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When did you start collecting skate memorabilia and why did you start collecting? I didn't intentionally start saving stuff until around 98 I think. When Muldoon's first boards came out on Goodtimes I planned on getting some for my wall but I never did. You just kinda take for granted that this stuff isn't going to be around forever. I did the same thing with LeRoux's stuff in the early 90's. I loved his first graphics but I was too dumb to save one. Muldoon even had finger boards which I would love to have. So now I make more of an effort to get my friends boards when they come out. It has spread from local companies to pretty much any skate related stuff. I get them all signed when possible too.

What is your favorite piece in the collection? My favorite deck is the old Roots 'Giving Tree' board. I love that book and when I saw that board I thought it was rad. Still do. Clint's first Consolidated board - and actually his new Stereo deck are up there too. He gives Stillwater a little shout out on his new deck. Besides that I love the Navarrette palm board. I got it at Target a few years ago. Something about Darren being a toy for little kids cracks me up.

Swimmer's Ear Magazine #14  

This issue of Swimmer's Ear features interviews with skateboarder Jesse Reed and bands Challenger, Despistado, and Sparta. A special feature...