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By Erika Malzberg

As we well know by now, subscriptions aren’t just for software and media. Today’s subscriptions cut across all businesses, industries, and geographies. And sometimes they venture into some very interesting places… Every issue, we scour the globe to find some of the most unique subscription offerings. This issue we shine the spotlight on… Cheese Posties! It’s a fact: the Brits like their cheese sandwiches. So what better way to satisfy a craving for something cheesy, melty, and delicious than with a subscription to cheese toasties?


Cheese Posties, a UK-based company, provides “mind-blowing” toasties delivered direct to your desk or doorstep. And these aren’t just a sad slice of cheddar on flavorless white bread. Think savoury combos like brie, bacon bits, and rosemary or sweet offerings like mascarpone, caramel, and apple sauce layered onto artisanal bread. It’s easy: You share your taste preferences and frequency of delivery, they match a unique flavour combo and ship. You assemble the ingredients and toast it in the supplied bag. Et voila...#CHEESEONPOST!

Subscribed Magazine, Fall 2017