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Irwan Ngadisastra: Keys behind his success managing Indo Cafe.


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The Rise of Indonesia’s Economy

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BelgianBrownie Brownies Recipe Belgian Recipe

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Ngadisastra Meet the man behind Seattle’s most successful Indonesia restaurant, Indo Café.


Hoping to improve business for other Indonesian restaurant owners across Irwan Ngadisastra graduated with a major in business from Oregon University. He then continued with higher education at Seattle University. Shortly after, he landed a job at

Starbucks Corporation for one year, before working at a High tech company in Bellevue called Microstar Labs for nine years. In 2008, an opportunity came to gain ownership of Indo Café, an authentic Indonesian restaurant. Under Ngadisastra’s ownership, Indo Café has gained high popularity with non-Indonesian

the states, Ngadisastra spent two years with culinary graduates to create a system that can be implemented for Indonesian restaurants. In attempt to test out his method, he recently joined new partnership with Cloves, a restaurant located in Queen Anne area, Seattle. Cloves offers a more modern,


contemporary Indonesian food and

According to Ngadisastra, the challenges of having

predecessor Indo Café. Ngadisastra

an Indonesian restaurant in the U.S. are Indonesian cuisines are not the easiest to make. The chef has to be skillful or the food won’t taste good. Secondly cost of the spices is high, so the profit margin is small. And most importantly, Americans are not really familiar with Indonesian dishes. These are why Indonesian restaurants mainly rely on the Indonesian community

restaurant experience, compare to its hopes that Cloves can attract more nonIndonesian customers. When asked on what advice he would give for people that are trying to follow his footstep in owning a restaurant, Ngadisastra said: “First you need to

itself, which is a very small in America.

have a passion. Restaurant business

Ngadisastra noticed that other Asian food restaurants

is because of its high risk, which

such as Thai, Vietnamese, and Chinese are successful as they are widely accepted by Americans, but that wasn’t the case for Indonesian restaurants. In Seattle, there are about eight Indonesian restaurants that went out of business since Indo Café opened in 2004.

is one of the hardest businesses there makes it hard to have a financing from the bank, so you really need to be passionate to last in this business. But most importantly I would say you must understand the business.”

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Pelapory Pelapory has an outgoing, creative and silly personality. She always enjoyed performing and doing arts.


orn on April 25, 1987 to a Manado-Ambon family, Kartika Indah Pelapory grew up in the best of both worlds. She was

born in Jakarta, but spent nine years of her childhood in the United States before returning to her hometown. In 2009, She graduation from Pelita Harapan University with a major in International Relations. Pelapory has an outgoing, creative and silly personality. She always enjoyed performing and doing arts. She was always active in school during her younger years. She was a cheerleader, modern dancer, choreographer, PASKIBRA (flag bearers) member, student body president and was also a straight A student. After high school, Pelapory won a nationwide competition held by Softex Company Indonesia where she held the title of Super Smart DJ. She began her professional career in showbiz in 2005, when a casting director spotted her. She soon started in her first role in the movie “Rumah Pondok Indah.” She then went on to acting in other full-length motion pictures such as “Cewe Matrepolis,” “Lentera Merah,” “Big Size Mas” and “Aku Cinta Kamu Titik.” In “Cewe Matrepolis,” Pelapory had the chance to write, arrange and sing two songs for the movie’s original soundtrack.

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Other than the big screen, Pelapory has also starred in numerous TV appearances including soap operas (sinetrons), variety shows, reality shows, talk shows and commercials. She was also featured in several magazine covers, billboards and advertisements. In the midst of her showbiz career and attending university, Indah participated in the 2008 Miss Indonesia pageant. She was the first runner-up and received “Miss Healthy Hair” title. She then went on to be the ambassador for Education and Environment in Indonesia through different Miss Indonesia programs. Although Pelapory enjoys the entertainment industry, her life-long dream was to become a diplomat. But, no matter which career path she embarks, she believes that God has a plan for everyone and just like her motto” “Do your best and God will do the rest.” Pelapory is currently attending California State University in Los Angeles in hopes of gaining her Master’s Degree in Global Politics.

Indah, representing Maluku in Miss Indonesia 2008

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Mother’s Day M

Many people send cards or gifts to

other’s Day in United States, Mother’s Day in

their mother or mother figure or make

the United States is annually held on the second

Mother’s Day gifts are flowers,

a special effort to visit her. Common

Sunday of May. It celebrates motherhood and it is a time

chocolate, candy, clothing, jewelry and

to appreciate mothers and mother figures. Many people

trip to a spa. Some families organize an

treats, such as a beauty treatment or

give gifts, cards, flowers, candy, a meal in a restaurant or

outing for all of their members or hold a

other treats to their mother and mother figures, including

In the days and weeks before Mother’s

grandmothers, great-grandmothers, stepmothers, and foster mothers.

special meal at home or in a restaurant. Day, many schools help their pupils to prepare a handmade card or small gift for their mothers. Public life

Mother’s Day is not a federal holiday.

Around 1870, Julia Ward Howe called for

In 1908, she was instrumental in

Organizations, businesses and stores

Mother’s Day to be celebrated each year

arranging a service in the Andrew’s

are open or closed, just as they are on

to encourage pacifism and disarmament

Methodist Episcopal Church in Grafton,

any other Sunday in the year. Public

amongst women. It continued to be held

West Virginia, which was attended

transit systems run to their normal

in Boston for about ten years under her

by 407 children and their mothers.

Sunday schedules. Restaurants may be

sponsorship, but died out after that.

The church has now become the

busier than usual, as some people take

International Mother’s Day Shrine.

their mothers out for a treat.

In 1907, Anna Jarvis held a private

It is a tribute to all mothers and has


Mother’s Day celebration in memory

been designated as a National Historic

of her mother, Ann Jarvis, in Grafton,


The origins of Mother’s Day are

West Virginia. Ann Jarvis had organized

attributed to different people. Many

“Mother’s Day Work Clubs” to improve

Mother’s Day has become a day that

believe that two women, Julia Ward

health and cleanliness in the area

focuses on generally recognizing

Howe and Anna Jarvis were important

where she lived. Anna Jarvis launched

mothers’ and mother figures’ roles.

in establishing the tradition of Mother’s

a quest for Mother’s Day to be more

Mother’s Day has also become an

Day in the United States. Other sources

widely recognized. Her campaign was

increasingly important event for

say that Juliet Calhoun Blakely initiated

later financially supported by John

businesses in recent years. This is

Mother’s Day in Albion, Michigan, in

Wanamaker, a clothing merchant from

particularly true of restaurants and

the late 1800s. Her sons paid tribute to


businesses manufacturing and selling

her each year and urged others to honor their mothers.

cards and gift items.



owadays running has become a part of popular culture. This activity that was exclusively for athletes a decade ago is now quiet ubiquitous. More running events are held every year. Last

month, there are 24 different running events in the city of Seattle, ranging from a mere 2 miles to a full marathon. We all know that running is good for our health. Some of the benefits of running include a healthy lung function, an increased level of immune system, lower risk of developing blood clots and weight loss. Running is one of the most natural forms of sport. Everyone can run, but while that is true, just like any other sports running requires proper preparations to prevent injuries.

Here are some steps for running beginners

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People have different kinds of feet. Some people have flat feet, others have high-arched, while there are also what’s

called neutral feet. Depending on the type of feet you have,

choosing the right shoe is crucial in order to give you a great running experience. Go to your nearest shoe store, and use their tool to find out!


Warm up is essential for any kinds of sports to prevent injuries. It prepares your body for the activity that its about to endure.

Most people stretch, walk or jog to warm up. A good warm up will prepare oxygen, and the movement of blood, for your muscles.


Build your stamina before going to a longer run. Begin with a

shorter distance. You don’t want to get over excited and push yourself beyond what your body is capable of, that is a sure recipe for injury. Be patient, the key is to build stamina. Do

short distances first. Once you feel that your body is ready, then go for a longer distance.


Once you set a distance to run, the next thing to do is to set

your pace. Remember you are running, not sprinting. What’s important is being able to complete your distance, not how

fast you get there. Set a consistent pace, so that you don’t get too tired in the middle of your run.


Music is a good companion for running, the right music can

set you in the right mood, and increase your adrenaline. Make a playlist of your favorite music that will keep you going for the duration of the run that you have set.

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TIMES has yet to


“The Rise of Indonesia Economy”

After suffering a major economic crisis in 1997, Indonesia has become one of the emerging markets in the world economy. After an impressive 6.5% growth in 2011, the economy is expected to grow at 6.1% and 6.6% in 2012 and 2013.

Direct Investments Replacing Household Consumption Indeed, according to the Minister of

Three of the biggest sector that received

Economy, Hatta Rajasa, In 2012, the

foreign direct investment (FDI) are

In fact, Indonesia was one of the very

main contributor of Indonesia’s gross

mining ($1.1 billion), followed by trans-

few countries, which had a positive stock

domestic product (GDP) will shift from

portation and telecommunication ($800

market performance in 2011. Also, its

household consumption to investment.

million), and plantations ($500 million).

bond market was the best performer in

It is also reported that Indonesia foreign

Asia that same year.

direct investment rose by 30.3% to 51.5

Indonesian government itself remains

trillion rupiah (US$ 5.6 Billion) in the first

optimistic, despite the current economic

quarter of the year.

uncertainty in the world. The govern-

This steady economic growth was awarded by investment services like Moody’s

ment is targeting 206.8 trillion rupiah

and Fitch by making the country’s credit

Foreign investor has been attracted by

in foreign direct investment this year--

rating back to an investment grade, at

the growth of Indonesia in recent year.

about 18% higher than that of last year.

the beginning of this year. Investment

The growth is so strong that some inves-

services approval is very significant to

tors are still willing to overlook the still

gain trust from foreign investors.

need to be improved infrastructure.

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LADY GAGA BANNED CONCERT Lady Gaga concert is Cancelled, the news is less exciting for the fans coming back to western musicians in Indonesia that is Lady Gaga fans. After some time ago also a mighty Avenged Sevenfold concert in Indonesia failed. Now turn to Lady Gaga concert Cancel . If the cancellation of the a7x concert promoters lack the support in organizing a grand concert in Indonesia, this time to Lady Gaga concert was just one obstacle, namely the strict prohibition of many Muslims in Indonesia because lady gaga is considered too sensual. As a country which adopts the east, Indonesia is supposed to filter the western cultures that do not provide a positive example in Indonesia. Because it is the majority of the population of Indonesia is the Muslims, so no one if the number of rejection of the plan lady gaga concert. We also know how the lady gaga concert when on stage. Clothing that fulgar, as well as an inviting appearance that lust is a natural thing in the lady gaga concert. However, to the east as Indonesia is, everything that smells of lust and lust is quite inviting strongly opposed. Never mind the lady gaga, local dangdut artist Inul sajah sanahsinih often banned by its own people. And that’s because it’s his stage act that was too hot. Especially when it comes to Lady Gaga?

Controversy lady gaga concert in Jakarta is already a long tug. Appalagi when many refused to rally lady gaga concert in Indonesia . . According to the protesters, “Lady Gaga is not like an exemplary citizen to Indonesia. Look and act very crazy stage and fulgar will make young people in Indonesia moral decline, so it must be held that the rejection of Lady Gaga wants to hold a

For the loyal fans Lady Gaga, surely it

concert in Indonesia , especially in Jakarta.

becomes the worst news today. The concert is planned to be held in early June 2012

Official decision regarding the cancella-

this was unilaterally canceled by the way.

tion of Lady Gaga concert in Jakarta was

Especially for those who already pur-

taken by the Jakarta Police. As the highest

chased ticket, it was devastated by this

security unit in the city of Jakarta Jakarta

news. But of course we do not address this

Police often criticized the planned holding

with one point of view sajah. In another

of Lady Gaga concert in Jakarta. Moreover,

perspective, we might be able to take a les-

supported by the MUI and some fractions

son from all this. Namely the cancellation

that are not members of the House will

of a concert in jakarta lady gaga is likely

be held menyetuujui lady gaga concert

to minimize the risk of mental decline

was great. So as a security officer and the

in youth Indonesia.Segala things are the

parties can determine whether or not

positives and negatives, but it would be

diadakanya a concert, the Jakarta Police

nice if we take the positive side of each

considered mrlakukan right decision, by

existing incident. Be sincere and posi-

not allowing the Lady Gaga concert in

tive thinking is the best way to overcome





The National Carrier Garuda Indonesia has

The Universities and schools that received

signed a memorandum of understanding

the discounts are: Airlangga University,

with 17 universities and schools in

Hasanuddin University, Riau University,

Indonesia, offering a benefit to their

Diponegoro University, Bandung Institute

students and others. It will give 25 percent

of Technology, Bogor Agricultural

discount for students and baggage limit of

Institute, University of Indonesia, Gadjah

an extra 10 kilogram. This rate will be valid

Mada University, Mulawaman University,

for both domestic and international flights.

University of North Sumatra, Principal Bandung International School,

“Educators and staff members of the

Global Jaya, ACG International school,

education institutions, as well as parents

Paramadina University, Tiara Bangsa

accompanying students on the flights

School, Pelita Harapan Foundation, and

will also be subject to interesting fares

Jubilee International.

when flying with Garuda Indonesia,� Garuda marketing and sales director Elisa

In the future, Garuda plans to cooperate

Lumbantoruan said after the signing of the

with 1,600 corporate partners.

memorandum of understanding in Jakarta

It is a part of their customer loyalty

on Wednesday, May 16 2012.

improvement program.

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EDUCATION, ELECTRICITY both key to kids’ success, says Indonesian activist By: Jessica Yuwanto Tri Mumpuni—an Indonesian activist—

Tri Mumpuni was born in Semarang,

spoke last Saturday, April 22, at

Central Java, Indonesia in 1964. As a young

CERDAS’ fourth annual fundraising

child, she often accompanied her mother

dinner at North Bellevue Community

to different villages to nurse the sick. Her

Center. She shared about her efforts to continue building hydropower projects in

house was the community center for activities ranging from literacy programs to health-care services, she said.

the rural areas of Indonesia.

In 2010, Mumpuni was invited to the She spent some of her teen years with the

Presidential Summit on Entrepreneur-

The CERDAS Foundation is a nonprofit,

family of Soepardjo Rustam, the former

ship in Washington, D.C. , with President

community-powered organization

Minister of Internal Affairs, where she was

Barack Obama. The president recognized

established in Seattle in 2007. CERDAS’

exposed directly to work with the poor in

Mumpuni in his speech and greeted her

mission, in fact, is to provide equal access

rural areas. She completed her studies at

with warmth afterward. She said it was the

to education for children, regardless of

the Institute of Agriculture in Bogor and

most historic moment in her life. In 2011,

their ethnic, religious, social, political or

then worked as a social worker in urban ar-

she became one of the six recipients of the

economic backgrounds, and to offer aid

eas, where she developed an understand-

Ramon Magsaysay award, which is equiva-

during natural disasters and emergen-

ing of creating community-based models.

lent to the Nobel prize in Asia, according

cies in Indonesia. The word “CERDAS” in

to the Huffington Post.

Indonesian means intelligent and “is used

Mumpuni’s husband, Iskandar Budisaroso

to describe a sharp mind.”

Kuntoadji—who is a micro hydropower

Mumpuni sees her work as a way to help

movement activist—persuaded her to

the poor improve their lives. “It is impor-

Over the years, Mumpuni’s business

return to rural areas to develop electri-

tant to expose the situations that unprivi-

group, IBEKA, has built 60 community-

cal power. In 1996, she realized that the

leged people face because they exist in our

run hydropower projects in Indonesia and

combined use of heat and power (co-gen-

society,” said Mumpuni, who is also the

the Philippines. These provide electricity

eration) was crucial to sustain electricity

recipient of Eisenhower and Ashoka fel-

for about 500,000 people in rural areas.

in rural areas since the state-run power

lowships. “The only way that we can thank

company was pulling sources of electricity

God for what we have is by giving back to


society. It’s almost like an obligation.”

Mumpuni also spoke about empathy. She claimed that many people are suffering from what she called “empathy deficiency human disorder.” She spoke about the gap between rich and poor people in Indonesia. “I believe that rich people aren’t capable of spending all of their money,” she said. “It’s better for them to use their money properly to help the kids in very remote areas to go to school.” She described how children would benefit from having more sources of electricity. For example, the kids would be able to study at night and live in a cleaner environment. CERDAS currently provides financial aid to 134 students, ranging from kindergarten through high school, in 13 regions in Indonesia. Their scholarship programs are aimed at reducing dropout rates and easing the transition from primary to secondary school. CERDAS believes education is the key to breaking poverty. “I’m so happy that this community is doing something concrete in helping other people,” Mumpuni stated. “You always have to start small, but things will grow. The most important thing is commitment.”

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On May 12-13, 2012, Rajawali Seattle held its annual Sports Event, POPMI. The event was held at the Arcbishop Connolly Center, Seattle University Gym, like the previous year. Students and young adults, participated in Basketball, Futsal, and what appear to be a new competition this year, the three point contest.

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taman laut

Bunaken B

unaken is an island covering an area of 8.08 km ² at Manado Bay , situated on the northern island of Sulawesi , Indonesia .

This island is part of the city of Manado , the capital of the province of North Sulawesi , Indonesia . Bunaken island can be traveled by fast boat (speed boat) or a rented boat with about 30-minute trip from the port city of Manado . Around the island there Bunaken Bunaken marine park that is part of the Bunaken National Park . This marine park has a biodiversity of marine among the highest in the world. scuba diving attracts many visitors to the island. Bunaken marine park as a whole covers an area of 75 265 hectares to the five islands within it, namely the island of Manado Tua, Bunaken Island, Siladen Island, Island Mantehage follows several children of his island, and island Naen . Although it covers an area of 75 265 hectares, the location of the dive (diving) is limited in each of the five beaches that surround the island. Bunaken marine park has a 20 point dive (dive spot) with varying depths of up to 1344 meters. Of the 20 point dive, dive 12 points of which are located around Bunaken Island. Twelve-point diving is the most frequently visited by divers and lovers of the beauty of the underwater scenery. Most of the 12 point dive in Bunaken island lined up from the southeast to the northwest of the island. In this region there is a great underwater walls, also called the hanging walls, or walls of a giant rock that stands vertical and curved upward. These rock walls are also a source of food for fish in the waters around Bunaken Island. Unfortunately due to the great man, a lot of Indonesian people who never even set foot in the Land Lumimuut , was already familiar with and know about Bunaken, the Bunaken National Park to talk about, then talk about the International Heritage and a miracle of Bunaken. Many researchers from abroad deeply regrets the error information from Indonesia. Bunaken is more than just knowing the book, Bunaken is diving experience.

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Bonerate The national park offers the biggest atoll in Southeast Asia—third in the world behind Kwajalein at the Marshall Island and the Suvadiva of the Maldives.


aka Bonerate, located in southern Sulawesi, is one of the hidden gems of Indonesia tourism. The national park offers the biggest atoll in Southeast Asia—third in the world behind Kwajalein at the Marshall Island and the Suvadiva of the Maldives. Snorkeling and diving are the main activities here. Tourists are invited to explore around the 220,00 hectares of Coral Reef biodiversity habitat. Other attractions are its beautiful white sandy beach and its traditional inhabitant customs such as local fishermen catching fishes by hand lines. The area mainly serves tourists as the perfect getaway destination from the city’s business environment. As a matter of fact, the remoteness of the area is probably one of the major factors why it is not such a popular destination. Indeed, getting to Taka Bonerate requires more than just a will. It needs plenty of patience as well. It takes more than 12 hours of combined land and sea transportation to get to the national park from Makassar, which is the closest international terminal from the island. A normal trip to get to Taka Bonerate would look like this: six hours by land from Makassar to the terminal of Bira, plus a two-hour sail to Pamatata, and another one and a half hour to Benteng, before taking the eight-hours final boat trip. The duration of the journey might hesitate some tourists, but once they get arrive at the island, no doubt will they indulge the beauty and nature of a seemingly untouched world.

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Belgian Brownies WHO LOVES CHOCOLATE? Raise your hand! I do. I’m addicted to them since childhood. I prefer chocolate than candies at any given time. I can have chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Great thing is that chocolate can come in any form such as candy bar, bonbon, truffle, cake, cupcake, frosting, bread, cookies, soufflés and brownies. Yes, I said brownies.

The chocolate brownies that I’m about to share are amazing. They’re so delicious that once you have them out of the muffin pan, you just want to dig your teeth in them. I had them once at the Le Pain Quotidien Café.

I was so inspired by it, I had to do a research and try baking it right in my own kitchen.

These are not your typical brownies. It’s not fudgy, dense and heavy. These mini cakes are creamy and moist in the inside, but have that thin crust on the top. I recommend eating them with a spoon on a plate, since you’ll probably have some crust flying down that I’m sure you don’t want to waste.

Even better, top it off with some vanilla ice cream and some ice-cold milk or a cup of espresso on the side.

Ingredients 9 oz. bittersweet chocolate (you can also use Ghirardelli’s

 1

cut into small pieces 5 eggs, beaten lightly with a fork 1 1/3 cups superfine sugar/caster sugar (to make this, you can process regular white granulated sugar in a processor for one minute; it will be less coarse than your regular sugar)

Chop the chocolate in to pieces (if you are using chocolate bar). Transfer the chocolate to a medium-sized bowl and add the butter. Place the bowl over a saucepan of simmering water until the two ingredients have melted. Mix well and transfer to to a large bowl and set aside.

Bittersweet Chocolate Chips) 1 cup plus 2 tablespoons butter,

How to

  2

Preheat the oven to 325o F. Sift the sugar and flour together, then stir into the chocolate. Add the eggs and mix well. Cover and let rest at room temperature for 30 minutes. You will notice that the batter will thicken as it stands.


Line a muffin tin with some awesome cupcake liners. Spoon 1/4 cup of the awesome batter into each paper-lined cup. Bake 30 to 35 minutes. The brownies will still be moist and puffy after being baked, but will fall slightly as they cool.

3 tablespoons pastry flour

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fe Harapan, Kecewa dan Tidak Ada Harapan Anak: “Bu, bagaimana memahami makna kata ‘harapan’ dengan tepat?” Ibu: “Mirip-mirip wajah Bapakmu waktu membeli lotre begitu, lah.” Anak: “Lalu, memahami arti kata ‘kecewa’ bagaimana Bu?” Ibu: “Seperti wajah Bapakmu saat ‘tak menang lotre’” Anak: “Lalu bagaimana menghayati makna kata ‘tak ada harapan’, Bu”? Ibu: “Bagaikan wajah Bapakmu kalau tidak ibu beri uang dan tak punya uang untuk membeli lotre...”

In English

Son: “Mom, how to understand the meaning of the word ‘hope’ exactly?” Mother: “Looks like your father-like face when buying lottery so, it is.” Son: “So, to understand the meaning of the word” disappointed “how Mom?” Mother: “As your father’s face when” I did not win lottery ‘” Son: “So what’s the meaning of the word ‘no hope’, Ma’am”? Mother: “Like a mother’s face if not your fathers to give money and do not have enough money to buy lottery ...”

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