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Celebrating Your Kid’s Birthday Party Virtually Party Places

What Moms of Kids With Invisible Disabilities Want You to Know Education Resource

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Summer Camp 101 Summer Camp Source 10 Reasons Teens Should Be a Camp Counselor

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Every Successful Fitness Journey Starts With These Three Steps 2021Annual Race Guide How a Virtual Race Works


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#1 family events calendar NO CITY EVENTS THIS TIME

Superb romantic and family places to dine out!


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Try These Outdoor Family Activities

By Kimberly Blaker

pring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party.” --Robin Williams

Although we’re still in the midst of a pandemic, warmer weather makes it easier to get outside and adequately maintain social distancing guidelines. So make the most of this exhilarating season by getting outdoors to enjoy the fresh air, sunshine, and loads of fun with these family activities – while keeping your family and others safe by practicing social distancing guidelines and wearing a mask when you’re out in public. Plant a flower or vegetable garden. Gather up the kids, head to the nursery, and pick out flats of flowers or packets of vegetable seeds. When you get home, plan the arrangement and spacing of the plants. Then have everyone pitch in with digging and planting. To maintain your kids’ interest in the garden, set up a watering schedule, and have everyone take turns throughout the season. Visit a state or national park. Forests and parks come alive in the spring. Not only does the greenery begin to fill in, but wildlife abounds. So it’s the perfect time of year for a nature hike. Be sure to take along your binoculars and a camera to capture newly blossomed plants, animals, and birds. Fly a kite. A breezy spring day is perfect for flying kites. For even more fun, order a kite kit in advance for your family to design your own. Then, check out YouTube videos on how to fly a kite before you head out to ensure your adventure is a success. Go garage sale-ing. Spring is when rummage sales get into full swing. So go on a treasure hunt for great buys and to reduce our imprint on the planet by buying used. Before you head out, check your local newspaper and Craigslist for garage sale listings. Then plan your route to make the most of your outing. Make a yard ornament. Gather up your family to brainstorm a fun project to liven up your yard or landscape. Here are a few ideas to get you started: a unique birdhouse, colMarch/April 2021

orful bird feeder, artistically painted planter, mosaic walkway or welcome sign, fun sculpture, or musical wind chimes. Whatever you come up with, you can likely find design ideas, instructions, or kits online. Go on a picnic. Pack some finger foods like sandwiches, cheese sticks, veggies and dip, fruit, cookies, and beverages.Then head to the park to enjoy some play, relaxation, and grub. Build a fort. If you have a stash of construction materials lying around, this is an excellent way to put it to use. Another option is to buy several sections of privacy fencing for prebuilt walls for your fort. There are many ways to build a fort. So search online for easy, low-cost ideas. Play disc golf. These courses have popped up in parks everywhere and are fun for all ages. Just head to your nearby sporting goods store and pick up a few discs before you go. Go on a scavenger hunt. Make a list of items that are found outdoors, such as an oak leaf, clover, piece of trash, chunk of gravel, dandelion, pop can, speckled rock, wildflower, and so forth. Before heading out for the hunt, set a time limit and any safety rules.Then split up into two teams and see who can bring home the most items on the list. Set up a lemonade stand. For the entrepreneurial family, this is a fun way to spend a spring day. Bake up cookies or brownies, make some lemonade, and design colorful “Cookies & Lemonade” signs. Then hang the posters at nearby corners and main intersections. Better yet, take advantage of the extra traffic when a neighbor holds a yard sale. To reduce suburban family | subfam.com

the risk of spreading COVID to others, wash hands thoroughly before preparing food and beverages and wear a mask to avoid contamination. Hold a garage or toy sale. Have your kids clean out their old toys and outgrown clothes. Then offer your kids a portion or all of the proceeds for holding or helping with the sale. Be sure to advertise it on Craigslist and post ‘yard sale’ signs on nearby corners and your main intersection. Go for a peddle. Whether it’s a ride through your neighborhood or on a paved trail system, a bike ride is a great way to get outdoors, enjoy the sunshine and fresh air, and in all the sights of spring. Take a country drive. Spring is the perfect time of year to roll down the windows and take a scenic cruise. Kick back, put on some happy music, and enjoy the blue skies, budding trees, and bursts of colorful flowers.

“Your local water gardening and koi club.”

MARCH 19TH: Club Meeting Friday 7:00 PM

Location: Bohemian Crystal, Westmont, IL

APRIL 18TH: Club Meeting Sunday 2:00 PM


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he COVID-19 virus is delaying some of our favorite spring doings – but there are still some great opportunities to explore. With hopeful signs of progress, we hope to welcome the return of some big annual events and reopening of major attractions. Think Spring...Think Positive! The Forge: Lemont Quarries The Forge: Lemont Quarries is a first-ofits-kind adventure park designed to deliver unique year-round outdoor activities. From ropes courses, ziplines, and climbing walls, to mountain biking, hiking trails, and adventurous dining options, The Forge: Lemont Quarries has something to Exhilarate, Educate, and Entertain adventurers of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities. Located near beautiful downtown Lemont, The Forge offers an outdoor experience unlike anything else. Head to www.forgeparks.com for more information. (See our ad on Back Cover.) 6 out & about

Water Street, Naperville All the Best of Naperville on Water Street Water Street is your spot to shop, dine, spa, stay and celebrate! Anchored by the beautiful Hotel Indigo and nestled along Naperville’s famed Downtown Riverwalk, Water Street invites you to discover fabulous restaurants offering everything from sushi to tacos, Mediterranean to wine-pairings and cocktails with the best-ever sunset view. Escape to an award-winning experiential spa and salon, discover gift and apparel shopping for men and women or plan your dream wedding or event here! www.waterstreetnaperville.com [See our ad on Inside Front Cover.] WhirlyBall Whether you’re planning your next date night, work outing or family gathering, WhirlyBall Naperville has you covered for non-stop fun! Choose from a variety of activities including WhirlyBall, LaserTag, HyperBowling and bowling. Enjoy delicious food, craft beer and signature cocktails at The Pivot Room, open for lunch and dinner daily. Reserve your space today! WHIRLYBALL NAPERVILLE, 3103 ODYSSEY CT, 630-9324800 [See our ad on Page 3.] Visit Naperville! Springtime is finally here, and it’s the perfect time to plan a staycation to Naperville. With suburban family | subfam.com

17 hotels, there is a comfortable place to rest your head after a day of exploring all that Naperville has to offer. While in Naperville, check out the various attractions and dine or carry out at one of the 300+ restaurants in our beautiful city. More information can be found at VisitNaperville.com and DineNaperville.com. MISH MASH Adventures MISH MASH Adventures is an indoor urban adventure where teams of 2-6 players work together to complete the challenges that are behind every door. Each challenge and room is different, taking 3-5 minutes to successfully complete. Some are physical, like the floor is lava - and some are logic, but you won’t know until you open the door! Private bookings for parties and team building available. MISH MASH is located in Fox Valley Mall, Aurora, IL and is open 7 days a week. Book online at www.mishmashadventures.com or call 630-907-7263. The Midwest Pond & Koi Society The Midwest Pond & Koi Society, MPKS, are families with a common hobby: koi ponds, garden ponds, koi keeping, and plants. MPKS members range from the novice to experienced water gardener. The club has monthly meetings with topics about plants, ponds, and fish. Other activities include; aucMarch/April 2021

tions, road trips, and a pond tour. You do not have to be a member to attend a meeting. Visit our web site www.mpks.org for more information. Creek Bend Nature Center Need a change of scenery? Visit LeRoy Oakes Forest Preserve. Along with miles of trail, the preserve’s home to Creek Bend Nature Center. Interactive exhibits feature Illinois’ State Tree, an underwater view of the Fox River, and bison dating back to the 1800s. There’s plenty to see and do! We’re open Monday – Thursday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., and Saturday – Sunday, noon to 4 p.m. Admission is always free. See www.kaneforest.com. Ottawa, Illinois The Middle of Everywhere Ottawa, Illinois is a vibrant tourist destination located 80 miles outside of downtown Chicago. It is often considered to be “In the Middle of Everywhere,” located in the heart of the state, central to several major Illinois cities and drive markets, and within a stone’s throw of many diverse activities–from lush and natural outdoor areas to renowned cultural and historic attractions. Those who visit Ottawa, Illinois take note of its friendly and neighborly, hometown feel. Ottawa Visitors Center. pickusottawail.com. 815-434-2737 [See our ad on Inside Back Cover.]

March/April 2021

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Virtual Birthday Party Ideas


By Cheryl Maguire

ill I be able to have my birthday party?”

My daughter’s 12th birthday is in April and she has been planning her birthday party for the past month. With the recent lockdowns and social distancing recommendations related to the Coronavirus, she will probably have to come up with an alternative plan for her party. Before the Coronavirus recked havoc on children’s party plans, there were also kids who are not able to socialize at parties due to comprised immune systems. Here are some suggestions for ways to celebrate without spreading germs. Create a Virtual Party One way to interact with friends from a distance is to have a virtual party using apps like Google Meet, Zoom, or Skype. My daughter has been using Google Meet to practice her 8 celebrate!

musical theater play with the kids in her class. This technology allows people to see and speak to everyone, so it is the next best thing to being in a room together. If someone isn’t able to connect due to a lack of technology access, then go old school and put them on your speaker phone so they can hear and participate in the conversations. Virtual Party Theme Ideas You are probably wondering how do you simulate a kid’s birthday party when they can’t physically interact? It is important to remember that the main goal of a party is for your child to have fun with their friends. This is still possible but may require some out-of-the-box thinking. One way to do this is to have a theme that all the partygoers will be excited about. Most games like pin the tail on the donkey are not an option but there are several ideas for suburban family | subfam.com

themes that will include everyone and create a festive mood. Movie Theater Themed Party If the birthday kid is a movie lover, you could create a movie themed party. On the invite ask the partygoers to dress up in their favorite movie character outfit or t-shirt.You could create a movie trivia game or a “would you rather game” using movie themed questions. After playing the games the group can then watch a movie selected ahead of time. Before the party, you will need to figure which movies everyone owns or can stream together.You can watch shows together at the same time with the app Teleparty. Cook-Off Themed Party For the future chef tweens and teens, you could have a cook-off party. Everyone must find five items in their house and create a dessert or any meal the birthday person selects.Then their parents judge the creation on creativity and taste. You could also play trivia cooking games or swap your favorite recipes. March/April 2021

March/April 2021

suburban family | subfam.com

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Summer Planner

Lego Themed Party For the birthday Lego lovers, you could create a Lego themed party. Everyone will to arrive with a bucket of Legos. You could play games like who could build the tallest tower in five minutes and then their parents would measure each one to determine the winner.


Some other suggestions are that everyone makes whatever they want and then the parents determine who has the most creative structure. Or everyone makes an animal and you must guess what type of animal the Legos are supposed to be.

You could play an upcycle game by finding five items in the recycle bin and then creating an animal or their favorite environmental setting such as the beach. You could also create a scavenger hunt where they find items outside like a white stone or red flower assigning each item points. They could take their device with them as they hunt so that the kids at the party can see each ALSO FEATURING... other during their travels.

Summer Fun Activities, Private School Choices, Allergies, Fitness Tips, Drawing or Paint Themed Party Race Events, Golf Source, Dining Out, Before the party ask the parents what type of Great Events and more! art supplies they own. Most kids have a set of

After you are done building go on virtual markers, crayons and paints. Legoland rides by searching the ride on You-To advertise call: 630-863-7183 Tube. Before the party create a list of rides Ad Space Deadline: 2021or paint the One suggestionApril is to 19, all draw that you want to visit to keep things moving same picture. Mo Willems, author of chilalong. dren’s books like Don’t Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late! and Knuffle Bunny has a drawing Green-Themed Party channel on YouTube where you can learn how For the birthday kid environmental lovers, to draw characters from his books like Piggie you could have a green-themed party. Everyand Elephant. You could have everyone watch one could come to the party dressed in their the video at the same time and then share favorite environmental-themed outfit like a your drawing. flower t-shirt or picture of the earth.




Summer Planner

 Summer Camps  Water Parks & Poolss  2021 Party Guide ALSO FEATURING... Summer Fun Activities, Private School Choices, Allergies, Fitness Tips, Race Events, Golf Source, Dining Out, Great Events and more!

To advertise call: 630-863-7183 Ad Space Deadline: April 19, 2021

10 celebrate!

You could also create cards for people in nursing homes, hospitals or the military to let them know that you are thinking of them. Virtual Disneyworld If your kid is a Disney fan have them dress up as their favorite Disney character and ask their friends to do the same.You can play Disney related games and then go on virtual Disney rides by searching the ride on YouTube. Before the party create a list of rides that you want to visit to keep things moving along. Fun and Festive Try to decorate the room that your child will be streaming the party from with the theme in mind to set the mood for all the partygoers. Plan the games and festivities before the party starts so that it will keep the fun levels high throughout.

MISH MASH Adventures MISH MASH Adventures is an indoor urban adventure where teams of 2-6 players work together to complete the challenges that are behind every door. Each challenge and room is different, taking 3-5 minutes to successfully complete. Some are physical, like the floor is lava - and some are logic, but you won’t know until you open the door! Private bookings for parties and team building available. MISH MASH is located in Fox Valley Mall, Aurora, IL and is open 7 days a week. Book online at www. mishmashadventures.com or call 630-907-7263. Fleetwood Roller Rink Fleetwood Roller Rink (established 1957) is a family-owned business. Our venue hosts public skating, birthday parties (our specialty) privates and fundraisers. We promote family fun for all ages plus for “health sake, roller skate” Come visit us and join in our fun. Instruction available every Saturday at 1 pm Check for our ongoing specials and public skating times. Located at 7231 West Archer Ave., Summit. 708-458-0300. www.fleetwoodrollerrink.com

By the time the party is over, your child will hopefully have so much fun that they will forget about the fact they didn’t see their friends in person. And the best part for you is that you won’t have to clean up a mess created by a room full of kids. suburban family | subfam.com

March/April 2021

education central

What Moms of Kids With Invisible Disabilities Want You to Know By Pam Moore


hile some disabilities demand recognition via a wheelchair, hearing aid, or portable oxygen tank, others are more subtle. But that doesn’t make them any less real. Known as invisible disabilities, they affect 96% of people who have a chronic medical condition, according to one estimate. Caring for a child with any kind of disability presents extra challenges. For the parents of kids with invisible disabilities, those challenges often include the perceptions of their communities— including friends, family, neighbors, and teachers—perceptions that are uninformed at best and hostile at worst. March/April 2021

I talked to parents of kids with invisible disabilities including Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Avoidant and Resistive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID), hemophilia, and many others, to find out what they wish more people understood about their experiences.

Sensory processing issues are NOT discipline issues According to the American Occupational Therapy Association, sensory processing affects virtually all aspects of a child’s daily life, including motor coordination, school performance, and relationships. A child with sensory processing disorder could have 20/20 vision and perfect hearing, but when he is in a crowded mall, his brain is not able to manage all of the auditory and visual information he’s receiving through his eyes and ears. While each kid reacts differently to overstimulation, some will scream or become physically aggressive. What may look like defiance is just a kid doing his best to manage a stressful environment.The assumption that a lack of discipline suburban family | subfam.com

indicates a failure by the parent is totally without merit. Jaime has a five-year-old son with level one high functioning ASD. She says, “discipline will not prevent him from being overwhelmed by his environment.” Says Lainie Gutterman, the mom of a seven-yearold boy with ASD. when he is having a meltdown, “Staring, pointing and offering your two cents is NOT helping the situation and will most likely cause my son or myself to feel worse and [his] behaviors to escalate.” Similarly, Jennifer Lynn, whose son has ADHD, wishes people understood she’s not being rude or indulging her children when she leaves a party abruptly. “It’s just that we see the warning signs and are trying to help our kiddo avoid a meltdown.” She says events like family gatherings or vacations, which are fun for most people, “are stressful for our family because it’s just too much everything.”

A little compassion goes a long way Regardless of their child’s diagnosis, virtually every parent I talked to described the pain of receiving judgment instead of compassion. education central 11

Sarah Cottrell, whose son has hemophilia, is tired of challenging people’s assumptions about his diagnosis. She says, “He doesn’t have AIDS and hemophilia isn’t caused by incest. Enough with the wild theories because we need compassion and empathy for the unseen pain issues and unending fear and anxiety over covering his insurance.” Most parents I talked to, particularly those of kids with sensory processing disorders, described organizing their days around their kids’ strict routines. Every parent understands how easily the best-laid plans for meals, naps, and bedtimes can implode. What many parents don’t understand is how much higher the stakes are when your special-needs child depends on predictability for a sense of safety. Says Lisa Rosen, who says she must wake up 90 minutes before her kids in order to prepare for the non-stop mental and physical energy her son requires, “When adults look at my child, they see a happy kid... But I know that if ONE thing is off in our routine, I’m dealing with Hiroshima.” Her son Ezra, age three, has sensory processing disorder and is speech delayed. According to Rosen, something as seemingly minor as the smell of a classmate’s detergent could cause him to meltdown to the point where she must carry him out of the classroom. She described her family’s disappointing lack of understanding when she could not attend the funeral of a family member, due to a lack of childcare coupled with Ezra’s regimented schedule and complex needs. “Who knew compassion was so difficult to come by?” she asks. The predictability some kids require doesn’t just extend to schedules and environments, but also to food. Brianna Bell and Jennifer Gregory each have a child with sensory processing disorder that makes them intolerant of many foods. Because of this, Bell hates sharing meals with friends. She says, “There is so much pressure from others for her to eat this and that and not be so picky. I feel rude bringing my own food but she starves if I don’t. And people just don’t understand and assume she’s spoiled.” Gregory asserts that her family doesn’t often eat together, often serves alternative meals, and that they allow screens at the table, and that works for them. She wants people to understand that for her family, “Mealtime is chock full of stress and anxiety and the goal is to get food into our 12 education central

son’s belly because he doesn’t eat enough. If an iPad distracts him from smells and texture and allows him to eat more, so be it.” Parents described not only a shortage of kindness from other parents, but also from other children. Lisa Beach recalled her son’s adolescent years as being particularly isolating. He is now 20 and has Asperger’s. Beach’s advice to parents is simple: “Teach [your] kids to reach out and include rather than label and judge.”

Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there When a parent is struggling to find a diagnosis, pay for therapies, or just get through the day with a kid who has an invisible disability, it is not helpful to insist nothing’s wrong because their kid looks so “normal” or that her IQ is so high. What may be intended as a compliment may come as a slap in the face to the parent who has committed precious time, energy, and money to her child’s disability.

coming to her son’s aid. He is in his early 20’s and has has high functioning Asperger Syndrome. While she may appear overprotective, that is not the case. She says, “High functioning individuals are acutely aware that they are different and sometimes have self-confidence issues. Shaming them for needing help is not productive and can contribute to anxiety and depression.Thoughtless comments can sometimes ‘undo’ progress that has been made.” You’re an advocate Parents of kids with invisible disabilities are not just responsible for feeding, clothing, loving, disciplining, and teaching their kids. They must also advocate for their kids in a system that does not always have their best interests at heart.

One mom, who preferred to remain anonymous, described the challenge of having a 12-year-old son who has ADHD and a learning disability. She described his teachers’ low expectations, recalling an Individualized Education Program (IEP) meeting where a teacher was clearly impressed with her Samantha Taylor’s 13-year-old has high funcson’s “C”, “and how great that was ‘for a kid tioning autism, generalized anxiety disorder on an IEP.’” To compensate SUBFAM FILL small 12.17:Layout 1 12/15/17 11:35 AM Page 1for his teachers’ and an eating disorder, while her ten-year-old low expectations, she says she always reminds her son “[he] is smart and his IQ reflects that. There is no reason he shouldn’t be able to get an “A”… if he is provided with the right services.” She also described a general lack of understanding of her son’s ADHD diagnosis among his teachers, which she feels causes them to set unreasonably ...Your complete weekly newsletter for high expectations of him in other areas, “family friendly” things to do around Chicago! such as his ability to get organized or follow a schedule.

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has dysgraphia and anxiety. Although Taylor is open with her friends and family about her kids’ diagnoses, because they appear “normal,” she says people are often shocked when her kids says something inappropriate or react in a way that is out of proportion to the situation. Says Taylor, “While it might look to everyone in our lives that we are holding it all together, I worry about my boys every single day. I wake up thinking about what I can do to make their day easier, and go to bed wondering if I did enough.” In search of a supportive community, Taylor ended up creating a thriving Facebook group for moms of kids with special needs. One mother who prefers anonymity describes feeling frustrated when people judge her for suburban family | subfam.com

Delaina Baker, whose son is dyslexic and has auditory processing disorder, described similar struggles with her son’s school. She says she wishes teachers were more accommodating of his IEP. Says Baker, “It is my right to fight for my child and if you challenge my knowledge of his disability, I can assure you, I’ll have a spreadsheet, charts, and back-up data to prove it.” She says she is grateful to have found an ally in her son’s Exceptional Student Education (ESE) coordinator, whom she feels is her son’s only advocate beside herself. Parenting is hard enough without adding other people’s assumptions to the equation. Parents of kids with invisible disabilities just want the world to know, it’s only okay to assume one thing: They and their kids are doing the best they can. March/April 2021

Shepherd’s Flock Child Care & Preschool

Shepherd’s Flock is a newly remodeled Intergenerational Christian Child Care Center located on the campus of Lutheran Home. The center holds a Silver Circle of Quality through Excelerate Illinois which shows we are committed to quality improvement and excellence in education. We have several openings in our toddler and infant rooms. For more information or to schedule a tour please contact the Director, Jen Soukup at 847-3687391 or our email at Jennifer.soukup@lulife.org.

A licensed intergenerational child care center, on the campus of Lutheran Home in Arlington Heights, offers your child a total program for the mind, body, and spirit.

(847) 368-7391 | ShepherdsFlock.org

Acacia Academy

Acacia Academy is a private therapeutic day school ages 6 – 22 for those with learning disabilities, emotional concerns, autism and intellectually challenged students who benefit from a personalized program designed to meet individual needs. Natural habitat and three-acre school Nature Center located on campus provides students with a unique outdoor experience and summer program. AdvancED accredited and approved by the Illinois State Board of Education for out-of-district placement. Transition programs and vocational services are available for ages 17-22. Kathryn Fouks, principal. 6425 Willow Springs Road, LaGrange, IL 60525. (708) 579-9040. info@acaciaacademy.com. www.AcaciaAcademy.com



SEASPAR is a special recreation association offering therapeutic recreation programs and services – including Special Olympics training and a multisensory room – for people with disabilities served by the park districts of Clarendon Hills, Darien, Downers Grove, La Grange, La Grange Park, Lemont, Lisle, Westmont, and Woodridge, and the villages of Brookfield, Indian Head Park, and Western Springs. Visit SEASPAR.org or call 630.960.7600 for more information about our year-round programming for all ages and all abilities!

March/April 2021

suburban family | subfam.com

education central 13

active kids

By Tanni Haas, Ph.D.


ummer camp is without a doubt something kids look forward to all year. Nevertheless, there are important issues you should address to ensure that your kids have a really great time at camp. Based on my experiences as a parent of seasoned summer campers as well as conversations with other parents, I’ve pulled together a list of some of the most common issues. Allergies

If your kids suffer from seasonal allergies, like grass or tree pollen, tell the camp physician or nurse and pack all the medication they need. It can be a real drag for them to walk around the whole time with a runny nose or watery eyes. If they suffer from more serious allergies, like animal or food allergies, inform the camp that your kids shouldn’t come into contact with those allergens. Our son is very allergic to horses. We didn’t think anything of it before we realized that his camp has alpacas, which can induce the same allergic reaction as horses. 14 active kids


Every camp has a policy about how they prefer you to communicate with your kids, whether by email or phone, and about how many care packages you may send and what you can put in them. Know those policies, and follow them. Kids don’t want to be called out for not following the rules. It’s embarrassing, and it can hurt them socially.

Making Friends

Some kids find it easy to make friends, and others have a harder time. If your kids have a difficult time, ask if they can bunk with one or suburban family | subfam.com

more of their regular friends from home. Most camps permit that. Explain to your kids that no matter how confident the other kids may appear, chances are that they are nervous too. Use yourself as an example and tell them what you did when you were a kid – it makes the situation much more relatable and manageable.


Your kids can still get homesick even if they’re rooming with close friends. It can happen to any camper, no matter how well-prepared and seasoned they are. Find out how the camp handles homesickness. Can you call your kids, even if March/April 2021

there’s a no-phone policy? Is it possible to visit them outside camp visiting days? Pack some family photographs or a favorite stuffed animal with their belongings; it can help put them at ease.


You want your kids to have fun at camp, but you also want them to be safe. One of the best things you can do to prepare them, if they don’t already know how, is to teach them how to swim. Most camps include a swimming program with access to a pool. Another popular activity is hiking. Be sure that your kids have footwear with good traction. More generally, teach your kids how to have fun without putting themselves in any danger.


Despite your best efforts, emergencies can happen. Hopefully, it won’t be anything serious, and the camp doctor or nurse can take care of it.To be on the safe side, pack hard copies (front and back) of your hospital, medical, and dental insurance cards with your kids’ belongings.A hospital stay can be very costly without insurance.

Extra Trips

Many summer camps offer day or overnight trips to nearby ball games, amusement parks, or other special places for an extra fee. These trips can be expensive, so before you sign

your kids up for them, ask the camp how many kids usually go on these trips and take a good hard look at what you can afford. If only a few kids are going and the trips are expensive, don’t feel pressure to sign your kids up. There are plenty of exciting activities for all the kids who remain at the camp site.

Covid Precautions


Summer Planner

Finally, but not least importantly, help your kids avoid getting Covid or transmitting the virus to others by encouraging them to take all the necessary precautions. This includes maintaining proper social distancing whether they’re inside their cabins or are hanging out outside on the camp grounds, wearing a face mask at all times, washing their hands vigorously and with soap every time they return from the outside, and covering their coughs and sneezes with a tissue.

 Summer Camps  Water Parks & Poolss  2021 Party Guide

At the state level, the American Camp Association has developed resources and structures to support advocacy regarding consistent and appropriate rules for camps in 2021. See more at acacamps.org

To advertise call: 630-863-7183 Ad Space Deadline: April 19, 2021

ALSO FEATURING... Summer Fun Activities, Private School Choices, Allergies, Fitness Tips, Race Events, Golf Source, Dining Out, Great Events and more!

Have the BEST SUMMER EVER at SEASPAR! Summer camps at SEASPAR are specially designed to meet the needs of people with disabilities ages 5 to 22 years old. SEASPAR summer camps are renowned for creating engaging environments, providing peace of mind, and exciting programming delivered by some of the most passionate staff in the area. SEASPAR is a special recreation association offering therapeutic recreation programs and services – including 2 multi-sensory rooms – for people with disabilities served by the park districts of Clarendon Hills, Darien, Downers Grove, La Grange, La Grange Park, Lemont, Lisle, Westmont, and Woodridge, and the villages of Brookfield, Indian Head Park, and Western Springs. Visit SEASPAR.org or call 630.960.7600 for more information about summer camp and year-round programming for all ages and all abilities!

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dapting to the challenges of a changing world takes commitment. Check out these organizations who are making the safety of their campers and staff a top priority so the summer magic can happen.

The Forge: Lemont Quarries Sign your kids up for the coolest summer vacation ever! Quarry Camps at The Forge: Lemont Quarries are the perfect way to keep your kids active, engaged, and outdoors this summer. Campers will engage in exhilarating recreational activities, environmental education opportunities, and team development programs to strengthen communication, exercise critical thinking, and promote creativity. Registration is now open. Head to forgeparks.com/summercamps and for more information and to sign your kids up today!(See our ad on Back Cover.)

School of the Art Institute of Chicago’s Online Summer Camps We take creativity and fun seriously! Your child will be exploring in a wide range of materials including drawing, painting, mixed media, fibers, performance, wearables, and animation. Enroll for one of our one- or three-week sessions or signup for multiple weeks. Camps for students ages 4 to 13 begin in June. Visit: www.saic.edu/cs/ suburban family | subfam.com

Good Times Summer Day Camp Offers campers an exciting and active program for children ages 4-14. Each week is filled with incredible field trips, many hours of swimming, various sports, exciting guests, challenging crafts, special events, and a theme-based cookout. We accommodate parent’s busy schedules by offering extended hours from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. at no extra charge. Schedules are flexible – come only the days you want. Convenient locations in Libertyville, Wheeling, Deerfield, & Glenview. Busing available in some areas. For more information, please call 847680-4884 or visit www.goodtimesdaycamp. com. [See our ad on Inside Back Cover.]

NIU STEAM Summer Camps Your epic summer adventure awaits online. Online doesn’t have to mean hands off. Our virtual camps for ages 7-18 offer hands-on science, technology, engineering, art and math fun. Explore video game design, rockets, kitchen chemistry, role playing games, sci-fi writing, healthcare careers and other STEAM topics. Build friendships and work in teams. Develop your creativity and learn to think like a scientist as you complete open-ended, creative challenges. Go.niu.edu/STEAMCamps21, niusteam@niu.edu, 815- 753-8554. [See our ad on the Inside Front Cover.]

March/April 2021

Great Lakes Volleyball Center Looking for a summer volleyball camp for your son or daughter ages Pre-K through 12th grade? The Great Lakes Center is located at 579 N. Oakhurst Drive, Aurora, IL. 60502 will be running camps in late June through the first week of August. You do not want to miss our World Class Training with “America’s #1 Summer Volleyball Camp Program” Don’t forget to ask about our site camps where we come to you! For more information call 630-898-6400 or visit www. greatlakescenter.com/camps/ FB: Sports Performance Volleyball

Rock ‘n’ Kids! In-person and virtual music, movement and imagination classes for 1-6 year olds! Enroll now through your park district or our website!

Downers Grove Park District Summer Camps Downers Grove Park District summer camps offer nearly 100 adventures where kids will make memories that will last a lifetime! Check out action-packed sport camps, teen trips, traditional day camps and our early childhood camps. Unique specialty camps let kids delve into science, robotics, cooking, visual and cultural arts. Campers can take a swing at our golf camps, discover the great outdoors with nature camps or explore their historical side at one of our museum camps. Before and after care is available. Lincoln Center; 935 Maple Ave., Downers Grove, 630.963.1300. Lyman Woods Nature Center; 901 31st St., Downers Grove, 630.963.9388. Downers Grove Museum; 831 Maple Ave., Downers Grove, 630.963.1309. Downers Grove Recreation Center; 4500 Belmont Rd., Downers Grove, 630.960.7250. For more info visit: www.dgparks.org/summercamps

geted toward children who have had limited or no organized baseball experience. The centerpiece and differentiator of this camp over and above any other baseball / softball camp is sharing and helping kids grow in Christ Jesus. Hamilton Park, Palatine, IL (1037 N. Smith St.) www.immanuelpalatine.org/shiningstars/

Willows Academy Do you want your daughter to grow in character, make friends and deepen her knowledge of STEM this summer? Then check out Camp SOAR and Camp SOAR Jr. -- week-long day camps at Willows Academy in Des Plaines, Ill., where girls in grades 6-8 will enhance their artistic design techniques in our fully equipped art studio, and girls entering grades 1-5 will engage in creative arts and crafts. More details and registration information at www.willowsacademy.org.

Rock ‘n’ Kids!

Shining Stars Started in 2015,“Shining Stars” is a camp where children can enjoy baseball and softball as they learn basic skills in a fun, creative, and Christian environment. Though the camp is open to children of all skill levels, it is specifically tar-

Sports Performance Volleyball


In-person and virtual music, movement and imagination classes available for 1-6 years in the Chicagoland area! Tot Rock, Kid Rock and Rockin’ at Home programs are Interactive and educational, with each class including songs and rhymes, basic dance steps and movements, fine and gross motor skills, rhythm instruments and movement props, imaginative play, socialization and fun! Sing, dance, and play the Rock ‘n’ Kids way! We have been having fun with music for 26 years! Get more information at www.rockitkids.com.

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SPVB Girls Training Clinic (AM)





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JH Pre-Season Clinic



SPVB Boys HS Elite Camp



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WWW.GREATLAKESCENTER.COM Great Lakes Volleyball Center 579 N. Oakhurst Drive Aurora, IL 60502 630.898.6400 18 active kids

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SEASPAR’s summer day camps are the perfect place for kids, teens, and young adults ages 3–22 to spend their summer enjoying creative, social, and physical activities as well as fun community outings! For more information on day camps and other programs for children and young adults, call SEASPAR at 630.960.7600 or visit SEASPAR.org.

Little Mountain Community Theatre Children entering grades 2-8 in the fall are invited to join us Mondays through Fridays, June 14-25, for a two-week theatrical immersion while rehearsing for a production of Wizard of Oz Jr. Participants will learn lessons in teamwork, responsibility, and self-confidence. Singing, dancing, and acting will be an integral part of the program. The workshop will be held at The Forge, Lemont Quarries with Covid-19 protocols in place. Space is limited.Visit www.littlemountaintheatre.org for details. March/April 2021

10 REASONS Teens Should Be a Camp Counselor


By Janeen Lewis

id your teenager love summer camp as a child? Does he or she need a job but can’t work during the school year because of homework and activities? Maybe you’re ready for your teen to get employment experience but still have some carefree time outdoors away from electronics. Day or sleepaway camp is the perfect place for teens to transition to the world of the employed. The paycheck is nice, but being a camp counselor has other rewards, too.

The Gift of Responsibility As much a teens sometimes protest about it, learning responsibility is the gateway to more independence as they grow into adults. Camp is an ideal place to build accountability because teens are in charge of other kids or activities, but they are still being supervised. If they work at a sleepaway camp, they must keep their cabin quarters neat and guide younger children to do the same. If they work at a day camp, they must show up on time, care for children and

lead activities. Working at camp is fun, but it also gives teens a glimpse into the adult world with the guidance they still need.

The Opportunity to Be a Role Model Do you remember a teen you looked up to when you were a kid at summer camp? Maybe he or she helped you perfect your back stroke, taught you how to throw a curve ball or gave the perfect advice for dealing with disagreements between friends. Teens can connect to

kids in ways that adults sometimes can’t, and when teens work at camp, they experience the fulfillment of helping younger kids meet their goals and develop new skills.

Refined Relationship Skills From fun-centered sports competitions between rival teams to getting chores done for inspection, counselors and campers have to work together. Being able to do this teaches teens to hone their communication and inter-

Join us for a week of fun at Shining Stars Baseball & Softball Camp! June 28 - July 2, 2021 9am - 12 noon each day Hamilton Park in Palatine, IL

Boys & Girls ages 5 to 10 No cost, FREE!

Sign up at: Si immanuelpalatine.org/shiningstars


March/April 2021

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personal relationship skills. Some camps even offer staff communication trainings and morale building activities before camp starts to increase awareness and create discussion about how to get along with others.

Improved Time Management Skills Teen counselors have to be on time to meals, the morning meeting at the flag pole, and the activities they lead.They’re also responsible for gently prodding their campers to be punctual. If they are in charge of a lesson, craft or game, they must plan ahead and make sure they have all the supplies ready and set up on time.These time-management lessons will benefit them as they enter college and the work place.

Time Away from Technology Most day camps and sleep away camps either have a no device policy or have only short scheduled times with technology. Camp is the perfect place to do a “digital detox” and get back to nature, sports and face-to-face socialization.

Preparation for Being Away at College If your teen works at a sleep away camp, he or she may get a taste of what college life is like. He or she will be responsible for meals, getting up on time or using a coin laundry. These are all valuable lessons that will prepare him or her

for college. Also being away from home for an extended period of time for the first time can take some adjusting to and it can create some homesickness. Teen camp counselors have experienced these feelings and dealt with them before they go to college.

A Chance to Share Talents and Skills Is your teen an athlete? An artist? A nature enthusiast? Can he or she dance, write or program computers? Camp is an ideal place for teens to share strengths. I served as a camp counselor when I was in college, and it was the first time I realized I had a knack for teaching kids. It was the gateway to me becoming a teacher, even though I was a journalism student at the time. Camp introduces teens to opportunities that maybe they hadn’t considered. It builds confidence and opens doors to future careers.

Saving on Summer Expenses One of the advantages of working at an overnight camp is that in addition to a pay check, meals and lodging are usually provided by the camp. Staffers’ work and life all happen at the camp, so gas use is minimal. Teen counselors chaperone camp trips to amusement parks and museums which are usually covered by the camp. Granted, these covered expenses do require responsibility and work, and are not solely carefree outings, but they are positive perks for a summer job.

Resume Building Working at camp is great experience to put on a resume when your teen is ready to enter the adult world of work. Camp experience is beneficial if your teen wants to teach or coach, but working at camp also builds communication, collaboration and problem-solving skills, all worthy resume additions that may catch a future employer’s interest.

A New Appreciation for You



A safe and healthy onsite camp experience following newAPRIL guidelines andREGISTRATION: procedures! RESIDENT REGISTRATION: 26 NON-RESIDENT MAY 3 SUMMER CAMP GUIDE WILL BE AVAILABLE ONLINE MARCH 29

DGPARKS.ORG  630.960.7500 20 active kids

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Being a teen counselor is indeed hard work. It involves stamina, patience and responsibility. Oh, and teen counselors must also teach, guide and care for children younger than themselves. It sounds a tiny bit like parenting, right? Teens who are camp counselors may begin to recognize how hard parenting is. With that recognition, they may have a new appreciation for all their parents do by the end of the summer. Being a camp counselor is a great start for teens who want to join the world of work. If your teen is interested in beginning the adventure that comes with being a camp counselor, you can find more information at the American Camp Association website at https://www.acacamps.org/staff-professionals/job-center. March/April 2021

Keeping up with your family’s healthcare needs is a challenge, especially right now. Whether you’re seeking pediatric care for your kids or primary and specialty care for yourself, you deserve a care team you trust to help you navigate anything your family faces. At DuPage Medical Group you’ll find safe, convenient care from physicians who are dedicated to providing the guidance and expert advice you need to keep your family well. DuPageMedicalGroup.com

March/April 2021

Set up an appointment today at ScheduleDMG.com.

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family wellness

Build a Better Health Care Budget


anaging a chronic disease takes plenty of special planning and attention, and in many cases, a lot of money. In some cases, the expenses associated with disease management are overwhelming, forcing patients to skip essential treatments or medication and risk serious health complications. One example is diabetes. A study published in the “Journal of American Medicine” found that 1 in 4 individuals with diabetes had rationed their insulin, which can impact shortand long-term health. Since 2002, the list price of insulin has risen, often costing customers without health insurance or on high-deductible insurance plans upwards of $1,000 for a one-month supply. Consider these ideas to help manage the expense associated with a chronic disease:

1. Health Insurance

Whether you have a chronic condition or you’re generally healthy, it’s important to understand the different types of health insurance available to you. Commercial health plans can be purchased by anyone and may be available through your employer, or you may be eligible for government-funded health care, but there are numerous other options and variables to consider. Understanding the costs associated with insurance plans means taking into account both your monthly premium and out-of-pocket costs like co-pays, co-insurance and deductibles. When choosing a plan, decide whether you’d rather pay a higher amount each month (premium) and less when you see the doctor (co-pays, coinsurance or deductible), or if you’d prefer to pay less each month and more when you need to see the doctor or fill prescriptions. Another consideration is the plan’s network. There can be a significant budget impact when you see doctors in-network vs. out-of-network. Other potential cost-saving options include health savings accounts or flexible spending accounts, which might save you tax dollars.

2. Doctor Visits

Avoiding visits to the doctor because of the expense can end up costing more in the long 22 family wellness

run if you leave serious symptoms untreated or fail to properly manage a chronic condition. Make sure you understand all costs associated with your visits, including what’s covered by insurance, your co-pay and any out-of-pocket costs. Labs and tests aren’t always covered, and certain conditions like diabetes can require many test-related expenses. Sometimes saving money can be as simple as having lab work done at an in-network facility and sent to your doctor. In addition to a primary care doctor, many patients with diabetes also see an endocrinologist and have more frequent visits to the eye doctor. Indirect costs like transportation and childcare may also impact the overall expense of a visit.

3. Prescription Drugs

Doing your research can make a major difference in what you pay for your prescriptions. For many conditions, such as diabetes, the cost of medication may make it tempting to skip doses to make a prescription last longer, but that can have dire medical consequences. Instead, conduct price checks with various pharmacies and discuss your medication options with your doctor, including which of your prescriptions have generic alternatives available. If a generic is a possibility and your doctor believes it’s a good match for your condition, be sure the prescription notes that substituting is allowed. You can also look into coupon savings and patient assistance plans. In addition, some programs are available to help people with certain conditions. For example, GetInsulin.org, created by nonprofit organization Beyond Type 1, is a one-stop tool for anyone with diabetes who is having trouble accessing affordable insulin in the United States. “High-quality, modern insulin must be available to people with diabetes regardless of employment or insurance status, across all demographics, without barriers and at an affordable and predictable price point,” said Thom Scher, CEO of Beyond Type 1. Through the website, users answer a few questions and receive customized action plans to guide them through the access solutions that best serve their unique circumstances such as location, insurance type, income and prescription.

4. Medical Equipment

Devices like oxygen tanks, pacemakers, blood glucose monitors and CPAP machines for sleep apnea play vital roles in treating serious suburban family | subfam.com

medical conditions. If you’re worried about the cost of equipment recommended to help you navigate a short- or long-term diagnosis, work with your doctor and insurance company to figure out the most cost-effective method to achieve your treatment goals.

5. Emergency Care

A medical emergency isn’t only a drain on your physical and mental well-being, it can deliver a major blow to your finances. Emergency care can cost thousands of dollars per visit, especially with high-deductible insurance plans. Some conditions like diabetes are associated with a higher likelihood of emergency care needs for complications such as diabetic ketoacidosis and severe hypoglycemia. To offset the impact of potential emergency care expenses, plan ahead and build a savings account for your medical needs.

6. Food

Certain diets cost more to maintain, and that can be especially true when you’re eating to accommodate a medical need. When planning food costs, be sure to account for the foods you’ll eat regularly, as well as the extras you’ll need, such as glucose gummies and snacks to treat low blood sugar for those living with diabetes. Learn about options to help manage your diabetes-related expenses at GetInsulin.org.

Searching for Solutions After her father passed away from complications of uncontrolled diabetes, Christine Kanderski was determined to never relive that pain. This meant finding a way to afford treatment for her mother’s type 2 diabetes and her son’s type 1 diabetes. “There was no way that my family and I were going to let diabetes take another one of our family members,” Kanderski said. Kanderski budgeted for a laundry list of costs: appointments, health insurance, needles, test strips, glucose meters and insulin. One trick she found to save money was sharing supplies between her mother and son. When things seemed hopeless, Kanderski reached out to the diabetes community for support and resources. Tools like GetInsulin.org can help people find affordable insulin. Users answer a few questions and receive customized action plans to guide them through solutions that best serve their unique circumstances. (Family Features) March/April 2021

Our Auberge Community

Life Lives Better at Auberge of Naperville Auberge at Naperville is a specially designed community serving the needs of individuals living with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and other forms of memory loss. With our Life Enrichment program, a Montessori-inspired philosophy for care, we create a specialized, life-enriching environment that affords each individual maximum self-expression. The staff is committed to delivering a quality of care that meets the resident’s physical, social, spiritual and emotional needs.

It can be different…let us show you how. Some of our features are: • Montessori-Based Programming • 24/7 Nursing • Respite Care • On-Site Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy

Call For a Tour


1936 Brookdale Road, Naperville, IL 60563

www.aubergenaperville.com March/April 2021

@aubergenaperville marketing@aubergenaperwille.com

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family wellness 23

fitness first



By Pam Moore

ccording to the Pew Research Center, exercise and spending time outdoors are among Americans’ top strategies for coping with the stress of coronavirus. If the spring’s longer days and warmer temperatures give you a natural burst of muchneeded energy, why not take advantage of it and create a summer fitness goal? Not only will it give you something to look forward to, it’s also good for both your physical and mental health. 24 fitness first

Find Your Why You’d be surprised how easy it is to figure out how you’re going to commit to your fitness journey when you know why you embarked on the mission in the first place. Ask yourself why you want to get in shape.Then ask again.And again… Maybe even once again.You’ll know when you’re done. Once you get over the awkwardness of having a conversation with yourself, you might be surprised how powerful your “why” is. The conversation might go something like this: Why do you want to get fit? Because I want my jeans to fit better. Why do you want your jeans to fit better? So I can feel good about myself. Why do you want to feel good about yourself? Because I want to be confident. Why do you want to be confident? I want to be a role model for my daughters. Or maybe it will go something like this: Why do you want to get fit? Because my doctor said I’m pre-diabetic and I want to live a long, healthy life Why do you want to live a long, healthy life? Because I want to see my kids grow up. Why do you want to see your kids grow up? suburban family | subfam.com

Because I love them and I want to share in their joys, sorrows, and adventures. Or maybe it will sound more like this: Why do you want to be fit? Because I want to try my first triathlon Why do you want to do a triathlon? To see if I have the strength and endurance to do it. Why do you want to see if you have the strength and endurance to do it? Because if I can finish a triathlon, I can do anything I set my mind to. It may not be easy to keep peeling back the layers on your “why.” But the cliché is true— nothing worthwhile is easy. Once you’re crystal clear about the source of your desire, it becomes a million times easier to say no to the snooze button or girls night, and say yes to your workout—and yourself— instead. Have a Measurable Goal I love fitness. As an Ironman triathlete, certified personal trainer, and body positive health coach, and an all-around fitness geek, it’s fair to say I am obsessed with fitness. But I can’t support a goal of simply “getting fit.” March/April 2021

The same goes for “getting in shape” or “toning up.” Fitness goals must be objective and measurable. In other words, you should be able to attach numbers and dates to them. If you have a weight loss goal, make sure it includes a number of pounds and a date. “Lose weight” becomes a long-term goal of “Lose twenty pounds by December 31st.” Once you have a long-term goal, add a few short-term goals to keep you motivated and to provide benchmarks of your progress. Short-term goals might be:  Lose two pounds by May first.  Lose ten pounds by June first. Say your goal is to complete an event, such as your first triathlon. “I will finish a triathlon” is a measurable, objective goal, for sure. But making it as specific as possible optimizes your chance for success. Choose a specific race, put it in on your calendar, and “finish a triathlon” becomes a long-term goal of “complete the local sprint triathlon, which requires a 300-yard pool swim, a 10-mile bike ride, and a 5k run, on August 14th.” Short-term goals might be:  Swim 50 yards without stopping by May first.

 Bike eight miles and run one mile immediately after without stopping by June first.

skip the 7 am spin class, we’d never stand up the friend we promised to meet at the gym.

Thinking of your fitness goal in measurable terms lets you determine where you need to be each month, each week, and each day to achieve it.

There’s no shame relying on external accountability to help establish a new habit. You could start by:  Finding a friend, neighbor, or co-worker to work out with.  Attending classes at a group fitness studio with a strict cancellation policy. It’s hard to skip a workout you’ve already paid for  Joining a group fitness studio, running club, cycling club, masters swim team or hiking group for the community aspect. You won’t want to deal with the FOMO when you skip a workout.  Becoming a member of an online accountability group. Or, gather your like-minded friends and create one yourself.  Hiring a personal trainer.

Schedule Your Workouts “A failure to plan is a plan to fail.” Benjamin Franklin knew this was true way before we dreamed of holding tiny computers with calendars, alarm clocks, and timers in the palms of our hands. As all successful people know, what gets on the calendar gets accomplished. Treat your workout time as you would any other appointment. Create an event on your Outlook or Google calendar, pencil it into your planner, or create an alert on your phone 20 minutes in advance. Do whatever works for you to carve out the time. If you’re having trouble keeping your workout appointments, try a different approach. In her book, Better Than Before: Mastering the Habits of Our Everyday Lives, author and happiness expert Gretchen Rubin classifies most people as what she calls “obligers.” Obligers find it much easier to follow through on a commitment to a friend, than to themselves. While most of us would easily hit snooze and

Ask Yourself the Hard Questions Before you give up on fitness—or better yet, before you buy that fancy workout tracker and the pricey yoga pants—ask yourself the hard questions. Being honest with yourself about your fitness goals will pay dividends over the long haul as far as keeping you on your fitness path. Because once you know your Why, your What, and your When, the question of How becomes a whole lot easier to answer.

Ready, Set, WIN! Step into Spring training for race season the right way, with massage!

20% off your first visit BENEFITS ACHIEVED:


Decreased Pain & Tension Injury Prevention & Recovery Increased Mobility & Flexibility Improved Athletic Performance Decreased Anxiety & Stress

Therapeutic Table Massage Massage Cupping & Guasha Therapeutic Thai Massage Acupressure Reiki Energy Therapy

Jennifer Dexheimer BSc, LMT March/April 2021

Journey To Wellness, Inc. 1000 Grand Canyon Parkway, Suite 105 Hoffman Estates, IL 60169 847-750-HEAL (4325) jen@gojourneytowellness.com www.gojourneytowellness.com suburban family | subfam.com

fitness first 25

Are you looking for a way this year to achieve fitness goals and support a worthy cause for you and your family? Look no further than Suburban Family’s 2021 Annual Race Guide. It’s so much easier to get in shape when you have a fitness event scheduled. Just sign up for a race, pay the participation fee, put the event on your calendar…and begin your exercise routine. An important note: Due to Covid-19, many long-standing races have been cancelled, rescheduled, postponed or moved to virtual participation. As of this issue’s printing, there are some races that have expressed an intent to run, but have not yet finalized event details. We’ve identified these races with a TBD (To Be Determined). Be sure to check the official race website for the most up-to-date race information. Also, Suburban Family will continue to update races with each issue. Have a great and safe race season!

MARCH Virtual Hatch Out 5K (3/26-4/4). Downers Grove Park District. bit.ly/2YCIjLI Virtual St. Paddy’s Day 5K Run/Walk. (3/1-31) Naperville. stpaddysday5k.org Virtual Oak Forest Fleadh 5K Run/Walk. (3/617) Oak Forest. oak-forest.org Virtual St. Paddy’s Day 5K. Naperville. (3/1-31) 26 fitness first

stpaddysday5k.org Virtual Shamrock Beer Run 5K Novelty Run/ Walk. Chicago. shamrockbeerrun.com Virtual Bank of America Shamrock Shuffle. (3/19 – 21) Chicago. shamrockshuffle.com TBD Fight for Air Climbing Outdoors. Chicago. Action.lung.org

SATURDAY, MARCH 20 St. Paddy’s Day 5K, 10K. Deer Park. allcommunityevents.com/deerparkstpaddysrun

SUNDAY, MARCH 7 Running o’ the Green 8K Run. Tinley Park. tinleyparkdistrict.org The CORE Indoor Triathlon Swim, Bike and Run. Lemont. lemontparks.org

SATURDAY, MARCH 27 Chicago Lakefront 50K George Cheung Memorial Race. Chicago. chicagoultra.org

SATURDAY, MARCH 13 Shamrock Shuffle 5K Run/Walk and Kids’ Dash. McHenry. mchenrykiwanis.org St. Paddy’s Day 5K and 8K Run/Walk. Chicago. chicagoevents.com The Universal Sole Spring “No Frills” Trail Challenge. Palos. universalsole.com SUNDAY, MARCH 14 Pi Day “Pi K” Fun Run/Walk. Chicago. chicagoevents.com March Madness Half Marathon. Cary. hillstriders.com suburban family | subfam.com

SUNDAY, MARCH 21 St. Paddy’s Day 5K, 10K. Deer Park. allcommunityevents.com/deerparkstpaddysrun

APRIL VIRTUAL Run, Walk and Roll 5K/1mile. Bloomingdale. marklund.org/series/5kbloomingdale (4/15 – 18) VIRTUAL McHenry County Human Race 5K Run/Walk and Toddler Race. Crystal Lake. volunteercentermchenrycounty.org (4//21 - 5/9) TBD Huskies Heroes Run/Walk. Arlington Heights. herseydeafalumni.org TBD Brookfield Zoo Run. Czs.org

SATURDAY, APRIL 3 Chi Town Half Marathon and 10K Run. Chicago. March/April 2021

halfmarathons.net Chocolate Chase Rabbit Race. Palos Heights. palosheightsrec.org Two Brothers Brew Trot 1.5 Mile Fun Run. Warrenville. warrenvilleparks.org Fast Cat 5K/10K and 1 mile Kids Run. Plainfield. runfastcat.com

SUNDAY, APRIL 18 Spring Chance BQ.2 Boston Marathon Qualifier. Geneva. bq2races.com Women’s Half Marathon and 5K. Naperville. napervillewomenshalf.events.com Champion of Trees 10K Run. Lisle.mortonarb. org/events/champion-trees-10k-run


SATURDAY, APRIL 24 Saw Wee Kee Spring Trail Run. Oswego. oswegolandparkdistrict.org ABC/25 Get Burbed Challenge 5K. Arlington Heights. abc25challenge.org

Fight Hunger 5K/10K Run/Walk Virtual and Limited In-Person Event Sat., April 17 at 9AM Cantigny Park, Wheaton Benefitting Northern IL. Food Bank www.SolveHungerToday.org/FightHunger Spring Chance BQ.2 Boston Marathon Qualifier. Geneva. bq2races.com Earth Day 50K, 15-Mile and 5-Mile Run. Crystal Lake. earthdaytrailrace.com Champion of Trees 10K Run. Lisle.mortonarb. org/events/champion-trees-10k-run Running with Friends 5K. New Lenox. newlenoxparks.org VIRTUAL Sly Fox Half Marathon and 10K Run. St. Charles. slyfoxhalf.com VIRTUAL Batavia Mothers’ Club Fox Trot 5K and 10K Run. Batavia. bataviamothersclub.org

SUNDAY, APRIL 25 March for Babies 3-Mile Walk. St. Charles + Arlington Hts., Chicago, Woodstock, South Suburbs marchforbabies.org Stepping up to Wellness 5K Run and 1-Mile Run/Walk. Libertyville. cancerwellness.org 13th Annual Walk the Walk for Mental Health Visit our website for more info and race details! Benefits access to mental health services in our community! The Community House 415 W. 8th St., Hinsdale www.thecommunityhouse.org

The 13th Annual Walk the Walk will support mental health services in our community! The 2021 Walk the Walk will be unique, COVID-19 safe and fun! Sign up as an individual or register as a team. Visit thecommunityhouse.org for more details.


March/April 2021

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How a Virtual Race Works Over the years you’ve probably known runners who train and train for 5Ks, 10Ks, half marathons, full marathons, triathlons, etc. Maybe you are one of them or maybe you want to be. Usually running races are big events, where the race organizers map out a select route and measure out the race distance. They organize street closures, starting lines, post-race food and sometimes even entertainment. The main reason you may be considering to do a virtual race is because of the coronavirus. Many race organizers are providing safe in-person events and follow social-distancing guidelines. If the timing isn’t right for you yet, then a Virtual Race is the perfect alternative. Virtual Racing is basically like running a race with tons of other people…just not all at the same place. No crowds, no waking up at dawn to find parking and rush to get to the start line on time, no worrying about bad weather at race time. A Virtual Race is a race that can be run (or walked) from any location you choose. You can run, jog, or walk on the road, on the trail, on the treadmill, at the gym, or on the track. You get to run your own race, at your own pace, and time it yourself. All you have to do

MAY VIRTUAL Walk MS 1- and 3-Mile Walk. Multiple suburbs and Chicago. nationalmssociety.org VIRTUAL Run for 102 5K & 1 Mile Run Run. LaGrange Park. timetoruntiming.com (5/9-15) VIRTUAL BT5K Your Way. Livestream. abta.org/ get-involved/bt5k/ (5/8-22) TBD A Safe Place EmpoweRun 5K Run/Walk. Libertyville. asafeplaceforhelp.org TBD March for Babies 3-Mile Walk. Arlington Heights. marchforbabies.org TBD Night Nation 5K Novelty Run. Chicago. nightnationrun.com TBD Autism Speaks 3-Mile Walk. Chicago + North Shore. autismspeaks.org TBD BAPA Ridge Run 5K/10K Run. Chicago. bapa.org TBD Chicago Promise Walk 5K Run/Walk. Elk

is enter a race and provide evidence that you have done it. That’s it! You’ll need to prepare in some of the same ways you do for a regular race, but you might find that it’s harder to stay motivated. Here some training tips to help prepare for your virtual race, maintain your motivation, and make sure you have a great race day. 1. Pick a goal for a race to help you stay motivated to keep training and give more structure to your training. Choose a date when you’re going to do it and mark it on your calendar. 2. Follow a training plan for your race distance and stick with it. Knowing when and how much to run each day will help you maintain motivation and stay on track with your training. 3. Mix up your running routes so that you don’t get bored or unmotivated.. 4. Your training runs are a great opportunity to work on mental strategies. Try playing mind games and using imagery, visualization, and positive self-talk. 5. Sharing your progress with a virtual buddy/friend to help you stay inspired to keep up with your training.. Virtual races are a great way to stay fit and active all year round, run for a good cause, and with most races, get awesome medals for your participation!

Grove Village. promisewalk.org TBD Daisy Dash 5k & Kids Fun Run. Clarendon Hills. Daisydash.com TBD Chicago Promise Walk 5K Run/Walk. Elk Grove Village. promisewalk.org

VIRTUAL Walk MS 1- and 3-Mile Walk. Multiple suburbs and Chicago. nationalmssociety.org VIRTUAL A Safe Place EmpoweRun 5K Run/ Walk. Libertyville. asafeplaceforhelp.org

SATURDAY, MAY 1 Highlander Assault 4, 8, 12 and 24-Mile Obstacle Course Races. Holiday Hills. highlanderassault.com

Techno Trot 5k Run/Walk And ½ Mile Kids’ Race. Winthrop Harbor. whsd1.org Great Western Half Marathon. St. Charles. foxrivertrailrunners.org Run to Remember 5K Run/Walk and Kids’ Run. Chicago. cpdmemorial.org

SUNDAY, MAY 2 Walk for Wellness House 1 Mile Walk Multiple Locations and Times In DuPage & Cook Sun., May 2nd Benefitting Programs for People Affected by Cancer 630-654-5191 www.walk.wellnesshouse.org

Promote your race event in any bi-monthly edition of Suburban Family Magazine and receive an enhanced listing in the FITNESS EVENTS section. For more information or to reserve your space now call 630-863-7183. 28 fitness first

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SATURDAY, MAY 8 Lemont Quarryman Challenge 5K and 10-Mile Race Sat., May 8th CARA Certified Race starts and finishes in Historic Downtown Lemont and winds through the hilly neighborhoods of Lemont. www.quarrymanchallenge.com DO THE Q March/April 2021

Pink 5K Run/Walk. Oak Brook. obparks.org/ pink5k Starved Rock Country Marathon, Half Marathon and 5K. Ottawa.starvedrockcountrymarathon.org

USole Four Mile Classic Run/Walk. Chicago. universalsole.com VIRTUAL Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Great Strides 5K Walk. Chicagoland. fightcf.cff.org

SUNDAY, MAY 16 Walk to Cure Arthritis. Chicago. walktocurearthritis.org Lew Blond Memorial 5K Run/Walk and 1-Mile Fun Run. Northbrook.lewblondrun.org

SUNDAY, MAY 9 VIRTUAL Mother’s Day 5K Run/Walk and Kids’ Run. Barrington. allcommunityevents.com/mothersday5kFILL small 12.17:Layout 1 12/15/17 11:35 AM Page 1 SUBFAM THURSDAY, MAY 20 She Runs the Fox. Batavia. foxrivertrailrunners.org

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SATURDAY, MAY 15 G.L.O.W. 5K Run. Naperville. naperglow5k.com Lilac Mutt Strut 5K. Lombard. lombardlilactime. com Walk to Cure Arthritis. Chicago + Libertyville. walktocurearthritis.org

SATURDAY, MAY 22 Spring Trail Chase 5K at The Forge. Lemont. thedriven.net/cara.race_reg/eid/39219025678? Walk and 5K Run to Help Children with Dyslexia. Bloomingdale. runfordyslexiachicago.org Got2Run for Education 8K and 2.62-Mile Run/ Walk. Arlington Heights. got2run.org SUNDAY, MAY 23 Spring Trail Chase 5K at The Forge. Lemont. thedriven.net/cara.race_reg/eid/39219025678? Byline Bank Chicago Spring Half Marathon, 10k and Junior Dash. Chicago. chicagospringhalf.com Chicagoland Spring Marathon and Half Marathon. Schaumburg. allcommunityevents.com

Register Today at GetMeRegistered.com! 10-Mile 5K $50 $30

5K & 10-MILE • MAY 8, 2021 • LEMONT, IL March/April 2021

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SUNDAY, MAY 30 Race to the Flag 5k Run/Walk. Westmont. RacetotheFlag.org TBD Chicago Promise Walk 5K Run/Walk. Elk Grove Village. promisewalk.org .


VIRTUAL ABC7 Gibbons 5K Run/3K Walk. Chicago. gibbons5k.com (6/17-20) TBD Walk and Roll 5K Run/Walk, 10K Skate, 15K Bike and Kids’ Dash. Chicago. walkrollchicago.org

TBD Run for the Zoo. Lincoln Park, Chicago.lpzoo.org

SATURDAY, JUNE 5 Cosley Zoo Run for the Animals. Wheaton. wheatonparkdistrict.com Cori’s Kids Triathlon Swim, Bike and Run. Oak Brook. obparks.org VIRTUAL Chicago Mini-Walk to Defeat ALS. Chicagoland. web.alsa.org/chicagowalk SUNDAY, JUNE 6 Take Steps Chicago Walk. Chicago. crohnscolitisfoundation.org Lake Geneva Wine Run 5K. Lake Geneva, WI.winerun5k.com/events/lake-geneva-wine-run-5k

FRIDAY, JUNE 11 The LeaderShop’s LaGrange Rocks 5K Run/ Walk. LaGrange. theleadershop.org SATURDAY, JUNE 12 Take Steps Walk. Naperville. crohnscolitisfoundation.org SUNDAY, JUNE 13 Naperville 10K. Naperville. Naperville10k.com SATURDAY, JUNE 26 Run Your Mutt Off 5K. Warrenville. naperhumane.org Bike MS: Tour de Farms 1-day event with multiple route options. St. Charles. nationalmssociety.org VIRTUAL PurpleStride 5K Run/Walk. Chicago. purplestride.org

JULY VIRTUAL Sundowner 5K Run, Splash Dash, and Kids’ Races. (July 1-15) Joliet. jpdrun3.com VIRTUAL Run/Walk to End Homelessness 5K and Kid’s Fun Run. Chicago. asafehaven.org (7/17-25) VIRTUAL (July 31-Aug. 2) CowaLUNGa Bike Ride. resphealth.org TBD Freedom Four 4-Mile Run. Glen Ellyn Park District. gepark.org TBD Elmhurst Running Club 4 on the 4th 4-Mile Run. Elmhurst. 4on4th.com TBD Christmas in June 5K Run/Walk, Kids’ Run. Lisle. runners4wellness.com

SUNDAY, JULY 11 ET Lake Zurich Triathlon Olympic and Sprint Swim, Bike and Run. Lake Zurich. lakezurichtri.com SATURDAY, JULY 17 Wauconda Park District Kids’ Triathlon. Wauconda. waucondaparks.org SUNDAY, JULY 18 Wauconda Park District Adult Olympic and Sprint Triathlon. Wauconda. waucondaparks.org SUNDAY, JULY 25 Glenview Park Center Sprint Triathlon and Aqua Bike Race. Glenview. glenviewparks.org

AUGUST TBD Woodridge Rotary Mini Triathlon and Kids’ Triathlon. Woodridge. woodridgerotary.org TBD TCX Palos Adventure Race. Willow Springs. transconx.com

SUNDAY, AUGUST 1 Naperville Sprint Triathlon, Duathlon, Aqua 30 fitness first

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March/April 2021

Bike, and Kids’ Triathlon. Naperville. napervilletri.events

SATURDAY, AUGUST 14 Tough Mudder Obstacle Mud Race. 2-Day Event. Rockford. toughmudder.com SUNDAY, AUGUST 15 Tough Mudder Obstacle Mud Race. 2-Day Event. Rockford. toughmudder.com SATURDAY, AUGUST 21 Rugged Maniac 5K Obstacle Race. Wilmot, WI. ruggedmaniac.com SUNDAY, AUGUST 22 Fort2Base 11.5- and 3.45-mile Run. North Chicago. fort2base.com SATURDAY, AUGUST 28 BBQ Bolt- 5K/1M. Downers Grove. bbqbolt.org Chicago Triathlon Sprint and Kids’ Triathlon. 2-Day Event. Chicago. chicagotriathlon.com SUNDAY, AUGUST 29 Harmon Hundred 25, 50, 75 100-Mile Bike Rides. Wilmot, WI. wheelmen.com


SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18 Western Springs 44th Annual Tower Trot Sat., Sept. 18 at 8:30 a.m. 10K, 5K, & Fun Run, plus Double Run (10K & 5K) Benefits Healing Hearts for Ashley Grand Avenue Community Center 4211 Grand Avenue, Western Springs. 708-246-9070 www.wsprings.com/towertrot Walk to End Alzheimer’s 5K Run/Walk. Rockford and St. Charles. act.alz.org Walk to End Alzheimer’s 5K Run/Walk. St. Charles. act.alz.org 4th Annual CrossTrail Classic 5K. Bolingbrook. bolingbrookparks.org Fox Valley Kids’ Marathon 1.2-Mile Race. St. Charles. fvkids26.com

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 19 Walk to End Alzheimer’s 5K Run/Walk. Naperville. act.alz.org Fox Valley Marathon, Half Marathon and 20Mile Race. St. Charles. fv26.com THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 23 Race Judicata 5K Run/walk. Chicago. cvls.org/ judicata

VIRTUAL BT5K Your Way. Livestream. abta.org/ get-involved/bt5k/ (9/11-25)

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 25 Walk to End Alzheimer’s 5K. Joliet. act.alz.org

TBD Swedish Days Ride. Maple Park. fvbsc.org TBD North Shore Walk for Autism Speaks. act. autismspeaks.org TBD MB Bike the Drive Up to 30-Mile Ride. Chicago. bikethedrive.org TBD Itasca Oktoberfast 5K Run. Itasca. itascaoktoberfast5k.org TBD Here for LIFE Walk. Saint Charles. spsamerica.org TBD North Shore Triathlon. Wilmette. trinorthshore.com TBD SEABlue Walk/Run.Chicago.ustoo.org TBD North Shore Century. Evanston. northshorecentury.org TBD Barkapalooza Dog Walkathon. Lisle. Wshsdg.org TBD Red Eye 5K Run. Joliet. jpdrun3.com

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 26 Oui Run 5K. Chicago. Ouirun5k.org Walk to End Alzheimer’s 5K. Glenview. act.alz.org DeKalb Corn Classic 10K and 5K Race. DeKalb. dekalbcornclassic.org Kids’ Triathlon. Oswego. oswegolandparkdistrict.org VIRTUAL Tour de Cure Ride. Chicagoland with multiple route options. Aurora. tour.diabetes.org

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 6 Prairiefest 5K and 1 Mi. Prairie Dog Jog. Oswego. oswegolandparkdistrict.org SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 11 Last Chance BQ.2 Boston Marathon Qualifier. Geneva. bq2races.com Chi Town Half Marathon and 10K. Chicago. allcommunityevents.com/chitownhalfmarathon10k March/April 2021

OCTOBER TBD RUN4PAWS 5K & 2K Puppy Path. Downers Grove. Run4paws.com TBD Let’s Move Elgin 10K/5K Run and Kids’ Race. Elgin. letsmoveelgin.com TBD Walk to End Alzheimer’s 5K Run/Walk. Chicago. act.alz.org TBD International Chicago 5K Run. Chicago. chicago5k.com TBD Superhero 5K Pumpkin Run/Walk. Highwood. Celebratehighwood.org TBD Race for the Kids 5K Run/Walk and Kids’ Dash. Chicago. rbcraceforthekids.com TBD Halloween 5K Run/Walk. Palos Hills. morainevalley.edu/fitrec suburban family | subfam.com

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 2 Montgomery 5K and 10K River Run Sat., Oct., 2nd – Pre-Race Registration Starts 7:30 AM Race Starts at 9 AM Portion of Proceeds to Montgomery VFW Post #7452, Montgomery Foundation and Rotary Club Village of Montgomery 200 North River Street 630-466-6700 www.raceroster.com/events/2021/40232/ montgomery-river-run Walk to End Alzheimer’s 5K Fundraising Run/ Walk. Elk Grove act.alz.org NAMI Run for Mental Health 5K Run/Walk. Evanston. namiwalks.org Chicago 10K Run. Chicago. runmfg.com Light the Torch Night Run 5K. Wheaton. wheatonparkdistrict.com Hops for Hope 5K Beer Run/Walk. St. Charles. Hopsforhope5K.com Prairie State Half Marathon. Long Grove. allcommunityevents.com/prairiestatehalfmarathon


18th An

Same Day Reg.: 7:30 AM

Saturday Oct. 2, 2021 Race Time: 9:00 AM

Location: Montgomery Village Hall (200 N River St)

Chip Timed by J3

USATF Certified

Post Race Goodies Vendors On-Site Pre-Race Warm-Ups Overall, 1st & 2nd Places Awarded Find Us on Facebook: Montgomery 5K and 10K River Run

Event #40232

Register On-Line: www.raceroster.com (By Aug. 31st to be guaranteed a shirt!)

Portion of Race Proceeds Benefits fitness first 31

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 3 Rotary Run Charity Classic Hinsdale’s 27th Annual Fun Family Race A Run for Health Sun., Oct. 3rd at 8AM at The Community House 8th and Madison, Hinsdale 3K, 5K, and 10K Run / 3K and 5K Walk, Walk ‘N Roll & Mutt Strut CARA certified Benefits local and global charities. www.rotaryruncharityclassic.com

27th Annual Rotary Run Charity Classic


Interested runners or walkers are encouraged to register online at

www.rotaryruncharityclassic.com 3K, 5K, & 10K CARA CERTIFIED RUNS 3K, 5K WALK & WALK N’ ROLL + MUTT STRUT

Tunnel to Towers 5K Run/Walk. Lake Zurich. tunnel2towers.org Brain Up 5K Walk/Run. Frankfort. brainup.ngo Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk of DuPage. Wheaton. secure.acsevents.org

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 9 Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk of Fox Valley. St. Charles. acsevents.org SUNDAY, OCTOBER 10 Bank of America Marathon. Chicago. chicagomarathon.com World’s Largest Corn Maze 5K Run/Walk and Kids’ Dash. Spring Grove. allcommunityevents.com SATURDAY, OCTOBER 16 Light the Night Walk. Oak Brook. lightthenight.org Scarecrow Scramble Nighttime 5K Run/Walk and Kids’ Race. Lisle. lislepartnersforparks.org Country Soul Half Marathon and 10K. Chicago. allcommunityevents.com/countrysolerun


Annual 5K


November 25, 2021

Proceeds benefit individuals With vision and hearing disabilities RACE LOCATION

Naperville Central High School 440 Aurora Ave, Naperville (if allowed otherwise, virtual)

Information about the race and On-line registration at

napervilleturkeytrot.com 32 fitness first

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 17 Run with the Nuns 5K Run/Walk. Lemont. runwiththenuns.org Healthy Driven Naperville Half Marathon and 5K Run. Naperville. runnaperville.com JJC Foundation 5K Run and Walk. Joliet. Runsignup.com Light the Night Walk. Glenview. lightthenight.org VIRTUAL Walk for Wishes. illinois.wish.org SATURDAY, OCTOBER 23 Komen Race for the Cure 5K Run/Walk. Chicago. komen.org Forte 5K. Channahon. Forte5k.com Light the Night Walk. Chicago. lightthenight.org SUNDAY, OCTOBER 24 Healthy Driven FraidyCat 5k, Ghost 8K & Meow Mile. Oswego. fraidycat5k.com SUNDAY, OCTOBER 31 Sycamore Pumpkin Run 10K Road Race Sycamore. pumpkinrunsycamore.com Hot Cider Hustle 8 mi. and 5K. Wheaton.allcomsuburban family | subfam.com

munityevents.com/hotciderhustle Haunted Oak 5K. Homer Glen. hauntedoak5k. com

NOVEMBER TBD Turkey Tango Trot 5k. Roselle.roselle5K.com TBD Turkey Trot 5K and 8K Walk/Run Series. Tinley Park. tinleyparkdistrict.org TBD Gobbler Hobbler 10K and Mashed Potato Mile. Oswego. oswegolandparkdistrict.org TBD Arthritis Foundation Jingle Bell Run. Wheaton. arthritis.org TBD North Shore Turkey Trot 10K and 5K Run. Highland Park. northshoreturkeytrot.com TBD Fox and The Turkey. Batavia foxrivertrailrunners.org

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 6 Cantigny 5K. Wheaton.Cantigny.org SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 13 TBD Hot Cider Hustle 8K. Chicago. allcommunityevents.com SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 21 Lincolnwood’s 45th Annual Turkey Trot. Lincolnwood. lincolnwoodil.org THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 25 THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 25 24th Annual Naperville Noon Lions 5K Turkey Trot Thurs., Nov. 25th Thanksgiving Morning Proceeds benefits individuals with Vision and hearing disabilities. Naperville Central High School 440 Aurora Ave., Naperville (If allowed, otherwise Virtual) www.napervilleturkeytrot.com Beat the Bird 5K. Fullersberg Woods, Oakbrook. endureitsports.com

DECEMBER TBD Arlington Heights Rotary Club Santa Run. Arlington Heights. Rotarysantarun.org

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 4 Reindeer Run 5K. Wheaton. wheatonparkdistrict. com SATURDAY, DECEMBER 11 Deer Park Cocoa Classic 5K. Deer Park.allcommunityevents.com/cocoaclassic Viking Dash Trail Run. 2-Day Event. Crystal Lake. vikingdashtrailrun.com March/April 2021

great events

March& March & April

Photo courtesy of Cantigny Park,Wheaton. Here’s your source for current and upcoming great events. Event information is subject to change without notice, therefore, we encourage you to call ahead and confirm. Preregistration for most events required. And, be certain to tell ‘em you saw it in Suburban Family Magazine! If you have an event of regional interest that you would like included in the Great Events section, please send an e-mail to: mail@subfam.com Deadline for inclusion in the May/ June issue is Friday, April 16.

MARCH TUESDAY, MARCH 2 WORKSHOP Autism; Educate to Advocate – This online event will feature input from experienced public servants, disability professionals, and parents of individuals with disabilities to teach you about making your voice heard. Zoom. 5PM. Autism Speaks. Register autismspeaks.org THURSDAY, MARCH 4 FAMILY Virtual Book Club – Gather virtually before bedtime to hear diverse and inclusive stories. 6-6:45PM. Dunn Museum. Free tickets visit LCFPD.org/ BookClub. March/April 2021

SATURDAY, MARCH 6 ADULTS Virtual Book Club – Discussion chronicling the legacy of racism in America. 10-11AM. Dunn Museum. Free tickets visit LCFPD.org/BookClub. FAMILY Lantern-Lit Night Hike – Self-guided 1.5 mile walk along a scenic lantern-lit trail. Walks leave every 20 minutes to allow for social distancing. All ages. $10 per person. Register: dupageforest.org VIRTUAL Lecture – Guardians of Buddhism: The Eighteen Lohans. Learn the religious meanings and how different cultural and artistic elements were incorporated into Chinese Buddhist art throughout history. 2PM. Free. Lizzadro Museum of Art. Register lizzadromuseum.org SUNDAY, MARCH 7 LECTURE History Speaks – Virtual Lecture on Zoom; Following the Money in the Women’s Suffrage Movement. Explains how women made change possible, despite the causes of inequality in a movement for equality. 4-5PM. $10. Naper Settlement. Learn more and register napersettlement.org. WEDNESDAY, MARCH 10 ADULTS Time to Talk During Covid Times – Facilitate mutual support through encouragement, hopefulness, and companionship with others expesuburban family | subfam.com

riencing similar feelings. Free. Zoom. 4:30-5:30PM. Jewish United Fund. Register juf.org. LIVE Video Premiere – Playscape Readers: The Tortoise and the Hare. learn about fables with a twist on a classic story of effort and determination, Aesop’s The Tortoise and the Hare. Free. Naper Settlement. Learn more and register napersettlement.org. THURSDAY, MARCH 11 VIRTUAL Lecture – Slow Art Thursday: Transcultural Influences. This virtual gallery tour explores various topics found within the art. 2PM. Free. Lizzadro Museum of Art. 2PM. Free. Register lizzadromuseum.org. SATURDAY, MARCH 13 FAMILY St. Patrick’s Celebration – In place of the parade, the St. Charles Business Alliance will be hosting events around town throughout the day, including a festive Photo Op Area and Roaming Bagpipers. St. Charles. stcstpatricksparade.com. KIDS Pot ‘O’ Gold Hunt – Follow the leprechaun’s trail and hike through the prairie and forest to find the hidden treasure at the end of the rainbow! 10 – 11:30AM. Meet at Spring Valley Nature Center in Schaumburg. parkfun.com. great events 33

KIDS St. Patrick’s Day Party – Join us for a fun afternoon with crafts and games! Ages 5-10 years. 2-4PM. Community Recreation Center, 100 Community Boulevard, Wheeling. Preregistration required: wheelingparkdistrict.com. OUTDOORS Bird Walk – Cantigny bird walks are conducted in partnership with the DuPage Birding Club. Beginning birders and kids at least 8 years old welcome. 8:30 – 11AM. Cantigny, Wheaton. Register cantigny.org/event/bird-walk-3 SUNDAY, MARCH 14 SHOWCASE Virtual Wedding Showcase – From the convenience of your home, check out the many offerings in DuPage for your shower, rehearsal or big day. 1-4PM. Learn more and register at discoverdupage.com/meetings/weddings/virtual-weddingshowcase/ MONDAY, MARCH 15 ADULTS Comic Book Movie Trivia – Register and show up with your team for a chance to win prizes for a charity. 7PM. Hollywood Blvd. Cinema. 1001. 75th St. Woodridge. hollywoodblvdcinema.com FAMILY Star Gazing – Join us for an evening of star gazing fun at Mather Woods and search the heavens for constellations, galaxies, stars, and planets. 5:30 – 8PM. Plainfield. plfdparks.org.

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 17 ADULTS Time to Talk During Covid Times – Facilitate mutual support through encouragement, hopefulness, and companionship with others experiencing similar feelings. Free. Zoom. 4:30-5:30PM. Jewish United Fund. Register juf.org.

Most events require pre-registration.Please check with event organizer before you go as circumstances may have changed since time of print. Follow CDC safety guidlines when participating in any activity. THURSDAY, MARCH 18 FAMILY Mighty Oaks and Maples – Explore nature with a variety of activities. 3 – 5 yr. olds. 9:30 – 10:30AM. Creek Bend Nature Center, St. Charles. kaneforest.com.



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To advertise call: 630-863-7183 Ad Space Deadline: April 19, 2021

2021 PARTY GUIDE 34 great events

suburban family | subfam.com

LIVE Video Premiere – Digging for Gold. Digging for gold to learn about geology and Naperville’s own Centennial Beach. 1PM. Free. Naper Settlement’s Facebook at facebook.com/NaperSettlement. FRIDAY, MARCH 19 ADULTS Midwest Pond & Koi – Club meeting to discuss various topics about plants, ponds, and fish. 7PM. Bohemian Crystal, Westmont. mpks.org. FAMILY Mayslake by Moonlight – Outdoor walking tour of Mayslake’s grounds, tales of hauntings and stories of mischief of property’s history. All ages; under 18 with an adult. $15 per person. 7-830PM. Mayslake, Oak Brook. Register dupageforest.org. KIDS Fairies, Elves and Goblin – Outdoor fun and activities learning about the magical world of fairies. Bring a lunch, snack, water bottle, and face mask. Ages 6 – 13. 9AM – 3PM. Bartlett Nature Center. Bartlettparks.org. SATURDAY, MARCH 20 FAMILY Maple Fest – Syrup-tasting flights. Red Oak Nature Center. Tours on the hour. Register. 2343 S. River Street, Batavia. redoaknaturecenter.info. FAMILY St. Patrick’s Day Celebration – Fun and festivities activities celebrating Irish outside. Lemont. forgeparks.com FAMILY Easter Bunny Photos – Visit with the Bunny, receive photo. 12-3PM. Millennium Plaza, Stolp Island, Downtown Aurora. auroradowntown.org. VOLUNTEER - Friends of The Forge – Volunteers can help to keep The Forge public trails clean and free of a trash. 9-11AM. Lemont. forgeparks.com SUNDAY, MARCH 21 FAMILY Maple Fest – Syrup-tasting flights. Tours on the hours. Red Oak Nature Center. 2343 S. River Street, Batavia. redoaknaturecenter.info. FAMILY STEAM FEST – Engage in some STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) challenges related to the changing of the seasons, especially the increasing amount of sunlight. Noon – 1:30PM. Meet at the Spring Valley Nature Center. parkfun.com FAMILY Dog Admission Day – Hit the trails, at The Morton Arboretum, with your canine friend. Dog and human admission passes must be reserved in advance. 7AM-sunset. Lisle. trees@mortonarb.org. TUESDAY, MARCH 23 HEALTH Lupus Webinar – Information on symptoms, treatments, medications and labs. 6-7PM. Free. Register lupusil.org/know. TEENS Arts & Crafts Drop-in – Join us for a Virtual chill session of arts & crafts! Bring your own project and work along with us while we chat and share ideas. Aurora Public Library. 4-5PM. Email teens@aurorapubliclibrary.org for the Discord link! March/April 2021

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 24 ADULTS Time to Talk During Covid Times – Facilitate mutual support through encouragement, hopefulness, and companionship with others experiencing similar feelings. Free. Zoom. 4:30-5:30PM. Jewish United Fund. Register juf.org.

FRIDAY, APRIL 2 FAMILY Pizza and Bingo – Spend an evening with family and friends playing bingo and winning prizes. 6:30 – 8:30PM. Community Recreation Center, 100 Community Blvd., Wheeling. Preregistration required: wheelingparkdistrict.com.

THURSDAY, MARCH 25 ADULTS Grieving a Loss to Suicide – A free monthly drop-in group for adults in the Jewish community and beyond who are navigating the world after the loss of a loved one to suicide. Free. Zoom. 7-8:30PM. Jewish United Fund. Register juf.org. ADULTS Arboretum Uncorked; Paint a Floral Wreath – Pour a glass of your favorite beverage, and follow along as we paint a cheerful floral wreath in this live, online class. $20. 7-9PM. Register. Morton Arboretum, Lisle. Mortonarb.org.

SATURDAY, APRIL 3 FAMILY Doggy Egg Hunt – Bring your fur baby out to hunt for treats at Clow Stephens Dog Park. $5 pr dog. 10-11AM. Plainfield. plfdparks.org. KIDS Flashlight Egg Hunt – Join the mad dash to find eggs and prizes. Ages 2-8. Pre-fix times 9-11AM. Berens Park, Elmhurst. Register epd.org.

FRIDAY, MARCH 26 FAMILY Woodstock Watch – Field class of fascinating spring bird, American Woodcock. Introduction to behavior, ecology, and adaptations. Hit the trail at dusk to observe their amazing aerial courtship display. $10. Camp Tomo Chi-Chi Knolls, Gilberts. kaneforest.com. KIDS Flashlight Egg Hunt – Bring your brightest flashlight and hunt for the golden egg containing a gift card! Hundreds of other eggs contain other goodies. Bloomingdale Lions Club. Register Bloomingdaleparks.org.


HAPPY EASTER! TUESDAY, APRIL 13 FAMILY Witness Trees – Learn what historical events a giant tree experienced during its lifetime. $10. 7-8:30PM. Creek Bend Nature Center. St. Charles. Register kaneforest.com. FAMILY Crafts –Cantigny, Wheaton. Kidfriendly packets of craft supplies and activities related to Cantigny and the McCormick family will be given away on a first-come first-served basis to do at home. Register cantigny.org

THURSDAY, APRIL 15 LIVE Video Premiere – The Life Cycle of Plants. learn all about the life cycle of plants in Naper Settlement’s gardens. Free. 1PM. Naper Settlement’s Facebook at facebook.com/NaperSettlement. FRIDAY, APRIL 16 FAMILY Community Bonfire Night – Meet new friends and neighbors. Make smores. 7:30 – 10PM.Haines Wayside Park, New Lenox. newlenoxparks.org SATURDAY, APRIL 17 FAMILY Spring Fishing Derby – Bring your bait, bucket and fishing pole to Van Horn Woods Pond to test your angling skills! The derby will be divided into three age divisions: 3-5, 6-8 and 9-13 with adult. $7. 9-10:30AM. Plainfield. plfdparks.org. FAMILY STEM Exploration Day – Explore the world of STEM with hands-on experiments, interaction with drones, virtual reality and much more. Grades K-8th and their families. Free. 1-3:30PM. Alive Center, Naperville. alivecenter.recdesk.com SUNDAY, APRIL 18 ADULTS Midwest Pond & Koi – Club meeting to discuss various topics about plants, ponds, and fish. 2PM. Chandlers, Schaumburg. mpks.org.

SATURDAY, MARCH 27 KIDS Hippity Hoppity Bunny Trail – Hop on Centennial Trail and look for treats. Ages. 2-12. 10AM – 12PM. Lemont. Register lemontparkdistrict.org FAMILY Pictures with the Bunny – Visit with the Bunny, receive picture, an Easter goodie bag, and spin the wheel for a grand prize. Free. 9AM-1PM. Hinsdale residents only. The Lodge at Katherine Legge Memorial Park, Hinsdale. Register villageofhinsdale. org FAMILY Easter Bunny Photos – Visit with the Bunny, receive photo. 12-3PM. Millennium Plaza, Stolp Island, Downtown Aurora. auroradowntown.org. SUNDAY, MARCH 28 ADULTS Nurtured by Nature – Experience the healing effects of nature thru a variety of activities. Free. 9-10AM. Burnidge Forest Preserve, Elgin. kaneforest.com.

APRIL THURSDAY, APRIL 1 KIDS Flashlight Egg Hunt – Search for eggs filled with candy and prizes. Ages 11 – 15. 8PM.. Wilder Park, Elmhurst. Register epd.org. March/April 2021

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FRIDAY, APRIL 23 FAMILY Arbor Day Celebration – Butterfly Aviary, activities and a visit from Seemore the Eagle. 12-1PM. Centennial Community Center, Lemont. lemontparkdistrict.org SATURDAY, APRIL 24 ADULTS Barns and Barn Owls – Examine impact of humans on the species. 10 – 11:30AM. Creek Bend Nature Center, St. Charles. kaneforest.com. ADULTS Frag Swap – Whether you are just curious about saltwater aquariums or have many tanks of your own, you are sure to enjoy this colorful show by the Chicago Marine Aquarium Society. $10 admission. 9:30AM – 4PM. Odeum Expo Center, Villa Park. odeumexpo.com FAMILY Earth Day – Brookfield Zoo will be collecting electronics, textiles, used books and approved items to recycle and receive free parking in the north lot. 9AM to 2PM. 8400 31st Street, Brookfield. Brookfield Zoo. Czs.org. FAMILY Arbor Day Celebration – Butterfly aviary and fun activities. 12 – 1PM. Lemont. Register lemontparkdistrict.org FAMILY Barns and Barn Owls – Examine Tyto alba’s niche in Illinois’ ecological communities both past and present, with an emphasis on humans’ impact on this dynamic species. $10. 10-11:30AM. Creek Bend Nature Center. St. Charles. Register kaneforest. com. KIDS Super Hero Smash – Games, crafts, snacks, Super Heros.10AM. Eola Community Center. 555 S Eola Rd, Aurora. Foxvalleyparkdistrict.org.

ONGOING EXHIBIT Human Nature – opens April 9. Foster your love of trees and plants, while enjoying the outdoors, as you explore large-scale sculptures created by South African artist Daniel Popper. Included with

36 great events

Arboretum admission. Advance reservations required. Morton Arboretum, Lisle. mortonarb.org/events/humannature. EXHIBIT Women in the Military – Exploring women’s roles. Thru June 13. Explore the Great Depression through the eyes of a Lake County artists. Dunn Museum, Libertyville. LCFPD.org/MuseumTickets EXHIBIT Together We Cannot Fail – Thru May 2. Delve into the roots of the Depression and find out about some of the important federal relief programs. Free. Elmhurst History Museum, Elmhurst. elmhursthistory.org.

Most events require pre-registration.Please check with event organizer before you go as circumstances may have changed since time of print. Follow CDC safety guidlines when participating in any activity. EXHIBIT Overcoming the Great Depression – Learn more about this challenging time. Thru May 2nd. Elmhurst History Museum, Elmhurst. elmhursthistory.org. FAMILY Wheeling Walk – Saturdays at 9:30 AM. Free. Meet on the walking path adjacent to the Heritage Park Performance Pavilion for a walk around the park. Fur babies, too. Inclement weather, meet on the 2nd fl. track of the Community Rec. Center. 201 Community Boulevard, Wheeling. wheelingparkdistrict.com

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FAMILY Virtual Paleo Fest – March 5, 6, 7. Bring your best Dino roar, paleo costume, and jump into so many fun ways to win contests, learn about prehistoric animals...and virtually explore the halls of Burpee from your home with our education staff and international speakers. Burpee Museum. burpee.org/ paleofest. FAMILY Brookfield Zoo – Opens to the public March 1st. 8400 31st Street, Brookfield. Czs.org. FAMILY Lincoln Park Zoo – Opens to the public March 5th. 2400 N. Cannon Drive, Chicago. lpzoo.org. KIDS Hands on Learning – Join DuPage Children’s Museum for Arts & Maker Virtual programming which provides children with the materials, tools, inspiration, and opportunities for collaboration that truly lets their imaginations soar. dupagechildrens. org/virtual-learning LECTURE War of the Worlds – The Birth of Organized Sports. Engaging program explores the early history of popular competitive sports. Online lecture starts Thurs., April 8. Elmhurst History Museum, Elmhurst. elmhursthistory.org. OUTDOORS Maple Sugaring – Saturdays and Sundays in March. See how sap becomes syrup as you tap with tools from the 1890s and try a taste of real maple syrup. 1 – 4PM. Kline Creek Farm. West Chicago. dupageforest.org. OUTDOOR The Forge: Lemont Quarries – Forgefire Globe Dining is an unforgettable dining experience in a climate controlled globe. Forgefire Winter Dining is 100% outside dinner party on the Lower Quarry Shelf. Keep warm with heated table, blankets, and extraordinary food. Every Friday, Saturdays and Sundays in March. forgeparks.com/ adventure-dining. PERFORMANCE War of the Worlds – Dramatization Online Streamed Radio Play. March 19, 20, 21, 26, 27, 28. 7:00PM. Elmhurst History Museum, Elmhurst. elmhursthistory.org. SHOPPING Virtual Spring Consignment Sale – View gently used boutique and designer children’s clothing online. March 9,10,11 Starting at 10AM. growingcentsofstyle.com. STREAMING More Than Just a Game – Starts Thurs., April 8th. Program explores the early history of popular competitive sports. FREE. Elmhurst History Museum, Elmhurst. elmhursthistory.org. TOURS Frank Lloyd Wright – Weekly Thursday video tours on Facebook Live spotlight beauty of Frank Lloyd Wright-designed buildings closed due to COVID-19. Hosted by the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation. Learn more at savewright.org. TOURS Old Joliet Prison – One and half hour walking tours outside led by guides from Joliet Area Historical Museum. Ages 10 and up. Joliet. jolietmuseum.org. March/April 2021

dining out

Don’t miss this opportunity to attract our readers to your restaurant. Call 630-863-7183 to reserve your space in the May/June issue’s DINING OUT section. Free listing included! Catch 35 There is more than fresh seafood at Catch 35! Whether you are dining in, ordering curbside pickup, or delivery, devour Catch 35 Signatures like Maryland crab cakes, Atlantic salmon, pan roasted Chilean sea bass, crispy calamari, and Szechwan scallops. With new additions like Nashville hot chicken, braised beef shortrib, and grilled skirt steak, Catch 35 is your new comfort food destination in downtown Naperville. In addition, Catch 35 Naperville welcomes Niños Fresh Mexican Kitchen - our NEW ghost kitchen concept. Fresh Mexican dishes available for curbside pickup/delivery thru UberEats, DoorDash, and GrubHub. Niños quesabirrias, wings al pastor, green chili cheeseburger, and crab & guacamole quesadillas are few fresh Mexican dishes on the menu. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for specials. Contact us at 35 S. Washington St. Naperville, Illinois 60540 – 630-7173500. Curbside Pickup is located next to Catch 35 Naperville on Van Buren Ave. View the menus and ordering links at www. catch35.com.

March/April 2021

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Open for OUTDOOR & INDOOR DINING, featuring AIRP� technowgy!

Mon Ami Gabi Mon Ami Gabi is a classic French bistro located on the east side of The Oakbrook Center Mall. We are open for distanced dine-in at reduced capacity on our all-seasons patio and indoor dining rooms, equipped with AIRPHX Filtration system; book on OpenTable or by calling the restaurant. Mon Ami Gabi offers lunch and dinner daily, along with weekend brunch. Carryout and delivery services remain available.To learn more about safe private party dining, catered events, and package details, please visit monamigabi.com or call our team at 630-472-1900. Thank you for your continued support and patronage of Mon Ami Gabi!


Vino Thai


Vino Thai has provided customers with the finest and freshest tasting


Vino Thai serves up healthy and fresh Thai Cuisine. Ever since 1990,

Responsible standards of service and distancing are in effect

Thai food in a pleasurable dining atmosphere. Signature dishes include Golden Chicken, Crazy Noodles and Chicken Curry Fried Rice. Dine in - Carry Out. Vino Thai is located in East Gate Commons, 3825 E. Main St., St. Charles, IL 60174. Open every day for lunch and dinner. For reservations call 630-443-8461. vinothai.com

Healthy Fresh Thai Cuisine


(630) 443-8461 www.vinothai.com 38 dining out

Outdoor Dining Season Coming Soon... Attract our readers to your restaurant with an ad program in the May/June issue’s DINING OUT section. Free listing included! Call 630-863-7183 to reserve your space!

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March/April 2021

Summer Day Camp

There are many Convenient locations I can go to!

For kids ages 4–i4

It’s a great time to register for Good Times this Summer! This Summer’s Fun starts now !

Near North Suburbs

Far North Suburbs

Glenview and deerfield

Libertyville and Wheeling


Flexible Schedules Pick the days you want

The most fun, non-stop schedule around!

Field Trips Swimming

Register at www.GoodTimesDayCamp.com

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