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seth Leif Thor h it w w Intervie How did you get on Jade Tree? Jade Tree has always been a wonderful label in our eyes so we sent our EP to them through our friend/manager Tara Macdonald. Then we get a call some time later, not thinking that it would go anywhere, from Darren(one of the owners from Jade Tree) and he enjoyed our album enough to fly to Regina, Saskatchewan and meet us. Well we met and had a really good time visiting and played two shows while he was here. He went back home to Deleware and we received a call about a week later and were told that they would like to work with us. Obviously we were extremely excited. We again met with them at SXSW and played at the JadeTree showcase as our debut on the label and got to know them even better. Since then we have been on Jade Tree.

If you hadn't got on Jade Tree, what other labels would you like to have been signed to? I am a big fan of Touch and Go as well I enjoy Sub Pop, Threegut Records, Barsuk and many more. How does it feel to be the first international band signed to Jade Tree? I haven't really thought about it from that angle. I am still happy with just the signing to Jade Tree. Maybe if I was from Europe or something like that then I would feel it from that angle but I am closer to Deleware from where I live then Oregon or parts of Texas. Well Actually, now that I think about it, it's fucking deadly. In the liner notes of The Emergency Response, it says the record was recorded in June of 2002, which is almost 2 years after the ep is released. Why not write new music for an ep? Well we think that that EP has good songs and Why not put it out? When we were putting it out on Jade Tree we were in studio recording a full length which will probably be put out in January 2005. It was a decision that was made by all of us and then we just went with it. What's it like playing shows of 10-20 people opposed to playing shows of 200-500 people? Playing in front of anyone who is honestly having a good time makes us have a fantastic time so playing in front of 10-20 people having fun is awesome, playing in front of 200-500 people is just as exciting.

Swimmer's Ear Magazine #14  

This issue of Swimmer's Ear features interviews with skateboarder Jesse Reed and bands Challenger, Despistado, and Sparta. A special feature...