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Interview with Coan Nichols How did you get into shooting with super 8? i got into shooting super 8 because I didn't have enough money to buy a video camera and I saw a bell and howell super 8 for $45 brand new- I bought the cam and 2 rolls of film- I shot the film and brought it to this pharmacy that offered developing for b/w film- I got the film back and had to buy a projector to watch it- I found one that weekend- as soon as I saw the footage I was hooked- it looks so amazing on the wall- 10 times better than when its transferred to videoYou’ve made 4 films now, does shooting with super 8 get easier with each film you make? we've actually made 5 films because skateparks of Oregon and Ecuador is 2 films on one tape- shooting on super gets easier because you know better what works and what doesn't- some stuff that seems like it wouldn't work is really cool- so it is less stressful but it is always scary to shoot $3,000 worth of one of a kind footage without seeing any of it- I have nightmares on the road near the end of a trip- what if there's a hair in the gate or the light meter doesn't work- so much stupid crap can happen when all of the equipment is like 40 years old In your opinion, who makes the best Super 8 cameras? my favorite camera is a cannon that I have- we also have a great eumig underwater camera- I don't know much about brands- we shoot with cheesey $25 thrift store, flea market cameras and they seem to work greatWhere are the best places to find a good cheap super 8 camera? flea markets, yard sales, pawn shops- one reason I love super 8 so much is that it is like a throw away technology- video came out and it is easier and more reliable so everyone just bailed on super 8- all this great technology is just left aside like garbage- it seems that just getting an image out of one of the cameras is a miracleHow much time goes into making each film? we shoot 50 ft. daylight loads- we shoot from 200 reels to 20 reels depending on the length and how much money we have that monthWhat are the best/worst things about shooting with super 8 film? the best thing is seeing the footage- everything looks great in film- walking down the street looks cool- there really isn't isn't a worst thing- we use it because it is all we can afford- we want to shoot on film and this is the format thats availableKodakBrownie 8mm Movie Camera

Revere M50 8mm Movie Camera

Kodak M2 First Super 8mm Movie Camera

Swimmer's Ear Magazine #14  

This issue of Swimmer's Ear features interviews with skateboarder Jesse Reed and bands Challenger, Despistado, and Sparta. A special feature...

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