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HEARD AT SUBSCRIBED 2017 By Erika Malzberg

“Remember when you had to try hard not to miss your favorite TV show and then you forgot to set your DVR? The old world sucked! Thankfully we don’t live in that world anymore. Now we live in a world of freedom! Freedom from products, freedom from obsolescence. We are free from barriers of time and location. Now we can get what we want, when we want it. On a beach, on a plane. Freedom from one size fits all!” — Tien Tzuo, CEO of Zuora


“For us subscriptions are pretty significant because they keep us honest. We have to earn our customers’ business every year, versus selling a perpetual license the old school way. It also keeps customers tethered to the company on a more regular basis.” — Sunil Potti, Chief Product and Development Officer at Nutanix

“If you’re going to give something away for free, think hard about the value you’re giving to that user and the value you’re getting back — and be very deliberate about that.” — Neal Patel, Head of BD and Sales at Crunchbase

“One of the biggest things we’ve noted in the market: the old way of growing strictly through acquisition is dead.” — Patrick Campbell, CEO & Founder of Price Intelligently

Subscribed Magazine, Fall 2017