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TRAIN RIDES! Located just a short drive from Wisconsin Dells waterparks!

RIDE! A 55-minute round trip journey on 1900-era train cars SEE! Railroad displays and restored railway equipment EXPLORE! Our gift shop within an 1894 railroad depot PLAN YOUR VISIT Open Daily: June 3-Sept. 4 Open Weekends: May 13-29 & Sept. 9-Oct. 15 Departure Times: 11 a.m., 1 p.m. & 3 p.m.* *Schedule differs during some special events.

Coach Class

• May 13: Pizza Trains / Elegant Dinner Train • May 14: Mother’s Day Brunch Trains bsite Special • June 17-18: BBQ Trains See We ore Events • July 1-2: Stars & Stripes Special for M s! • July 22: Macaroni Express Event • July 22: Margarita & Taco Train • Aug. 26: Pizza Train and Beer Train • Sept. 16: Cajun Train / Wine on the Rails • Sept. 23-24: Guided Vintage Railcar Tours • Sept. 30: Elegant Dinner Train

Coach Train

Departs 3 times daily

Begin your visit in a restored 1894 depot. Browse Mid-Continent Railway Museum’s display train yard containing an extensive collection of historic railcars and railroad artifacts. Then climb aboard authentic early 20th century railcars for a 55-minute, 7-mile roundtrip train ride through rural Sauk County. A uniformed conductor will be your guide. ALL ABOARD!

Museum admission is FREE! Train rides require ticket purchase. Onboard dining requires reservations. Call or visit website for additional details.



E8948 Museum Rd., North Freedom, WI 53951 

 608-522-4261  800-930-1385

We help kids feel like kids. In sickness and in health. TM

At the AMITA Health Pediatrics Institute, your child can receive highly personalized, compassionate care from our board-certified doctors and nurses specialized in pediatrics. Our caregivers help keep your child at ease and you well informed, whether during an inpatient stay or outpatient visit. Our kid-friendly environments offer the latest medical technologies to help meet the unique needs of children. From simple checkups to treatment for serious conditions, we help ensure our youngest patients receive the highest level of pediatric care that only AMITA Health can provide.

Š 2017 AMITA Health

For appointments, please call:

855.FOR.KIDZ (367.5439) To learn more or find a doctor, please visit:

AMI-16094_PediatricAd_FP4C_7.62x9.75_SF_170420.indd 1

4/20/17 3:23 PM



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 Mom, I’m Bored! Banish boredom this summer

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Plan Ahead for a Stress Free Summer Summer Planner Water Parks & Pools On Stage Fairs & Festivals Golf Guide


17 Creative Birthday Activities for an Unforgettable Party Benefits of Hosting a Party Away from Home Tips on Taking Party Photographs Host a party with these hacks Party Places & Advice From the Pros

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Preparing Happy Campers Dos & Don’ts for Day & Away Camps Summer Camp Source


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 What Kids Need for a Mentally Healthy Summer



Heel Pain – Conservative Treatment Options Fitness Tips Fitness Events

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Superb romantic and family places to dine out!

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May/June 2017


By Malia Jacobson


h, the sweet sounds of summer: Soft breezes, morning songbirds, and children laughing. If you’re a parent, though, your summer soundscape is more likely to be shrieks of “Mom! Dad! I’m bored!” For children, summer break often starts out strong, as kids relish relaxed days, time with friends, and outdoor fun. But by July, weary of the summer routine, summer excitement devolves into boredom. Fear not: Summer’s long days offer ample opportunities for fun, relaxation, and learning—if you know where to look. Here’s how to banish boredom and keep the fun in summer.

“Your local water gardening and koi club.”

MAY 19TH: Club Meeting Topic: Sustainable Places

Bohemian Crystal, Westmont IL

MAY 21ST: Spring Koi & Goldfish Auction

Includes a silent auction for pond equipment. Buying open to public. Lyonsville Congregational Church, Indian Head Park

JUNE 23RD–25TH: 25th Annual Koi Show and Trade Show

Topic: Common Pond Problems

Free Admission. Vendor exhibits for koi, ponds, water gardening, pond equipment, and Seminars

Alberto’s, Carol Stream IL

The MAX, 4750 Vernon Ave, McCook IL

JUNE 16TH: Club Meeting


6 seasons

EARLY YEARS 0-5 Airtime Tempted to pop in another Bubble Guppies DVD to while away another summer day? Technology is part of modern life, and an occasional show or tablet play session isn’t a problem, but the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends minimal screen time for little ones: Per AAP guidelines, kids under the age of 2 shouldn’t view screen-based content, and kids over 2 should view less than two hours per day. Getting toddlers and preschoolers outside can help boost summer learning, says Craig Bach, vice president of education for early childhood education center The Goddard School, with locations throughout North Carolina. “Children experience the deepest, most genuine learning through play and fun activities.” Head outdoors for a nature walk to search for leaves, pebbles, sticks, and stems— even exploring your own neighborhood can yield new treasures. “Pack a magnifying glass, collect rocks to paint, and look through ‘binoculars’ made of two toilet paper tubes to offer a new view of the world,” says Bach. SCHOOL YEARS 6-12 Sib squabbles Got housebound school-age siblings? Then you’ve probably got summer squabbles on your hands. Cooped-up kids will often find a way to bicker, says mom of three Stephenie Peterson, author of children’s book Nellie Nova Takes Flight (2016). “As a homeschooling mom, I deal with sibling fighting yearround,” she says.“I try to give my kids projects they’re all interested in, so that they’ll work toward a common goal.” suburban family |

Creating a shared enterprise, from a lemonade stand to a yard pick-up service to a dog-washing business, can align kids’ goals and spark cooperation, particularly when kids get to split the proceeds. Other bonding activities for siblings include co-planning a family dinner and movie night, rearranging or redecorate a shared bedroom or play space, writing a family recipe book, organizing activity bags or snacks for an upcoming family trip, compiling family photos into scrapbooks, or creating a family summer newsletter or website. TEEN YEARS 13-18 Summer service Summer jobs can boost teens’ bank accounts and get them out of the house (and off the couch). But these days, teen employment is relatively rare; the US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that teen employment has fallen to its lowest level in four decades and fewer than a third of teens hold summer jobs. If your teen won’t be earning a paycheck this summer, consider requiring weekly “volunteer hours” instead. Community service doesn’t offer a paycheck, but it offers perks similar to a steady job, helping teens learn to work with a supervisor and co-workers, manage their own schedule, follow a dress code, and interact with a wide variety of people in a professional setting. Contact local youth centers, retirement homes, animal shelters, equine therapy centers, kids’ camps, and soup kitchens about volunteer opportunities. City events, “fun runs” and sponsored races also offer volunteer opportunities for community-minded teens, giving them an opportunity to strengthen resumes and college applications while giving back. May/June 2017

May/June 2017

suburban family |

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Plan Ahead for a

Stress Free Summer By Dr. Loretta Brady


ummer vacation: no school, no schedules, sunscreen, rocket pops, and bug spray. The reality is that most families don’t see summer as a wide open free time, but rather as something that has to be carefully arranged and choreographed since our schools still function as though we are farmers. So, as the semester winds down and summer looms, it’s easy to get overwhelmed thinking about how to handle the time kids have off but parents don’t. Dr. Loretta Brady, a Clinical Psychologist and parent has some ideas for parents and children: Check in with teachers: If you want to know how best to support your child over the summer or in a particular goal area, it's helpful to connect with the school before the last 6 weeks. Things will be hectic for the school and you - at that stage so now is the time for that summer support conversation. Relieve Your Child's Stress with Action: Transitions deserve to be honored and kids handle them differently. If your child is feeling sad about

8 out & about

suburban family |

leaving a favorite teacher, have them write a thank you letter to the teacher for the work they did. Some teachers get a "lunch bunch", kids from past years that they occasionally have lunch with the next academic year. Friends can be missed too. If you can look ahead to your schedule and see some openings, planning a mini-class or friend play date part way through the summer can be fun. Such invitations often result in return invites so your child may get to stay connected even with the school break. Plan Activities for the Summer: Check out the advertisers in the ‘Summer Planner’ section for a host of great things to do and places to go. Your community parks and rec department or other community action is also a good source for planning programs. Often there are special funds for kids and families of different age groups; some programs help families with supplemental food during the summer, while others help close the learning gap kids can sometimes face when they are not in school. Try New Things: Take stock of what interests your children have that they haven't had a chance to explore. Search for that and "summer camp" or "summer class" in the special section of this edition of Suburban Family Magazine and you might introduce something new and exciting for your child. Some programs offer scholarships for those who can't afford full tuition, and those usually go to first come, first serve. Always ask, and look early. Don't sweat the downtime. Yes, reading and math are all-year skills, and it's fine to have your children work on these during breaks, but it doesn't have to be like school. Boredom leaves space for creative ideas so unstructured and unscheduled time can actually lead your child to locating interests that they do have. Offer times of the day when electronics are off and there is nothing planned. Maybe a clean closet will appear, or maybe that book that keeps getting ignored might actually get picked up. Take a trip. Summer vacation is often a great time for exploring, and you don't have to go on an overseas journey for memories to be made. Any spot in your community that you have always wondered about? Try camping in your living room, yard, or local forest preserve with designated camp sites.Take things that normally happen in summer (ice cream trucks, popsicles, bike rides) and ask your kids to build their summer "bucket list". They will look forward to the simple pleasures of summer no matter how busy regular life might be. And, if you are lucky enough to have a major trip or other experience on the list they will see how big and little pleasures can add up to a lot of warm memories. May/June 2017

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2 for 1

batting cages SFMB571

mini-Golf • Batting C ages • Skate & Bmx Parks • Parties 510 E. Algonquin Rd. • Des Plaines • 847-391-5733 •

No cash value. Not valid with other offers.

No cash value. Not valid with other offers.

6 cages, for baseball & softball. Slow, fast & hi-arc pitches. 16 balls are just $1, and you save when buying more tokens. GET ONE FREE TOKEN when you bring in this ad, thru 9/30/17.

Adventure Mini-Golf 18-holes on a fun, challenging course with an old mining town theme. Creeks, obstacles, artifacts, and a beautiful waterfall. Buy one admission & get one free with this ad, until 9/30/17. SFMV572

mini-Golf • Batting C ages • Skate & Bmx Parks • Parties 510 E. Algonquin Rd. • Des Plaines • 847-391-5733 •


BUY ½ Hour GET

Are you ready to set sail on your own 3-hour tour?

Our fun fleet of Paddle Boats, Fishing Boats and Kayaks is ready for you & your crew to embark on a cruise around lovely Lake Opeka. It’s a wonderful way to spend time relaxing with family & friends.

½ Hour

FREE Kayaks Paddle Boats Fishing Boats

• 1/2 hour and hour rates • Boating and sailing • Lessons • 18-hole short golf course • Leagues and lessons • Group rates • Birthday parties

Monday–Friday Open–Dusk One coupon per rental. SFM5172

Not valid with other offers. Coupon valid thru 9/30/17.

1015 Howard Avenue 847-391-5730 • May/June 2017

See our crew in the Clubhouse.

suburban family |

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chool’s almost out and summertime fun is heating up! With three months of hot weather, vacations, and lots of free time coming up, there is a high demand for activities to keep the kiddos entertained at home and on-the-go.You will find all of that and more in this edition of Suburban Family Magazine. Mid-Continent Railway Museum

Take a step back in time! Climb aboard for a 55-minute round-trip train ride in historic railcars. Browse the museum filled with dozens of restored railcars and steam locomotives from the late 1800s and early 1900s and museum gift shop inside an 1894 depot. For more information, call 800-930-1385 or visit Mid-Continent Railway Museum, E8948 Museum Road, North Freedom, WI 53951. [See our ad on the Inside Front Cover.]

Camp Local!

Forest Preserve District of Kane County campgrounds are open May 1 - October 31

Miner Mike’s Adventure Golf Downers Grove Park District

Visit Miner Mike’s Adventure Golf for outdoor fun through Oct. 9. The 18-hole course features a water wheel, logs, rocks and a mining car. Course contours provide mini golf challenges for players of all ages and abilities. Enjoy daily specials for discounts on golf and special events throughout the season. Affordable birthday party packages and group rentals are also available! L:ocated at 6801 S. Main St., Downers Grove. For more information, visit or call 630960-7500.

Santa’s Village Azoosment Park

Big Rock Campground at Big Rock Forest Preserve 46W499 Granart Rd., Big Rock

Paul Wolff Campground at Burnidge Forest Preserve 38W235 Big Timber Rd., Elgin

Call our campground hotline at 630-444-1200 or visit

10 SF_MayJune17_Campgrounds.indd out & about


4/12/2017 3:09:35 PM suburban family |

The 2017 Season at Santa’s Village Promises Something for Everyone! Now featuring and new to the lineup this year is The All New Super Cyclone! From the moment you pass through the front gates, it is apparent that Santa’s Village is a special place for creating memories. Now with 23 rides, attractions, animals, live entertainment, all your favorite fun foods, plus plenty of chances to win Big in Game Alley. From Picnics to Parties, toddlers to tweens, and thrill seekers to party goers … Santa’s Village is the perfect place for a day of play for your next family or group outing.Visit for further details. Located at 601 E. Dundee Ave., East Dundee.

May/June 2017


MAY 10-AUG 27

BRING THE WORLD DOWN TO SIZE. May 10 - Aug 27, enter a child-sized laboratory to explore how scientists impact your health and wellness. Explore machines, processes, and technology that demonstrates the role science plays to keep your body healthy. See for yourself why we’re The Place Where Awesome Lives! Kohl Children’s Museum of Greater Chicago • 2100 Patriot Blvd., Glenview • (847) 832-6600 •

May/June 2017

suburban family |

out & about 11

Camp Local with the Forest Preserve District of Kane County

Come can get away from it all — without spending it all. Big Rock Campground in Big Rock and Paul Wolff Campground in Elgin offer camp sites with electric and water hookups for RVs or tents. Both campgrounds are within beautiful forest preserves where you’ll enjoy hiking trails, fishing and more. Sites range from $10 to $25 per day. Come ‘Camp Local’ with us! Call 630-444-1200 or see

Kohl Children’s Museum of Greater Chicago

At Kohl Children’s Museum, we know that birthday parties are a big deal. Packages include 90 minutes of private room rental in the Museum and free full-day admission for all your guests. With built-in entertainment, your guests can enjoy the 17 hands-on interactive exhibits, and leave the clean-up to us. Find out why we’re The Place Where Awesome Lives! Located at 2100 Patriot Blvd, Glenview. For more information call 847-832-6600 or visit

Pirates’ Cove Children’s Theme Park Elk Grove Park District

Pirates’ Cove stimulates the imagination of children as they explore the attractions. A pirate ship is the center piece of the park, along with a merry-go-round, carousel and the Soarin’ Schooner ride. There’s a train ride, pad-

dle boats, a plunge slide and more. The park serves ages one to nine, the admission charge is only $12 for children. Adults are always free. Visitors are welcome to bring their own food. It’s a great deal for the whole family. 901 Leicester Road, Elk Grove Village, IL 60007. 847-439-COVE.

Kane County Cougars

Now in their 27th season in nearby Geneva, the Kane County Cougars have been at the forefront of affordable and family-friendly fun while providing Major League affiliated baseball. Now, a Class A affiliate of the Arizona Diamondbacks, over 150 former Cougars have worn a Major League jersey. Every Cougars game is packed with fun, delicious food, between inning on field events as well as great baseball. Select games feature post-game fireworks and live music. The Cougars regular season schedule runs through Labor Day. For information on Weekly Specials, game tickets and Group outings visit or call 630-232-8811.

Holes & Knolls Glen Ellyn Park District

“Swing” into Holes & Knolls Mini Golf for a whole lot of fun this summer! The course includes 36 holes of beautifully landscaped grounds everyone from tots to grandparents will enjoy. Plan to stay for the day as Holes & Knolls is surrounded by endless opportunities for family fun including a splash park and adventure playground. There are also snacks and ice cream in the Maryknoll Café. Address: 845 Pershing Avenue, Glen Ellyn.

Lake Ellyn Cardboard Regatta Glen Ellyn Park District

Kankakee, Illinois (WE CANOE)

(815) 932-2663

Ya Gotta Regatta! Teams will race boats made (almost) entirely of cardboard at the Lake Ellyn Cardboard Regatta on July 1st. Join the fun by entering either the Youth, Adult or Family categories. Awards will be presented to the fastest boats in each class, as well as a host of other awards based on creativity, enthusiasm, and more. Free for spectators. Register at; just $50 per team of up to 8! Races begin at noon at Lake Ellyn Park, 645 Pershing Avenue, Glen Ellyn.

Reed’s Canoe

Offering exciting and memorable trips from a few hours to an entire day in length, on the clean and beautiful Kankakee River—some of the best fishing and canoeing waters in Illinois! Trips available seven days a week.

12 out & about

suburban family |

Reed’s Canoe Trips are an ideal recreational activity for groups of any size, from a family adventure to large church, school, or park district outing with an adventure close to home. The three trips we offer range in length from approximately 2 hours to a full 6 hours on the water, and are suitable for either new or experienced canoeists. Since the Kankakee River is located only an hour south of Chicagoland, even our longest trip will fit into a one-day outing! 907 N. Indiana Ave, Rt. 50, Kankakee, IL. Call for information or reservations: (815) WE CANOE or visit: May/June 2017




12 �9 Fs

---REC I E--�


* €




May/June 2017

suburban family |

out & about 13


Naper Settlement

This summer, Naper Settlement is pleased to offer a season full of exciting events and programs. Become a blacksmith at our twosession class in May or July.Take a look at how Americans have traditionally handled death at Victorian Memory and Mourning on May 13. Experience a Civil War encampment at Civil War Days on May 20 & 21, and join us in June, July or August for our Naper Nights Summer Concert Series.


May 13 & 14 Plus! Garden Collectibles

June 10 & 11 Plus! African Collectibles

July 8 & 9

Burpee Museum of Natural History

Plus! Postcards and Paper

Burpee Museum of Natural History is where families can experience four floors of engaging exhibits! Jane and Homer, our two fully assembled T-rex and Triceratops. Windows to Wilderness focuses on the nature of the Rockford area, Pennsylvanian coal forest, Native American exhibit, Geoscience, and a viewing lab where visitors can watch Burpee Museum staff work on specimens from the museum’s collections and recent dinosaur discoveries. For more information call 815-965-3433 or visit

A fantastic variety of antiques, vintage, estate jewelry, vintage items, collectibles, furniture, advertising, coins, and more!

Show Hours: Sat. 9-4 & Sun. 9-3 / $7 • Free parking • Lake County Fairgrounds • 1060 E. PETERSON RD.



SAT. May 27 • (3PM-12AM)/$7




Summer in the Park Town of Cicero


Come out to Cicero and enjoy ‘summer in the park’ on Mondays 5:30 - 8:30 p.m. at Cicero Municipal Center, 50th & Cermak. Sundays and Wednesdays from 5:30 - 8:30 p.m. in June, July and August at the Cicero Community Center, 34th & Laramie. You’ll find a variety of family friendly things to enjoy, such as: extreme machines, circus, rodeo, wresting, BMX Stunt, western, sports and much more. For more info call Special Events at 708-656-3600 x 288.

SAT. JUNE 17 • (3PM-12AM)/$5


• Boone County Fairgrounds •

BELVIDERE, ILLINOIS 715-526-9769 •



Mountain View Adventure Center Des Plaines Park District

This challenging 18-hole mini golf course features a gold-rush mining town theme, with waterfalls, obstacles, and some rather interesting signposts. Step up to the plate in one of six Batting Cages, with a full range of softball and baseball pitches. Free Skate and BMX parks. Concessions and picnic shelter. A great place for parties and outings. 510 E. Algonquin Rd., Des Plaines. 847-391-5733.

Lake Park Marina Des Plaines Park District


12 acres of fun, immersive learning experiences at our award-winning outdoor history museum  BLACKSMITHING 101: MAY 6 & 13 or JULY 8 & 15  VICTORIAN MEMORY & MOURNING plus CEMETERY SYMBOLS: MAY 13  CIVIL WAR DAYS: MAY 20 & 21  HOMETOWN PICNIC: JUNE 11  NAPER NIGHTS SUMMER CONCERT SERIES: JUNE 16 & 17, JULY 21 & 22, AUG. 18 & 19 630.420.6010 NAPERSETTLEMENT.ORG

14 out & about

suburban family |

In beautiful Lake Park, the marina offers paddle boat, kayak, and fishing boat rentals April through October. Lake Opeka is well stocked with a wide variety of fish. Boating can be added to birthday parties and outings, and sailing lessons are available. Enjoy lunch and snacks in the clubhouse overlooking the lake and golf course.1015 Howard Avenue, Des Plaines. 847-391-5730.

Zurko Promotions

The best antique & vintage markets, auctions, flea markets, pop culture & special events in the midwest. Lake County & Boone County Fairgrounds. 715-526-9769. May/June 2017

Larry Dominick


invites you to join the Fun

Summer in the Park


June thru August

Every week Sunday & Wednesday 5:30pm-8:30pm

Cicero Community Park 34th & Laramie

Monday 5:30pm-8:30pm

Cicero Municipal Center 50th & Cermak Rd.

• Extreme Machines • Circus • Rodeo • Wrestling • BMX Stunt Show • Western • Sports and more...

for further info, contact Cynthia at Special Events 708-656-3600 x288.


Now booking private rentals and group outings. Request forms available on our website. For more details contact the Aquatics Manager.

Village of Hinsdale Community Pool Think Summer! The Village of Hinsdale Community Pool offers an outdoor swimming facility for the entire family! Featuring a 50-meter pool with 25-meter L shape, zero -depth walk in wading pool with play features, a sand play area, and a diving well with drop slide, 2-1M diving boards and a 3M diving board. Pool passes are on sale! Also available are 10 visit passes and NEW Neighborly Rates! Visit and_recreation for more information. [See our ad on Inside Back Cover.]


Sat NING May urday 11:3027 at am

Like us at Bartlett Aquatic Center.

O Wat nly er-B ase Zip Line d in Il lino is!

$2 0FF Daily Admission (limit 3 people) Exp. 6/30/17 620 W. Stearns Rd., Bartlett, IL 60103


16 out & about suburban family |

Bartlett Aquatic Center Take a wild ride at the Bartlett Aquatic Center and experience a New Way to Play! Amenities include an eight-lane lap pool with a zero-depth entry section, tube slide, lazy river, water based zip line, drop slide, two body slides, and spray playground, a sand-play area, and a concessions area. Available for private rentals, group outings and birthday parties. 620 W. Stearns Rd., Bartlett, IL 60103. For hours of operation and more information call 630.540.4800 or visit

May/June 2017

Itasca Park District Caribbean Paradise Waterpark Itasca’s Caribbean Paradise Waterpark offers a summer full of fun for the whole family. Our Caribbean themed features an 8-lane lap pool with a large zero-depth entry, vortex and separate diving well with 1 & 3 meter boards and a drop slide, a 185-ft. waterslide, and a separate zero-depth family interactive pool with in-water playground, and interactive play pieces. Concessions are available at the Snack Shack. Host your birthday parties, private rentals, and group outings for your family’s or company’s enjoyment at our beautiful facility. Call today for more information at 630-773-1213 or visit SUBFAM FILL small 12.16:Layout 1


subfam! Daily Postings for Everyone in the Family!

Opens May 27!

Enjoy our 8-lane lap pool with zero-depth entry, vortex and more! A separate 5,000 sq. ft. zero-depth pool with waterslides, fountains and 4 interactive play pieces, 12/14/16 an 11:47 AM Page 1 additional diving/slide pool, Private Waterpark Birthday Packages available, pool rentals, concessions and more!

1 OF E IC PR ON! om E .c TH ISSI istric. t R n d o O M k rs 2 F AD scapaonr per p0e17 p a u /2 w.itOne CEoxpires 9 w w


Get the Complete Issue and Much More.

“A must see!”


St. Charles Park District Otter Cove Aquatic Park Themed around a river otter and his friends, Otter Cove features exciting activities that appeal to every water enthusiast, from the most energetic cannon baller to the most laid-back floater. Speed down the salamander slides. Enjoy an inner tube ride along turtle creek. Flitter around Dragonfly Den. Hop all over the Frog Bog. Exercise in the Crayfish Canal. These exciting water attractions and green open space offer thrills and relaxation for all ages. For more details, visit ottercove. org or call 630-513-6200.

May/June 2017

suburban family |

out & about 17

Elk Grove Park District - Rainbow Falls Waterpark Cool off at Rainbow Falls Waterpark and enjoy the excitement of this tropical paradise with a variety of attractions, parties and more waiting for the entire family. Attractions include: Zero-depth pool, leisure pool, lazy river, vortex pool, body & tube slides, diving board, three-story fun house, tot pool, picnic areas and concessions. Have a rockin’ party here! Open Daily through Aug. 13th Mon.-Fri. 11am-8pm, Sat. 11:30am-8pm, Sun. 11:30am-6pm. Post Season: Aug 19 & 20, Aug 26 & 27, Sep. 2-4, 11:30am-6pm Admission: Mon.-Fri. $15 per person Sat. & Sun. $16 per person. Tots under 2 years are free. 200 Rev. Morrison Blvd., Elk Grove Village, IL 60007. 847-228-2860.

The Lombard Park District’ Paradise Bay Water Park Paradise Bay Water Park is an award winning state-of-the-art facility that features a zero-depth entry leisure pool with spouts, fountains, water sprays, whirlpool, body slide, bowl slide, speed slide and a water walk. Paradise Bay also hosts a 12 ft. dive well, 8 lane lap pool, zero-depth tot pool and Calypso Café. For more information visit www. or call 630-627-6127.

Pool passes are on sale now! Resident Early Bird ends May 13!

Des Plaines Park District Mystic Waters Family Aquatic Center This Chicagoland summertime family destination has activities from mild to wild: 2 giant slides in Otter’s Run; drop slides & cliff dives in Sea Lion Falls; a 550foot lazy river, and the expansive Dolphin Bay leisure pool. Island Café has delicious lunches, snacks and ice cream treats. Spend an hour or a fun day in the sun! 2025 Miner Street, Des Plaines, IL 847-391-5740 | (630) 627-6127. 18 out & about

suburban family |

May/June 2017

Fun for all ages! Open daily through August 13 Mon.-Fri. 11:00am-8:00pm Sat. 11:30am-8:00pm Sun. 11:30am-6:00pm

Post-Season Aug 19-20, 26-27 Sep 2-4 11:30am-6:00pm

The whole family will enjoy the excitement of this tropical paradise. Attractions include a zero-depth pool, leisure pool, lazy river, vortex pool, body & tube slides, diving board, three-story fun house, tot pool, picnic areas and concessions. Great for parties and rentals!

Save with a season pass 200 Rev. Morrison Blvd., Elk Grove Village, IL 60007 (847) 228-2860

$2 off daily admission

A facility of the Elk Grove Park District

Expires September 2017 sf

One coupon per child. Coupon must be surrendered at use. No cash value.

One of the most beautiful water parks in northern Illinois, this is a family destination all summer long. Two 37-foot giant slides in Otter’s Run tower over the pool, with over 600 feet of awesome waterslide excitement. Brave the cliff dives & drop slides in Sea Lion Falls, then relax and float down a 550-foot lazy river in Crocodile Cove. Beluga Beach is designed for tots and non-swimmers, with sprays and sprinklers, a jungle gym, and sand play area.

The Island Café is where you’ll find snacks, lunch, drinks and delicious ice cream treats. Mystic Waters is a delightful place to come for an hour, or spend the day. It’s close to home, and residents are just $8 & $9/day. Save all summer with a family pool pass.

We do parties! Birthdays, family reunions, and group outings of all sizes are just more fun at Mystic. Our party experts are ready to help you to create the perfect event.

Mystic Waters 550-foot lazy river at Crocodile Cove May/June 2017

Giant slides at Ot suburban family |

ter’s Run

2025 Miner Street, Des Plaines 847-391-5740 •

out & about 19

Hanover Park Park District Seafari Springs Just like a beach, Seafaris’ wade pool starts shallow and keeps getting deeper and deeper all the way to 12ft. Surrounding this pool are water-driven attractions designed for different ages. Cluster around the Aqua Bloom, a blossom that sprays erratic streams of water from its center or zip down speed slides, tube slides, and a 130-foot long water slide. Located at 1700 Greenbrook Boulevard Hanover Park, IL 60133. Call 630.837.2468 or visit SUBFAM FILL small 12.16:Layout 1


11:47 AM

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! W O N e v Sa




Swim ALL SUMMER for as low as $55 per person! Pre-season savings end May 31! FOR LOCATION, RATES AND INFORMATION, VISIT

WHEREFUNBEGINS.ORG All Ages! All Skill Levels!

Glid er s SWIM ACADEMY 20 out & about

 Safe Swimming  Confident Kids

Fox Valley Park District Splash Country & Phillips Park Aquatic Center

One cool summer awaits – at two exciting water parks! Enjoy the best of the best at Splash Country Water Park and Phillips Park Family Aquatic Center. Family fun and affordable rates – it’s a doubly good deal. The kids will love the crazy slides and spray guns – and easy-entry pools help welcome young swimmers to a world of wet and wild fun. Celebrate your next birthday at Splash or Phillips – water-park style – and check out our season pass rates and weekday discount specials for even greater savings! Splash Country Water Park, 195 S. Barnes Road, Aurora, IL 60506. 630-906-7981. Phillips Park Family Aquatic Center. 828 Montgomery Road. Aurora, IL 60505. 630-8518686.

To get started, email suburban family |

May/June 2017

McAninch Arts Center College of DuPage Glen Ellyn, IL

Saturday, May 20, 3 pm Sunday, May 21, 1pm (630) 942-4000


A lice’s Adventure


Following Sunday’s Performance

$5 Ticket For tickets & information:


Must call box office (630) 942-4000

Salt Creek Ballet


“Alice in Wonderland” McAninch Arts Center, College of DuPage Join us for a magical and memorable trip down the rabbit hole happening Saturday, May 20 and Sunday, May 21 at McAninch Arts Center, College of DuPage. A multi-media dance performance tracing Alice’s adventures as she encounters the illusive Whitefill Rabbit, the Wily Cheshire Cat, FB LIKE 12.16:Layout 1 12/14/16 the overbearing Queen of Hearts and other strange and wondrous creatures. Tickets: (630) 942-4000 www. Alice’s Adventure Class after Sunday’s performance.

11:48 AM

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Tony ‘n Tina’s Wedding

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Resurrection Church + Vinnie Black’s Coliseum Chicago Theater Works A hilarious, full wedding experience from the I do’s to the buffet to the bouquet toss, Guests will begin with the ceremony at Resurrection Church, 3309 North Seminary Ave., with a full meal and reception immediately following just one block away at Vinnie Black’s Coliseum (Chicago Theater Works), 1113 W. Belmont Ave., right in the heart of the Belmont Theatre District. Tickets for Tony ‘n Tina’s Wedding are $75 for t the ceremony and reception, featuring an Italian-style buffet dinner, dancing to 80’s hits and a champagne toast. For more information call 773.327.3778 or to purchase tickets visit:

May/June 2017

suburban family |

out & about 21

It’s summertime and Chicagoland’s fairs and festivals are under way! Enjoy local community celebrations with a variety of entertainment, food, live music and craft fairs this summer and fall. The area’s premiere events can be found in this issue and be sure to look for the July/August and September/October issues of Suburban Family Magazine. 22 out & about

May Art in the Park – 5/6 & 7. Juried Fine Art Show and food vendors. 10 AM-5 PM Wilder Park, Elmhurst. 630 -712-6541. Lilac Time Fair – 5/6-5/21 Arts, crafts and ensuburban family |

tertainment. Fri 10 AM-4PM; Sat-Sun 9 AM-6 PM. Lilacia Park, Lombard. 630-620-7322. Wine on the Fox – 5/6 & 7. Entertainment, food & wine tasting. Sat 11-8PM; Sun 12-6 PM. Oswego. 630-554-3618. Chicago Critics Film Festival – 5/12 -18. Created & curated by film critics, with apMay/June 2017

a festival par tner

Aurora. 630-899-9021. Red, White & BBQ Fest – 5/26-28. BBQ competition, carnival and free music. Ty Warner Park, Westmont. Chicago Gaelic Park Irish Fest – 5/26-29. Carnival and live entertainment. 6119 W. 147th St, Oak Forest. Barrington Art Festival – 5/27 & 28. More than 130 artists, kid-friendly activities, live music & food. 10 AM-5 PM Barrington. 847926-4300. Prairie Arts Festival – 5/27 & 28. Fine art show and sale with 120 artists. Food, entertainment and children’s activities. 10 AM-5 PM Schaumburg. 847-895-3600. St. James Farm Family Field Day – 5/28. Horse performances, dog obedience demos, music and haysmall rides. 12.16:Layout 11 AM-5 PM WarrenSUBFAM FILL 1 12/14/16 ville. 630-933-7248.

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Win Tickets Here!


pearances by directors & stars. Music Box Theatre, Chicago. 847-439-5750. Taste of Glen Ellyn – 5/18-21. Live entertainment, food and expo. Glen Ellyn. Blooming Fest – 5/20. Garden festival and plant sale. 9 AM - 3 PM West Chicago. 630293-2200. Chicago Drum Show – 5/20-21. World’s largest, longest running show. Villa Park. 989-463-4757. Chocolate Festival – 5/20-22. All things chocolate plus live music, children’s activities & more. 11 AM-11 Fri, 10 AM-11 PM Sat and 10 AM-6 PM Sun. Long Grove. 847-634-0888. Civil War Days – 5/20 & 21. Naper Settlement becomes a Civil War encampment & battle. 10 AM-4 PM Naperville. 630-420-6010. Riverside Arts Weekend – 5/20 & 21. Juried artists and live entertainment.. Sat. 10 AM-5 PM Sun. 10 AM-4 PM Riverside. dwevents@ Skokie Festival of Cultures – 5/20 & 21. Cultural booths, ethnic folk music and dance, and food, bazaar,. 11 AM-7 PM Skokie. 847674-1500 x2715. Vets Week – 5/20-29. Wreath laying ceremony, car show, concert, parade and more.

79th Annual  Mount Prospect  Lions Club Fes�val  June 30—July 4  Melas Park at  Central & Busse Rds  Fireworks Friday and Tuesday  Daily Carnival Ride Specials  Live Entertainment Nightly  June 30  Exit 147 / Keith Semple  11:47 AM Page 1 July 1  The Fairlanes / Classical Blast /   The Chicago Experience  July 2 Hillbilly Rockstarz / Innity  July 3 Serendipity / 7th Heaven  July 4 R‐Gang / Jay Goeppner & Backdated 

For more details  and full schedule: 

JUNE 9 •10 •11 FRI 5-10pm | SAT noon-10pm | SUN noon-5pm

3 DAYS OF Illinois Wine

Fresh Lobster & Live Jazz In the Heart of Starved Rock Country! Outdoor Vendor Market | Court Street Saturday & Sunday

Brought to you by: The City of Ottawa, Illinois Grape Growers & Vintners Association, Ottawa Visitors Center, Heritage Corridor Convention & Visitors Bureau

Nearly 20 Illinois wineries ~ PLUS Craft Beer from Tangled Roots Brewing Company!

May/June 2017

Featuring the VERY BEST of Chicago Jazz starting Friday at 5!

Get tickets at:

suburban family |

Pre-order your fresh lobster dinner online! Brought to you by Ottawa Noon Rotary

out & about 23

June Maifest – 6/1- 4. German celebration of food, live music and maypole dance. Lincoln Square, Chicago. Uncork Illinois – 6/3. Artisan food and wine sampling from 15 local wineries. 1-8 PM. Oak Park. 708-383-4145. Festival of the Fox - 6/8 - 11. Music, food and carnival. St. Charles. 630-402-1919. PrairieFest June 15 - 18 Children’s activities, concerts, carnival rides, pony rides, circus, business expo, and food vendors. Free admission & free parking. As seen on Food Network! Oswego 630.554.1010 American Fest Town of Cicero June 15 - 18 Live music, food, carnival rides, children’s stage, fireworks. Community Park 34th and Laramie, Cicero 708-656-3600 x 288 [See ad on Back Cover.]

Art in Bloom Fine Art Festival – 6/17 -18. Juried art show and exhibition of nearly100 artists, demonstrations, kids crafts, live music, food. Free with paid parking. Taste of Wheaton – 6/1-4 Carnival, crafts and food booths. Wheaton. 630-510-4880. Cavalcade of Planes – 6/3 & 4. See formation flying and helicopter demos. 10 AM-4 PM Clow International Airport, Bolingbrook. cavalcadeofplanescom. Deerfield Festival of Fine Arts – 6/4 & 5. Artists, live music, and kids’ hands-on art. 10 AM-5 PM Deerfield. Franklin Park Fest – 6/8-11. Railroad Day, music and food. Franklin Park. 847-671-8236. Chicago Blues Festival – 6/9-11. Largest free blues festival in the world. 11 AM -9:30 PM Grant Park, Chicago. 312-744-5000. Ottawa 2 Rivers Wine Fest June 9 – 11 Enjoy wine from nearly 20 Illinois wineries PLUS Craft Beer from Tangled Roots Brewing Company! Fresh Lobster, Live Jazz Outdoor Vendor Market and more! In the Heart of Starved Rock Country! Downtown Ottawa 815-434-2737


PrairieFest JUNE 15-18, 2017



suburban family |

Hinsdale Fine Arts Festival – 6/10 & 11. Juried artists, food and activities. 10 AM-5 PM Hinsdale. 630-323-3952. Old Town Art Fair – 6/10 & 11. 250 nationally acclaimed artists, urban garden walk, food and music. 10 AM-6 PM Chicago. 312337-1938. Redhead Days – 6/10 & 11. Redhead gathering with carrot cake competition and entertainment. Highwood. RHDchicago. Wells Street Art Festival – 6/10 & 11. Sixblock art fair with music and local food. 10 AM-10 PM Chicago. 312-951-6106. Woodridge Jubilee – 6/14-18. Family fest with carnival, food and fireworks. Woodridge. 630-353-3300. Chicago Women’s Funny Festival – 6/15-18. Female comedians perform sketches, improv. Chicago. 773-327-5252. Libertyville Days Festival – 6/15-18. Carnival, music, beer garden and food. Downtown Libertyville. 847-918-8880. Old Canal Days – 6/15-18. Parade, carnival, entertainment, food and hay wagon. Lockport. 815-838-0549. Blues on the Fox – 6/16 & 17. Blues artists perform at this annual event. Aurora. 630896-7676. Daisy Days – 6/16 & 17. Carnival rides, music and craft fair. Fri. 6-10 PM, Sat. 9 AM-10 PM Clarendon Hills. 630-202-1678. Scottish Festival & Highland Games – 6/16 & 17. Traditional Scottish games, exhibits, music and fare. Itasca. Custer Fair – 6/17 & 18. Eclectic arts festival with music, food and kid’s activities. 10 AM-9 PM Evanston. 224-714-7085. Gold Coast Art Fair – 6/17 & 18. 325 artists, interactive art, music and food. 10 AM-6 PM Grant Park, Chicago. 847-926-4300. Solstice Hop & Vine Fest – 6/17. Entertainment, food, wine and beer. 6-9 PM Schaumburg. Tickets: 847-985-2115. Swedish Days Festival – 6/20-25. Entertainment, parade and food. Geneva. 630-232-6060. Homer Community Festival – 6/22-25. Carnival, live music and fireworks. Homer Glen. 708-301-0632. Rotary GroveFest Downtown Downers Grove June 22 -25 4 Day Festival with Carnival and Midway with UNLIMITED RIDE TIMES each day, Huge Beer Garden with Great Variety of Live Music, Food and Business Expo Area, May/June 2017

May/June 2017

suburban family |

out & about 25

Every Thursday 5-9pm in June, July and August! KIDS ACTIVITIES EVERY WEEK! Downtown Westmont On Cass Avenue!

June 1

Clean ‘em Up & Bring ‘em Out Kickoff MUSIC BY HENRY JBC

June 8

GM Night


June 15 Police Car Night – All Cars Welcome June 22 Muscle Cars, Hot & Rat Rods, Dragsters SERENDIPITY

June 29

Chrysler Night

MUSIC BY NORTH OF 8 The Full Schedule for July & August can be found at

WestmontCruisinNights.Com MARK YOUR CALENDARS…


will be July 13-16 in Downtown Westmont! Live music, great food, carnival, kids activities and more! More Info at or 630-829-9378

Wauconda Fest – 6/22-25. Carnival rides, food, car show, and talent show. Wauconda. 847-526-3610. Taste of Joliet – 6/23-25. Food, carnival, kids’ zone and entertainment. Joliet. 815741-7275. Starwberry Fest – 6/23 - 25. Food, fun live music and KidZone. Downtown Long Grove. Festival of Fine Arts – 6/24 & 25. Fine arts, crafts, food, music and children’s activities. The Art Center. 10 AM-5 PM Highland Park. 847-926-4300. Bartlett Global Arts Festival – 6/24-25. Multicultural music, dance, arts/crafts, food and interactive events. 11 AM-6 PM. Bartlett Park, 630 372 4152.

Inferno Fest – 6/28. Hot & spicy foods to try, plus competition for spiciest inferno food. 4:30-9:30 PM. Everts Park, Highwood, IL. 847432-6000. Lakeside Festival – 6/29-7/2. Food, music, rides and games. Crystal Lake. 815-455-8000.

Music by the Lake June 25 - August 13 Entertaining events, family programming, open-air lakeside setting. Williams Bay, Wisconsin (seven miles from Lake Geneva) 262-245-8501


Lisle Eyes to the Skies Festival June 28 – July 2nd Daily launches of hot air balloons, Carnival, children’s area, craft fair, live music on two stages, over 40 unique food vendors, nightly balloon glows and fireworks, plus much more! 630-541-6095

Arlington Heights Frontier Days Festival June 30 – July 4 FREE ADMISSION, FREE Music Entertainment, Carnival Rides, 4th of July Parade, Family Activities, Pony Rides, Petting Zoo, 3v3 Soccer, Stampede Run 5K/10K, Arts & Crafts Marketplace, Food, and so much more! ~


SUNDAY, JULY 30 4 P.M. Suitable for mamas, papas and young cubs of all ages, this live musical production is an adaptation of The Berenstain Bears’ most beloved books. Audiences will go on an adventure, expressed through song and dance, to learn important life lessons. ADULT $20 | CHILDREN 4–10 $10 CHILDREN 3 AND UNDER FREE



Exchange Club of Naperville’s Ribfest Celebrating 30 Years! June 30 - July 3 Rib contest, entertainment, carnival rides, games, fireworks on the 3rd. 12 Noon-10 pm Daily Knoch Park, Naperville. 630-259-1129

FB LIKE fill 12.16:Layout 1


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suburban family |

May/June 2017


JUNE 30 thru JULY 3

FAMILY FUN TIME Kids 11 and under are always FREE admission into the Family Fun Area (with paying adult) $15.00 Carnival Bracelet daily unlimited rides from 12-3pm $30.00 Carnival Bracelet all day unlimited rides $75.00 Carnival Bracelet 4 day-all day unlimited rides













Ribfest Ad (WSF).indd 1

4/21/17 12:27 PM

to Lisle Eyes theSkiesFestival

festival BALLOON 100% Volunteer, 100% to Charity

June 30-July 2 • Carnival, June 28-July 2 •

Lisle Community Park, Lisle, IL

May/June 2017


suburban family |

out & about 27

Golf Guide


t’s golf season…clean the clubs, polish your golf shoes and get out and play. But first practice these golf tips provided by the seasoned pros at the following local golf courses. Arlington Lakes Golf Club

Facility of the Arlington Heights Park District 1211 S. New Wilke Road, Arlington Heights 847-577-3030, Tim Govern, Golf Operations Manager PGA Professional

Putting Double, photo courtesy of DuPage Golf

Kids and golf? We got this!

DRIVE FOR SHOW There is an old saying in golf that you drive for show but you putt for dough. If you are looking for the quickest way to shave a few strokes from your score, it can be found practicing for a few minutes before every round on the practice green. Every golf course's greens are generally a little different. Some are faster than other, softer etc. Spending just a few minutes before every round can prove to be invaluable. A good way to get a feel for the speed of the greens is to really focus on distance control. Lay down 4 different balls from 20 feet or so away from a hole and try to see if you can stop within a 1 foot radius of the cup. Allow enough time before you tee off to Repeat this little drill four or five times before every round and watch your scores drop in a hurry!

Cantigny Golf

The game of a lifetime starts at Cantigny Golf in Wheaton. • Professional instruction for ages 5 and up at the Cantigny Golf Academy • Cantigny Youth Links 9-hole course just for kids • One-week PGA Junior Golf Camps, full-day and half-day • High-school golf preparation clinics • PGA Junior League team play • Fun and focused learning environment Learn more at or call the Academy at 630.260.8199. Register your child today!

630.668.8463 |

28 out & about

suburban family |

Pat Hickey, PGA Certified Professional 27w270 Mack Road Wheaton, IL 60189 630-260-8199 GET CREATIVE AROUND THE GREEN We often times add strokes to our score on and around the putting surface through poor club selection. Getting creative with club selection when around the green can lead to lower scores and add some fun as well. Say your golf ball is just off the putting surface by a few yards and you are not confident using a wedge to chip or pitch the short distance to the green. Pull out your hybrid metal club and employ a putting grip, stance and motion to roll the ball through fairway grass onto the green and close to the hole. This action will keep the golf ball low and on the ground, reducing risk. Keep in mind that using the hybrid with a putting stroke will cause the ball to travel approximately 30% farther than your usual putting stroke, so adjust your stroke accordingly. Good luck and go low! May/June 2017

GET YOUR Fun gf at GOLF FIX . fantastic rates. Outstanding new course (award-winning) and upgraded clubhouse amenities combine to provide a great golfing and guest experience.


Now you can play 3 or 6 holes at a faster pace with EXPRESS play options.



• 18-hole Championship Course • PGA Professionals offering group and private lessons • Leagues, lessons, tournaments, outings • Permanent reserved weekend starting times • Beautiful patio over-looking 1st and 10th tees • Pro Shop and Snack Bar • Rewards club and daily specials • Friendliest staff in the Northwest Suburbs. • Two renovated banquet rental spaces

1211 South New Wilke Arlington Heights, IL 60005 847.577.3030 •

Maple Meadows Golf Course Wood Dale, (630) 616-8424 This 18-hole championship course is honored to be a qualifying site for the Illinois Open. Green Meadows Golf Course Westmont, (630) 810-5330 This 9-hole gem features quality conditions and traditional parkland styling.

COMING THIS SUMMER The Preserve at Oak Meadows Addison, (630) 595-0071 After two years of extensive renovations, the 288-acre The Preserve at Oak Meadows will reopen this summer as a new world-class 18-hole course and practice facility. For updates and previews visit Courses are owned and operated by the Forest Preserve District of DuPage County.


Forest Preserve District � of DuPage County

May/June 2017

suburban family |

out & about 29

The PRESERVE at Oak Meadows PGA Pro Peter Longo 900 N. Wood Dale Rd., Addison, IL 630-595-0071

dad & Me

The Annual Golf Tournament Sunday, June 18 • 9:00 am • 9 holes on the beautiful par-3 course • Shotgun start • Registration required • Hole contests • Prizes and trophies • Two brackets: Me over 18 & Me under 18

353 N. River Road • 847-803-GOLF Tour the course at

TWICE AS NICE: Since putting represents 40 to 50% of the shots we take in a round of golf, there is no limit to how good your putting stroke should be. A square face at impact is the key mechanical ingredient in making a putt from any distance. A good practice drill to check your face position at impact is to place two balls, side by side, barely touching. The balls should be placed so they are both perpendicular to the intended line of putt. Then hit them both with a single stroke. If the putter is square at impact, the balls will roll side by side. If not, one ball will roll ahead of the other, indicating that ball was hit before the other one, the face being open or closed at contact. Adjust your stroke and try it again. Learn the feel and mechanical position of the square face and practice this drill until you can hit 90% of your practice putts square.

Beautiful 9-hole course, great for golfers of all levels! Junior & Senior Leagues, Outings, and Special Events

Twin Lakes Golf Club

400 W. 59th St., Westmont 30 out & about


suburban family |

[DuPage Golf includes Maple Meadows in Wood Dale, Green Meadows in Westmont and The Preserve at Oak Meadows in Addison; renamed to reflect the $16.8 million transformation of the 288-acre property. ]

Twin Lakes Golf Club

400 W. 59th St., Westmont, IL 630.852.7167 YOU ONLY NEED A FEW CLUBS: You’re allowed to carry as many as 14 clubs in your bag, but you won’t need nearly that many when you’re first learning. Instead, start with a driver, a putter, a sand wedge and supplement those with a 6-iron, an 8-iron, a pitching wedge, and a fairway wood or hybrid with 18-21 degrees of loft.These are the clubs that are the most forgiving and easiest to get the ball airborne.

Golf Center Des Plaines

GolfTec Des Plaines 353 N. River Road, Des Plaines 847-803-GOLF PERSONAL PAR FOR JUNIOR GOLFERS All golf courses that you play have a certain par. This par helps us gauge how we are playing and usually has a direct result on how we feel about our game after the round. The issue with par is that a very small percentage of golfers can actually shoot par, let alone junior golfers. The average golfer is closer to shooting 100 than 72, so for a junior golfer par is more than likely unattainable. Frustration can start to occur because of a large gap between their score and the courses par, and this tends to negatively affect the attitude and desire for many junior golfers to improve their game. To help avoid this frustration, we suggest having a personal par depending on the player’s ability level. If the junior golfer tends to shoot in the 100’s and their goal is one day to shoot 72, they need to start with a personal par of 90. As ability improves, the junior golfer should adjust their personal par by small increments, so their goals continue to be attainable. Creating a personal par then lowering it once achieved will help ensure they are gradually improving without the frustration of unattainable goals. May/June 2017


By Christina Katz

Sweet Street Candies 5.1.15:Layout 1


don't mean to brag, but my husband and I have thrown quite a few awesome birthday parties over the years. However, when reflecting back over all the parties we've thrown, it's clear to me that the most memorable parties were not the most elaborate or even the most expensive. They were simply the messiest. Messy and birthday parties go together better than you might imagine. After all, what could be more festive than a little bit of parentapproved pandemonium?

The key to milking the most fun out of any birthday party is including more messy fun. And if you really want to throw the party to top all parties, go for a totally messy party from beginning to end. If a little bit of mess is memorable, than a lot of mess just might be unforgettable. In that spirit, here is a list of seventeen indoor and outdoor ideas that won't break the bank. May/June 2017

1. Take aim, color. Mark off a square play arena outdoors with five-foot tall Bamboo garden stakes and blue painters masking tape. Fill squirt guns or squirt bottles with nontoxic watercolor paints, don a pair of clear swim goggles, and let the kids decorate each other dressed in white t-shirts and leggings or sweats.The only rule is no one leaves the field until the paint is all spent. 2. Take a whack at it. Fill a store-bought piĂąata 2/3 of the way full with cooked, welldrained spaghetti. Then add small plastic toys, foil-wrapped granola bars, and plastic wrapped candies. To extend the fun, hang the piĂąata on a pull cord threaded through an eyehook so you can pull it up and down as kids swing at it with a bat or broom handle. Secure a tarp underneath with Duck tape (indoors) or camping stakes (outdoors) for easy cleanup. 3. Eggcentric art. Break the tops off real eggs and pour the yolks and whites into Tupperware to make quiche or a soufflĂŠ later. Keeping empty shells in the carton, fill each with acrylic paints of various colors. Outside or in the garage or basement, hang a large canvas against a sturdy wall or fence and let the kids take aim and fire until they make a masterpiece. Use plastic drop cloths to catch the splatters as needed. suburban family |

UNIQUE PARTY SWEETS For Proms, Graduations, Birthdays, Weddings, Showers, Mother’s and Father’s Day and more!


15% OFF

‡3HUVRQDOL]HGG :HGGLQJ ‡3HUVRQDOL]HG : DQGG 3DUW\ )DYRUV Just mention&DQG\ ‡ 5HWUR 1RYHOW\ 66XJDU)UHH XJDU)UHH &... ‡5HWUR Suburb*LIW an Fam ily Magazine ‡$OO ‡ $OO 2FFDVLRQ %DVNHWV ‡*RXUPHW ‡ *RXUPHW &KRFRODW WHV We spe&KRFRODWHV cializeHV in candy buets. ‡2YHU 9DULHWLHV ‡ 2YHU  9DULHWLH Lar ‡&RUSRUDWH ‡ & ge sele &RUSRUDWH *LIWV * ctio I n of colored candy. ‡&DQG\ ‡ &DQG\ %XIIHWV Per son aliz ed candy bars and ‡,FH ‡ ,FH &UHDP ‡%DOORRQV ‡ %DOORRQV QVfavor boxes for your

special occasion keepsake.



 :HVW : H V W 66WW  &KDUOHV & K D U O H V 5RDG 5 R D G ‡ /RPEDUG / R P E D U G  ,/ , /  

17 West St. Charles Road, Lombard, IL 60148 celebrate! 31


5. Construction junction. Supply lots of sheets, blankets and pillows for fort construction. If you can mount a few Hula Hoops strategically around the room, they come in handy. You might also supply bandanas and bungee chords. Be sure to inspect the results for hazards. Keep food and drinks strictly separate. 6. Reach for the foam. Play messy Twister in the yard by mixing foam shaving cream and food coloring. Wear clothing that can get stained. If no one wants to worry about clothing stains, simply use white shaving cream for the same effect. 7. Pudding slide. Make about a gallon of chocolate pudding. Drop large spoonfuls of pudding onto a Slip & Slide. Have guests take a running start down a low-grade slope. To make slide more slippery, have guests sprinkle it with water from a sprinkler can or set the hose sprayer to mist. Add more pudding or water, as needed. 8. Slime ball. Find an online recipe to make nontoxic slime and let guests prepare it. Then

play a game of hide the bouncy ball in the slime. Use a blindfold and a timer to see who can find their party favors the fastest. Enjoy the groans. 9. Picasso footsie. Roll out a long sheet of paper and pour puddles of acrylic paint at one end. Have each guest step in one color per foot and walk across the paper. Switch to the other side of the paper to balance out the look. Hang art on a fence or wall to dry. 10. Musical silly string. Put half the group in the middle on a plastic tarp. Encircle guests with the other half of the group. Turn on the music. Have the inside group move in one direction and the outside group move in the other direction, while spraying the inside group with silly string. When the music is turned off, switch groups. 11. Pasta fling. Cook one box of spaghetti per party guest. Get some five-gallon buckets and fill them 2/3 of the way with water. Add enough flour to thicken the water, then add spaghetti. The only rules are: use your own spaghetti, no bucket-dumping, and no touching-just throwing. Put them in the square play arena and get the heck out of the way. 12. Mud puddle fun. On a sturdy table at playing height, fill a small kiddie pool with dirt and just enough water to make mud. Add dig-

ging and pouring toys for an hour of industry for young guests. 13. Duck-Duck-Dump. Have kids sit in circle for a game of Duck-Duck-Goose. But first, hand them a cup of water and a half-cup of FB LIKE fill 12.16:Layout 1 12/14/16 flour to pour over each goose's head.


4. Franken-beauty. Make natural facial masks out of banana, avocado or cocoa. Sit guests around a large table in pairs to take turns applying masks to each other's faces. Be sure to have some hand mirrors handy so everyone can see what all the squeals are about.

/subfam Get Daily Updates of Great Local Oerings for Everyone in the Family!

14. The opposite of tiny bubbles. Make bubble mix with ten cups of regular Dawn Dish soap and five gallons of water. Let it sit overnight. Do not agitate the solution as you pour it into a small wading pool slightly larger than a Hula Hoop in diameter. Have guest don a pair of clear goggles and stand in the middle of the pool without splashing. Let two party guests lower a Hula Hoop over the guest and then pull it straight up into a giant bubble. 15. Three-legged color run. Set up a start and finish line for a short jaunt. Tie the legs of two guests together and have them wear clear swim goggles and white play clothing. Have other guests stand on the sidelines and throw color from bags of nontoxic Holi colors (the type used for Color Runs, available online). The winners take on the next pair of challengers until everyone has run. The most colorful pair wins. 16. Sloppy volley. Divide guests into two groups. Put a line across the center or your play arena like a tennis court. Everyone has to stay on their own team and wear swim googles. Place a table of supplies within reach of the backcourt. On the table, supply large bowls of chilled mashed potatoes, Jello, pudding, and cooked oatmeal. Tint food with food coloring if clothing can be stained. On your mark, get set, food fight! 17. Trashion runway. For a couple of months before the party, don't discard your reusable recyclables. Spread them out evenly in tarps with plenty of clear tape, masking tape, painter's tape, and Duck tape. Pair guests up into design teams. Give a time limit like one hour. The assignment is to design a runway-worthy fashion for each team out of only the trash that's been supplied. Have a runway show afterwards to display the results.

32 celebrate!

suburban family |

May/June 2017


May/June 2017

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Benefits of Hosting a Party Away from Home Everybody loves a good party, whether you’re six or sixty-six. However, many, understandably, don’t like the logistics that often come into planning them. Hosting a party is hard work at the best of times, and kids parties doubly so. So when people consider planning a party, they may find themselves wishing they could just offload the hassle onto someone else. Hosting off-site allows you to co-ordinate with the venue’s staff and streamline planning. Y.our house is left intact.All the noise, mess and damage is contained somewhere far, far away from your fragile belongings and good curtains. The neighbors will not be disturbed.You’ll be able to record or take photos, or better yet, you’ll actually be in some of them!. Hosting a party at a venue could be the way to ensure you have a carefree time. Here are some reasons why you should consider hosting it at a venue instead at home.

A change from the same old scenery

Parties always tend to be more enjoyable when they’re held somewhere different. Why not be a bit more adventurous and venture away from your normal surroundings? You might even want to book a hotel room and enjoy a mini getaway for the night.

You won’t need to worry about cleaning up

The worst thing about holding your own party is the cleaning up after it’s all over. Everyone has left, the atmosphere has died down, and

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your house now feels like a ghost town. To compound all of this, the washing up, tidying up and vacuuming is yet to be done! Let the venue staff take care of this for you, and you’ll be able to leave the hard work behind at the same time as all the other guests.

Give yourself a night off from cooking

If you’re preparing food for guests, you’ll no doubt be worrying about allowing yourself enough cooking time to make sure everything’s prepared on time, and presented well.Why not book a venue? Give them the food orders in advance and turn up just as the party is about to start.

You can invite more people

This will be dependent on the size of your house, but are you limited to how many people you can ask? Booking out a larger sized venue will mean difficult decisions like who to leave off the invite list don’t need to be made. If you’re seeking an enjoyable party without the stress, booking a venue could be the answer. After all, ensuring everyone is enjoying themselves on the night is work enough! There is a variety of different venues available that allow you to host kid’s and parties for adults away from home in this section. You can read all about them in the ‘Party Advice From the Pros” section. Please consider these advertisers when planning a special event.

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May/June 2017

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• Admission To Rink • Skate Rental • Decorated Cake • Pizza & Soft Drink • Birthday Centerpiece • Birthday Host & Mic Announcement • Gift For Birthday Person $12 -$14 PER PERSON MINIMUM 10 PEOPLE (Birthday package available during any public session.)


$7 $8 $7 $8 $8 $8 $7

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7231 West Archer Ave. • Summit

(1/4 Block West of Harlem, 3 Blocks South of I-55)

708-458-0300 May/June 2017

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Tips on Taking Party Photographs Parties are a great time for family and friends to come together and have some fun. Here are some simple tips to help with taking the party shots that last.

1. Break the camera out early. Depending on the type of party you may need to take pictures of the decorations, food, the cake, etc before any people show up. 2. Get the group. Typically people don’t stay in a large group at parties; they are all spread out in smaller groups. While having everyone in the same room at the same time, get that group shot so you can treasure it afterwards. 3. Capture the emotion. Keep your camera handy and turned on so you’ll be ready for those spontaneous expressions. 4. Be Candid. You can get some great shots of your family and friends when they don’t even know they are getting their picture taken. This is great for capturing emotion at the party 5. Don’t be afraid to zoom in or out. Don’t be afraid of zooming in so your subject fits into your camera frame.This way you can capture the expression of the subject. Also make sure you get pictures of the party as a whole, don’t be afraid to zoom out to capture the entire room. 6. Avoid Red Eye. One of the most common occurrences when taking pictures of people at parties is red eye. To make sure your friends and family don’t look evil eyed have them look just over your shoulder rather than directly at camera. This should help reduce the chances of red eye in your pictures therefore saving you time having to take it out before printing them. 7.Try different perspectives. Don’t be afraid to try different perspectives throughout the party: get at eye level with the kids to get their perspective of the party or take pictures standing on a chair or staircase to get a shot of everyone at the party.

Book your graduation & summer parties TODAY!

Host a party with these hacks Hosting friends and family in your home is fun any time of the year. However, with entertaining comes the stress of planning and the pressure to make each get-together more exciting than the last. Throwing a memorable party does not have to be overwhelming. With a few simple hosting hacks, you can impress your guests at every turn, from food and drinks, to decor and even parting gifts, creating an unforgettable experience for all. Smoke 'em with a signature cocktail. Dazzle your guests with a cool mixology trend and try torching a cocktail. Lighting a float is one cool technique to try. Once your cocktail is mixed, add a thin layer of a high-proof alcohol very slowly on top of the drink (tip - pour over the back of a spoon). The higher-proof alcohol will float on top, then light it on fire to bring out more of the flavor. Mixologists recommend using a torch like the Bernzomatic ST2200T Detail Torch for this. Create your own beverage cart. Simply take an old (or new) office or craft cart on casters, spray paint it in a festive color and - Viola! - you have a portable beverage cart. Stock the cart with spirits, soft drinks, ice, cocktail napkins, garnishes and everything you need to achieve beverage service on-the-go. Wow with a custom centerpiece. A centerpiece can communicate the vibe of your celebration. Sure, you could go buy something pre-made, but creating your own centerpiece will add a personal (and impressive) touch to any table. Prep and clean ahead of party time. Many key party tasks - from appetizer prep to setting the table - can be done a day (or even two) before the party. Pre-mix the punch the night before, pre-make and refrigerate dishes and get your party music ready and queued up a day early. If you don't have time to clean the entire house, focus on the areas where guests will be. Create a fresh, fragrant aroma that will permeate the house by simmering vanilla, lemon and rosemary in a pot of water on the stove. These few smart hacks, paired with the right tools, will help create an event that is memorable, impressive and most importantly, fun. (BPT)

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When you mention Suburban Family Magazine when booking

Birthday Parties at the Elk Grove Park District


For details and reservations call today! (847) 437-9494

Mad Scientist • Magic • Sports Carousel & Jumps n’ Jiggles Pavilion Aquatics Center Pirate’s Cove Childrens’ Theme Park Rainbow Falls Waterpark

Upgrade your party with... Goodie boxes Birthday cakes

May/June 2017

Balloon bouquets Character visits

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If you like to have fun and be active, Funtopia is the place to host your birthday party. With a variety of private party rooms, adventurous activities and friendly staff, the birthday kid and the guests will have a great time guaranteed! For more info and reservations please visit [See our ad on Inside Front Cover.]

The Oaks at Gibsons Bar & Steakhouse Oak Brook

Situated on the east side of Gibsons’ elegant Oak Brook location (2105 South Spring Road, Oak Brook, IL 60523) and offering nearly 6,000 square feet of pre-event and event space, this stunning new private dining expansion can host up to 300 guests for a seated event and 600 for a cocktail reception. The Oaks is not only versatile (divisible into three smaller rooms, all with state-of-the-art AV potential), but also beautiful with hard wood floors and artfully placed wooden accents. From corporate meetings to weddings and special occasions, this impressive space provides endless private dining options, featuring Gibsons’ legendary food and service. Customizable menus are available from Gibsons’ expert private dining team. To learn more, please call: 312.587.0508, email: catering@grgmccom or visit: 38 celebrate!

Fleetwood Roller Rink Celebrating our 60th anniversary (Established 1957).

Fleetwood Roller Rink is a family owned business. Our venue hosts public skating, birthday parties (our specialty) privates and fundraisers. We promote family fun for all ages plus for “health sake, roller skate” Come visit us and join in our fun. Instruction available every Saturday at 1 pm Check for our ongoing specials and public skating times

Santa’s Village Azoosment Park

Party like a Pop Star at Santa’s Village! For the Best Birthday Ever… Nobody throws a birthday party better than Santa’s Village. Best of all when you book your party you receive a minimum of $242.50 in return tickets…and that’s like having a complete birthday party almost absolutely FREE. If your Birthday Celebrity is ready to ride like a rebel, eat like a champion, and party like a popstar go to Located at 601 E. Dundee Ave., East Dundee

Chateau Orleans Banquets

Chateau Orleans Banquets is the elegant banquet hall directly attached to Chuck’s suburban family |

Southern Comforts Cafe in Darien. Not only does it make the perfect destination for weddings, it also can accommodate business meetings, special events, private functions and so much more. The room which can hold up to 300 people can also be divided into different sizes as well to accommodate parties of any size! The room features a spacious dance floor, a stage and a bar. The food is exclusively provided by Chuck’s and the menu offers a wide array of choices for you and your guests. Be sure to take advantage of our newly renovated Gazebo which makes for a perfect picture spot in the spring and summer! For booking and pricing contact James and Jackie our Banquet Managers at 331-431-4000 or visit our website at www.chateauorleansbanquets. com for more information.

Maxson’s Restaurant & Riverboat

Maxson’s Restaurant has been in business in Oregon, Illinois since 1952. It offer’s glass enclosed dining with stunning views of the Rock River. The Pride of Oregon Paddleboat takes guests on a scenic 15 mile round trip lunch and dinner cruises. Maxson’s can host events up to 260 people in the restaurant, 200 on the sprawling deck, and 149 on the Riverboat. Located at 1469 IL Rt. 2, Oregon, Illinois 61061. Perfect setting for a day trip or your next special event. For more information call 1-815732-6761 or visit May/June 2017

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Northern Illinois’ Naturally Beautiful Venue! Weddings ~ Banquets ~ Parties ~ Corporate Events

Events Up to 260 Inside. Over 200 Outside and 110 Comfortably Seated on Our Riverboat!

• Dine along the shores of the beautiful Rock River. • Glass-enclosed riverside dining with stunning panoramic vista.

• Climate controlled riverboat. • Relaxing atmosphere for memory-making cruises.

The Pride of Oregon is available for your extraordinary event! Plan your Day-cation here or Dine with us soon!

Elegantly Casual Dining on the Rock River Daily specials. Reservations suggested.

815-732-6761 ~ 1469 N IL Route 2. Oregon, IL 61061 ~

Introducing Oak Brook’s Newest Event Space...

· · · · ·

6,000 Square Feet of Pre-Event & Event Space Hosts up to 300 for a seated event and 600 for cocktail reception Divisible Space State-of-the-art Audiovisual System Customizable menus featuring USDA Gibsons Prime Angus Beef, Fresh Seafood, Legendary Desserts, Extensive Bar Packages & More…

2105 Spring Road, Oak Brook, IL • 630.954.0000

May/June 2017

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Vertical Endeavors Indoor Rock Climbing

Give your child a birthday party they will never forget! Vertical Endeavors provides an adventurous and fun party atmosphere for all family and friends. Your party will consist of climbing, games, and activities led by one of our experienced climbing instructors. Additionally, a party room is available for pizza, cake, and presents! 246 Windy Point Drive, Glendale Heights. Visit us at or 630.784.9000 to learn more!

Safari Land

Let Your Adventure Begin! Safari Land has everything you need for a complete adventure. Whether it’s bowling, video games, rollercoaster, kiddie carts, food or other fun, Safari Land is the place for your party. Come ride the tiger terror...take a spin in our 360 degree, full-motion, 3D flight simulator,… play in our soft play area, or throw some strikes during cosmic bowling. Contact us today for additional event information and to book your next adventure of a lifetime. 701 W. North Avenue, Villa Park. 630-530-4649. Visit


Odyssey Fun World

The place for out of this world family fun for all ages! Plan your next birthday party here. Two fun locations with 200+ arcade and redemption games, a 4-story soft play center, Laser Tag, numerous exciting indoor rides, and great food. All summer long we offer Go Karts, Mini Golf, Bumper Boats, Hydro Racers (like GoKarts on Water!), and ZIPLINE (30 feet high!) at our Tinley Park location, Paintball at our Naperville location, and an Inflatable Kidz Park at both! Visit for exclusive discounts, or call 708-429-3800. 19111 S. Oak Park Avenue, Tinley Park, and, 3440 Odyssey Ct., Naperville.

Scuba Emporium

Back in 1974 when Patrick Hammer opened his first SCUBA STORE , in the local area, many people thought he was nuts. Today after tens of thousands of certifications, and earning the PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) highest rating of Platinum Course Director, he is still overseeing the day to day task at SCUBA EMPORIUM in Orland Park, a PADI Career Development Center. Located at 16336 104th Ave. in Orland Park. For young adventurers, the Bubblemaker Party is an introduction to the thrill of breathing underwater and a unique and exciting party idea! For information about scuba, snorkel and swim lessons and party options, call 708 226-1614, or visit:

Tiki2Nite is Chicagoland’s Mobile Fun Center!



Parties for children age 8 to 80, everyone gets to go underwater.

Do you have an outdoor event coming up and you NEED something that will make it different, special and the most fun anyone has had in years? Tiki2Nite has the answer. Our 24 foot Tiki Bar is the perfect addition for a block party, fundraiser, work event, bachelorette party, shower and more! Decked out in commercial equipment and loaded with tons of charm, it is built on a trailer so we bring the fun to YOU! Contact us for a no obligation consultation. Call: 847.780.3571. Email: Visit:

Rent Rite Events Heated pool on location 16336 South 104th Avenue Orland Park, Illinois 60467

708-226-1614 Serving the Midwest since 1974 Eager to help you in all your aquatic needs.

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Rent Rite Events is a full-service provider of party and event rentals, serving the greater Chicago land area and suburbs for more than twenty years. Rent Rite specializes in tents, tables, chairs, dishes, linens, grills, inflatable's games and more. Located at 1260 E. Higgins Road, Elk Grove Village. We can be reached M-F 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. or Sat 8 a.m. – 3 p.m. at suburban family |

847-640-8875 or 24/7 by checking us out at

Legoland Discovery Center

Voted best birthday party location in Chicagoland! Winner of two awards including the ‘Most Awesome Amusement/Fun Center Party’ location by Located at the Streets of Woodfield, 601 N. Martingale Rd. Schaumburg, IL. For more information, call 847-592-9708 or visit

The Elk Grove Park District Knows How to Party!

Ride a carousel or ride a water slide. Fitting your child’s age and interest is our specialty. Invite the kids and the whole family to celebrate at Rainbow Falls, Pavilion Aquatics Center, Pirates’ Cove or the Carousel. We accommodate large groups to celebrate that special day. Themed parties include a Mad Scientist Party with crazy experiments or a Sports Party with a referee and your sport of choice or a Magic Party with a magician teaching tricks.1000 Wellington Ave., Elk Grove Village, IL 60007. 847-437-9494. www.

Sweet Street Candies and Goodies

Sweet Street Candies and Goodies is an old fashion candy store that carries over 500 items. Pick favorites from candy you remember as a kid; gourmet chocolates & fudge, imported licorice, bulk chocolates, gummies and popcorn. We'll custom design any special occasion gift basket from your candy and gift item selection. We specialize in unique favors, corporate gifts and candy buffets. Call us to order gifts for family, friends and clients. 17 W. St. Charles Rd., Lombard.Visit

Mon Ami Gabi

Plan your next special event at a traditional French bistro. From private parties to business gatherings to special events, Mon Ami Gabi can accommodate parties in our two private rooms and dining area (up to 250 guests). Available seven days a week for lunch, dinner and breakfast meetings, you’ll work with our Catering Manager and Party Planner Jessica Cavanah every step of the way. Contact Jessica at 630-472-1900 or via email at Oakbrook Center, Oak Brook, IL 60523. Visit us online at [See our ad in Dining Out section.] May/June 2017



8025 5. Cass Ave, Darien, IL 60561 - 331.431.4000

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Scheduling now for outdoor events! A 24 foot Tiki Bar built on wheels. Perfect for creating memorable, buzz-worthy events: Birthday parties • Anniversaries • Graduations • Block parties Bridal Showers • Bachelorette parties • Fund Raisers Work Events • You name it! Themed parties: Moana, Gilligan’s Island, Luau, etc. Contact us for a no obligation consultation.

847.780.3571 May/June 2017 suburban family | celebrate! 41

active kids

By Christa Hines


ummer camp is a timehonored tradition, rich with activities, newfound friendships and a lifetime of memories. Explore a few ways to make your child's camp experience smooth sailing from start to finish.

S'more Than Just Fun According to the RAND Corporation, a nonprofit research organization, children who participate in summer programs, like experiential learning activities offered in an organized camp, are less likely to experience a significant summer learning slide.

Celebrating our 22nd year! Tot Rock and Kid Rock Music & Movement Classes (ages 1-5 years) offered at park districts in the Northwest Suburbs. Music and Dance Parties (ages 1-8 years) Sing, Dance, Play! Enrollments being accepted now at your park district!

Rock ‘n’ Kids, Inc. 42 active kids


Camp also enhances a child's physical and emotional well-being. Activities build social skills, teamwork and independence, which all contribute to stronger self-confidence and leadership abilities. "I often hear from parents how amazed they are when their children return home after spending time at camp....about how they seem older and more mature," says Doug Berkel, senior program director of Youth Development Services with the Kansas City YMCA. suburban family |

Avoid Camp Run Amok First, together with your child, decide what skills you want your child to gain and choose a camp that fits her needs and interests, as well as your family's values. Check out safety guidelines in the camp's parent handbook. Look for overnight camps accredited by the American Camp Association (ACA). "ACA standards are the most universal and well-known standards adopted by most camps to ensure a quality and safe program," Berkel says. Day and specialty camps should carry a current state childcare license. Additionally, staff should be trained in emergency, communication and safety procedures, behavior management techniques (including handling the common bout of homesickness), and child abuse prevention. Camp Sunshine Day camps are a practical way to introduce children, ages five to 12, to the camp experience. Most center on a theme, like sports, science, nature, technology and the arts. Ann Bowley says that when her stepson,Trevor, was younger, he enjoyed planning out the day camps he wanted to attend each summer. However, as her son got older he grew more May/June 2017


We nurture courage. The urge to find adventure in the everyday: it needs support before it gets off the ground. Children are ready to see how fun it is to take every lesson in adventurous leaps. They find role models in their teachers and a viators who fly way above every obstacle and expectation. Kiddie Academy ® CampVentures® turns your child’s ordinary summer vacation into a summer of exploration.

All day adventures. All summer long.® Kiddie Academy of Algonquin (800) 554-3343

Kiddie Academy of Darien (630) 541-8250

Kiddie Academy of Arlington Heights (847) 603-4500

Kiddie Academy of Naperville (630) 416-8000

Kiddie Academy of Batavia (630) 761-4500

Kiddie Academy of Oswego (630) 554-1100

Kiddie Academy of Bolingbrook (630) 679-9400

Kiddie Academy of Park Ridge (847) 692-5000

Kiddie Academy of Carpentersville (847) 844-8600

Kiddie Academy of Plainfield (815) 609-0900

Kiddie Academy of Crystal Lake (815) 893-0924

Kiddie Academy of Streamwood (630) 497-0200

Free gift with tour! New customers only. Not redeemable for cash. One offer per child. Participating locations only. Call academy for details. Offer expires 6/30/2017. Code: SF0617

Call today to sign up for your 4-Day Super Improver Camp. Camps start Monday, June 5th. Sign up for as many as you want while availability lasts.

847-729-7665 Wilmette • Buffalo Grove • Niles • Hoffman Estates (coming this summer) May/June 2017

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JOIN THE WOLFPACK FOR SUMMER CAMPS! Saint Ignatius offers a wide variety of athletic camps and academic programs for students of different ages each summer. Our camps and courses are engaging, enjoyable, and challenging in the tradition of Saint Ignatius College Prep. Choose from “Summer with the Pack” athletic camp opportunities for students beginning in the 3rd grade, our “Taste of Ignatius” academic enrichment program for rising 7th and 8th grade students, and our High School academic offerings. Visit for details and registration.

apprehensive about starting over with a new group of kids each week. "We talked to him about it and he never changed his plans. We just looked for school mates that might be in camp with him to help him be more comfortable," she says. Camp Ability Specialty camps center around one activity like music, art, sports or science. These camps provide children the space to further explore and develop a skill that interests them. "Specialty camps tend to run...partial days and could be a nice addition to regular day camps," Berkel says. Camp Starlight Overnight camps, typically in an outdoor setting, can last anywhere from a few days to several weeks and are generally offered for children ages 7 and up. If you aren't sure your child is ready, allow him to spend the night at friends' houses occasionally. Or, as Berkel suggests, take advantage of a weekend family camping opportunity, usually offered in the fall and spring to familiarize campers and their families with the facilities and staff. Conquer Camp Blues Preparation and an awareness of what to expect can ease the transition from home to camp. Before your child departs, go over a list of everything she will need. Pack a physical connection to home like a favorite sleeping bag, stuffed animal or pillow. Also, mail a card ahead of time to ensure it arrives before the end of camp. Tell your child how you look forward to hearing her camp stories, but avoid saying how much you miss her which can trigger homesickness and worry. Fourteen-year veteran Boy Scout leader, soccer coach and father of eight, John Whiteside, is a camping pro. Over the years, he and his children have participated in multiple camps, including sports, band and weeklong scout camps. Initial nervousness isn't unusual. If your child asks to come home, Whiteside says to consider the situation, but to encourage him to discuss his anxieties with the camp counselor and take it one day at a time. "Tell him 'Yes, today was hard, but I think it will be better tomorrow' and usually tomorrow is better," he says. While your child may struggle at first, chances are he'll come home a happy camper with a heightened sense of self-confidence, memorable stories and a passel of new friends to boot.

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May/June 2017

DO s & DONT’s


o you’ve made the decision to register your child for a summer camp. While every summer camp is different, and most will include some general information in advance of important items to know, let’s face it—we can never over prepare! Parents should also trust that at camp, like at home, rules exist for good reasons. With that in mind, here is a quick checklist of some key tips to remember when getting your child ready for camp.


Communicate: Let the camp director know if your child is reluctant, apprehensive or worried about heading off to camp. Counselors can help ease the camper into the first few days. Paperwork: Ensure all registration and information forms are fully completed. This provides valuable and critical information on all campers. The counselors study this information prior to camp and are ready when the campers arrive. Orientation: Attend a camp orientation or open house; this is a chance for you and your child to meet the staff and learn about their programs.Ask questions and make notes on important issues for you. Connect: Check the camp’s website, social media links and information packages. Keep important phone numbers and email addresses with you. Pack Medication: Send along prescription medicines, in their original containers, making sure instructions are on the label. If your child needs an EpiPen, asthma puffer or other special medications close at hand. Label Items: Iron-on labels are great for fabrics while permanent markers or even colourful nail polish works for everything else. Training Camp: Sleepovers can be great practice for avoiding separation anxiety, especially for first-timers. Choose Wisely: It’s camp and kids will get dirty. Pack older clothes or items your child has almost outgrown. May/June 2017

Keep In Touch: Mail a letter to your camper a week before camp starts, so it arrives before they get there. Pack self-addressed, stamped envelopes so that they can write you back.


Force It: Don’t force your youngster to attend camp. Be sure they are ready, willing and able. Make Promises: If your camper is reluctant, suggest that they “give it their best,” and tell them that you will re-evaluate for next year. Never suggest that you will come pick them up if they don’t like it. Instill the expectation that they will stay for the entire session. Pressure: Don’t set your child up for disappointment by overselling how wonderful the camp experience was for you. Stay positive but let them enjoy camp in their own way. Worry: Stay positive about your child’s camp time. Don’t dwell on telling them how much you will miss them (though you will), and don’t overplay all the “fun” things you have planned while they are away. Send Valuables: Money, cell phones and jewelry are not needed at camp. Criticize: Don’t criticize or belittle your child if their camp experience isn’t totally positive. Be encouraging. Overpack: Never overpack. Follow the camp’s guidelines. Each camp offers suggestions on what to pack and how to pack. They’ve done this before—heed their suggestions. Burn: Don’t forget the sunscreen. Be a Heli-Parent: Camp directors and counselors are focused on the campers. Don’t send them daily emails, letters or phone calls to check up. If there are issues, they will contact you. If you need to touch base, once a session is sufficient. Procrastinate: Don’t leave things until the last minute. Pack ahead of time. Push: Don’t push your kids to follow your trail. Let them blaze their own.


1607 Legacy Cir, (630) 245-1101, 233 W. 63rd St , (630) 737-1110 , suburban family |

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Youth Paddlesport Camps this Summer Paddle Sports • Nordic Sports Tours and Rentals Instruction • Apparel

630-506-5706 107 Spruce Street Aurora, IL


Big Blue’s state-of-the-art swim lesson facilities are conveniently located in Buffalo Grove,Wilmette, Niles and coming this summer to Hoffman Estates. Call 847-769-7665 to register or visit Call today!

Big Blue Swim School Big Blue Swim School is excited to announce this summer’s Super-Improver Camps schedule. Each four-day camp will run Monday through Thursday beginning Monday, June, 5th and packs a month’s worth of progress into four consecutive days with the same teacher.

Great Lakes Center Youth Academy Sports Performance / GLCYA Summer Volleyball Camps. “American’s #1 Volleyball Camp Program.” Week long day camps for Jr. High and High School age athletes. We are accepting girls and boys ages 4-14 who are interested in learning, developing and training the correct volleyball skills for the “Great Lakes Center Youth Academy Summer Volleyball Camp Series”. All camps focus on individual skill development by teaching both proper skill technique and introducing the campers to age appropriate game play as well. All camps are held at: The Great Lakes Volleyball Center, 579 N. Oakhurst Drive, Aurora, IL.

ummer is on the way – registration is open for the variety of exciting camps in this section. Please also refer to our March/April issue’s digital issue at to find more camp options. And, tell ‘um you heard about it in Suburban Family Magazine.

46 active kids Rocktown_MJ17.indd 1

suburban family | 4/7/17 3:56 PM

May/June 2017

60502. For more info call 630-898-6400 or visit FB: Great Lakes Center Youth Academy Kiddie Academy At Kiddie Academy we believe the best learning happens during play. From family style dining to character education, parents can rest assured that our proprietary Life Essentials® curriculum gives your child a full day of learning and fun. In addition, Kiddie Academy sets the standards for safety, education and trust because we understand children need to thrive in an environment that’s as clean, safe and nurturing as home. Call to schedule your tour today! Saint Ignatius College Prep Saint Ignatius College Prep offers a wide variety of athletic and academic programs for students. Our camps and courses are engaging, enjoyable, and challenging in the tradition of Saint Ignatius College Prep. Choose from “Summer with the Pack” athletic camp opportunities for students beginning in the 3rd grade, our “Taste of Ignatius” academic enrichment program for rising 7th and 8th grade students, and our High School academic offerings. Visit summer-school for details and registration. 1076 W. Roosevelt Rd., Chicago, IL 60608.

Hanover Park Park District The Hanover Park Park District offers a verity of themed summer camps, including; Adventure Camp, Discovery Camp, Teen Camp, Camp Sunrise and Camp Sunset. Summer Camp is for ages 4-14 and is divided into age groups. Bus services also available for every camp, call 630.837.2468 for more information or click Register online or visit our administration office at 1919 Walnut Ave. Hanover Park IL, 60133. Rocktown Adventures Give yourself a couple of free hours and your kids some paddling adventure with our Youth Paddlesports Camps this summer. Kayaking and Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) concepts will be taught, providing them the skills and confidence to safely and comfortably maneuver on the water. In addition, on Day Four, Mom or Dad are invited to come out and paddle with the kids! For more information, please give us a call at 630-506-57606 or visit Oak Brook Swim & Tennis Club Kids will have a blast this summer in our full day or half day summer camps (Swim & Tennis), (Tennis, Archery, & Sports), (Art & Tennis) and (Soccer & Tennis) while parents with busy schedules will love their new found flexibil-

Soccer Training Camps June-August 2017 Boys & Girls Ages 4-17 All skill levels welcome!

Five Consecutive Half/Full Day Sessions of Technical and Tactical Training Locations: (for full list & schedule please visit our website) Clarendon Hills, Hinsdale, LaGrange, Lemont, Lisle, Oak Brook, Roselle, Warrenville, Western Springs, Westmont, and many more. Residential Camp- June 26-30 Yorkville, IL Private Training Available


For more information Phone: 630-257-6900 Email:

FREE OPEN HOUSE Saturday, May 27, 2017 1:00 – 5:00 pm Admission to the pool is FREE!

Half Day Camps


Full Day Camps


800 Oak Brook Road | Oak Brook, IL 60523 630.368.6422 | May/June 2017



Tennis |






The Oak Brook Swim & Tennis Club is secluded on 20 acers of magnificent woodlands in a serene atmosphere ideal for relaxing by the pool, dining at our delicious Poolside Café, spending time on our 8 Har-Tru clay tennis courts or enjoying our summer camps, tennis lessons or swimming lessons! Kids will have a blast this summer in our full day or half day summer camps while parents with busy schedules will love their new found flexibility! Membership is not required to participate.

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Funtopia Funtopia Summer Camps are designed for campers to challenge themselves, push their limits, gain a sense of empowerment and develop a sense of camaraderie while engaging in a variety of fun and healthy activities. For more details visit glenview. For reservation please email: Have Fun, Be Active! [See our ad on Inside Front Cover.] DanceDuo DanceDuo is the home of Ballroom dance, Latin and Standard styles. We offer ProAm, social dance nights, competitive, special occasion dances, private and group classes. Everyone from the age of 3 - 100 years young can learn, excel and enjoy the dance. Our professional instructors will teach you step by step to develop your dancing skills. DanceDuo provides themed dance parties for your child’s birthday! Summer Dance camps at DanceDuo studio (ages 4-12) and Lakeside Cabins/Three Oaks (ages 8-16) are intensive but fun dancer's technique and stamina improvement. All

levels dancers are welcome! Located at 635 Executive Drive, Willowbrook. 630-455-0524. Rock ‘n Kids Song and dance, rhythm and rhyme, join the fun for a rockin’ good time! Tot Rock and Kid Rock are structured music and movement programs for children ages 1-5 years that foFB cus LIKE 12.16:Layout 1 integration, 12/14/16 on fill imaginative play, sensory fine and gross motor movements, rhythm


ity! Sign up for one week, all nine weeks, or anything in-between. All camps begin June 12. Oak Brook Swim & Tennis Club. 800 Oak Brook Road, Oak Brook, IL 60523. Call 630368-6420.

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skills and socialization, while utilizing a variety of rhythm instruments and props. Classes offered at park districts in the Northwest Suburbs. The Yard Come join After School Sports Summer Camps at The Yard, two state-of-the-art athletic and family recreation centers located in the near-west suburbs of Chicago. Kids will enjoy field trips and pool trips every week, sports on our fields, our play tower and inflatables field, games, arts/crafts, science, reading, projects, and more. For more information, visit or westmontyard. com or call 630-245-1101 for Naperville Yard and 630-737-1110 for Westmont Yard. Salt Creek Ballet Summer Camps Join us this summer in our Fairy Tale Ballet Camp (July 31-August 18) and Creative Ballet Camp (July 31-August 11), for ages 3-7. Choose up to THREE WEEKS of ballet, dance enrichment activities, craft making, and plenty of fun! Young Ballet classes offered to ages 3-8, also. For more information: visit, call us at (630) 769-1199 or visit our studios at 98 E Chicago Ave, Westmont, IL 60559. [See our ad in the ON STAGE section.] Vertical Endeavors Indoor Rock Climbing – Our camps are designed to meet the needs of all climbers ages 6-16. Whether your climbers are beginners or advanced, our camps provide each child the proper instruction to achieve personal goals in a fun, supportive, and controlled setting. Our instructors possess years of knowledge in climbing movement, technical know-how, and safety. In addition to camps, we also provide: open climbing for

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all ages and abilities, group events, and more. 246 Windy Point Drive, Glendale Heights. Visit us at or 630.784.9000 to learn more! Soccer Made in America Welcome to Soccer Made in America Training Camp, a high quality program for players 4 - 17. The SMIA training program is designed to provide the most complete soccer training for both individual players and teams of all levels and abilities. Each camp is designed to teach players proper technical and tactical skills while enjoying playing the game of soccer. The SMIA clinicians are well recognized for providing personal attention to every participant. Since 1984 thousands of children have kicked the ball for the first time in a Soccer Made in America training program. Many have gone to compete at collegiate, professional, Olympic and national team levels. Come experience a great week at a Soccer Made in America camp. For camp schedule go to or call 630-257-6900 for more information. Good Times Summer Day Camp Offers campers an exciting and active program for children ages 4-12. Each week is filled with incredible field trips, many hours of swimming, various sports, exciting guests, challenging crafts, special events, and a theme based cookout. We accommodate parent’s busy schedules by offering extended hours from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. at no extra charge. Schedules are flexible – come only the days you want. Convenient locations in Illinois and Wisconsin. Busing available in some areas. For more information, please call 847-6804884 or visit [See our ad on the Inside Back Cover.] Downers Grove Adventist School/ Day Star Preschool Kids will have a blast this summer in our full day Summer camp! Our weekly themes, crafts, games, activities and field trips are designed to help create happy summer memories! Sign up for one week, all nine weeks, or something in between. Camp begins June 12. Downers Grove Adventist School, 5524 Lee Avenue, Downers Grove, IL 60515. 630-9688848. DuPage Children’s Museum Think BIG in Museum Summer Camps! Today’s kids are tomorrow’s innovators, problem-solvers, and trailblazers! Think BIG while having fun with summer enrichment camps at DuPage Children’s Museum (DCM). Research has shown that immersing children in STEAM learning experiences early on helps to inspire life-long curiosity, creativity, and problem May/June 2017

solving skills. Choose from Preschool camps, STEM Labs for grades 1-5, and Art Camps for grades 1-2. Find the right camp for your young explorer today! 301 North Washington St., Naperville, IL 60540. 630.637.8000. www. Camp Fire IL Prairie Camp Kata Kani Camp Kata Kani offers 11 weeks of summer fun and learning for only $115 per week (less on Holiday weeks). Archery, fishing, hiking and open fire cooking, plus Camp Fire programming and field trips. Kids thrive while playing, making new friends and having new experiences. For a small additional fee, parents can drop and collect campers before and after camp hours. To register, call 630-629-5160 or visit University of Illinois Sport Camps Division of Intercollegiate Athletics has committed itself to the development of wellrounded summer sport camps for boys and girls. Young athletes have the opportunity to learn more about their sport, improve their skills, create new friendships and have fun at the same time. Campers receive excellent coaching, experience campus life, and meet athletes from a variety of backgrounds. To learn more about specific camp offering go to

Kids Thrive at Kata Kani! Kids Thrive at Kata Kani!

Days Days atatour our 11-week Summer Day Day DayCamp Camp Campatat at Daysat our11-week 11-week Summer Summer Camp Camp Kata Kata Kani Kani in in Bolingbrook Bolingbrook are are filled filled Camp Kata Kani in Bolingbrook are filled with with outdoor outdoor fun fun activities activities and and quality quality with outdoor fun activities and quality Camp Camp Fire Fire programs programs that that teach teach young young Camp Fire programs that teach young people people to to thrive thrive in in school school and and in in life. life.

people to thrive in school and in life.

•• Weekly Weekly fee fee $115; $115; (holiday (holiday weeks weeks less) less) •• •$5 $5 Discount Discount for for each each additional additional sibling Weekly fee $115; (holiday weekssibling less) •••Before/after Before/after hours care care option option $5 Discount forhours each additional sibling •• Archery, Archery, fishing, fishing, hiking, hiking, field field trips trips

• Before/after hours care option For Forfishing, information, information, contact • Archery, hiking,contact field trips Camp Camp Fire Fire Illinois Illinois Prairie Prairie

For information, contact An An All-inclusive All-inclusive Youth Youth Service Service Organization Organization 630-629-5160 Camp 630-629-5160 Fire Illinois Prairie An All-inclusive Youth Service Organization


2017 GLC Youth Academy and SPVB Summer Volleyball Camps The Great Lakes Center Youth Academy (GLCYA) is committed to creating an environment where girls and boys ages 2-12 can fully develop their fundamental skills in a “nonspecialization” environment. Our goal is to develop players first and from there we know that great teams will follow.

2017 Summer Camps offered • Volleytot camps for K-2nd grade • FUNdamental camps for 3rd-5th grade • All Skills camps for 6th - 8th grade • Position camps for high school age

For more information and to register please go to

579 N. Oakhurst Drive • Aurora • 630-898-6400 • Register Today at suburban family |

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Heel Pain – Conservative Treatment Options By Dr. Leonard Vekkos, FACFAS, FACFAO soft tissue as with steroid.And stem cells can be administered as often as needed because of the healing benefit for the tissue.

The biomechanical reasons for heel pain origin directly relates to the function and structure of our feet. The most important structure involved in the etiology of heel pain is the plantar fascia, a strong, thick ligament that runs from the heel to the ball of the foot attaching finally in five separate bands to the bottom of each toe. It is the excessive stress placed on this ligament which causes the ligament to pull on the bottom of the heel and produce irritation of the covering of the bone. It is this irritation that causes the pain. When considering treatment for heel pain (plantar fasciitis) first and foremost we must work to resolve the current pain which has become the focus of the patient’s complaint, but just as importantly, we also need prevent the pain from recurring. Often, self care can resolve your symptoms. Simple stretching of your foot before you get out of bed will lengthen out the plantar fascia and reduce if not eliminate the pain. Wearing an over the counter arch support or more supportive shoes can help significantly. Over the counter anti-inflammatory medication can also help with the pain, but it does not address the reason for the pain.While self treatment may help to alleviate the heel pain, it is usually temporary at best in acutely painful or chronic conditions. As a result, concomitant physician-directed treatments are usually necessary. My approach to treatment is two-fold (1) treat the current pain and (2) prevent it from coming back. Treatment of the pain is best approached directly. I have found that injection therapy achieves this best. Using a combination of local anesthetic and cortisone, the heel is approached through the medial (the inside part of your foot) side directly over the painful

Placing patients in a below-the-knee cast may also be effective for pain relief through immobilization of the ankle and therefore reducing the stress throughout the plantar fascia. However, in over 30 years of practice, I have found it only in rare instances.

area. It is NEVER necessary to inject through the bottom of the foot as this is an extremely painful approach and has no advantages. The combination is injected and relief of pain is seen within 2-3 minutes. This injection accomplishes several objectives. First, the use of local anesthetic allows for immediate pain relief through numbing of the area. The patient walks out of the office with 100% relief of pain. However, this initial pain relief is temporary and will be effective for only about 2-4 hours after which time the cortisone will continue to work. Second, because the nature of cortisone is create inflammation before it reduces it, patient’s may experience what is called a “post-injection flare reaction”. I instruct the patient to apply ice or take an over the counter anti-inflammatory and it usually resolves within in a day two. But the long term effect of cortisone is to reduce the inflammation associated with the plantar fasciitis. What is also exciting is the recent development and use of stem cell injections for heel pain. I have seen an improved response with stem cell injections compared to steroids and the advantage is there are no deleterious effects on the

Foot & Ankle Wellness Center At Seven Bridges

(630) 852-8522


Preventing the pain from returning is a multifaceted approach. Due to the plantar fasciitis resulting from abnormal flattening of the arch or stress from a high arch, a simple removable strap and pad custom made on the patient’s foot is worn for two weeks while the injection is doing its job. I may also prescribe physical therapy for stretching of the ligament and local ultrasound therapy. Depending upon the patient’s response, custom molded orthotics (arch supports) may be manufactured. Orthotics are highly specialized devices prescribed by a podiatrist using specific measurements and requiring special labs to make them. These work to normalize function of the foot and reduce stress on the plantar fascia. Overall, I have found that over 90% of heel pain responds to conservative measures. While the time it takes to achieve resolution varies from patient to patient, a favorable outcome is usually accomplished through the above conservative measures.


Bunions Heel Pain Foot & Ankle Fractures Sports Injuries Flatfeet / Children and Adults

Dr. Leonard E. Vekkos & Dr. Jennifer Fuehrer

Diabetic Foot Health On-Site X-Ray Equipment On-Site Surgical Facility On-Site Pedicure Spa w/Pedicurist

New Patients Accommodated for Same Day Appointments 3540 Seven Bridges Drive, Suite 290, Woodridge, IL 60517

Board Certified Foot & Ankle Surgery 50 fitness first

In regards to using prescription drugs for pain relief and anti-inflammatory effect, I advocate all attempts at a medication-free treatment plan and have had excellent results over the past twenty years with this approach obviating the need for any drugs, whether prescribed or over the counter.


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May/June 2017

Sign up for an endurance race. Take on a new challenge, support a good cause or run/walk/roll for the health of it. Be certain to select an event within your range of conditioning and consult a physician before beginning any exercise program. NOTE: The 2017 Annual Race Guide and a more comprehensive listing of the May and June races can be found on our website and HTML version at Check back for updates in every bi-monthly issue.

May Great Strides – 3 mile Walk. Various dates, times, and locations. Benefits Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. To find a Walk near you go to or call 312-236-4491. Relay For Life – For all area events, please go to relayforlife. org/relay/findevent. 14th Annual Run for the Kids: Superhero Hustle 5K Run/2 Mile Walk – Sat. 5/6 at 9 AM. Benefits Easter Seals DuPage & Fox Valley. 830 S. Addison Ave, Villa Park. 630-2822031. DuPage Human Race – Sat 5/6 at 9 AM 5K Run & 2mi. Walk.

Benefits over 50 local charities. Downers Grove. 847-829-4536. Founder's Day 10K/5K and Family Bike Ride – Sat 5/6. Downers Grove Historical Society & Park District Museum. Selfguided 10K & 5K Walk, sponsored by Windy City Walkers, 9 AM. Family Bike Ride, sponsored by Downers Grove Bicycle Club, 10 AM. Hanover Township Sprint to Spring 5K – Sat 5/6 at 8 AM Elgin. Home O. Harvey 5K – Sat 5/6 at 8 AM 5K Run and Kids Fun Obstacle Course Run. Benefits Homer O. Harvey Scholarship Fund. Northbrook. ATI Foundation SuperHero Shuffle 5K (formerly Super-

Save the date!

Saturday, June 17 • 8:00am Downtown Des Plaines

Plan now for this annual 5k Run/Walk The course is great, the people are fun, and it’s all for a good cause. • Race shirts for the first 200 registrants • Medals for runners • Chip timed • Race bags • Gear check • Refreshments

Register now at Race info is at • 847-391-5711

Proceeds benefit the Des Plaines Park District Scholarship Fund. May/June 2017

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Hinsdale. 630-654-5191 Walk MS 2017 – Sun 5/7 at 9 AM 1 mi & 3mi Walks. Lake in the Hills, Lockport, Naperville, Oak Lawn, Orland Park, Rockford, Schaumburg, St. Charles. 800-344-4867. Apple Blossom Run – Sat, 5/13 at 8 AM. 5K Run, 5K Stroller Roll, 10K Run. Bartlett Park District. 630-540-4800. www. Autism Speaks Walk – Sat 5/13 at 10:15 AM 3 mi Walk. Soldier Field, Chicago. 224-567-8573. Bridge Walk – Sat 5/13 at 8 AM 5K Walk. Benefits Living Well Cancer Resource Center. Geneva 630-262-1111. 5K Ecorun – Sat 5/13 at 9 AM 5K Run/Walk. Benefits McHenry County Conservation District. Crystal Lake. Groovin’ in the Grove 5K – Sat, 5/13 at 9 AM. 5K Run & Kids 1K, 1/2K, 100 Yd Dash, Warrior Fitness Challenge. USATF & CARA certified. Benefits Sharing Connections, Midwestern University, Downers Grove. www.28thgroovininthegrove5k. The Pink 5K Run/Walk – Sat, 5/13 at 8 AM. USATF & CARA certified. Team and individual registration accepted. Benefits Hinsdale Hosp. Foundation. Oak Brook Park District. 1450 Forest Gate Rd. Oak Brook. 630-990-4233 Quarryman Challenge – Sat 5/13. 10 mi & 5K. CARA certified. Lemont. 708-705-6791. Walk Now for Autism Speaks – Sat 5/13/17 at 9 AM 3 mi Walk. Soldier Field, Chicago. 224-567-8573. Mother’s Day 5K Run/Walk – Sun 5/14 at 8 AM Free Kids’ Fun Run. USATF certified. Barrington. 224-757-5425. Race for the Cure – Sun 5/14 at 8 AM 10K Run, 5K Run/Walk & 1mi. Walk. Benefits Susan G. Komen Foundation. Montrose Harbor, Chicago. 773-444-0061. CVS 02 Breathe Stride for a Cure Walk – Sat 5/20 at 8 AM. Busse Woods, Elk Grove Village. 301-565-3994 x765. Got2Run…For Education – Sat 5/20 at 8 AM 8K Run & 2.62 mi Run/Walk. USATF certified. Arlington Heights. Lake County Walk to Cure Arthritis – Sat 5/20. 3mi. & 1mi. Walks. Libertyville. 312-880-4733. Lilac Mutt Strut 5K Run & 1 Mile Walk – Sat, 5/20 at 8:00 AM. USATF certified; Run/walk with your dog! Lombard 630- 620-7322. Run for the Roses – Sat 5/20 at 8 AM 5K Run/Walk & Fun Run. LaGrange Park. 708-354-4580. Squeez’d Girls on the Run – Sat 5/20 at 8 AM 5K Run/Walk & Li’l Spark Sprints. Grant Park, Chicago. 773-342-1250. Youth Tower Triathlon – Sat 5/20. 100m swim/4K bike/1K Run (Ages 7-10), 200m swim/8K bike/2K Run (Ages 11-14). USATF Certified. Niles. 847-410-5108. Aurora Veterans Advisory Council 5k Fun Run, Walk, Woof and Roll– Sun 5/21 at 7:30 AM 5K Run/Walk, Fun Run. Benefits veterans in need in Aurora, IL. Aurora.2017 Chicago Promise Walk & 5K Run – Sun 5/21 at 10:30 AM 5K Run/ Walk. Elk Grove Village. D105 Dash 5K & Fun Run – Sun 5/21 at 9 AM 5K & 1.5mi Run/ Walk. LaGrange. d105-dash Darien Dash – Sun 5/21 at 7:30 AM 10K & 5K, 1mi. Runs & Fun Run. USATF Certified. Darien. 630-968-0004. Hustle up the Hill for the Homeless – Sun 5/21 at 9 AM Hour-long hill challenge run. Blackwell Forest Preserve, Warrenville. 630-545-0610. Promise Walk – Sun 5/21 at 10:30 AM 5K Run/Walk. Elk Grove Village. 800-665-9341. Road Scholars 5K Run/Walk – Sun 5/21. at 9 AM 5K Run/ Walk USATF Certified. Aurora. 630-896-0831. Sertoma Speech & Hearing Center 5K – Sun 5/21. 5K Run/ Walk & Kids’ Run. Palos Hills. 708-599-9500. Team CF Superheroes 5K – Sun 5/21 at 9 AM 5K Walk. Barsuburban family |

rington. 312-236-4491. Des Plaines River Canoe & Kayak Marathon – Sun 5/21 at 8 AM 18.5 mi river race and 5.25 mi “minithon.” Libertyville. 847-604-2445. Lake Zurich Color Vibe 5K – Sun 5/21 at 8 AM 5K Novelty Run. Lake Zurich. OCF Walk/Run For Awareness – Sun 5/21 at 10 AM 5K Run/ Walk. Benefits The Oral Cancer Foundation. Bensenville. LindSUBFAM FILL small 12.16:Layout 1 12/14/1

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manny Shuffle 5K & Mission 5K) – Sun 5/7 at 8 AM 5K Run/ Walk and Kids’ mile. Romeoville. Deer Dash & Tinman Triathlon – Sun 5/7 at 7:30 AM 10K, 5K and 1mi. Runs. Or 300m Swim/6mi Bike/3mi Run Triathlon. Deerfield. 847-945-0650. Great Western Half Marathon – Sun 5/7 at 8 AM USATF certified. Benefits Special Olympics. Illinois. Healthy Kids Running Series – Sun 5/7 at 3 PM 1mi., 1/2mi., & 1/4mi. Runs & 50-yard Dash. Geneva. 331-248-0221. Run For Your Life Safety 5K – Sun 5/7 at 8:30 AM 5K Run/ Walk. Tinley Park. 708-444-5000. Southwest Half Marathon & 10K – Sun 5/7 at 7:30 AM Half Marathon, 10K Run, &½ mi Walk, Run or Roll for special needs participants. CARA certified. Palos Heights. 708-448-9200. Walk for Wellness House – Sun, 5/7. 5K Run, 3K Walk. Registration open at 7 AM. Race begins at 8:30 AM. Wellness House,

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Rockford Marathon, Half Marathon & 10 K – Sun 5/21 at 6 AM. USATF & CARA certified. Rockford. Run Fur Shelter – Sun 5/21 at 7:45 AM 10K Run, 5K Run/ Walk & Kids’ Fun Run. South Elgin. 224-805-3722. J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge – Thur. 5/25 at 7 PM 5K Run. Grant Park, Chicago. 847-673-4100. Elgin Valley Fox Trot – Sat 5/27 at 7:30 AM 10K & 5K Runs and 2mi Walk. CARA Certified. Elgin. 847-931-6001. Run For The Brave 5K – 5/27 at 8 AM. Plainfield High School. 630-341-1222. Elgin Valley Fox Trot – Sat 5/27 at 7:30 AM 10K & 5K Runs and 2mi Walk. CARA Certified. Elgin. 847-931-6001. Soldier Field 10 Mile – Sat 5/27 at 7 AM 10 mi Run. CARA certified. Benefits Salute, Inc. Chicago. 847- 243-8500. Western Springs 40th Annual Tower Trot – Sat 5/27 8:30 AM 10K, 5K, & Fun Run, plus Double Run (10K & 5K). CARA & USATF certified. Benefits Bear Necessities Pediatric. Cancer Foundation. Grand Avenue Community Center 4211 Grand Avenue, Western Springs. 708-246-9070. www. MB Bike the Drive – Sun 5/28 at 5:30 AM Up to 30 mi round trip ride of Lake Shore Drive. Benefits Active Transportation Alliance. Chicago. MMTT Youth & Elite Triathlon – Sun 5/28 at 7 AM Swim/ Bike/Run. Junior (7-10), Senior (11-16) & Elite (any age) Divisions. Geneva. 630-779-0836. Race to the Flag 5K Run/Walk – Sun 5/28 at 8 AM USATF Certified. Ty Warner Park, Westmont. Benefits People's Resource Center. 630-682-502. SALUTE, INC. 5K/10K Tactical Challenge – Sun 5/28 at 8 AM 10K Run, 5K Run/Walk. Arlington Hts. 847-359-8811. Essence of Freedom Run – Mon. 5/29 at 7:45 AM 5K/10K Run. USATF certified. Deerfield. The Ridge Run – Mon. 5/29 at 8 AM 10K Run, 5K Run/Walk, & Youth Mile. Ridge Park, Chicago. 773-233-3100.

JUNE Relay For Life – For all area events, please go to relayforlife. org/relay/findevent. AVON 39 – Sat 6/3 thru Sun 6/4. 2-day 39.3mi. Walk. Chicago. 888-540-WALK. Cosley Zoo Run For the Animals – Sat 6/3 at 7:30 AM 5K/10K Run & Kids’ Run. CARA certified. Cosley Zoo, Wheaton. 630-690-4880. May/June 2017

Cori’s Triathlon Sat. 6/3 at 8AM Promotes healthy habits and physical activity for kids 6 – 14. Oak Brook. 630-990-4233

itive routes. Beginning and ending in Skokie Benefits our Healing Heroes. Evanston Subaru. 818-888-7091 x 106. Tour de Cure – Sun 6/11 –5 AM 10mi., 20mi., 40mi., 65mi., & 100mi. bike rides. River Edge Park, Aurora. 312-346-1805. Ben’s Memorial Mile – Sat 6/17 at 5 PM 1mi. Run/Walk & Kids Runs. Downers Grove North High School. 630-297-7850.

Glow 5K Run for Reading – Sat 6/3 at 8:15 PM Naperville. 630-420-3086. Great Steps 4 NF – Sat 6/3 at 8:30 AM 3 mi Walk. Benefits Neurofibromatosis Midwest. Naperville RiverWalk. 630-945-3562. Run the Ridge 5K/1K Run/Walk – Sat, 6/3 at 8 AM.5K and 1K Run/Walk. Benefits ProActive Kids. 150 Burr Ridge Parkway, Burr Ridge. 630-850-4050. Summertime Stride 5K – Sat 6/3 at 8:30 AM 5K Run/Walk & Kids’ Dash. USATF certified. Benefits Disabled Patriot Fund. Mokena. 708-390-2401. Zero Prostate Cancer Run/Walk – Sat 6/3 at 8 AM 10K Run, 5K Run/Walk, 1 mi Walk & Kids’ Dash. Benefits ZERO The End of Prostate Cancer. Joliet. 888-245-9455. Mid-American Canoe & Kayak Race – Sun, 6/4 at 7 AM. 11 canoe divisions, 8 kayak divisions and 1 open division. Aurora. 630-892-1550. Dan Horyn’s Skokie Swift 5K – Sun 6/4 at 8:15 AM. 5K Run/Walk Run and Kids’ Dash. Skokie. North Shore Classic Half Marathon – Sun 6/4 at 7 AM Half marathon & 5K Run. Benefits Misericordia Heart of Mercy. Highland Park. 847-243-8500. Pet Walk & Run – Sun 6/4 at 8 AM 5K Run/Walk, Pet Walk, & Kids’ Dash. Benefits Hinsdale Humane Society. Hinsdale. 630323-5630. Run for the Roses – Sun 6/4. 5K and youth race. Roselle. 630-980-2000. Run With the Nuns – Sun 6/4 at 8 AM 5K & Youth Dash. Lemont. Running for Hope – Sun 6/4 at 8 AM 5KRun/Walk & Kids’ Dash. Benefits Ronald McDonald House at Advocate Children’s Hospital. Oak Lawn. 630-623-5300. Take Steps – Sun 6/4 at 10 AM Benefits Crohn’s & Colitis research. Naperville. 847-312-1206. United Run for the Zoo – Sun 6/4 at 7:45 AM 10K Run, 5K Run/Walk & Kids’ Races. USATF certified. Benefits Lincoln Park Zoo. Chicago. 855-969-5515. Sunset Shuffle 5K – Thurs. 6/8 at 6:30 PM 5K Run/Walk. CARA & USATF Certified. Benefits JDRF. Glenview. 866-88-WE-TRI. La Grange Rocks – Fri. 6/9. 5K Run/Walk & Kids’ Races. Benefits TheLeaderShop. La Grange. 708-579-5898. Fight for Air Ride – June 9, 10 & 11. 2- or 3-Day Ride. Benefits American Lung Assoc. Crystal Lake, IL to Lake Geneva, WI. 312-940-8004. Move For the Kids – Sat 6/10 at 9 AM 5K Run/Walk. Benefits Lurie Children’s Hospital. Chicago. 312-227-4000. Run for the Stars – Sat 6/10 at 8 AM 5K Run/Wheelchair/Kid Dash. USATF certified. Wheaton. Streamwood Stride – Sat 6/10 at 8 AM 10K, 5K & Kiddie Races. Streamwood. 630-483-3025. Waffle 5K Shuffle – Sat 6/10 at 8:30 AM 5K & Fun Run. Wood Dale. 630-595-9333. Batavia Triathlon/Duathlon – Sun 6/11. Swim/Bike/Run or Run/Bike/Run, Youth Splash & Dash, & Kids’ Dash. USATF certified. Batavia. 630-430-9006. Dash for Detection – Sun 6/11 at 9 AM 5K Run/Walk. Benefits Rolfe Pancreatic Cancer Foundation. Soldier Field, Chicago. 773-989-1108. Esprit de She Women’s Triathlon – Sun 6/11 at 7 AM .5 mi Swim, 13.3 mi Bike, & 3.1 mi Run. Naperville. EspritdeShe@ Honor Ride Chicago – Sun 6/11 at 8 AM. Three non-compet-

The Chase 5K Des Plaines Park District Run-Walk Benefits the Park District Scholarship Fund Sat., 6/17 at 8 a.m. USATF Certified 1500 E. Prairie Ave., at Pearson St.

May/June 2017

LM5K Family Run/Walk – Sat 6/17 at 9 AM 5K run/walk. Benefits Lauren Kiefer Memorial Foundation. Villa Park. PR Mile – Sat 6/17 at 6:20 PM 1mi. Run. USATF Certified. Benefits Big Rig Books. Darien. 630-963-0144. Daisy Dash – Sun 6/18 at 8 AM 5K & Kids’ Fun Run. USATF Certified. Clarendon Hills. 773-617-8408. Father’s Day 10K/5K – Sun 6/18 at 8 AM 10K & 5K Run/Walk and Kids’ Dash. Cary. 815-382-2673. Father’s Day 5K – Sun 6/18 at 8:30 AM 5K Run Park Ridge. Father’s Day 5K – Sun 6/18 at 7 AM 5K Run/Walk. Wheaton. Lake in the Hills Triathlon – Sun 6/18 at 6:30 AM 1/2mi. Swim/15.5mi. Bike/4mi. Run. 309-397-9621. PrairieFest 5K– Sun, 6/18 at 8:30 AM 5K Run & 1mi. Prairie Dog Jog. USATF Certified. Oswego. 630-554-1010. Lambs Farm Fun & Fit Family Day – Sat 6/24 at 7 AM 5K Run & 2mi. Walk. Libertyville. 847-362-4636. Take Steps For Crohn’s & Colitis – Sun 6/25 at 5 PM Benefits Crohn’s & Colitis research. Glenview. 646-398-3286.

Save the Date Freedom Four 4-Mile Run Tue 7/4 at 8 AM Lake Ellyn Park, 645 Lenox Road, Glen Ellyn 4-mile run/walk for ages 6+ Benefits Glen Ellyn Park District Scholarship Fund Firecracker 5K Run/Walk Tues., 7/4 at 8 AM 5K Run/Walk 50-yard Dash (Ages 3-6) and 100-yard Dash (Ages 6-10) Certified {Scenic} Course IL-09121-JW 3S260 Warren Ave. Warrenville, IL 60555 630-393-7279 5K Dash N’ Splash Sun. 7/9at 7:30 AM 5K Run/Walk Certified Course Mallard Lake, Forest Preserve 630-837-2468 suburban family |

FIRECRACKER 5K RUN/WALK Certified (Scenic) Course IL-09121-JW 50-yard Dash (Ages 3-6) and 100-yard Dash (Ages 6-10)

TUESDAY, JULY 4th 8:00 A.M Race Start Time For more information please visit: or call 630-393-7279 To register please visit: Search: Firecracker 5k Run/Walk 2017 Registration Before June 17th: $25 Registration After June 17th: $35 Warrenville Park District, 3S260 Warren Ave. Warrenville, IL 60555

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What Kids Need for a Mentally Healthy Summer By Tanya Peterson


ummer is about to begin in earnest. Those adults who have children in their lives likely have a checklist of summer necessities to keep kids healthy. Sunscreen, bug spray, water bottles, Band-Aids, and other such necessities will help kids stay physically healthy and well through the summer. What about a checklist for kids’ mental health this summer? What’s necessary to help kids be mentally healthy during the summer months?

When we care for our children (whether they’re our own offspring or someone else’s), it’s natural to want them to thrive. “Have a great summer” can take on a new level of meaning, and there can be a great deal of pressure behind that command-style wish. There are certain things all children need in order to experience mental health and wellbeing and thus have a great summer. Think of the following list as a checklist for a mentally healthy summer. Kids Need a Sense of Belonging in the Summer to Enhance Mental Health Psychologists such as Abraham Maslow, William Glasser, and more have demonstrated through copious amounts of research that a basic human need is love and belonging. It’s essential for mental health and well-being. For 54 family wellness

most of the year, school is a major source of belonging for kids of all ages. While kids don’t feel close to everyone at school (and there are some people they’d love to get far away from), school in general provides an important sense of belonging and human connection. When the doors close for the summer, some kids can have a hard time adjusting to a sudden void in their network of connections. Tips to help children adjust and maintain a sense of belonging: • Help them know that if they’re feeling lonely or down, they’re not alone. It’s normal to need some time to adjust to a change, even a good change. o Plan some special activities together. A picnic in a park, a game of catch in the backyard, a night of stargazing—anything that allows your child to connect with you is excellent. o Allow your child to have friends over, go to friends’ houses, and otherwise connect with kids of the same age. For optimum mental health, kids need connections with peers. It fulfills the need for belonging, and it creates a support network that contributes to the development of resilience. A Sense of Purpose Gives Kids a Mental Health Boost Throughout the Summer As much as kids grumble about homework or their classes in school, these things are actually very good for them in a number of ways. Academics aside, school helps kids develop a sense of purpose. A universal question, worded differently across the life span, is why am I here? We answer that question by discovering a sense of purpose. School-age kids need to feel a drive, a motivation, a sense of purpose in order to be mentally healthy. Sometimes, suburban family |

the summer months can contribute to feelings of depression or anxiety because of their lackadaisical days. To help kids maintain a sense of purpose, and thus mental wellness, consider these ideas: • Let them help decide and plan activities (with age-appropriate limitations, of course). Allow them to brainstorm things to do, and have them make the plans for it. This can apply to the lunch menu or to a weekend outing. Kids thrive when they are allowed to have some responsibility for what the family does. • Give them age-appropriate chores. Sure, they’ll likely grumble, but behind the rolled eyes is a kid who is developing a sense of purpose, a sense that there are things to do during the summer and that they can contribute to getting them done. That develops self-confidence, an important component of mental health. Summer Fun is Essential to Kids’ Mental Health Like belonging and a sense of purpose, fun is actually essential to mental health and well-being. Experiencing fun reduces stress, anxiety, and depression, and it increases our connection to others. For kids who are out of school, away from their normal routine, network of supportive adults, and peers, summer vacation can become a drag. Kids can become listless and apathetic or irritable and prone to getting into trouble. Introduce fun for a mentally healthy summer. Fun is a balancing act. Kids need structured fun, such as involvement in sports, clubs, classes, and camps. Structure provides routine and a sense of safety. Too much structure, though, can be stifling and stressful, even contributMay/June 2017

ing to anxiety. Kids also need unscheduled time for free-play to enhance their mental health. To find this balance, • Decide how much you can spend on structured activities, and research what is available in your area. The older your child is, the more input she can have in this process (other than the budget, of course). Let her help you choose one or a few structured activities • Put together a kit or box for free-time.Again, let your child contribute. Being set loose for free-time can be overwhelming for kids, resulting in the complaint that there’s nothing to do. Having things on hand for your child to do is helpful in getting them into the fun.

Social, Fitness, and Art Programs Trips • Camps • Special Events Special Olympics Training 4500 Belmont Road Downers Grove, IL 630.960.7600 Voice 630.960.7605 TDD

You might have noticed that belonging, purpose, and fun are interconnected. They exist together, contributing to each other positively. Together, belonging, purpose, and fun help your child have a mentally healthy summer.

SEASPAR is a special recreation association providing yearround, all-ages recreational programs and services to individuals with disabilities in the communities of: Brookfield • Clarendon Hills Darien • Downers Grove Indian Head Park • La Grange La Grange Park • Lemont Lisle • Western Springs Westmont • Woodridge

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Children, like adults, are complete and complex creatures. Their skin must be protected from the sun’s rays. Their bodies must be properly nourished and hydrated. And their mental health needs to be cared for as well to help them thrive through the summer and well into next school year.

Therapeutic recreation for autism/ autism spectrum disorders, ADHD, and sensory processing disorders.

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May & June If you have an event of regional interest, we’d love to hear from you. Send to “Great Events” Fax: 866-779-4320, E-mail: mail@ Mail: P.O. Box 1266, Westmont, IL 60559. Deadline for inclusion in the Jul/Aug issue is Friday, June 9.


NATURE Garden Tour: Spring Annuals & Bulbs – Cantigny horticulturists offer a guided stroll through the colorful early-May gardens. 11 AM Cantigny Park, Wheaton. 630-260-5161.


FAMILY House & Home Story Time – Explore houses and homes. Children and their caregivers will do an activity together after hearing a story. Ages 3-6. 9:30 -10:30 AM. Elmhurst History Museum. Register 630-833-1457. FAMILY Homeschool Adventures – Learn about the life of Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad. Children 5-12, with an adult. 1-3 PM. Des Plaines History Center. 847-391-5399.


tiple Emmy-winning will conduct and play trumpet on select pieces. 7:30 PM. Fourth Presbyterian Church, Chicago. 312427-5620. Also 5/7. CHARITY Annual Indoor Sale - Toys, tools, clothing, small furniture, books. 9am - 6pm. Half price sale Sat.after 11am. St. Luke Presbyterian Church. 3910 Highland Ave. Downers Grove.

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FAMILY Downers Grove Founder’s Day – Various activities including 10K/5K walk, family bike ride, Underground Railroad program. 9 AM-1:30 PM. Downers Grove Park District, Museum Events. 630-963-1309. FAMILY Big Trucks – See Trucks and other vehicles up close and even sit in the driver’s seat of a fire truck, police car, school bus, and dump truck. 10 AM-1 PM. Downers Grove Park District, Museum Events. 630-963-1309.


KIDS Touch-A-Truck – Climb on and into fire trucks, dump trucks, police cars. 10AM-1PM. Maryknoll Park. Glen

MUSIC Apollo Chorus of Chicago – Jeff Beal, a mul-

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NATURE “Prairie Kicks on Route 66” – The U.S. Forest Service presents 30 min. Nature Walks and History Walks along historic U.S. Route 66. U.S. Forest Service, Midwine National Tallgrass Prairie, Wilmington, IL.


DOGS Tails on the Trails – Enjoy a day out with your pup as you meander down the Arboretum’s 16 miles of hiking trails. Pet Expo, small agility course, games. 10 AM-4 PM. SUBFAM FILL 12.16:Layout 1 Mor12/14/16 11:47 AM Page 1 Home’s History Work ADULTS Hunting for Your ton Arboretum, Lisle. 630-968-0074. shop –Workshop leads participants through researching house history including where to find primary source documents, online resources, and local archives. 2-4:30 PM. ElmDaily Postings hurst History Museum. Register 630-833-1457. for Everyone in the Family!

FAMILY Life on the Farm House Tour – Visit the farmhouse for a glimpse of 1890s life. Tours begin on the hour. All ages. 10 AM-4 PM. Kline Creek Farm, West Chicago. 630 876-5900. Also 5/26.

Ellyn Park District. 630- 858-2462.

ADULTS Historical Housewalk – Tour 7 homes at the Historical Society of Oak Park and River Forest’s 14th Annual Spring Housewalk. 1-5 PM. Register 708-848-6755.



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EXHIBIT ClaySpace Pottery Show – Artists will exhibit and offer for sale a variety of handmade and one-of-akind ceramic pieces and jewelry. 10 AM-4 PM. Cantigny Park, Wheaton. 630-260-5161. NATURE Cantigny Greenhouse Open House – Enjoy a family-friendly tours, exhibits and get answers to gardening questions from the Cantigny Horticulturists. 10 AM-3 PM. Cantigny Park, Wheaton. 630-260-5161.


KIDS Children’s Performance/Storytime – Families can sing, play and dance with a noted Wiggleworms® performer and a storytime favorite. Children ages 6 and younger. 10 AM. Helen Plum Library, Lombard. Register for FREE event. 630-627-0316. Also 5/10.


ADULTS Lecture – Americans and their Homes. AwardMay/June 2017

winning author and history professor explores home attributes and their occupants and provides historical insights and current trends. 2-3 PM. Lisle Park District. 630-964-3410.


ADULTS Southland Community Resources Fair – 50 businesses, organizations and service providers gathered in one place offering all ages community services/awareness for local neighborhoods. 10 AM-2PM. Richton Park, IL. 708228-5033. NATURE National Public Gardens Day – Staff-guided tour of spring plantings and specialty gardens. Various speakers including one who will offer eco-friendly, moneysaving tips for organic gardening. 9 AM-2 PM. Cantigny Park, Wheaton. 630-260-5161. PERFORMANCE Some Enchanted Evening – The Glen Ellyn-Wheaton Chorale will present its first spring concert featuring favorites from Broadway. 7:30 PM. Wheaton College. For tickets call 513-206-3113.


FAMILY Bingo – The Museums at Lisle Station Park will be hosting free, family bingo to celebrate the opening of their latest exhibit, The Golden Years: Lisle Park District’s 50th Anniversary. Lisle Park District. 630-964-3410.

and techniques of the trade. All ages. 1:30-3:30 PM. Kline Creek Farm, West Chicago. 630-876-5900. FAMILY Woofstock and Pet Parade – Event begins with 1/4 mile walk with contest for costumed pets (optional). Educational show and contests after parade. 1-4 PM. Mokena Park District. 708-390-2401.


FAMILY Museum Day – Climb aboard the Explore Elmhurst trolley to visit the Elmhurst Art Museum, Elmhurst History Museum, Lizzadro Museum of Lapidary Art, and Wilder Park Conservatory for free admission, family-friendly activities, exhibit tours, and more. All ages. 1-5 PM. Elmhurst History Museum. 630-833-1457. FAMILY Vintage Baseball Game – Watch America’s pastime as it was played more than 100 years ago. The rules of 1858 apply as the DuPage Plowboys challenge the Aurora Town Club. 1-4 PM. Cantigny Park, Wheaton. 630-260-5161. ADULTS Auction – Midwest Pond & Koi Society Spring Koi & Goldfish auction. 8 AM-5 PM. Lyonsville Congregational Church. Indian Head Park, IL. ADULTS Housewalk – Enjoy a spring afternoon visiting five architecturally significant homes. Also attend a lecture, “Putting Foliage First.” 12-5 PM. Arlington Heights Historical Society. (847) 255-1225.

MOMS Mother’s Day Tea – The Arlington Heights Historical Museum will present a Mother’s Day Tea at the ADULTS Housewalk12:27 & Fundraiser 6 homes1 from Historic Banta House.Coming Arlington Heights. Ages 5 to adult. 1-3 Next..third page.:Layout 1 4/25/17 PM –Page five areas of Westerns Springs. History, design and archiPM. Register 847-577-3000. tectural inspiration. 11 AM-5 PM. Register PERFORMANCE Some Enchanted Evening – The Glen Ellyn-Wheaton Chorale will present its second spring concert featuring favorites from Broadway. 3 PM. Wheaton College. For ticket information call 513-206-3113.


SENIORS Healthy, Well-thy & Wise Senior Expo – Enjoy demonstrations, raffles, screenings, educational discussions, service exhibits. Age 55 and up. 9 AM-12 PM. Centennial Activity Center. Park Ridge, IL. 847-692-3597.

CHARITY Sugar Creek Annual Golf Outing – Elmhurst Parks Foundation and Kiwanis Club of Elmhurst host. Benefits families who cannot afford park district programs. 9-hole scramble, buffet lunch, contests, raffle prizes. Call for tee times. Elmhurst Park District. 630-993-8924. FAMILY Game Show Fun – Monthly Family Night features a game show theme for May. All ages. Compete with other families/friends in Trivia Blitz. 5:30-7:30 PM. Cantigny Park, Wheaton. 630-260-5161.

FAMILY Life on the Farm House Tour – Visit the farmhouse for a glimpse of 1890s life. Tours begin on the hour. All ages. 10 AM-4 PM. Kline Creek Farm, West Chicago. 630-876-5900.


CONCERT Classic Rock – The park’s Sunday afternoon summer concert series begins with Anthem, a popular classic rock band. Lawn seating; chairs and blankets welcome. 3 PM. Cantigny Park, Wheaton. 630-260-5161.


CONCERT Big Band Orchestra – Stever Cooper Orchestra returns to the park for this special Memorial Day performance. Lawn seating; chairs and blankets welcome. 3 PM. Cantigny Park, Wheaton. 630-260-5161.


ADULT Forest Fitness Walk – Enjoy the wonders of the preserves with a ranger and naturalist, and get some healthy exercise. Ages 18 and up. 6-7:30 PM. Hidden Lake, Bolingbrook. Register 630-850-8110.


FAMILY Farm Chores – Kids, learn firsthand how 1890s children helped Dad around the house and farm Programs start at 1:30, 2:30 and 3:30 PM. Kline Creek Farm, West Chicago. (630) 876-5900.

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ADULTS Club Meeting – Midwest Pond & Koi Society. Topic: Sustainable Places. 7-10 PM. Bohemian Crystal Restaurant, Westmont. Meeting organizer Charlene,




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PARENTS Night Out – Drop the kids off for dinner and nature fun while you enjoy nearby restaurants, shops and entertainment. They’ll learn about yucky, sticky, stinky creatures with animal “grossology” activities and games and then wind down with an educational movie. Ages 5-12. 6-9:30 PM. Fullersburg Woods, Oak Brook. 630-850-8110.


FAMILY Blacksmithing Demonstrations – Stop by the wagon shed to see the blacksmith demonstrate the tools May/June 2017

WATER PARKS & POOLS suburban family |

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City Events Adler Planetarium – “Chasing Eclipses” Learn all about solar eclipses. Chicago. Chicago. 312-922-7827. Chicago Kids & Kites Festival – May 6. Build, decorate & fly kites with kits provided (while supplies last). Demonstrations, face painting, balloon artists, and a candy drop. 10 AM-4 PM. Chicago. 312.744.5000. Polish Constitution Day Parade – May 6. Largest Polish parade outside of Poland. Steps off at 11:30 AM Chicago. 773745-7799.


ADULTS Celebration Event – Festive evening celebrating the 1st Infantry Division of the U.S. Army, The Big Red One. Drinks, hors d’oeuvres and dancing with orchestra music. Curators will showcase artifacts and historic vehicles, film footage. Must be 21. 7-10 PM. Cantigny Park, Wheaton. Register 630-260-5161. FAMILY “Zootopia” Movie in the Park – Seating is on the grass. Blankets, chairs and snacks welcome. 8:30 PM. Cantigny Park, Wheaton. 630-260-5161.


FAMILY Festival – Super-sized games, touch-a-truck, bingo, children’s entertainment, food trucks, a beer and wine tent, and live music, including a DJ and band. Admission is free. 4-9 PM. Lisle Park District. 630-964-3410. GARDENING Lecture – Learn about vegetable gardening & take home 4 plants. Exchange gardening knowledge with others. 9 AM. Cantigny Park, Wheaton. Register 630-260-5161.


CONCERT – Piano Man plays the popular hits of Elton John and Billy Joel. Lawn seating; chairs and blankets welcome. 3 PM. Cantigny Park, Wheaton. 630-260-5161. PARENTS Children’s Mental Well-Being – Conferenced “Raising Resilient Children: Prioritizing Their Mental Health” will be conducted by recognized child experts from Rush and Northwestern Universities on key issues impacting youth and families. 9:30 AM -3:15 PM. Beth Emet The Free Synagogue. Register


FAMILY Celebration – Military-theme activities celebrating 100-year history of the U.S. Army’s 1st Infantry Division, which led America’s military participation in World War I. 1-4:30 PM. Cantigny Park, Wheaton. 630-260-5161. 58 great events

Lincoln Park Zoo – Cinco de Mayo Pinata Parties, May 6-7. Build creative food items for the zoo’s animals. Open house, all ages, registered participants can drop in anytime between 1:30-3:30 PM. Chicago. 312-742-2000. Museum of Science and Industry – May 11. Robot Revolution is a popular exhibit with more than 40 robots, some interactive. Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago. (773) 684-1414. Chicago Riverwalk Summer Kick Off– May 20. Activities include walking tours, parades with puppets and Fishing at the Jetty. Visit for complete schedule. Lincoln Park Zoo – May 20. Zoo-ologie: A Midsummer Night’s Roar Fundraiser. Dining options, music, specialty beer and food pairing. Lincoln Park Zoo, Chicago. Register (312) 7422000 Chicago Gospel Music Festival – June 2-3. Hear some of the world’s best gospel choirs and soloists. Millennium Park, Chicago. Chicago Blues Fest – June 9-11. Largest free Blues Festival in the world. PM. Grant Park, Chicago. 312-744-5000. Printers Row Lit Fest – June 10-11. Largest free outdoor literary festival in the Midwest. 200+ booksellers plus panel discussions, book signings and other literary events. Chicago.


FAMILY “Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find them” Movie in the Park – Seating is on the grass. Blankets, chairs and snacks welcome. 8:30 PM. Cantigny Park, Wheaton. 630260-5161. FAMILY Magic, Comedy and STEAM – Families can enjoy comedy, magic, ventriloquism and STEAM performance. All ages. 7 PM. Helen Plum Library, Lombard. Register for FREE event. 630-627-0316. TEENS Splash Bash & Back to School Bash – DJ, concessions, games. 8PM-10PM. Sunset Pool. Grades 6-8. Glen Ellyn Park District. (630) 858-2462.


ADULTS Auction – Midwest Pond & Koi Society Tosai auction. Members only, membership available at auction. 10 AM. Clarendon Hills, IL.


CONCERT “Animal Farm” – Interactive, family-friendly performance by musician educators with a positive message. Lawn seating; chairs and blankets welcome. 12 PM. Cantigny Park, Wheaton. 630-260-5161. CONCERT Rock – Influenced by the sound and spirit of Santana, Rico presents a blend of musical cultures. Lawn seating; chairs and blankets welcome. 3 PM. Cantigny Park, Wheaton. 630-260-5161. FAMILY Vintage Baseball Game – Watch America’s pastime as it was played more than 100 years ago. DuPage Plowboys, Lemont Quarrymen and Oregon Ganymedes compete in a spirited round-robin contest. 12 PM. Cantigny Park, Wheaton. 630-260-5161.


KIDS DIY Games: Genre Building Edition – A design, building and craft competition. Think Iron Chef but with suburban family |

312-919-9329. Millennium Park Summer Film Series – Tuesdays June 13-September 5 at 6:30 PM. Modern classics – comedies, romances, family movies. Pavilion and lawn seating available. Puerto Rican Festival & Parade – June 16-19. This celebration of culture includes music, entertainment, Caribbean cuisine, arts & crafts. Parade steps (off at 2 PM) on Saturday. Humboldt Park, Chicago. 773-584-6684. Gold Coast Art Fair – June 17-18. 300 artists , demonstrations, live music & fun art projects help make this one of the top juried art festivals in the country. Grant Park, Chicago. 847-926-4300. Chicago Food Truck Fest – June 24-25. Enjoy entertainment and food from 45 food trucks at this family-friendly festival . 11 AM-7 PM Chicago. 312-600-8539. The Art Institute of Chicago – “The Formation of the Japanese Print Collection at the Art Institute of Chicago: Frank Lloyd Wright and the Prairie School” through July 23. Chicago. 312443-3600. Field Museum of Natural History – “Specimans: Unlocking the Secrets of Life.” Over 30 million specimens and artifacts and the stories they tell. Chicago. 312-922-9410.

crafting and design! There will be prizes! Grades 6-12. 3 PM. Helen Plum Library, Lombard. Register 630-627-0316.


ADULTS “The Spirited Botanist” – Enjoy the lush summer gardens and a botanical cocktail featuring a fruit, vegetable, herb or edible flower as the main ingredient. See how to create a Rhubarb Fizz Cocktail in both alcoholic and non-alcoholic varieties. 6:30 PM. Cantigny Park, Wheaton. Register 630-260-5161.


ADULTS Club Meeting – Midwest Pond & Koi Society. Topic: Common Pond Problems. Alberto’s Restaurant, Carol Stream. Information FAMILY Music, Cars and Movie – Cruise night theme and live music by 2 bands; Variety of food trucks will be on site many options. Stay for Movie in the park (“Rogue One: A Star Wars Story”). 5-8:30 PM. Cantigny Park, Wheaton. 630260-5161.


EXHIBIT Fine Art Festival – “Art in Bloom” features nearly 100 artists, demonstrations, a craft for kids, live music, crafts for kids, food. 10 AM-4 PM. Cantigny Park, Wheaton. 630-260-5161. Also 6/18. KIDS Gone Fishin’ Derby – Catch-and-release competition 8AM-10AM, Lake Ellyn Park. Glen Ellyn Park District. (630) 858-2462.


EXHIBIT Fine Art Festival – “Art in Bloom” features nearly 100 artists, demonstrations, a craft for kids, live music, crafts for kids, food. 10 AM-4 PM. Cantigny Park, Wheaton. 630-260-5161. FAMILY Tractor-Drawn Wagon Rides – Learn about the buildings, natural areas and equestrian roots of this preMay/June 2017

serve on a 30-minute covered-wagon ride. All ages; under 13 with an adult. 11:30 AM, 12:30 PM and 1:30 PM. St. James Farm, Warrenville. Register (630) 580-7025.


CONCERT Jazz – ZAZZ Jazz quintet performs in gardens. Lawn seating; chairs and blankets welcome. 7 PM. Cantigny Park, Wheaton. 630-260-5161.


FAMILY Afternoon Adventures – “Bridges and Rivers” with children’s book author Patrick McBriarty. Children 5-12, with an adult. 1-3 PM. Des Plaines History Center. 847391-5399. FAMILY Summer Jazz in the Park – Glen Ellyn Jazz Ensemble performs 7PM-9PM. Maryknoll Park. Glen Ellyn Park District. (630) 858-2462. GARDENING Tour – Enjoy one of the longest days of the year on this guided stroll. 6:30 PM. Cantigny Park, Wheaton. Register 630-260-5161.


FAMILY Garden Storytime – Enjoy favorite stories and activities in Cantigny’s gardens. 10:30-11:30 AM. Cantigny Park, Wheaton. Register (beginning June 1) 630-260-5161.


ADULTS Midwest Pond & Koi Society. 25th Annual Koi Show and Trade Show. Vendor exhibits for koi, ponds, water gardening, pond equipment, and Seminars Information

4th of July. Children 5-12, with an adult. 1-3 PM. Des Plaines History Center. 847-391-5399. FAMILY Movie in the Park – The Secret Life of Pets. Dusk. Lake Ellyn Park. Glen Ellyn Park District. 630-260-5161. KIDS Hollywood Game Night – A spin on the traditional games from the fun game show. Ages 6-12. 6 PM. Helen Plum Library, Lombard. Register 630-627-0316.


CONCERT Air Force Brass Quintet – Jazz standards, patriotic favorites and more. Family-friendly. Lawn seating; chairs and blankets welcome. 6 PM. Cantigny Park, Wheaton. 630-260-5161.


FAMILY Interactive Program – Families will enjoy the theater group from College of DuPage’s McAninch Arts Center at they present “Play on Words.” All ages. Cardholders may pick up free tickets at Youth Services Desk starting 6/10. Register 630-627-0316. FAMILY “Star Trek II The Wrath of Kahn” Movie in the Park – Seating is on the grass. Blankets, chairs and snacks welcome. 8:30 PM. Cantigny Park, Wheaton. 630-260-5161.


FAMILY “Sing” Movie in the Park – Seating is on the grass. Blankets, chairs and snacks welcome. 8:30 PM. Cantigny Park, Wheaton. 630-260-5161.

ADULTS Naperville Area Diversity Dinner Group – Naperville Area Diversity Dinner Group offers respectful discourse - Discussion, Dinner and Democratic Decision making. Groups of 10-12, couples/singles decide on potluck dinner/ topics once per month at member homes. Contact Mary Glatz at 720-205-8944.

FAMILY Reptile Showcase – Families will enjoy Dave DiNaso’s Traveling World of Reptiles. All ages. 7 PM. Helen Plum Library, Lombard. Cardholders may pick up free tickets at Youth Services Desk starting 6/3. Register 630-627-0316.

FAMILY Art Exhibit – Enjoy works by members of this local talented art league. All ages. Free. Opens 5/3-5/30. Registration not required. Mayslake, Oak Brook, IL. Oak Brook Art League. (630) 206-9566

TEENS U-Rock Competition – Local bands compete. Memorial Park, 208 W. Union, Wheaton. Ages 12-20. 6PM. Glen Ellyn and Wheaton park districts. 630-260-5161.

ADULTS Car Show – Avanti Owners Association International Meet/Annual Studebaker Drivers Club Meet with historic car show. 5/4-5/6. South Bend, IN.


FAMILY Dance Performance Fundraiser – Ronald McDonald House & Millennium Dance Center combine to present

FAMILY Great American Campout – Picnic games, archery, a scavenger hunt, evening nature programs, a guided night hike and an egg-drop contest. Campfire dinner, s’mores and continental breakfast included. All ages; under 18 with an adult. 1 PM -11 AM. Greene Valley, Naperville. Register (630) 850-8110.

evenings of entertainment to support Central DuPage Hospital RMDH. 5/19 & 20 7PM; 5/21 3 PM. Millennium Dance Center Studio Theatre, Carol Stream, IL. 630-588-8205. FAMILY Origami in the Garden – Displays of metal sculptures based on the traditional Japanese art of paper folding throughout the Arboretum’s spectacular landscape. Daily, Friday, 5/19-Sunday, 10/22, 7 AM - Sunset. Morton Arboretum, Lisle. Free with Arboretum admission. 630-968-0074. STAGE Guys and Dolls – Classic American Broadway musical. Fridays/Saturdays 8 PM and Sundays 3 PM, 6/9-6/25. Meiley-Swallow Hall at North Central College, Naperville. Tickets 630-447-TIXS (8497). MUSIC Concert Series – “Events in the Plaza” offers eight outdoor concerts Tuesdays, 6/13 through 8/8. No concert on July 4. No rain dates. Beatles, blues, rock, reggae swing and jazz. 847-968-3489. SALE Used Books – 6/14-17, Washington Junior High School, 201 Washington Street, Naperville, IL. 630-219-3087. MARKET Highwood Wednesday Evening Gourmet – Family & pet friendly event features live music, dancing, fresh delicacies from local restaurants and food trucks, cocktails. Attendees can shop for locally made artisan breads, sauces, cheeses, pastas and sweets & handmade jewelry, fashion and art. 6/14-8/30, 4:30-9:30 PM. Everts Park, Highwood, IL. 847-432-6000. FAMILY Thursday Family Nights – Enjoy live music, kidfriendly fare, and entertainment after-hours in the Children’s Garden. Thursdays 6/15-8/24. 5-8 PM. Morton Arboretum, Lisle. 630-968-0074. FAMILY Cruisin Nights – Downtown Westmont. For dates and times visit KIDS Chess At The Library – Chess coach will provide lessons/advice. “Let’s Get Started,” 4 lessons 6/26-6/9, 12:30 PM and “Improve Your Game,” 4 lessons, 6/26-6/9, 2:30 PM. Grades 1-8. Helen Plum Library, Lombard. Register 630-627-0316. FAMILY Lake Ellyn Cardboard Regatta – Ya Gotta Regatta! Join the fun by entering either the Youth, Adult or Family categories. Awards presented to fastest boats in each class, other awards based on creativity, enthusiasm, etc. July 1. Glen Ellyn. Register NOW at


CONCERT Rock – Creedence Clearwater Revival tribute band The Fortunate Sons. Lawn seating; chairs and blankets welcome. 3 PM. Cantigny Park, Wheaton. 630-260-5161.


CONCERT Air Force Brass Quintet – Jazz standards, patriotic favorites and more. Family-friendly. Lawn seating; chairs and blankets welcome. 6 PM. Cantigny Park, Wheaton. 630-260-5161. Also 6/29.


FAMILY Afternoon Adventures – Get ready for the

May/June 2017

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dining out


Mon Ami Gabi

Nothing’s better than patio weather. Welcome summer on our patio & enjoy our new cocktails soon, coming in May. You should also come check out our NEW Field to Farm specials menu that is inspired by spring’s fresh tastes and rustic flavors. Featuring seven new specialties including spiralized beet chips, steak & grilled romaine salad, chicken & Italian sausage rotini, etc. It’s full of seasonal produce, grilled proteins & robust sauces. Yum! Hurry in to try it soon! Open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner. Brunch on Sundays from 10am-2pm at our Park Ridge location.

Mon Ami Gabi is a classic French bistro located on the east side of The Oakbrook Center Mall, near Neiman Marcus. We’re open for lunch and dinner seven days a week, along with weekend brunch available Saturday 11:30am - 3:00pm and Sunday 10:30am - 3:00pm. We also host a variety of events: Gather your friends and join us for our Beyer Winery Dinner on Tuesday, May 2. All wines will be from Domaine Emile Beyer, located in the village of Eguisheim in Alsace, France. You can sharpen up your cooking skills at our monthly cooking classes on Saturday, May 20 and Saturday, June 24. Learn how to make some of our most popular spring menu items with a demonstration by Executive Chef Bruce Williams. And, join us for our Night at the Cabaret Wine Dinner and Can-Can Show on Tuesday, May 16 and our 25 for $25 Wine Tasting on Wednesday, June 21. To secure a spot to our events or to make a reservation, please call 630-472-1900 and visit our website at monamigabi. com. Catch 35 Seafood & Steaks




Q-BBQ From the backwoods of the Carolinas, to the meat markets of Texas, to the hole-in-the-walls of Memphis, Q-BBQ was inspired by authentic barbeque traditions from across the country. Our smoked meats are cooked low and slow for up to 22 hours. Our sauces are homemade and our sides are from-scratch. But our flavors are far from ordinary. We’re taking America’s original comfort food and adding our own signature style. Q-Style...we hope you’re ready for awesome. Located at 70 S La Grange Rd., La Grange, 708-482-8700, and, 124 N. Marion Street., Oak Park, 708-628-342, and, 103 S Main St., Naperville, 630-637-6400.

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May/June 2017


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Nothing’s better than patio weather. Welcome summer on our patio and enjoy our new cocktails, coming in May. GENEVA 1322 Commons Drive | 630.345.8000 WHEATON 321 Rice Lake Square, Space #251 | 630.690.5550 PARK RIDGE 550 W. Touhy Avenue | 847.692.6205 NAPERVILLE Naperville Crossings | 2860 Showplace Drive | 630.536.0022 ORLAND PARK 16153 La Grange Road | 708.364.7650 ALGONQUIN 1508 S. Randall Road | 847.658.4560

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Catch 35 Seafood & Steaks Catch 35, a true Seafood and Steak house, is located in the heart of downtown Naperville and offers a seasonal variety of fresh seafood like Alaskan Halibut, Block Island Swordfish, and the “always popular� Lake Superior Whitefish. Don’t miss out on Catch 35’s Prime Bone-in Ribeye topped with Maitre d’Hotel butter, served with fingerling potatoes, creamed spinach, and roasted garlic. Discover lunch at Catch 35 featuring NEW Signature small plates, premium burgers, and crispy seafood platters, open Monday-Saturday at 11:30am. Sit back and relax on the patio with Catch 35’s extensive wine list and specialty cocktails all summer long. Catch 35 offers a private party space for your next cocktail reception, celebration dinner, or business luncheon. Visit and discover our 3 course Prix Fixe menu only $37. Reserve your table today! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Locations: 35 W. Wacker, Chicago, 312-346-3500 and 35 S. Washington, Naperville, 630-717-3500.

CHICAGO 35 West Wacker Dr 312.346.3500

N A P E RV I L L E 35 South Washington St 630.717.3500

Vino Thai Vino Thai serves up healthy and fresh Thai cuisine. Ever since 1990, Vino Thai has provided customers with the finest and freshest tasting Thai food in a pleasurable dining atmosphere. Signature dishes include Grilled Salmon, Crunchy Basil, Crazy Noodles and Basil Chicken. Dine in - Carry Out. Vino Thai is located in East Gate Commons, 3825 E. Main St., St. Charles, IL 60174. Open every day for lunch and dinner. For reservations call 630-443-8461.

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May/June 2017

Village of Hinsdale Parks & Recreation Department


50-meter pool with 25-meter L shape • Zero depth walk in wading pool Water play features • Diving well with two 1 meter boards and a 3-meter diving board • Drop slide Sand play area • Swim & Diving lessons, private lessons, swim team, birthday parties and more!

10 Visit Passes on sale!


$70 for Residents and $100 for Non Residents! Save money on daily rates, use it to bring friends and family to the pool!

Memberships on sale now! Individual, Family and Senior passes. Call about our new Neighborly Rates for surrounding communities!

Summer Programs & Special Events Mark your calendar for summer fun. Details on programs, camps and special events can be found on line at

Hinsdale Community Pool

Find us on Facebook

500 W. Hinsdale Ave., Hinsdale, IL 60521 630-789-7098

Invites you

• Live music • Food • Carnival • Fireworks And much more...

Community Park 34th & Laramie, Cicero


Suburban Family ~ May + June 2017  

Kids Summer Camps, Fairs and Festivals, Annual Party Guide, Waterparks and Pools, Fitness Race Guide, Events, Dining.

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