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leep-away camp was just what Ally needed in order to gain independence and confidence, marveled her mom, Sharon. “She found a whole new group of girls and had a ball; she’s had a hard time with girls beginning in grade 4,” Sharon says, “so it was great for her to bond with girls in a different setting.” Starting at age 9, Ally went away to camp for a week. The following summer she begged for it to be four. Her parents were delighted.

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learning to let go yourself!) it’s time to start researching sleep-away camps. Week- or monthlong adventures away from home give kids opportunities to experience unique adventures they’d never find at home. Asking other parents what camps their kids attend can be helpful also; having a friend go with your child is a beautiful thing for parents leery of separation. To find a camp that fits your child’s needs, seek out opinions from friends and neighbors, ask teachers and church counselors, attend camp fairs and explore options on your own. Residential camps of all kinds and sizes are located all across the country, so there’s sure to be one your child can love and from which he can gain valuable skills.

Time away from parents helps kids learn how to make their own decisions without checking with Mom or Dad first, and residential camp provides the perfect training ground, says Michael Thompson in his book, Homesick and Happy: How Time Away From Parents Can Help a Child Grow (Random House; 2012).

Camp counselor Jamie Newman expresses enthusiasm for sending kids to camp. “Camp encourages kids to try new things and teaches them confidence through new experiences.They learn valuable life lessons when encouraged to work through their fears to try something even if it doesn’t feel comfortable to them.Also, when kids are thrown together in a cabin for a week, they’re forced to learn how to get along with others and often build lasting relationships that can continue when they return home.”

If you’d like your kids to develop maturity and gain independence (and if you’d like to begin

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