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By Rhonda Franz


hildren with winter birthdays might have the good fortune of sharing their special day with classmates, but they also get the short end of the stick when it comes to outdoor activities. If party guests trek over snow and ice to help celebrate, reward them with a spectacular time. Don your hats, your coats, and your sense of adventure.

If It Snows 1. Snow Angel Competition. Indicate on the invitation that party guests should dress for the outdoors. Divide the party into two teams and see how many snow angels each January/February 2018

group can make on their side of the yard for a designated amount of time. 2. Snow Man Creation Competition. Provide a variety of accessories for kids to use as they build their snowman. Items include winter coats and scarves, hats, rocks, sticks. Adults and siblings judge snowman appearance on elements including speed of construction, creativity, use of materials, largest, etc. 3. Snowy Day Obstacle Course. Set up an obstacle course with: • balance beam walk (line is drawn in the snow where children have to walk as if they were on a balance beam) • somersault station: do a somersault in the snow while wearing bulky coats and hats • angels obstacle: make three snow angels on the ground before running to the next obstacle • snowball bounce: make a snowball and try and shoot it through a basketball hoop or in the center of a hula hoop laid on the ground • sled station: push yourself on a sled (while lying on stomach and using hands) suburban family |

Snow a No-Show? No Problem 4. Paper Snowball Fight. Wad scrap paper or newspaper into snowball-sized balls (about ten balls per child invited), and put in a box or bucket. Use a large space outdoors, or indoors with furniture moved aside. Line up chairs or boxes across the room to create a barrier and scatter the

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Suburban Family ~ Jan + Feb 2018  
Suburban Family ~ Jan + Feb 2018  

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