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About us 01 Norway

02 International

Sub Sea Services AS was founded in 1989 and has grown into a key-player for the drilling industry. The company is constantly developing. Our main office is located in Dusavik / Stavanger, where innovative new products for the offshore industry are being developed and produced. Sub Sea Services´ mechanical department performs

Sub Sea Services has been present in Brazil since 2013, where the main objective is to provide our clients with aftermarket services. Soon we will be able to perform inspection, maintenance and repair of all Sub Sea Services´ products. Sub Sea Services Brazil has a business development and engineering office in

maintenance work and testing, and the in-house welding department covers most welding work and heat treatment. Through joint operations with Rush Maskinering AS in Jørpeland, Sub Sea Services can offer a top modern machine shop with high levels of competence and modern CNC lathes and mills that produce equipment for oil related operations worldwide. Sub Sea Services´ modern workshop facility in Kristiansund is close to some of the largest and most prosperous areas for oil and gas in Norway. Our plant and paint shop is positioned at Subsea Base and consist of all new high-end spec equipment and facilities. Sub Sea Services is also present in Mongstad.

downtown Rio de Janeiro. From here we provide the local market with drilling solutions and services with our new generation of products, however the production still remains in Norway. So far, the personnel coordinates the fieldwork in partnership with local yards. Sub Sea Services plans to open two international service centers in 2014, both in Brazil and the Canary Islands. The long-term plan is to open engineering offices in Aberdeen (UK) and Houston (USA).

Our services 01 R&D / Engineering

02 Inspection/ Repair

03 Modification

Sub Sea Services has an experienced Research & Development, Engineering & Design Department with a broad practical and academic background. Dedicated engineers assist customers in a wide range of require-

Subsea equipment is exposed to corrosion and is vulnerable to third-party damage and cracks. Sub Sea Services has provided riser inspections and repairs for over a decade and works with most drilling companies

Sub Sea Services offers system upgrades to drilling equipment. Modifications improve functionality and reduce the risk of downtime due to non-optimal equipment.

ments, as well as developing new products to solve technical issues. Custom solutions and technical expertise gives Sub Sea Services a competitive advantage.

operating on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. Inspection identifies defects before they cause serious damage and ensure smooth operations, which increases safety and reduces financial risk. Inspections are important for Sub Sea Services´ line of work and we can perform a wide range of checkups.

By combining knowledge and experience in engineering design, equipment modifications are managed as turnkey projects and are delivered with the required certifications.

Our products

01 ROPS-System

02 HPE Swivel

03 Quick Stab Connector

Sub Sea Services has developed a unique product that connects and disconnects the peripheral control lines from the marine drilling riser to the rig coflex hoses without man-riding into the moonpool. The Remotely Operated Pull-In System (ROPS) reduces safety hazards and allows for secure operation, which results in a cost-effective turnaround.

Sub Sea Services has developed and patented a High Pressure Swivel (HPE), which is used to hook-up the fixed P-line to the coflex hoses. This innovative swivel is pressure equalized and can rotate continiously in both directions with minimum torque at full working pressure, which means that stress levels are minimized and working lives extended.

Sub Sea Services´ Quick Stab Connector (QSC) works as a quick link between a pressure hose and a fixed connection. Only a single operation without tools is needed to engage and disengage, which reduces connection downtime.

Our products

04 Mud Recovery System

05 Acoustic Valve Package

06 Packer Monitoring

Sub Sea Services’ Mud Recovery System (MRS) is designed to collect and to remove any waste/ spillage of mud from the telescopic joint packer housing. The system prevents spillage of mud to the sea and ensures safe, environmental friendly drilling. The innovated Mud Recovery System can be integrated into any major riser system.

Sub Sea Services´ Acoustic Valve Package (AVP) is installed on the BOP to provide back up functionality when normal control is lost. The AVP communicates with the surface via the Acoustic Control Unit. This control system can be anywhere on the rig, or any other suitable platform or boat within a working radius.

Sub Sea Services´ Packer Monitoring System (PMS) is an early warning system for offshore drilling. It is a control system for the slip joint packer in marine riser operations and is designed to monitor packer functions and to give an early warning on the rig in the event of failure or operational problems.

Our products

07 Riser Running Tool

08 Gooseneck System

09 Male Stab/ Pin End

Sub Sea Services has designed a manual and hydraulic Riser Running Tool to add, remove and run riser joints to the riser stack in a fast, handy and safe way. Sub Sea Services can also deliver a Riser Running & Test Tool to test the P- lines.

Sub Sea Services´ Manual Gooseneck System was remodeled in a new, safer and more efficient way. It is designed to ensure easy handling and coupling of manual goosenecks. The guide-in design makes the coupling safe with low risk of damage to the equipment itself.

The design of Sub Sea Services´ choke/kill, booster & hydraulic lines male stab (Pin) provides an improved and increased resistance to high tensile loads, as well as to large bending moments. The seal area is overlaid with tungsten carbide. The same overlay is applied to the taper of the pin, which prevents corrosion.

Sub Sea Services AS Finnestadsvingen 24 NO-4029 Stavanger +47 518 39 530

Sub Sea Services AS Rua S창o Bento 08, 2째 Andar Centro, Rio de Janeiro +55 21 3799 1313

Sub Sea Services  

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