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t is Friday night; you are getting ready for night out with the girls. Your hair is done, make up - on point, wearing your favourite dress, putting on these beautiful stiletto shoes that make you feel tall, sexy, polished. It has been just an hour into your night out and you already regret the decision of wearing heels but after the first (or fifth) glass of wine, you just get over the pain. At the end of the night, thanks to the walk home, you are crying a shiny river of tears dedicated to your new blisters. Does that sound like you? There are many persistent myths around high heels. Let’s take a closer look at some of the famous high heel myths and discuss about the relationship between high heels and health. Some girls say they wear heels as a way to train their calves and bum. After researching this idea that so many girls are believing, it is nothing but a myth. It is not true that wearing heels have a positive effect on any of your muscles. A research even suggests that high heels may actually alter the muscle balance around the ankle joint, leading to instability and balance problems. There are many studies regarding the unhealthy side effects of wearing high heels. It is said that high heels may damage your back and knees. Also, women working 9-to-5-job in heels, 5 days a week, can have lower back, neck, and shoulder pain because the shoes disrupt the natural form of the body. (According to Dr. Surve, co-director of the Texas Center for Performing Arts Health and an associate professor at the University of North Texas Health Science Center Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine.)

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Do you like to t

take high risks It is hardly news that you can fall over in high heels especially if your shoes-to-go are 4 inch stilettos! Researchers say that a fifth of females have gone to such extreme wearing high heeled shoes that they have ended up twisting their ankle or tearing a tendon. And a third have fallen flat on their face as a result of their heels. The warnings about the harmful side of high heels are countless but there are some good news for all of you high-heel lovers! According to research conducted at the Warwick University and Oxford Brookes University, published by the Daily Mail, stilettos may be kinder to your knees than flats. There is no proof that wearing high heels is necessarily going to lead to painful knees later on life and may even prevent them. According to experts, women may, in fact, be better off in heels. High heels have bad reputation but standing all day wearing flat shoes can actually cause damage even worst. A low broad-based heel with support can be way better. So what is the right thing to do you are probably asking. Well after all the research, heel height that is 2 inches ( about 5cm) it is just about right. That does not mean that you should never put on your favorite heels or the trendy flats that everyone is crazy about. Everything is about balance and personal preference. In an age in which designers are inspired by the needs of the contemporary woman and their determination to adapt to the aesthetic perceptions bringing up a trendy trainer styles, it would be insanity not to take advantage of it. Writteny by:Zlatna Nedeva Designed by: Rebecca Miller llustration by: Bethany Lord

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Denim Hair: A Trend That Transforms a Classic

Everyone has their favourite pair of jeans, possibly threadbare and falling apart in places, but still well loved. Now, there is a hair trend trying to encapsulate this familiar feeling, in the form of denim hair. It uses different blue, grey and even green tones that are slightly faded out to create a stone-washed effect, just like your trusty jeans. An undeniable stable in everyone’s wardrobe, denim goes with absolutely everything, making this a colour anyone can pull off. This trend is brilliant because it is so low maintenance. Other hair trends such as silver hair or the “mermaid� hair trend require mainly bright and saturated colours,

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and anyone who has ever experimented with unique hair colours will know how quickly these can fade. But as denim hair relies on a more relaxed, toned down effect much like your favourite jeans, you will not have to be redyeing every 2 weeks. Your hair and your bank balance will thank you! The only challenge you may face when trying to achieve this look is that, like all light and bright colours, if you have a dark base, a certain amount of lifting by bleach will be required for the colours to take to the hair, which inevitably comes with some damage. But the good news is that dark roots really work with denim hair. Moreover, they look especially good and effortlessly blended into the rest of the look.

We have seen shades of denim hair ranging from light sky blue to inky midnight, with intensity varying from bold, blue, and beautiful, to a much subtler light silvery blue. Therefore, there is no need to worry if you have naturally dark skin or hair, as there is a tone to suit every complexion. It is a playful look that can easily be customised by switching up the tone, colour or intensity. Kylie Jenner, always being one of the first people to experiment with a new beauty trend, was one of the first celebrities to debut the denim hair look last year. As a natural brunette, she went for a dark navy blue with dark smoky roots which complimented her tan and dark eyebrows. Guy Tang (a hair stylist specialising in fashion colours, who currently has over 1.5 million subscribers on YouTube) has also helped many of his clients undergo a denim hair transformation on his YouTube channel. He has produced a range of variations of the trend, from a bright blue distressed denim look, to a much lighter silvery blue style made of metallic sky blues and grey highlights, resulting in his own updated twist on the silver hair trend. Blue hair is versatile and easy to wear as it goes with nearly every outfit. There are few colours that blue clashes with, meaning you will not have to reshuffle your entire wardrobe if you choose to take the plunge with this look. Considering that denim hair is so washed out, this makes it even easier, as you can wear bright colours without looking like a primary colour paint palette. The only thing you may want to avoid is wearing too much blue or too much denim, which can make you look washed out and very cool toned. This works with jeans if you are wearing a different colour in between your hair and your trousers, so you are not channelling too much of a 90’s double denim look. Blue or denim hair also works well with both warm and cool toned makeup, so you can still experiment with your face or stick to your everyday look that you know works best for you.

Written by: Ruby Ellis Designed by: Olivia Pooley

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Written by: Kerry Martin // Designed by: Olivia Pooley // Images source: uk.lush.cok

Lush’s number one selling product, ‘Dream Cream’, (£6.50) is a hand and body lotion containing ingredients such as oat milk, lavender oil and Fair Trade organic cocoa butter which all work to heal the driest of skin, even eczema. With the cold weather and constant washing up since starting university is taking its toll, this works wonders on dry, cracked hands. Recently, Lush have also brought out a self-preserving version of ‘Dream Cream’ which is slightly more expensive at £12.95 but rightly so, as it keeps itself clean without the need for any artificial ingredients or fragrances. These products also come in a black tub made entirely from recycled rubbish. If you collect five empty, full-size tubs and take them to any Lush store for them to recycle, you can claim a free fresh face mask. ‘The Comforter’ bubble bar is renowned as one of Lush’s best-selling products. Boasting a ‘good enough to eat’ berry scent and containing mostly natural ingredients including bergamot and cypress oils, this bubble bar also leaves your skin feeling silky smooth. Simply break off a small piece of the bubble bar into the palm of your hand and crumble it under hot water and watch as your magenta coloured bath water is concealed by copious amounts of berry scented bubbles. Alongside using less packaging than a regular bottle of bubble bath, with this bubble bar, a little goes a long way; so at £4.95 this product is great value for money. Chocolate and face masks…what is not to love? The ‘Cupcake’ fresh face mask made entirely of natural ingredients such as cocoa powder and peppermint oil, is perfect for those with sensitive, acne, or spot-prone skin. It works by drawing dirt out of the pores then toning and moisturising the skin. Store the mask in the fridge for a few hours and then simply put it all over your face avoiding the eye area and leave it on for 10-15 minutes. Although they do have a use by date because they are free from any artificial preservatives, you can be sure that what you are putting on your face is entirely beneficial. Priced at £6.95, you can usually get up to five uses out of one of these tubs, a lot more than the cheaper single-use masks on the market. ‘Trichomania’ is a coconut scented solid shampoo bar that leaves hair feeling squeaky clean and smelling great. Simply take the bar and either lather it up in your hands or run it along the hair and watch as it lathers up, then wash it out as usual and follow with conditioner. They work on all lengths and hair types, especially those that are prone to product build up. Also, they are great for the environment as they do not use any packaging, which is a big part of Lush’s ethos. 100g costs just £5.95 which is more than a regular bottle of shampoo, but it will last you a great deal longer. There are also solid conditioner bars too for those of you that want to try an all-solid haircare routine! Lush’s infamous ‘Bubblegum Lip Scrub’ made primarily of caster sugar and organic jojoba oil is a staple in these cold winter months to help save dry, chapped lips. Simply dip your finger in the scrub and massage it onto the lips to slough away any dry skin. Then to remove it, you can just lick it off! Unlike many other lip scrubs on the market, this one is not too harsh on the lips and will not leave them feeling sore or swollen afterwards; just soft and moisturised because of the jojoba oil. Like many of these products, a little certainly goes a long way; so for just £5.50, you may never see the bottom of this lip scrub!

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Accessories are the one thing that can really amp up your style game and transform a look from bland to glam. There is a fine line though between keeping it classy and ending up looking like a walking Christmas tree, but with any of these three accessory essentials you are sure to be the most stylish woman going!


Little Cross-body Bag

Silk Scarf

The Right Kind of Sunglasses

This one is probably the most important accessory of all, but oh so difficult to get right. You need to find the perfect balance between being able to fit your money, phone, keys and makeup in it without the size of the bag getting bigger than an average pocket book. Depending on whether you want to take the bag with you on a night out or on a date in a fancy restaurant, you may want to weigh in whether to use £20 or £200 on it… Or, you can instantly make it look way more expensive with a glossy, small scarf tied on the strap or adding a cute key ring to it.

Speaking of scarves, there are so many uses for a classic silk scarf. In addition to tying it onto your bag, you can wrap it around your neck or your head to keep your hair up (and to look absolutely adorable). Match the colour of the scarf with your lipstick, skirt/trousers, or shoes – there is no way you will go wrong with that look, ever.

The key to rocking a pair of sunglasses is finding the best style for your face shape. If you have a longer face, go for a cool pair of aviators, but if your face tends to look more round, get rectangular shaped frames. If you have a square-shaped face, buy a pair of round or oval style sunglasses, and if you are someone with a heartshaped face, look for bottom-heavy frames that add width to the lower face. Pull your hair back to a high hairdo to give the look some extra lift and apply some clear lip gloss to look like a million bucks.

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Written by: Tine Kapppi Designed by: Chandreyee Sen Image source: Glam Radar via Google

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Written by: Raluca Rusoiu s // Designed by: Anthony Thomas // Image Source:

Mermaid Crowns F

lower crowns are gone. New trend alert: MERMAID CROWNS. The trend has started with Chelsea Flower Crowns (give her a follow on Instagram if you are not already doing that) as she created big head pieces made of flowers, or seashells. Flowers? Ok, sounds like a wearable head piece; but seashells? These were the exact thoughts of Chelsea, 27, who lives in Melbourne, Australia. She first started making these accessories for her, as a hobby; and as a passion for the natural beauty of seashells. Later on she has begun selling them, having only great success so far. The crowns can be found on her website, Etsy. They are one of a kind, therefore you know that you will be the only one rocking that crown; they are hand-made by Chelsea, which means that you do not have to worry about the ethical implications of child labour and unfair working conditions. She updates her website twice a week, Mondays and Fridays. Moreover, she is using seashells from the beaches that have an excess of shells, working with suppliers from India, Australia, and Hawaii, which means there will not be any imbalance created in the nature by making these crowns. Ethical, original, and very pretty. But where can you wear them?


We go to festivals for music, friends, and ultimately, to have a good time. However, we also want to show our wicked outfits, the newest pair of boots, the simplistic, yet gorgeous hairstyles and hair colors, and so on. Most of the outfits we “showcase” at a festival could not be worn on a daily basis. Once in a while you might want to look like a rainbow and you might actually get away with it, but that definitely does not happen every day. Therefore, why not adding a mermaid crown to complement your unique look? Seashells, beads, and oversized head pieces. There is never such thing as “too much” when it comes to festivals.

Fashion Week

If looking to make a statement, Fashion Week is the right place to rock mermaid crowns. Again, nothing will look like an exaggerated attempt to understand fashion; instead, it will show confidence, originality, and baldness. Your fierce look will make your way to the front row seats, fancy champagne, and chatting to designers and press, and you will not regret it!

Photo shoots

The crowns were originally sold for the sole purpose to be props for photo-shoots, or cool accessories for festivals. And you do not have to be a model to have a photo shoot. For example, wanting to change your Facebook profile picture, or having some new content for your Instagram, and get those most wanted followers and likes, is enough reason to want to do it. Invest in a crown, get a friend with a DSLR camera, go outside and shot some pics. Here you have one idea (out of many more out there) that can be done with minimum effort and minimum budget.

On a daily basis

Have you ever felt the need to be extra pretty when going to town? Not necessarily go out clubbing or meet friends for a drink; just the random trip to town to do some window shopping. And you went the extra mile and applied those new eyelashes, makeup, full-on contouring, popping highlighter, and cute clothes. If you did that at least once, you might consider purchasing one of the crowns and go the extra mile with ZERO effort. No need for hours spent doing makeup, when you can just put on the crown and stand out from the crowd. Good thing about these creations is that they are also cheap. You would think that being hand-made will place them in the over £100 category, when in reality they are £20- £30. Affordable, sustainable, and fashionable accessories that will for sure turn heads.

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oing on a professional placement interview and want to be the best dressed fella there? As you probably know, dressing smart at a professional interview is vital if you want to stand out from the crowd and be remembered. However, you also need to consider what accessories you will be wearing when you are there. If that is the latest watch or belt, you need to be up to date with the current trends. What is in fashion now is the noticeable designer brand Daniel Wellington. These watches are affordable and smart, going with anything you decide on wearing to the interview. The plain black strap is the best option with the silver surrounding the face. The semi or half brogue shoe always goes well with anything. Being the formalist of the brogue shoe family, they can suit what you decide on wearing. With various colours of tan, black or even a variety of others the toe cap shoe is something to consider. The style of this shoe was first designed by famous London shoe makers John Lobb Ltd so at an interview you will look smart and sophisticated wearing a shoe like this. As students, being able to afford what you wear is a necessity. A plain black skinny tie from a retailer like M&S or John Lewis cannot go wrong, but if you are someone that likes the brands then a Ted Baker tie is the one to choose. The plain black one will go with anything, but if you are someone who suits a pattern this could be a good call. Heard of Armani? Sure you have. But what about Alfani? This designer suggests their feather-edged leather belt which if choosing brown can perfectly compliment your repertoire especially if wearing tan coloured shoes. Again, a toe cap shoe is in style now so just bear this in mind. Remember, keeping it simple sometimes is not a bad thing. However, if there is something that expresses your personality then you should go for it! Written by: Jason Carter Designed by: Anthony Thomas Image source:

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o some, the idea of setting foot in a gym can send them into a quivering mess. If you are one of those individuals, you may be pleased to know that nowadays more and more fitness alternatives are becoming available. This means you can now get your daily dose of cardio without having to psych yourself up beforehand.

Over the recent years there has been a huge push in increasing the amount of physical activity, we as a society actually do. We have seen the quick and convenient options offered by Joe Wicks and his Body Coach HIIT routines, but what about the more fun alternatives? Here are a few of the options available to those of you who fancy a laugh, as well as a good cardio kick: Boogie Bounce Boogie bounce is the new exercise phenomenon that is taking the fitness world by storm. It is typically an hour-long session carrying out various exercises on a small trampoline (with the safety of a support bar) following a qualified instructor to upbeat and motivational tunes. Moves range from ‘frogging’, jogging, bouncing and ‘stomping’ and the extra resistance from the trampoline means that the class is two to three times more effective than a regular aerobics class. Kelly, the instructor from Boogie Bounce based in Ferndown says that “It’s a fun and effective way to get a proper workout in, as well as making new friends and listening to some good tunes!” Zumba Zumba is not exactly a new revelation but its effectiveness and fun-factor can be seriously underrated. Not only can dancing around to powerhouse music make you feel as sassy as Beyoncé, but it also gets your heart rate up and incorporates all of your muscles, giving you an impressive full-body workout without even noticing! Training Zumba instructor, Sam Bolter swears by the craze and says “Zumba is a great way to get the body moving and releases tons of endorphins to make you shine for the rest of the day!”

Extreme Sports Surfing, rock climbing, skiing, skating…. All of these are ideal ways to get a super adrenaline rush while picking up that heart rate (and courage). For example, rock climbing is great for building up your upper-body strength and stability, as well as improving your skills in space-awareness and planning. All of these activities involve going in pairs or in a group so it can count for some social time as well! Get your friends together and see who can surf the biggest wave or climb to the highest point. Team If you enjoyed team sports at school yet you worry that not performing at a high enough standard means you cannot continue to play, you are wrong. Sure, at college you may not have made the first team, but fear not, the University offers sessions allowing you to practice no matter what level you may be: beginners and intermediates alike. BU Sport offers pay-as-you-go classes and courses in sports such as netball, volleyball and football and many more, so if you need a bit of outside motivation to keep you fighting fit- these sessions may be a good option! Not only does this give you an excuse to meet new people and catch up on the latest gossip, but you are still burning calories as you go. So there we have it, a few suggestions for those who are struggling to stick to that New Year resolution of regular exercise. It really is worth doing something that is fun and enjoyable - that way you are more likely to stay on track, hitting your fitness goals. But if none of these take your fancy, do some research. New fitness crazes are always being created meaning there is quite literally something for everyone… all you have to do is look hard enough. Written by: Imogen Byers Designed by: Anthony Thomas Image source:

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For most - home is a place of solidarity, comfort, and warmth. Somewhere you can go to put your feet up and escape the stresses of everyday life. But unfortunately, home does not mean this for everyone. Since 2015, thousands of Syrian refugees have been fleeing their destroyed homes and travelling to different countries in hopes of finding a better life. The Red Cross estimate that 117,234 refugees are currently living in the UK… a number that continues to rise. The migrant crisis has been a common topic amongst national news, but what you may not know is how you can actually help. To many, this issue does not affect them personally and because of this it is often forgotten. Due to this problem being on such a large scale, many also believe there is nothing they can do, but this is a misconception. So what can you do? For one, educate yourself. This is the simplest thing you can do, and it really does not take that much time or effort. Since this issue arose many fallacies have been floating around, leaving many misinformed. To be able to help, it is important to educate everyone on the real issues and the action that is being taken, which in turn will help banish all negative and ignorant views. Like any other crises, numerous of charities have been set up to help support these victims; even larger charities such as UNICEF and Save the Children have got involved. Some charities encourage small cash donations, but others such as Help Refugees ask for donations of clothing, goods and food. Volunteering is another great way to help out,especially if you are looking for something more hands on. And no, this does not mean you have to travel to Calais to help (or any other place for that matter), this can quite literally be on your doorstep.

Tillie Dee is the volunteer coordinator from The Student Action For Refugees (STAR) here at Bournemouth University; she explained STAR’s role in this crisis: “Our organization works with the local charity ICN on a variety of different projects, these include homework clubs, English lessons for the refugee women and crèche sessions with the infants. It’s a great way to help integrate into the community as some of them may be feeling extremely alone and homesick.” Unfortunately, many refugees go to great lengths to get here and life is not always as idyllic as they may have hoped. The sad reality is that most are simply not accepted into our society, and with the likes of Nigel Farage’s infamous ‘Breaking Point’ campaign and the ignorant perceptions that followed, is this any surprise? Finding jobs can be hard and living a normal life is just not possible for some. This is where organizations such as STAR and ICN step in, helping refugees feel welcome whilst also getting the support they need. So why not get involved? You can get in touch with STAR via the SUBU website, and if you are looking for something a bit closer to home, do some digging. You will be surprised to see the amount of organizations up and down the country which are doing similar work. The opportunities are there - you just have to go look for them! The gloomy reality is that many are forgetting what refugees really are… human beings. Human beings whose lives were so bad that they simply had to escape. Human beings that need help, help that you can provide.

Written by: Megan Horton Designed by: Chandreyee Sen

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oing through a breakup is always tough – this is a fact of life that many know all too well. Whether it is the end of an intense long-term relationship or just things fizzling out between you and someone you have been “seeing” for a few months, the emotional turmoil of ending a relationship is a grieving and healing process, and can cause people to do some otherwise inexcusable things. Aside from this, which is a talking point in its own right, it is interesting to consider what happens next – will you stay in touch with your ex, or are they blocked on Facebook for life? Recently, an increasing number of studies are cropping up and exploring whether it is healthy to have a relationship with someone post-breakup. This is fair, as it has to be said that if you have witnessed the end of a relationship – whether it be first hand or that of a friend’s – you probably remember a debate around keeping contact with the said heartbreaker.

NM // 21

Your friends are completely against it (“we do not want to see you get hurt by that scumbag again”) and it is hard to say you are all for the pally reunion of your best mate and the person who dumped them last month. Though it can often be a natural reaction to a breakup; as humans we fear change and appreciate what is familiar as a comforting element, which is exactly what an ex is. It has to be said, if a split has involved a horrible cheating incident or complete betrayal of trust, chances are that there will not be many feelings of familiarity or comfort left, but if not there is undoubtedly going to be the consideration of texting your ex when you are feeling lonely months down the line. One particular report, 2016 journal Personal Relationships, claims that a friendship with an ex could be detrimental to the process of moving on. While still maintaining an amicable relationship with a previous spouse, individuals

feel emotionally assured by the relationship, often viewing it as a “back-up plan”. This is an interesting notion, and revisits the idea that familiarity is comforting – people keep their exes around as a sort of insurance, in case they never find happiness with another partner. This report examined the survey responses of over 400 undergraduate students in the US. All of the surveyed were in relationships of at least one month, and of these women, around 40% were still in contact with their ex, with the vast majority – over 90% – communicating at least once every couple of months. Overall, the ones who had kept in touch with their exes tended to have more difficulty adjusting to the split. They also reported higher levels of romantic feelings for their former partner, and felt less satisfied and committed in their current relationship – coincidentally, it was also found that many of the people involved struggled with being single and found themselves “stuck” on the ex they remained in contact with.

According to relationship expert, Terri Orbuch, you should refrain from contacting your ex if any feelings still exist: “When the urge to text the ex strikes, message a good friend instead… they can help bring you back to reality.” Letting go of someone you have had previous romantic relations with is a part of the healing process and, in turn, helps strengthen your status as a single person. Though it is definitely possible to have a healthy relationship with a former partner, if you are in this position, take a moment to ask yourself, “what am I in this for?” If you can pair texts with an ex up with the feelings of loneliness, insecurity and a craving for comfort, maybe it is time to consider giving them the boot – at least just for a little while. Written by: Amy Lauren Martin Designed by: Olivia Pooley

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Fast food for thought: Are takeaway

NM // 23

restaurants joking about our health? “Cauliflower isn’t a food, it’s a lifestyle choice…” These are the words of Figgy Poppleton-Rice, the fictitious clean eating advocate who rose to prominence recently as part of a collaboration with fast-food chain KFC. The fried chicken franchise tweeted a picture of a new product with ‘#CleanEating’ forcefully emblazoned across their new advert, asking customers to try a healthy new burger. Made up of a “chia seed-topped cauliflower bun containing spiralised chicken breast and dressed with unsweetened almond yoghurt, ice cube relish and 100% British kale”, it appeared to be a surreal addition to their menu. KFC have confirmed that the ‘burger’ was a publicity stunt, obviously designed to juxtapose the banality of vegon-veg-on-veg against the new ‘finger lickin’ good’ Dirty Louisiana, a considerably unhealthier yet tastier option. But perhaps the Colonel’s satirical take on clean eating raises questions about what is in our fast food and what options should be available to takeaway lovers.

It is common knowledge that popular takeaway retailer’s food usually contains large amounts of saturated fat, sugar, sodium and calories. While it is fine to eat fast food and takeaways in moderation, excessive consumption can lead to severe detrimental effects on the body and mind such as weight gain, depression, and diabetes. The number of calories in the likes of McDonalds, KFC and Pizza Hut’s food is well documented in our increasingly health-conscious society but some of the numbers are still startling. A McDonalds Big Mac has 493 calories in it and nearly 23g of fat. Those delicious options on the KFC menu? They could be very bad for you: a chicken fillet meal will see you pile on 761 calories and a Zinger Tower meal contains 38.4 grams of fat.

“Sometimes people ask about calories (in the pizza) but not often”, according to Pizza Hut Winton manager Farman Ali. His claim implies that perhaps the consumers can be more conscientious about what they eat. Nonetheless, it seems the chain is trying to offer some healthy alternatives. “All our toppings are gluten free and we are always trying to update (the menu) and make it healthier. We do a side salad and everything is under performance of health and safety.” E-numbers and chemical ingredients are often a worry for customers but Farman believes most are willing to ignore the health risks in pursuit of cheap, convenient and flavoursome food.

The NHS states that an adults’ recommended daily intake of saturated fat be no more than 30g for a man and 20g for a woman, and calorie intake should not exceed more than 2000kcal.

“All the time we try our best for the customers. We try to do good deals for them and Saturday is by far our most popular day. They love the cheesy garlic twister!”

According to The New Statesman “a third of British children are overweight” and the proportion of UK adults who were classified as obese rose 13.2% from 19932015. In a similar period, a Cambridge University study found that from 1997 – 2015 the number of takeaway restaurants rose by a staggering 45%. Given Deliveroo sales grew by 650% in 2016, there is a suggestion that obesity levels may continue to rise.

There is no shame in enjoying a boneless bucket or a Dominos every so often, but it may be that KFC’s ironic post is something of a victory lap; a comment on the irony of this generation’s love for fast food despite the plethora of information warning of the health risks. Figgy Poppleton-Rice might not exist, but there is no doubt KFC will be alive and kicking for a long time yet. Written by: Oliver Sirrell Designed by: Rebecca Miller Illustrated by: Anastasia Izlesou

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Victoria's Secret Female Empowerment or Male Entertainment?


ith millions of fans, Victoria’s Secret is one of the biggest and known lingerie companies in the world. However, not everyone has taken positively to their representation of the ‘ideal’ woman. Along with their immensely popular annual fashion show comes heaps of criticism about what should be considered the perfect body, and if the coveted Victoria’s Secret Angels have it. The popularity of these Angels - with their millions of online followers - and the extravagant flaunting of bikini clad models, are these shows and campaigns for the benefit of the young female fans the company possesses? Or are they strategically created to be the perfect being for the male gaze? Being a brand that sells female products, you would expect this to be a brand primarily targeting females, however this is hard to agree with when the founder, CEO and creative director are all men. So it seems almost laughably obvious that the way in which these Angels are portrayed on television, in campaigns and on social media is all from a male perspective, creating a vision of what a man thinks a woman should look like. Looking at the history of VS just solidifies this idea more, as far-fetch as it sounds, Mallory Scholssberg from Business Insider states that VS was actually created by Roy Raymond who wanted to see his wife wearing beautiful lingerie but felt “shady” entering the shop. This sense of sexism can often be found in their campaigns. In 2016 the brand released a campaign photograph of Elsa Hosk squirting cream in her hand - this created uproar when some likened this image to porn. Many claimed that a sensual image like this was not enticing women to buy the product but instead was aimed purely at the male gaze, with one fan commenting on Facebook: “Your customers are women, not porn stars…stop catering for men.”

NM // 25

But of course not everyone believes VS is sexist. On the other hand, the annual fashion show is decorated and advertised in a way that screams femininity, so does this not show they are trying to attract females? Courtney Mina from Bustle talks about how singers such as Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande are invited to perform at the show, performers known for their outspoken views on female empowerment. She believes this is one way that VS is proving not to be sexist, as these stars are a powerful endorsement for what it means to be a strong, hardworking female. On a slightly different note, Emma Watson has recently been heavily criticised for a revealing photograph of herself taken on a Vanity Fair shoot. The image saw the actress simply wearing a jacket and nothing underneath, with many arguing that this is hypocritical for someone who advocates feminism so much. People were astonished that a woman could show of her body and still be a feminist. She responded to this criticism perfectly in one simple phrase: “feminism is about freedom and liberation.” This takes us back to Victoria’s Secret, suggesting that these models are indeed empowering as they encourage women everywhere to embrace their sexuality and to be more confident within their bodies. Whether men enjoy this or not is irrelevant, it is all about a woman feeling great about herself, a woman that is ready to take on anything, even the catwalk. All things considered, that what people get out of Victoria’s Secret varies from person to person; some think that it is empowering to show off their (beautifully toned) bodies whereas some believe it is a ploy to satisfy men from all over the world. But whatever it may be, it obviously has not stopped Victoria’s Secret from being one of the biggest fashion companies in the world, with girls all over the world striving to become Angels.

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Written by: By Shemonti Shams / Designed by: Rebecca Miller / Illustration by: Sian Roberts



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After the release of their second album, NERVE talk to JAWS frontman Connor Schofield about their latest music and how their sound has changed from their humble beginnings to their rise to success. Forming in 2012 and releasing an impressive debut album ‘Be Slowly’ only two years later, the Birmingham band ‘JAWS’, often associated as part of the Digbeth B-Town scene, bite back with their follow up record ‘Simplicity’. A fitting title to what seems like a much rawer album with less synths, and a heavier focus on the bands playing ability. The newly turned-three piece band recorded a track a day at Veil Studios in Worcester until the album was finished in just ten days. From ‘Just a Boy’ where Connor Schofield really shows his singing chops, to ‘What We Haven’t Got Yet’, a song seemingly about a decaying dystopian world, the record screams teenage angst from start to finish. A striking contrast from their early material, which is often pigeonholed as ‘beach pop’, but this change really works for them. Yet, speaking with Schofield he says there was no conscious decision to change their sound at all. It was merely where the creative process took them. “Everything we write comes really naturally from either me recording a demo or from us having a jam, We’ve always listened to a lot of different kinds of music, especially growing up me and Eddy used to always be in and out of metal and hardcore bands. I guess that side of its influenced from that.” Embarking on a second record is a daunting task for any band, a lot of questions can be brought up with regards to changing or sticking to that original sound that captivated the fan base in the first place. It would be questioned whether people would even like their new sound, or whether it could compare with the previous album. With the departure of their original bassist, JAWS could therefore be forgiven if they were to play it safe. But Frontman Schofield says this could not be further from the case. In fact, he shared “It’s not something that’s ever really concerned us, we knew as long we practiced and the songs sounded alright live that we could relax and have fun with it. At the end of the day that’s why we do this. I think if you concern yourself with those things you can overthink everything strategically, we just did our first album, then did our second. There really wasn’t anymore thought put into it. I think you just have to crack on with things regardless.” The band make use of live instruments and an aggressive set of 11 songs, with highlights including ‘Right in Front of Me’, a hit that features a grungy hard driving bass throughout carrying the song from start to finish. “I think our live show has always been a bit rawer sounding, and a bit faster and I think we took some of that into writing this album. Which is cool. It means the songs might sound right live now!” There seems to be a running theme of ‘Simplicity’ when it comes to JAWS. They make music that says it how it is and explores everyday happenings in a relatable way that clearly has conveyed well with their fanbase. The album has been welcomed with open arms with the bands UK tour almost selling out every date. “It’s blown us away to be honest, we thought everyone had forgotten about us! It’s really cool to see people listening and talking about the record.” JAWS second record ‘Simplicity’ is out now. Written by: Goerge McMillan Designed by: Anthony Thomas Image source:

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The future of entertainment 2016 bought us all sorrow, but as for the gaming world? It was a landmine of advancements and additions that have revolutionised the industry. With the rapid rise of Virtual Reality technology, you can now literally jump into the world of the games you love. As well as this, the complexity and options in the hardware you can choose from is increasing, from PlayStation’s VR set with 100 degree vision and 1920 x 1080 resolution, to The Vive from HTC, and even Samsung’s The Oculus Rift. There are so many new toys for us to play with, and each offer an exciting future for us gamers. VR is changing the way games can be experienced. For example, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, released in January, harnessed the power of VR to create a chilling, intense and bloody terrifying experience. The game can be played in 2D, but you can also play in the intense VR version that will chill you to the bone. Why? Once you put those headphones on and the headset starts to block the outside world, it creates the most immersive atmosphere. The opening first couple of scenes of the game

are made perfectly for VR, it is an experience that all gamers musttry at least once. The realism is insane. You feel like you are in the room with the creepy, cannibal family up close and personal. As the headset is controlled by where you move and where you look, in almost every direction you watch as a grizzly scene happens, with nowhere to turn for safety. You simply cannot hide or shield your eyes without taking off the headset, something that is a perfect step forward for the horror game industry. But VR isn’t exclusively made for horror games. The classics such as Minecraft will also be available soon. If you don’t feel like shaking in a corner because Resident Evil has creeped you out, there are many more games on offer to suit your needs. It is truly amazing just how much impact this new technology has. Even just thinking about the possibilities there could soon be with virtual reality is insane; we could soon live in a world where not only games, but all media forms are viewed through these headsets. Imagine watching a film and looking around as if you were in it yourself. The possibilities are endless. Written by: Amelia Aldridge Illustration by: Finlay Whitfield Designed by: Rebecca Miller

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JUKEBOX An evening of sensational modern jazz was held at the Bournemouth O2 Academy earlier this month. The Postmodern Jukebox came all the way from the bright lights of New York to showcase their unforgettable talent, as part of a UK and European tour. The Postmodern Jukebox is not a “band” in the traditional form of the word, rather it is an ever evolving, revolving collective community of performers and presently there are more than forty cast members on the bandstand. The Postmodern Jukebox began when a “bunch of oddball musicians got into Scott Bradlees basement and started singing.” From there the idea was born. Scott Bradlee is not only a musician and pianist himself, but he is the man behind the Jukebox, arranging the whole event and Nerve’s Editor Rebecca Miller spoke to him. The music extravaganza saw a variety of acts switching up modern pop songs with a vintage 1920’s jazz twist. Performances saw covers of Ginuwine’s ‘Pony’ to the Titanic’s ‘My heart will go on’. Swing fever was in the air, as R Kelly’s ‘ignition’ and Knarls Barkley’s ‘Crazy’ sent the crowd into excitement. Written, designed and photos by: Rebecca Miller

NM // 31

“It's a celebration of classic style and classic talent, but first and foremost, it's a party..”

“Beyonce was the first artist to endorse us after we remade her song ”Drunk In Love.”” Where did the concept for Postmodern Jukebox come from? “When I was growing up, I was really into jazz and swing, but my friends weren’t. So, I would play jazz versions of the songs that they liked on the piano, and found that people really enjoyed. Years later, I took this basic concept and expanded it to be an entire universe of reimagined pop songs, performed by some of the best performers in the world. “

What are the biggest challenges when rearranging a song in a radically different style? Are there any particularly difficulties? “My main goal when rearranging a song is to take something familiar and flip it so that it becomes a brand new song, just by altering its historical context. For example, if you look at just the lyrics of “Sweet Child O’ Mine,” it becomes obvious it was inspired by old blues and folk songs; it was written in the same format. So, my remake takes it one step further and imagines what it would sound like if it was sung by Bessie Smith in 1920s New Orleans. Of course, some songs are much easier to “Postmodern Jukebox” than others. I often have trouble with songs that already have a strong retro quality in their original versions. Some of them already sound classic to begin with.” Out of the hundreds of songs that you’ve arranged, which are your favourites to play live? “There are a lot, but one of them has to be “Stacy’s Mom.” That song is just a party, especially when sung by Casey Abrams. He gets the entire room on his feet. Also, “Creep” is one of our biggest hits and we’ve played it hundreds of times, but we still manage to make it slightly different each time and explore its possibilities. It’s also really fun to hear each of our fantastic vocalists put their own unique spin on it.” Who were your favourite performers / composers when you were growing up? “Duke Ellington, Jelly Roll Morton, and Louis Armstrong were my favorites when I was first getting into jazz. Later on, I discovered Jackie Wilson, Ray Charles, Roy Orbison, and Stevie Wonder. All these performers were completely unique and were instantly recognizable.”

What can European audiences expect from a Postmodern Jukebox show? “Expect to see some breathtaking performances, share some laughs, and get up and dance. It’s the party that the Rat Pack would have attended on New Years’ Eve back in the Golden Era of Hollywood. Dress to impress! “

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POLITICS IN MUSIC SHOULD MUSICIANS KEEP QUIET OR SPEAK OUT? Written by: Shannon Reeve // Designed by: Joshua Browne

The past year has been a turbulent

one for politics, to say the least. First, we were shocked by “Brexit”, and then again when Donald Trump was elected president. Dismay has come from every direction - politicians, experts, the public, and particularly, artists. The 2017 Grammys were undoubtedly political, to the annoyance of some viewers. These viewers argued that the artists should stay quiet, leave the political discussions to the experts and focus on music. But should this really be the case? I disagree wholeheartedly with that statement because nothing is produced in a vacuum. Every piece of art, whether it is a painting, a film, or a song, is influenced to some degree by the outside world. Current events, the social climate, and politics all have some effect on the art that we create, consciously or otherwise. We often forget that musicians have always been outspoken about politics. In 1844, Giuseppe Verdi made a statement by choosing a chorus comprised of Hebrew slaves, a call to the Italians to overthrow the dominance of France and Austria. Consider icons such as Bob Dylan, John Lennon, The Sex Pistols, N.W.A, or Rage Against the Machine.

These artists are all renowned, respected, and adored, and all of them used their art as a vehicle for their political views. Why should it be any different in 2017? Today’s musicians should have the same right; the same freedom of speech. We are currently in the midst of a difficult time. We are at an environmental crisis point, desperate Syrian refugees are forgotten in camps, and the President of the United States attempts to chip away at human rights almost weekly. These artist deserve the right to condemn through their music. ‘Political’ music is also hugely entertaining - Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Childish Gambino and David Bowie are all widely loved for their politically charged music. To deny musicians the chance to speak out about politics, to voice their anger, is lunacy. They too are affected by politics and have the same right to discuss it as we do. The difference is that artists have the platform, the power, to really help change the world for the better. I’m not saying that Beyoncé will singlehandedly save humanity, but the 114.4 million people who watched her salute to the Black Power movement during her Super Bowl performance just might.

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It is with great regret and a heavy heart that I must announce that The 1975 are at it again. That annoying, pretentious pop band that thinks it has a charismatic singer are so desperate to get back into the limelight that they have to pretend to have their performance hacked, live at the Brit awards! Just when you thought they’d finally faded back into post-album obscurity they return again to remind everyone of just how ridiculous they are. This night was for the well deserving artists who won awards for their vast and exceptional contributions to music in 2016 - like Rag’n’Bone Man and Emilie Sandé - not this group of recycled wannabees with their plethora of on-screen ‘ironic’ graphics. I know The 1975 also won an award but that’s not important. It was one of the smaller accolades, anyway. Furthermore their performance was so unpleasant to watch; I could barely see what the lead singer was doing because of all the pop-up text. I mean, I agree with what the text said: even this impartial reporter knows that The 1975 are ‘punch your TV obnoxious’, ‘totally lacking the wow factor’ and ‘genuinely laughable’, but it’s almost as though they don’t even care what their opponents think about them.

NM // 35

At one point in their performance of The Sound Mr Healy rambles on about ‘A sycophantic, prophetic, Socratic junkie wannabe’ and ‘a simple Epicurean philosophy.’ What does this mean? Is it even English? They’re just alienating potential fans and critics when they bring complicated lyrics like this to such a broad audience. Perhaps they should take a leaf out of Rag’n’Bone Man’s book and keep their lyrics clichéd, repetitive and simple – that way they won’t have to pretend to be so edgy when cool and parade fake criticism when all of their fans are zombies. Ultimately, as an experienced, perceptive and sincere music reviewer, I feel that is my duty to apologise for The 1975’s nonsense on their behalf.They shouldn’t be experimental or provocative with their performances – that’s not what music is all about. Maybe next time they try a stunt like this – and they will – they should save it for a music video where it would be much more appropriate. Hopefully they will now disappear and let the rest of us get on in peace. It is not worth getting so animated over such a trivial, little band. Written by: Oliver Sirrell Designed by: Olivia Pooley Images source: The Sun via Google


he Oscar Academy awards just passed us by and for the first time there were signs of true diversity within the panel and the award recipients. Whilst it is not perfect, the academy is clearly taking steps in the right direction. Firstly, Mahershala Ali picked up the award for Best Supporting Actor after his stellar performance in the critically acclaimed film, Moonlight. He is the first Muslim actor to win a prestigious academy award; a needed step in helping to defeat islamophobia on a global scale. The supremely talented Viola Davis won the award for Best Supporting Actress for her phenomenal performance in Fences. Viola Davis’ award made her the first black actress to win a Tony, Golden Globe and an Oscar, a truly amazing achievement. This years award seasons have all had strong political subtexts to them right from Meryl Streep’s speech at the Golden Globes to A Tribe Called Quest’s performance at the Grammys and finally Jimmy Kimmel’s jabs at President Trump during his Oscars monologue. Celebrities have fully immersed themselves within our political culture this year. However, celebrities voicing their outrage with modern racism will not mean anything until they change the film industry at grassroots level. Seeing interacial couples represented on screen is still rare, and actors of colour are usually typecast into roles. This needs to be fixed. 2017 does seem to be a year of progress, Moonlight has won best picture and proves that a majority cast of people of colour can have just as much success as a cast of predominantly white actors. However, moving away from Hollywood and its institutional racism, television shows have been a more honest representation of our diverse society. Shows like the critically acclaimed comedy Community and even Brooklyn 99 have diverse casts. Orange is the New Black set up stage for women and women of colour to shine. The list of TV shows with diverse casts goes on and on. Hollywood and the filmmaking industry could learn a thing or two about diversity from its television counterpart. Casting directors and producers need to understand that a newer generation of people is watching television and films, a generation that demands change. Consumers are more open-minded than ever before and they want to see something different. People of colour will no longer stand to be made into stereotypes on screen. They deserve representation too. Written by: Aakash Bhatia Designed by: Anthony Thomas Image source:

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FIFTY SHADES DARKER REVIEW By Lily Coleman We are all well acquainted with the infamous story of Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey from the flop that was Fifty Shades of Grey. But 2017 offers their next chapter, a muddled story with a mix of dramatic backstories, confused plotlines and a desperate attempt for the leads to salvage some chemistry (with no success). The script itself is awkward and cringey. For almost 2 hours you watch as Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan stumble through sentences that are stringed together with the hope of making audiences swoon, but actually inflict a sensation of seasickness. If it wasn’t clear from the first instalment, the entire plot heavily relies on sex. But there is something so fake and so forced about these scenes that do not induce feelings of pleasure but rather embarrassment. Whilst the film tries to tackle more some serious topics, it falls flat and becomes merely a tool to move from one tragic ‘love’ to another. The scene where Anastasia compares her love for Christian with romantic icons from classic literature, completely sums up the issues with this film. Whilst it may aspire to be more than just a cringey, sex-fest for middle-aged women, it does little but offer a confusing plot that relies on badly structured sex scenes.

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By Aakash Bhatia

By Reece Shrewsbury

The Wolverine is back. And he’s tougher, grittier and angrier than ever. Both James Mangold and Hugh Jackman have truly outdone themselves with this movie. Don’t be fooled, this isn’t some flashy comedyfilled typical Marvel movie. It is quite the opposite. Logan follows the ‘Old Man Logan’ comics and is set in the future where most mutants are dead. The ‘R’ rating allowed the titular character to show his true colours and his tremendously violent tendencies that will satisfy the cravings of long-time Wolverine fans who have always felt let down by the previous movies.

Following the success of an amazing album like ‘Multiply’ seems like a daunting task, or at least it would be to any other artist. However, Ed Sheeran’s newest offering, ‘Divide’, manages to simultaneously live up to, and surpass, the excellence of his previous work.

Jackman delivers a stellar and heart-breaking performance for his last ride as the clawed mutant. Patrick Stewart also appears but with a sad twist. He is old and weak. We see them ditch the cosy mansion from previous X-Men films for a darker backdrop. The strange combination of a brutal dystopian world and mildly comfortable familial feelings is what makes the movie so special. It is a bittersweet farewell required to provide some sort of closure from the fact that this is the last time Hugh Jackman will ever dawn the familiar claws of The Wolverine.

Sheeran has always been an expert at playing with his audience’s emotions as easily as he does his acoustic guitar, and while his almost trademark lyrical prowess and soulful storytelling shine throughout the album, he also experiments with a lot of sounds that break new ground. Tracks like “Galway Girl” and “Bibia Be Ye Ye” stand out as unique and rather risky endeavours, yet he still manages to take them in his stride and produce amazing melodies and spectacular riffs. Lyrically, Ed has a range of content that you’d expect from one of his albums, equal parts hilarious (there’s a lyric about bleached bum holes) and heart-breaking, see “Supermarket Flowers” for the most heartfelt goodbye to a loved one since “Tears in Heaven”, and “Perfect” is sure to be a new first-dance phenomenon this summer. Divide’ is pure emotion and a showcase of Sheeran’s prowess, sure to solidify him as one of the greatest musicians today.

Designed by: Olivia Pooleymage sources: ABC News, Screen Rant & viaGoogle

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Written by: Lana Byrnes // Designed by: Joshua Browne // Image: Vecteezy via Google

Following an announcement by the Government of plans to designate funding to netball, two articles were published by the Guardian and Telegraph branding the sport as “uncool.” We are in 2017 and women are still attempting to bring one another down, but for what purpose?.

As a woman who has been playing netball since the age of seven, it brings me tremendous disappointment that articles such as these are getting published after all the hard work and progress the sport has made. Netball has always been a massive part of my life, especially at University.

Just days after England Netball played a jaw-dropping one-goal loss to world number ones Australia in front of huge crowds, it is astonishing that there is still a need to defend the sport that is played by millions in the UK alone. Every four years, Sport England is allocated a set amount of money from the Government for each sporting governing body - England Netball will receive £16.9 million for this four-year cycle.

As a player on the varsity team, I can share that it has brought me such enjoyment and commitment to everything I do, as well as meeting people who will now be my friends for life. The idea that playing netball at school brings a negative trail of thoughts makes my blood boil.

The highly critical articles argued about the allocation of funding and criticised those who play the sport. If the two journalists had actually done their research beforehand, they would have realised that this money will actually cause a 33% cut in England Netball’s funding, leaving the question as to why they (being women themselves) would want to slam the government for finally encouraging women in sport? Both articles are infested with massive inaccuracies, one of which describes the act of defending the ball as a “modified Nazi salute.” As if they hadn’t handpicked the most awful things to say about a group of athletes already, they also decided to use a deeply inappropriate connotation. When men already claim that ‘netball is not a real sport’, we really do not need female journalists doing the same. As a woman who has been playing netball since the age of seven, it brings me tremendous disappointment that articles such as these are getting published after all the hard work and progress the sport has made. Netball has always been a massive part of my life, especially at University.

If the sport is so disregarded and hated, then why are so many people still playing it today? The articles have a huge lack of understanding about the numberone played sport by women in the UK. Surely, there is a reason for this many women participating? Not only is the sport regularly broadcasted on Sky Sports, it also packs out thousands of people in arenas Worldwide. Unlike football and rugby, netball does not have the men’s equivalent to increase its worth or gain bigger sponsors. But why should this defame it, rather than bring the uniqueness closer together? Twitter reigned in thousands of tweets in the aftermath. With players, broadcasters and supporters hash-tagging and sharing their support for the game. The hashtag #netballontherise was trending and netballers worldwide shared the reasons why they play and love the sport. It is a real shame that careless acts such as these can tear women apart, but in this case it has brought so many more together. Some might say that coolness is subjective. Yet, I personally think it is pretty cool to exercise and be a part of a great team that will defend you… not just on the court, but off it as well.

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Is University the best or worst place to “find yourself” sexually? - By Aakash Manoj Bhatia


niversity is often associated with the inciting freedom to ‘be who you want to be’, but what if that is someone you didn’t realise you were? The argument about whether University is the best or worst place to address your sexuality has been ongoing for years. “Finding yourself” is a very broad term with many factors to consider. It can range from learning new things about yourself, your passions, your needs, your dislikes and the lesser talked about part of your life… your sexuality. Many people still shy away from the intimidating topic of sexuality because of the stigma attached to it. When asked about their sexuality, most people are immediately dismissive of the idea that they might be seen as anything but straight. After all, we do live in a society where homophobic slurs tend to be the norm, so how could we expect anything different? I believe that University is undoubtedly the best place to discover your sexuality. In reality, it is probably one of the few places to explore sexuality, where the number of people judging you will be considerably lower. In a place where most of you are just confused, nervous and maybe even scared, sex is the one similarity that is on everybody’s mind. It is perfectly normal for a person to not understand their sexual orientation and not want to label themselves as heterosexual. A recent poll

NM // 41

stated that a staggering 49% of young adults in the UK class themselves as “something other than heterosexual”. If 49% of all 18-24 year olds don’t class themselves as heterosexual, experimentation should be the norm for young people as they cannot comprehend their sexual orientation. It is the 21st century and as generations pass, so does progressive ideology. In the current age, there are more open-minded approaches to sexual orientation and it is not as ‘black and white’ as it was before. There is a general understanding amongst young people that sexuality isn’t as binary as originally thought and you don’t have to clarify anything to anybody. Young celebrities such as actor Colton Haynes and model Cara Delevingne have recently come out as gay, which has resonated with many young people as they are adored and idolized by many. If younger celebrities have the courage to question their sexuality, many other young people might consider it too. The bottom line is that nobody should be afraid to question their sexuality. University is the best place to experiment in a safe environment and everyone is sailing on the same confused boat. Designed by: Chandreyee Sen Image source:


Lets talk about sex Written by: Chloe Desave // Illustration by: Madi Stuart // Designed by: Rebecca Miller The government has announced that sex education could be made compulsory in all schools across England. Our Education Secretary, Justine Greening, has said that children from the age of four will be taught about sex and relationships and that the new curriculum could help combat sexting and cyber bullying before a child reaches their teens. Despite this being a young age, primary schools will only be introducing the relationships topic and leave the sex education part until secondary school. I remember being at secondary school where my teacher brought out the infamous TV trolley and left us watching a cheesy DVD on sex and relationships. The only thing I can remember about this DVD was finding out what a “wet dream” was and that periods are the beasts of hell. Apart from this exhilarating experience of watching a DVD that should be answering all of my questions, I was uninformed on the basics of sex and relationships. The only research a young child or a teenager can do is watch rom-coms and coming of age films or the Internet, which can both be misleading and inaccurate. Until now, only council-run schools were obliged to teach their pupils on sex education whilst academies and free schools did not have to. The new announcement will intend for all schools to come under the same obligation to teach sex and relationships education. Of course, parents can opt their children out of sex education if they

NM // 43

want to and this has not changed. Due to a possible new curriculum, the topics that will be taught could be developed into modern day issues of sexting, online pornography and sexual harassment. Technology is now a big part of a child’s life as they are constantly on social media apps including Instagram and Facebook. Cyber bullying and sexting are now prominent occurrences to the younger generation but if they were taught about the dangers early on, it could possibly put an end to it. The government will be discussing the possible new curriculum for sex and relationships education and what should be taught to children at the different stages of school education. By making sex education in schools compulsory, I believe it will benefit children in learning about issues that they will most likely face at some point in their lives. If children know early on about the fundamentals of sex and relationships, it could ensure that all their questions are answered regarding their changing bodies and how to stay safe in sex and relationships. The announcement is a huge step for the Department of Education and this country as it would help young people be informed and be aware of not only their bodies but their attitudes towards the topics. For more information on sex and relationships see

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AFC BOURNEMOUTH seek steady end to second season.

017 hasn’t been a great year for AFC Bournemouth so far, with The Cherries failing to find the form that saw them end 2016 comfortably in 10th place in the Premier League. Following an unsuccessful January transfer window during which fan favourite Nathan Ake was recalled from his loan by league leaders Chelsea and another long-term injury to forward Callum Wilson, the tail end of the season had been looking rather bleak for Eddie’s men. There is light at the end of the tunnel, however, after a huge 1-1 draw at Old Trafford could galvanize the squad to give them the encouragement and belief they need to avoid getting dragged into the dreaded relegation zone. With lesser teams such as Sunderland, Hull, and Middlesborough all struggling for form at the moment, it would be incredibly surprising and massively disappointing were The Cherries to go down. Certainly, finishing any higher than last season’s 16th place would demonstrate progress, regardless of how big or small it may be. There was cause for concern when Wilson – who hadn’t exactly been firing on all cylinders but remained a fan favourite – was ruled out for the season following another long-term injury, but Joshua King has stepped up admirably in his absence; so too has Benik Afobe in his display in the aforementioned draw with Manchester United. The situation is far from perfect, as defensive errors from culprits such as Cook, Mings, and Boruc remain a concern, as does the form of Jordon Ibe – the £15m signing from Liverpool who has still yet to really make an impact. Nevertheless, with the likes of Wilshere and Arter controlling the midfield and Fraser threatening down the wing, you do feel that if The Cherries can get that form back that saw them beat the likes of Liverpool and draw with Tottenham earlier on in the season, they should be fine and avoid suffering from second season syndrome. An awful run of form from mid-January onwards had many Bournemouth fans concerned that the smallest club in the Premier League wouldn’t reach the heights they were capable of, but with a new, bigger stadium in the initial stages of planning and expected to open in 2020, it’s crucial that Eddie Howe and his men don’t let the form slip too much from here on out. Fingers crossed the result against Manchester United represents The Cherries turning a corner, and that fans will be able to enjoy more points from now until the end of the season.

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British Cycling and Team Sky:

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Arguably one of British Sport’s greatest success stories is on the verge of being exposed in yet another scandal in cycling’s long battle against performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) and doping. The British summer of 2012 has been dubbed ‘the greatest ever’ with highlights including a Premier League decided by the last kick of the season, a first British Grand Slam (male) win in 76 years, and a hugely successful Olympics held in the capital, London. However, in the 99th edition of one of sport’s most gruelling challenges, Le Tour de France, Britain had its first ever champion in Bradley Wiggins (now Sir). A new national sport The charismatic, sideburn wearing Brit, originally born in Belgium, was the catalyst for cycling pandemonium back across the shores in the UK. With the Olympics soon to follow and another gold medal to add to ‘Wiggo’s’ collection, the success on two wheels did not stop coming. Hoy, Trott, Kenny and coall followed suit and by the end of the summer roads were full of

bikes and cycling was dubbed the new national sport.

drugs approved by the overriding power and enforcer of the sport?

Sir Dave Brailsford, the mastermind at the throne of both British Cycling and Team Sky, always insisted the zerotolerance policy towards PEDs. In fact, he proclaimed the success was down to “marginal gains” – Team Sky focused on minute details from each athlete’s bedding to aerodynamic clothing. But is one of Britain’s greatest sporting success stories about to become one of its biggest frauds?

The timing must firstly be put into question. Days before both the 2011 and 2012 tours and the 2012 Giro d’Italia Wiggins took triamcinolone, a TUE, to treat asthma and allergies. Wiggins describe this as simply “putting himself back on a level playing field”. Fishy to say the least.

The head says yes, the heart says no. At the end of another successful British summer in 2016, a Russian cyber espionage group named Fancy Bears leaked the medical records of several British athletes including details of Therapeutic Use Exemptions (TUEs). Athletes such as Wiggins and now 3 time Tour de France winner Chris Froome were all targeted and revealed to have taken TUEs in the past – medication otherwise banned by cycling’s governingbody, the UCI, but allowed to be taken due to some form of medical issue. So what’s the fuss, they took prescribed

“My dog ate my homework” style excuse Then you add in to the mix a ‘mystery package’ that a doctor received for Sir Bradley in 2011. Oh, and the medic who supposedly had evidence of medical records of Wiggins had his laptop stolen in 2014. Hardly the greatest response. One thing’s for certain, the credibility of Wiggins, Brailsford and the rest of Team Sky and British Cycling is now in tatters. Why would a team who prides themselves on cleanliness and fair play in a sport tainted by several large profile scandals not have evidence to prove it? This one may take a while to play out, but don’be too surprised if it all ends in disgrace…

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IS HOOLIGANISM STILL A PROBLEM IN FOOTBALL? The unrest at Euro 2016 and recent comments by a Russian politician has exacerbated fears about fan violence at the 2018 World Cup With just over 15 months to go until the 2018 World Cup in Russia, excitement should be building in anticipation of the event. Yet, in light of recent comments by a Russian politician and the behaviour of some fans at Euro 2016, there is also considerable dread about the possibility of fan violence. At its peak in the 1980s, football hooliganism was a real cause of concern. However, in the years since, unrest in the stands and outside of the grounds has become less and less common. Fully-seated stadiums, increased police presence and stadiums located on the periphery of towns and cities have helped to reduce the threat, although incidences do still occur – like at Euro 2016. Last summer, southern France saw frightening clashes between fans - many of whom were either English or Russian. Scarier still, the French police described some of the Russian fans as “welltrained”, indicating a wider problem. A number of Russian ‘fans’ were deported in the wake of the incidents, although fans of other nations were also found to be at fault. Nonetheless, with the next major international football tournament scheduled to be played in Russia, the spotlight invariably falls on them. Furthermore, recent comments made by a Russian politician have done nothing to alleviate fears about travelling to the 2018 World Cup.

Igor Lebedev, who is a representative of the opposition Liberal Democratic Party of Russia, has drawn up rules for “draka” - the Russian word for fight - which he said would involve 20 unarmed competitors on each side in an organised brawl. Interestingly, the politician is also on the board of the Russian Football Union.

Lebedev published the proposal on his party’s website, stating: “Russia would be a pioneer in a new sport. Fans arrive, for example, and start picking fights. And they get the answer - challenge accepted. A meeting in a stadium at a set time.’’ Although there has been little said in response to Lebedev’s comments at the time of publication, FIFA have previously indicated that they are “not at all concerned” about the threat of hooliganism at the World Cup. Speaking in February Gianni Infantino, the association’s president, said he has “full confidence” in the Russian authorities to combat any trouble next summer, adding they are taking the matter “very seriously”. Although this should inspire some confidence, it should be noted that FIFA recently disbanded its antiracism taskforce, declaring that it had “completely fulfilled its temporary mission”. Read in to that what you will. Written by: Jonathan Coles Designed by: Olivia Pooley

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t’s likely that, if you’ve ever watched top-level sport, you’ve heard the world ‘talent’ mentioned. Serena Williams, Beauden Barrett, Rory McIlroy – all athletes at the top of their sport and, as such, described as having almost ethereal abilities. Furthermore, it’s also likely that, when watching such athletes, you’ve heard somebody say “I could never do that”, believing that such high skills levels are unattainable for the vast majority. Such a comment alludes to sport’s ever-pervasive question, which has been picked over for years: is sporting success a product of nature or nurture? Take Tiger Woods, for example. Golf’s most famous name is often described a phenomenon - someone whose sole purpose in life is to hit a small ball as far as he can, in as few strokes as possible. And, on the surface, it’s easy to accept this reasoning for Woods’ feats on a golf course as correct. Yet, when you digger a little deeper, such a simple explanation doesn’t sit as well. Woods was introduced to golf before his second birthday and appeared on national television at the age of three. Woods knew what a 6-iron was before he could walk. Malcolm Gladwell, in his book ‘Outliers’, talks about the ’10,000 hour rule’, a theory based around the idea that skills need to be learnt then honed. Gladwell states that any skill, whether it be hitting a golf ball, playing the guitar or gutting a fish, needs to be practised for 10,000 hours to be mastered. Not only this, but each of the 10,000 hours needs to be purposeful practice, with a clear goal. For example, if play the same four chords on a guitar over and over again, you’re unlikely to be playing like Ed Sheeran any time soon.

Apply this principle to Woods. Woods is 40 years old, and has played golf every year since his third birthday. Let’s say, for arguments sake, that Woods has played golf for 6 hours a day, as an average, throughout his lifetime. There are 365 days in a year, which means Woods plays golf for 2190 hours a year. Now, multiply that by 37. Do that and you get 81,030 hours, eight times the number Malcolm Gladwell cited as the figure needed to achieve mastery. This is, of course, very rudimentary maths, but serves to prove a point. If Woods was playing for 2190 hours a year from the age of 3, he would have reached the 10,000 hour mark by the age of 8. Coincidentally, Woods broke 80 for the first time at 8 years old. Whilst he may have been gifted with extraordinary hand-eye and good genetics, it is Woods’ commitment to practice that has seen him elevated way above his peers. In his excellent book, ‘Bounce’, former Olympic table tennis player Matthew Syed argues that all athletes are ‘made’, their skills a product of thousands of hours of practice and, essentially, luck. Syed cites himself as an example, recalling the fortunate sequence of events that brought China’s greatest ever table tennis player to his hometown, enabling him to receive the highest level of coaching at a young age. Syed readily admits that it is unlikely he would have succeeded if it were not for these events. There is no one way to decide if one athlete is greater than the next. Arguments for and against are easily countered, with statistics being used like a game of Top Trumps. However, to say one athlete is better than the next because of their route to the top or because they may be more ‘talented’ holds no sway. After all, who cares? Just sit back, watch, and enjoy.

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It is often said of great athletes that, when in full flight, time seems to stand still around them. Think Roger Federer hitting a backhand, Lionel Messi changing direction or Dustin Johnson bending a golf ball to his will. However, as the famous proverb states, time waits for no man. Sporting careers are short, in the grand scheme of things. Many try to put off the inevitable but, eventually, everyone has to retire. Yet, how often do athletes get to leave on their own terms? One final swansong, an adoring crowd, adulation – surely the dream of every athlete. Although some manage it, the vast majority fade in to obscurity, forgotten once the floodlights have gone out. Take the 2015 Rugby World Cup. Much fanfare surrounded the retirements of Dan Carter and Richie McCaw, stalwarts of the winning New Zealand side. Yet, how much did you hear about the international retirement of Frederic Michalak, France’s all-time record point scorer? This is not to say that Carter and McCaw didn’t deserve their plaudits. Quite the opposite, in fact. Both All Blacks transcended rugby and earnt the right to ride into the sunset. However, you can be sure that Michalak dreamt of leaving the international game in the same way, having led his side to victory in a World Cup final. Instead, he had to make do with a humiliating 62-13 loss to Carter and co. in the quarter-finals, limping off with injury part-way through the game. I am not, for the record, a Frederic Michalak fan with an axe to grind. Simply, Michalak’s story illustrates the plight

facing many sportsmen, and goes some way to explaining why so many play on well past their prime. Almost all sportsmen strive to replace the ‘buzz’ once they retire, yet very few achieve it. Anyone who has kicked, struck or served a ball in anger knows what this intangible feels like. Now, imagine experiencing that feeling with thousands cheering you on a weekly basis. Some try and come back once they’ve left. Michael Jordan, widely regarded as the NBA’s greatest ever player, retired three times and was arguably a worse player each time he returned. Certainly, when he turned out for the Washington Wizards in 2001, his legacy was blemished. Bjorn Borg, vaunted as one of the best tennis players of all-time, attempted an ill-advised comeback in the early 1990’s. Borg tried to play with a wooden racket even though all players had moved to graphite models by this point. Playing analogue tennis in a digital era, Borg failed to win a match. Both Jordan and Borg mastered their sports and retired with untold riches, safe in the knowledge they would always be a part of the conversation after their glittering careers finished. Despite this, they chose to risk their reputations and return to the arena. Why? Because, no matter the situation in which you left, no matter how comfortable your retirement, nothing beats that winning feeling. It is for the same reason that thousands turn out for amateur sports clubs on a Saturday afternoon when, deep down, they know there are better ways to spend their time. Many adults would struggle to explain why they spend freezing weekends in November stood on an unkempt field with 22 men they hardly know. But, when it all comes together and you play that perfect pass or you hit your 7-iron just like you intended, it all becomes clear. Athletes are taught a win-at-all-costs attitude from an early age, yet the battle with time is one they can’t win. No matter how hard they try to prolong the show, the curtain always falls. The biggest challenge is knowing what to do when the cries for an encore stop. Written by: Jonathan Coles Designed by: Olivia Pooley

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The Premier League Battle As the Premier League season comes towards its back-end, various teams still have a chance to play European football next season, writes Dan Davies. The battle to finish in the top four is always a close one, and this year’s campaign is no different. With at least six teams still in the mix, and huge clashes between Premier League giants upcoming, it is sure to be an exciting end to the season. Chelsea sit comfortably in first place, and appear to be reclaiming the title this season with ease. Antonio Conte’s side have only lost three games all season, and with the likes of Diego Costa and Eden Hazard in scintillating form, it will be hard for the chasing pack to catch up. One of the teams still battling for a European place, and sure to be keeping a close eye on a potential Chelsea slip-up, is Tottenham Hotspur, fresh off the back of a 3-2 victory over Everton. Two more goals from English hitman Harry Kane sees the North London side remain

in second place, but with only one point separating them from 3rd place Manchester City. Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool took on Arsenal in Matchweek 27, in what turned out to be a comfortable victory for the home side. Anfield erupted as Georginio Wijnaldum tucked home a third goal on the counter, which saw Liverpool rise into the 4th; the final Champions League qualifying spot. However, it is very tight between several teams in the race for fourth position. Premier League giants Arsenal and Manchester United currently sit 5th and 6th respectively, after enduring mixed seasons so far. The Gunners could potentially be in their last season with Arsene Wenger as manager, so will be aiming to improve their form and rise up the table. Meanwhile, Jose

Mourinho’s Manchester United have struggled to turn draws into victories, so are lagging behind their rivals. The Red Devils face a difficult end to the season. Anything less than the Champions league will be a dissapointment. At the back end of the table, the likes of Sunderland, Hull City and Middlesborough are battling against relegation. Surprisingly, last season’s unlikely champions Leicester City sit in 15th position, having sacked Claudio Ranieri. AFC Bournemouth valiantly took a 1-1 draw away from Old Trafford in Matchweek 27, so currently sit 5 points above the relegation zone. But with clashes against Liverpool, Chelsea and Tottenham to come, Eddie Howe’s side will need to improve their form, or could face the drop.

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