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Pottawatomie Golf Course

conversation about flowers, natural areas, local critters, the Fox River and more. Introducing a new generation of players to the great game of golf will drive new life into this fantastic sport (pun intended).

Ron Skubisz, PGA Golf Pro 845 N. Second Avenue, St. Charles 630-584-8356

Tip: One of the things that makes golf such a great game is that the entire family can play. Despite different skill levels, all players can participate and have fun. If you are playing golf with young children or those new to the game, I believe following the DisneyTM principle of viewing the world through the eyes of a child is appropriate. If your child can only hit the ball 50 yards, a 400-yard par 4 hole will look like a mile. At Pottawatomie, playing from the front tees allows kids to have a reasonable chance of success. To even out the odds, parents or those golfers will a little more experience, could try playing from the same tees and select a club that will allow you to hit the ball the same distance as your child.The reward will come when your child shouts with pride and joy that they hit it farther than you. With young junior golfers, spend time walking hole to hole with them to instill the great walk & talk aspect of the game in them. Pottawatomie offers an abundance of scenic views and challenges to spark a 36 out & about

Arlington Lakes Golf Club

Facility of the Arlington Heights Park District 1211 S. New Wilke Road, Arlington Heights 847-577-3030 Tim Govern Golf Operations Manager PGA Professional There is an old saying in golf that you drive for show but you putt for dough. If you are looking for the quickest way to shave a few strokes from your score, it can be found practicing for a few minutes before every round on the practice green. Every golf course’s greens are generally a little different. Some

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