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ghoulish slime

Halloween is a great time to celebrate ghoulish slime. Make this one in 10 minutes!



1 Empty one full bottle of glitter glue into a large disposable bowl 2 Mix 1 tsp of Borax into 1 cup of warm water 3 Pour the mixture over the top of the glitter glue 4 Let it sit for about 20 seconds and get ready to get your hands dirty

5 Grab your glob of glue and start molding and mixing together

in your hand until it is the perfect consistency of slime (you may need to dip it back into the borax mixture a couple of times until it changes from a sticky glue to a globby slime consistency)

6 Play with it to your hearts content, and/or package it in a jar for future use. Like a mason jar!

7 Go to for mason jar instructions and grab an Eyeball Mason Jar Lid Free Printable too!

of worddsom wis

Edward Hopper If I could say it in words there would be no reason to paint.

What’s a ninja’s favorite Halloween game? Hide-and-ghost-seek!

Why won’t an elephant use a computer? It’s afraid of the mouse.


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You kidding me?

We were surprised when our dog ventured into our pool one very hot day and sat on the top step and watched us swim. I said to my young daughter, “I bet she thinks this is refreshing.” My daughter said, “I don’t think so, mommy. She is just a puppy so she doesn’t know that word yet.” — Carol, mom of 2

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Suburban Parent CFL, October 2017