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Just tell me all the boring crap that is in all these skateboarding interviews, name, age, years skating, birthplace, stance, favorite fast food, blah, blah, blah? Jesse James Reed, 27 years old, I’ve been skating for 17 years, I was born in Clearlake Texas in a Burger King, I’m goofy footed, what else? Jesse James? Is that in reference to the train robber? No that was my dad’s name. Oh yeah, alright, let's see. Why and/or how did you get into skateboarding? I moved to the city from the country and I saw these guys skating. It looked fun and I knew that I wanted to do it. Where did you grow up? Rural Texas. Where have you lived since then? First I moved to Houston when I was 10, then in 1998, I moved to San Diego and lived there for a few years. I moved to Minneapolis in 2001 and went back and forth from San Diego to Minneapolis for awhile until the fall of 2003 when I moved to San Jose. As we speak I am stopped in Phoenix on the way to Austin Texas where I am moving for a while. What are your plans for now? Move to Austin, get a job, enjoy life in general, keep skating, and find some people to skate with. Why Austin? It’s cheap, better than Houston, there are more hills, rivers, and lakes, a good music scene, it’s a college town, there’s good weather, and there’s good skating with street spots, skate parks, and ditches. What else could you need. Sounds like a good city. Since you’ve traveled so much, do you consider yourself a local anywhere? No, not really anywhere right now. I used to be a local in Houston, San Diego, and Minneapolis, but I don’t feel like a local in any of those places anymore. The people in Minneapolis definitely made me feel like a local. Who do you like to skate with? Dayne Brummett, Matt Snow, you, Zach Koss, and Sean Hanly.

Swimmer's Ear Magazine #14  

This issue of Swimmer's Ear features interviews with skateboarder Jesse Reed and bands Challenger, Despistado, and Sparta. A special feature...

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