Motherhood had automatically enrolled me as her student, painful as it is beautiful. Certainly, this is one of life’s most unexpected gifts, the self-improvement that stems from raising children. Deeper in is where the substance lies, the less straightforward but relentless

shaping and sharpening. The teen years promise personal growth because this season has a way of shaking foundations. Nothing is guaranteed. The inability to change mothering tactics to keep pace with their growth into young adults revealed I was not truly listening. It’s more than taking in the words, I learned. It’s getting up high like the mama-bird to hear pleas or complaints in their fullest context. Teens don’t act out in a vacuum. In fact, they long to be understood.  I’ve gradually come to appreciate I held myself as well as my kids to unrealistic standards. When my son was a toddler, he abruptly stopped eating his veggies. I needed his palate to change quickly. In today’s parenting climate, a child who refuses greens reflected poorly on me -- and I panicked. When he entered his tweens I finally consulted an older mom of three grown sons for advice. She questioned my plan to levy a $1 fine each time he refused greens, pointing to her husband in his mid-70s who still doesn’t eat his. She gently encouraged me to choose my battles carefully. Perhaps my relationship with my budding young man was far more important, she counseled.  Looking back, it was critical that I listened. In fact, a weight fell off my shoulders that day. I gave myself permission to stop measuring my success as a mother by my son’s diet. I let go of an expectation that had long held me hostage and inhibited my pure enjoyment of him.  Very slowly, I’ve learned to not beat myself up when I’ve fallen short of various expectations, themselves evidence that I was making motherhood more about myself than the raw acceptance of my kids.  Stepping out of the way to allow the children space to organically select their areas of interest isn’t easy. Projecting my aspirations on them through directing their enrichment activities early on could have hurt more than helped. At the end of the day, I know they will work harder and be happier if they are chasing their own dreams, not mine.  One can’t stop the days from rolling rapidly by. Years ago, each day ended with bedtime stories. If motherhood is about any one thing, it’s about teaching the art of story-telling. When I’m doing this well, I’m letting the kids tell their own stories. This is their life, after all.  Like that mama-bird, I humbly revel from my view up high. It’s a place I’ve finally found where I can fully see.  Come join me.  SP

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MAY 2017


parent suburban

MAY 2017 | FREE

inform | educate | inspire



the women’s health issue

Q & A with McKenna Grace

, kid genius in her latest film

catching up with cover girl

McKenna Grace

Happy Mother’s Day BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT MedSpring



SP: When you were on the cover of

our Suburban Parent magazine in July 2011, you said you liked dancing, singing, cheerleading, acting, and playing with your best friend, Kenzie. As well as collecting stuffed animals Has anything changed?

MG: Not much has changed since

then! I still love all of those things and Kenzie is still one of my best friends. I love bringing my stuffed animals everywhere! 

SP: Tell us about your education. MG: I am homeschooled and I have

a tutor when I’m on set filming. My homeschooling program is through a public school, so I still do all the same things that kids that go to school do. I have to check in with my teacher every week and on Mondays if I’m not filming, I go to a creative writing class. Although I’m in 5th grade, I have been studying 6th grade math.

SP: Do you ever have to be away

from your family while filming?

MG: Sometimes. I filmed a show in

Toronto (Designated Survivor) so I spent a lot of time there. My Mom comes with me to everything I do, so we’re always together. If I am filming away for a few months my Dad or my grandparents will come visit me. We also FaceTime every day.


WOMEN’S RIGHTS See our Wholesome Ending page

SP: What character was the toughest to change into? MG: Playing Mary in Gifted was tough. She is so different from me because I am a really happy person most of the time. Mary has been through a lot in her life and she was very sad and confused and angry at times.

SP: What was your first role as an actress? MG: My very first job ever was a commercial for the YMCA in Texas.

SP: Of all the roles you played in the past, which is your most favorite? MG: Playing Mary in Gifted is the most favorite role I have ever had. The whole experience and everyone on that set was, and is, so special to me.

SP: We heard you are now a Girl Scout. How were you inspired to join your Troop? MG: Yes! In Gifted, my character Mary

is a Girl Scout, so the Girl Scouts of America asked me if I would become an honorary Girl Scout. I was so excited because I had always wanted to be a Girl Scout. They had a special pinning ceremony and taught me their pledge. It was such a special day and I hope I can be involved with more things with them. I admire all girl scouts and I’m so thankful for them!

Check out more Q & A’s and McKenna’s bucket list




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Let our advertisers know you found them in Suburban Parent

MAY 2017


timeout community calendar | may 2017

1 | MONDAY Crafty Mondays

10:30am. Nature themed craft included with admission. Texas Discovery Gardens - Fair Park, 3601 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Dallas 214-428-7476 www.



First Tuesday: Fiesta!

11am-2pm. Up to 5 yrs. Join our family and enjoy art-making activities, story time, family tours, and more in this fun-filled day designed specifically for children. Dallas Museum of Art, 1717 North Harwood, Dallas 214922-1200

3 | WEDNESDAY BOGO Wednesdays at the Arboretum

9am-5pm. Buy One Get One Free at the Ticket Booth! Does not include parking. Dallas Arboretum, 8525 Garland Rd., Dallas 214-515-6615

Stroller Buddies at the Dallas Zoo


9-10:30am. Join us for a wild time as our little one learns

through nature exploration! Registration required. Dallas Zoo, 650 RL Thornton Freeway, Dallas 469-554-7500

4 | THURSDAY JumpstART – Moms Are Amazing

10-10:30am. Ages 2 & Up. Irving Arts Center, 3333 N. Mac Arthur Blvd., Irving 972252-2787

Storyland: “A Trip Through Childhood Favorites”

10am-5pm. Ages Up to 8 yrs. Fort Worth Museum of Science and History, 1600 Gendy Street, Fort Worth 817255-9300


3:30-10pm. Free Admission on Thursday! Trinity Park, 2401 University Drive, Fort Worth

5 | FRIDAY Preschool Safari

9am-2pm. Ages 3-5 yrs. Dallas Zoo, 650 RL Thornton Freeway, Dallas 469-5547500

Allison 3 on May 14

B o w e ny 15 a 3 on M

UPLOAD YOUR BIRTHDAY KIDS PICTURE @ Submit by 10th of the month PRIOR to their birthday.


Vintage Blooms by Rusty Truck Vintage Market

9am-5pm. Come and join the Rusty Truck Vintage Market for a fun day of eclectic shopping had by all. Dallas Farmers Market, 920 S. Harwood, Dallas 214-537-6752

North Dallas Toy Show

9am-3pm. Dallas Events Center, 4343 Sigma Road Suite 600, Dallas 214-358-3628

Scarborough Renaissance Festival: Live the Fantasy Weekend

10am-6pm. Scarborough Renaissance Festival, 2511 FM 66, Waxahachie 972-9383247

Cottonwood Arts Festival

10am-5pm. Cottonwood Park, 1321 W. Belt Line Road, Richardson

Irving Bike Fest

10am-2pm. North Lake College, 5001 N MacArthur Blvd, Irving

The Royal Falconer

11am-2pm. The Royal Falconer shares the amazing

13 lar Sky ay 20 M n o 4

D a ko ta 11 o n M a y 13


MAY 2017 Let our advertisers know you found them in Suburban Parent

Birds of Prey. Scarborough Fair, 2511 FM 66, Waxahachie

Target First Saturdays

10am-5pm. Nasher Sculpture Center, 2001 Flora St, Dallas 214-242-5100

7 | SUNDAY Bike MS 150

10:30am-4pm. Over 3,000 cyclists will roll into the Finish Line for a tour-wrap-up party on the Plaza featuring a live band. Sundance Square Plaza, 420 Main Street, Fort Worth

Mother’s Day Mimosa Walk in Bishop Arts

11 | THURSDAY Bloom: A New & Expectant Mom Event

6:30-9pm. Texas Scottish Rite Hospital For Children, 2222 Welborn St, Dallas 214559-5000

12 | FRIDAY Cocoa & Canvas - A Mother’s Day Celebration

5:30-7pm. Irving Mall, 3880 Irving Mall, Irving 972-2550572

Broadway: Then and Now

7:30-9:30pm. Irving Arts Center, 3333 N. MacArthur Blvd., Irving 972-252-2787 www.

12-3pm. Show your mom you love her by bringing her to the district for an afternoon of shopping and mimosas. Bishop Arts District, N Bishop Ave @ Davis, Dallas www.

Disney’s The Little Mermaid

Cruzar la Cara de la Luna


2-4pm. Bass Performance Hall, 525 Commerce St., Fort Worth 817-212-4200 www.

8 | MONDAY Dora & Diego - Let’s Explore! 10am-5pm. All ages. Fort Worth Museum of Science & History, 1600 Gendy St., Fort Worth 817-255-9300 www.

9 | TUESDAY Math-y Time

11am-12pm. Ages 3-6. Davis Library – It’s not just storytime, it’s Math-y Time! Early math concepts for preschoolers using books and math maniputlatives. 7501-B Independence Pkwy, Plano. 972-208-8000.

10 | WEDNESDAY Premiere Telenovelas

7-8pm. Parr Library; Free, Ages 13 & up. Learn how to include narration, create smooth transitions, and add some drama to your videos! Classes held in Parr Digital Creation Space. Parr Library, 6200 Windhaven Pkwy., Plano,

7pm. Casa Manana Theatre, 3101 W Lancaster Ave, Fort Worth 817-332-2272

12th Annual Strut Your Mutt & 5K

8am-2pm. Trinity Groves at the base of the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge. 3011 Gulden Lane, Dallas

On Mother’s Day

North Dallas Toy Show

9am-3pm. Dallas Events Center, 4343 Sigma Road Suite 600, Dallas 214-358-3628

We remember all the mothers who have babies in heaven

Open House at Eldorado Montessori

10am-2pm. 11600 Teel Pkwy, Frisco 972-334-9444 www. See ad in this issue.

Discovery Days: Meteorology 10am-4pm. Perot Museum of Nature and Science, 2201 N. Field St., Dallas 214-4285555

Frontier Forts Muster

10am-4pm. Fort Worth Stockyards Station, 130 E. Exchange Avenue, Fort Worth 817-625-9715 www.

Scarborough Renaissance Festival: Mother’s Day Brunch & Renaissance Romance Weekend 10am-6pm. Scarborough Renaissance Festival, 2511

We are a Christian, non-profit organization that reaches out to families who have suffered the loss of a baby through miscarriage, stillbirth or early infant death. We publish free bi-monthly newsletters, hold two commemorative ceremonies each year and host support groups in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.


Always in our hearts!

Mommies Enduring Neonatal Death 972-506-9000 •

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MAY 2017


timeout FM 66, Waxahachie 972-9383247

2017 Swiss Avenue Home Tour

10am-6pm. Swiss Avenue Historic District, Parkmont & Swiss Ave, Dallas www.

Pop-Up Art Spot at DMA

1-4pm. All ages. Free. Dallas Museum of Art, 1717 North Harwood, Dallas 214-9221200

Safari Nights Concert Series Featuring: Petty Theft

5-9pm. Bring blankets or lawn chairs to watch the show or reserve a private cabana. Food will be available for purchase along with drinks or pack your own food and have a picnic. The Dallas Zoo, 650 S. RL Thornton Frwy, Dallas 469-554-7500

14 | SUNDAY Mother’s Day Brunch at American Girl

10am-2pm. Ages 8 & Up. Reservations required. American Girl Bistro, 13464 Dallas Parkway, Dallas 214-530-2154

Second Sunday Funday: Masterpieces with Mom

1-4pm. Irving Arts Center, 3333 N. MacArthur Blvd., Irving 972-252-2787 www.

Spring Song - Honor

2-3pm. Texas Discovery Gardens, 3601 Martin Luther King Junior Blvd, Dallas www. thewomenschorusofdallas. com/concert-season.html

7-8:30pm. Ages 16+. You don’t have to be a teen to read like one. Meet other fans of young adult books. Meet on the 5th floor, City Room. May book is: The Haters. 6101 Frisco Square Blvd Frisco, 972-292-5669 www.

17 | WEDNESDAY BOGO Wednesdays at the Arboretum

9am-5pm. Buy One Get One Free! Does not include parking. Dallas Arboretum, 8525 Garland Rd., Dallas 214-515-6615

18 | THURSDAY Bureau of Engraving & Printing – Tours

8:30am-5:30pm. Free. Bureau of Engraving and Printing, 9000 Blue Mound Road, Fort Worth 817-231-4000

19 | FRIDAY DFW ICON Vocal Competition

10am-8pm. Ages 7-30 yrs. The Most Fun Singing Contest in DFW w/ $20,000 in Prizes! Palace Theatre, 300 South Main Street, Grapevine 913708-4264

The Compassion Experience 11am-7pm. Fellowship Dallas, 9330 N Central Expy, Dallas


AT&T Byron Nelson

Talent Saturdays at Lakewood Conservatory of Fine Arts

Skyline 360 Tours with DCFA

12:30pm. Klyde Warren Park, 2012 Woodall Rogers Freeway, Dallas 214-716-4500

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YA Book Club

15 | MONDAY 8am. It’s more than a golf tournament. It’s the AT&T Byron Nelson. Four Seasons Resort & Club Dallas at Las Colinas, 4150 N MacArthur Blvd, Irving 214-943-9700



9am-12pm. Children can receive a complimentary talent evaluation, tinker on the musical petting zoo, watch a movie, play at the coloring table and join in any ongoing group class and enjoy light sips & bites. Lakewood Conservatory of Fine Arts, 7328 Gaston Ave Suite 130, Dallas 214-843-2060 www.

2017 Registration is now open! ADVENTURE KIDS PLAYCARE ...................................... 26 972-668-5990 Frisco 972-612-5400 Plano BREITLING YOUTH THEATER.......................................... 25 972-658-3915 CHILDREN’S TREEHOUSE BUCKINGHAM...............................27 972-530-8436 CLUB SCIKIDZ............................... 26 214-530-5979 J CAMPS.............................................21 KANAKUK CAMP........................... 9

MINDAMUSIC SCHOOL & STORE..............................................21 214-501-9501 SPCA................................................... 25 214-461-1811

“Sessions provide a perfect setting for your child to learn about appropriate animal care.”

THE BEHAVIOR EXCHANGE..................................... 25 972-312-8733 THE GUTHRIE SCHOOL...... 2, 11 972-596-6929 UTD CHESS CAMP.....................23 972-883-4899

See complete Directory online @

Sessions are for children between 8-11 years old. Weekly Camp Cost is $260

Call 214-461-1811

Register @

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MAY 2017


timeout Dallas Pet Expo

10am-1pm. A woofing, chirping, and meowing good time for the whole family! Dallas Market Hall, 2200 N. Stemmons Frwy, Dallas www.

Scarborough Renaissance Festival: Legends of the Sea 10am-6pm. Children in mermaid and pirate costumes are invited to participate in pirate games and compete in a costume contest. Scarborough Renaissance Festival, 2511 FM 66, Waxahachie 972-9383247

Safari Nights Concert Series Featuring: Memphis Soul 5-9pm. Bring blankets or lawn chairs to watch the show. Food will be available for purchase along with drinks or your own food and have a picnic. The Dallas Zoo, 650 S. RL Thornton Frwy, Dallas 469-554-7500

21 | SUNDAY 2017 EncoreYouth Family Series Bugs Flowers & Bees

2:15pm Pre-concert activities. 3pm Concert starts. Featuring Plano Symphony ensembles with Le Theatre de Marionette puppeteers. Music highlights include Flight of the Bumblebee, Spring and Flower Duet. McKinney Performing Arts Center. 972473-7262 encoreyouthmusic. com. See ad in this issue.

Scarborough Renaissance Festival: Legends of the Sea 10am-6pm. Children in mermaid and pirate costumes are invited to participate in pirate games and compete in a costume contest. Scarborough Renaissance Festival, 2511 FM 66, Waxahachie 972-9383247

22 | MONDAY Homeschool – Scat, Skin & Skulls of Mammals

9am-12pm. Audubon Adventure Homeschool Classes provide an opportunity for homeschoolers to bond with similar aged friends and explore the Great Trinity Forest and Blackland Prairie with experienced naturalist educators. Trinity River


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Audubon Center, 6500 Great Trinity Forest Way, Dallas www.

23 | TUESDAY Adventure Tots - Passport to the World

11:15am-12pm. Roy & Helen Hall Memorial Library. Ages 3-6yrs. Children will learn social studies and interesting facts regarding the country we will be visiting. You will travel the world in alphabetical order. Highlights early literacy skills such as print motivation, print awareness, and vocabulary. There will also be a country themed craft to correspond with our storytime. 101 E Hunt St, McKinney; 972) 547-7323

24 | WEDNESDAY Youth Citizen Police Academy – Registration Open!

Ages 14 through 17 years. The Richardson Police Department is now accepting applications. This is a one week academy that will start June 19th. FREE - Learn more at www.YouthCPAwebpage.

25 | THURSDAY Tall Tales at Reunion Tower GeO-Deck

11am-12pm. Ages 2–5 yrs. Take your toddler to new heights! Hear a story and sing a song. Seating is lounge will fill quickly. Reunion Tower, 300 Reunion Blvd E, Dallas 214-712-7040

Air Play

7:30pm. Flying umbrellas, larger-than-life balloons, giant kites floating over the audience, and the biggest snow globe you’ve ever seen will make you gasp in wonder and laugh until it hurts. Wyly Theatre, 2400 Flora Street, Dallas

26 | FRIDAY Self Reliance Expo

11am-5pm. Come to Irving! Food and Water storage, emergency power, training classes, supplies, gear! Irving Convention Center at Las Colinas, 500 Las Colinas Blvd W, Irving 972-252-7476 www.

27 | SATURDAY Scarborough Renaissance Festival: Final Knights Weekend

10am-6pm. Three full days of music, merriment and magic will bring the event to a close. Scarborough Renaissance Festival, 2511 FM 66, Waxahachie 972-938-3247

Safari Nights Concert Series Featuring: A Hard Night’s Day

5-9pm. All ages. Bring blankets or lawn chairs to watch the show. Food will be available for purchase along with drinks or pack your own food and have a picnic. The Dallas Zoo, 650 S. RL Thornton Frwy, Dallas 469-554-7500

28 | SUNDAY Sunday Fun Day Family Matinee

1-5pm. All ages. Bring the family aboard for an excursion into the beautiful Piney Woods of East Texas. The Texas State Railroad, 789 Park Road 76, Rusk 877-7267245

leadership opportunities. The LPGA Leadership Academy provides a framework for young women to develop their confidence, communication, and leadership skills. Las Colinas Country Club, 4400 N O’Connor Rd, Irving 972-5411141

save the date


JUN 12-16 2017 Summer Chess Camp at UT Dallas

Join beginner, intermediate or advanced chess classes for ages 7-14. Morning (9amnoon) and afternoon (1-4pm) plus extended playing classes available. Other camps Jun 19-23, Jul 10-14 & Jul 17-21. Register at chess. See ad in this issue. Please note: Although we strive to bring you the most current information available regarding event dates & times, confirming with the event venue before going is always a good idea.

29 | MONDAY Crafty Mondays

10:30am-12pm. All ages. Nature-themed crafts with your children included with admission. Texas Discovery Gardens-Fair Park, 3601 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Dallas 214-428-7476 www.

30 | TUESDAY YA Book Club

7-8:30pm. Ages 16+. You don’t have to be a teen to read like one. Meet other fans of young adult books. Meet on the 5th floor, City Room. May book is: The Haters. 6101 Frisco Square Blvd Frisco, 972-292-5669 www.

31 | WEDNESDAY LPGA Leadership Academy

8am-4pm. A two-day LPGA Leadership Academy to keep teenage girls engaged in golf and prepare them for

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MAY 2017



scene Can you hear the first signs of spring? Or is your garden heralding the season with groups of daffodils and tulips? GOTTA

LOVE ‘EM I told my 10 year old daughter that it would be great if she enrolled in a few “Summer Enrichment” classes. She responded, “Sure, sign me up! I would love to be rich!” — Monica, mom of 3 jokesters

If so, bring part of that scene indoors. Daffodils and Tulips are great for arrangements. Some suggestions for you from our friends at

Daffodils have a sticky sap that’s not so friendly, so simply place them by themselves in water for 24 hours, after which you can combine with tulips and other spring wonders. Cut Tulips Don’t be shy – since these plants only produce one flower and rarely bloom more than one year you can cut the tulip all the way to the ground or pull it out and remove the lower foliage. No preservatives for tulips please, simply place in water and enjoy for a week of beauty. Of course, you can always go to your local grocer and purchase a bunch or two and design your very own bouquets to place around your home. Don’t forget the guest bathroom!

words of wisdom

Oprah Winfrey Biology is the least of what makes someone a mother.


You kidding me?

Why did the little bird get in trouble at school? Because he was caught tweeting on a test.

How does a bird with a broken wing manage to land safely? With its sparrowchute.


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wholesomeending hello fennel

women’s rights You may be shocked about this at first.

But, if you want to eat healthier it’s your right to be selfish with your food. Yes, you heard right! Look at your plate and ask yourself, “what’s in it for me?” What will eating this food give back to me? Good nutrients, vitamins and minerals? If yes, pick up your fork.

Ginger. A

Foods to consider often...

Asparagus. This veggie superfood is a prebiotic (which increases the probiotics in our digestive system) works to better absorb food and decrease discomfort from bloat. Awesome grilled or chopped up in a salad!

Cucumbers. Rich in

two of the most basic elements needed for healthy digestion: water and fiber. Also contains multiple B Vitamins. Make sure to eat the skin too! Because, just like cucumber helps your eyes de-puff, it will help your stomach de-bloat, too. Sip on chilled cucumber soup for a few days to reduce bloat.

Dandelion greens. Considered nutrient dense and a prebiotic too. A bit harder to find than asparagus, but definitely worth a trip to your local farmers market! Use the root and leaves in a tea, or include the greens in your favorite salad!

Embrace the Exotic That’s right, branch out from fruits of your childhood and embrace some of the odd and sometimes curious looking fruits native to tropical and sub-tropical regions. Like Dragon fruit. This juicy fruit has a subtle refreshing flavor, is low-calorie, high fiber and a good source vitamin C.


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go-to food for a bloated belly, an anti-inflammatory and a powerhouse digestive aid. You can add fresh ginger to smoothies and salad dressings. Try making Ginger Lemonade with ginger powder!

This un-sung hero looks oddly like celery and is eaten as a vegetable. The leaves and seeds are used to flavor foods. Some of the benefits of Fennel are the seeds, which when chewed (1/2 teaspoon) after meals can help facilitate proper digestion and also eliminate bad breath. Thank the essential oils for that. It’s also an anti-flatulent, due to special properties of the aspartic acid found in fennel. With fennel being a rich source of potassium, it can help with reducing high blood pressure, by relaxing the tension of blood vessels. Keep in mind not to overindulge in any one food source.

tip Decrease your risk of heart disease by eating less highly processed foods; Americans get 77% of sodium from processed foods.

Suburban Parent ND, May 2017  
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