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OneAd. TwoMonthsExposure: Print+Online. OneGreatRate! Your ad message will reach our vast Print audience and - at no additional charge - will automatically reach our Online audience via our 1) Digital Edition, 2) Popular website, 3) Social Media, 4) WEEKEND+ (our weekly family activity newsletter), and 5) a free link to your website included We also include a Premium Online Campaign to advertisers running a 1/2 page ad size and larger. Your Premium Online Campaign includes:  All the features listed above.  An individual and timely posting of your ad and listing to our website, Facebook and Twitter audiences.  A“LEARN MORE” link from your editorial to your display ad.  Your display ad inserted into the“Featured Sponsor”section of our WEEKEND+ newsletter email and web post. (Based on availability).

Give us a call for a demo of our Print + Online program.

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Suburban Family Media Kit 2020  

Suburban Family Media Kit 2020