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lets hit the road and leave our names at home



“Business Casual” Saddle Creek

“The Emergency Response” Jade Tree

“Business Casual” is a very good cd. The music is inventive and danceable. The singing is ok too. On some songs, the vocals become extremely creepy, to a point of uncomfortableness. Listen for yourself.

I have never heard a band sound so original but still sound like many other bands, until I heard Saskatuwan’s Despistado. “The Emergency Response” sounds like Modest Mouse, for it’s overall sound, Cap’n Jazz, for it’s energy and youthfulness, Minneapolis’s The Vets, for it’s guitars, and Minneapolis’s Hidden Chord, for it’s vocals. If you were to categorize this cd, it would fall under “Ass Shaking”. Despistado will make you want to dance.

Harkonen/Thes e Arms Are Snakes “Like a Virgin” Hydra Head Whoever decided to put these two Pacific Northeast bands on one cd was genius. 2 songs alternating by each band and one final song featuring both bands playing together. The final song “Touched for the Very First Time” is brilliant. Both bands play loud and violently.



“Glass Floor” Desoto

“The Volunteers” Jade Tree

Maritime’s follow up to their self released “Adios” Ep is filled with pop songs unlike the ones they played as the Promise Ring. The songs on “Glass Floor” are mature and more structured than any of The Promise Ring’s albums. A couple of the songs feature trumpets and saxaphones that make the songs more fun. Other songs have cellos and violins. If you’re looking for a reason why Davey wasn’t happy playing in the Promise Ring, than look no further then the song “Sleep Around”. With lyrics like these: “I can’t live my life like a pop song anymore // I want to get lost in my life and letters”. We hear you Davey.

If you like Onelinedrawing’s previous album, “Visitors”, I’m sure you’ll like this one. Intimate and emotional songs played on acoustic guitars by Jonah. Two songs feature full bands and are nice opposites to the slower songs. This CD features mp3 demo versions of songs on the album.

Swimmer's Ear Magazine #14  

This issue of Swimmer's Ear features interviews with skateboarder Jesse Reed and bands Challenger, Despistado, and Sparta. A special feature...

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