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Many in IT are dealing with the consequences of rapid and often out-of-control SaaS adoption.

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2004 1990 We’ve come full circle.




2016 2015

2011 2014

1998-1999 NetSuitn and Saleforce are founded 2001 Consultants, not IT lead software implementation ”How to Install ERP Without IT” —TechRepublic 2002 IT regains control “CIOs Take Back Control of Enterprise Projects from Consultants” —CIO 2004 Salesforce IPOs 2007 Shadow IT emerges; NwtSuite IPOs SaaS Apps Being Deployed by Business Units, Not IT”—TechTarget 2009 SaaS creates problems for IT “The Challenges of Maaging SaaS Projects”—CIO

It’s interesting to note that we’ve practically come full circle. In the on-prem world, IT had full control over its environment, deploying and managing 100% of their organization’s technology. However, with the emergence of shadow IT and SaaS apps, IT began losing control. Now, IT is slowly starting to reclaim it.

2014 IT increasingly loses control “Business Users Bypass IT and Go Rogue to the Cloud” —ComputerWorld 2015 IT admits hard truths “CIOs Admit They Are Concerned About SaaS Management —Computer Weekly”

The world of IT is now embarking on a new journey, one where best-of-breed SaaS apps are fueling a sea change in employee work habits and transforming IT operations, budgeting, and ultimately, its purpose. The emergence of the SaaS-Powered Workplace is about empowering IT to run the world’s best workplaces through technology.

2016 IT changes its approach “Parthenon-EY’s research indicated that CIOs are feeling a loss of control, but are beginning to find ways to take that contol back.” —CIOs and Their Shifting Relationship with SaaS 2017 IT starts to control Saa “The CIO must take charge of the organization’s appication por

2011 IT starts losing control “Is SaaS a Treareat to CIO Control?”—Information Age

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